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KareeKuorum APRIL 2013


“Never Give Up On Anything That Keeps You Going”

A STATEMENT IS THE MISSION with the Head Of Design



Masquerade Is In The Air!






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Karee Kuorum APRIL creative bar MOGULS IN THE MAKING

Dirty Crayons: Four young artist’s on a journey to break free from the constraints of the traditional localized art world in Jamaica.

indulge RESTAURANTS AND HOT SPOTS Majestic Sushi and Grill The food is amazing but the decor sets the tone for this fine dining experience.


Fashion Designer Ayanna Dixon : Keeps you up to date with all the current trends of this year’s Carnival season!


Gregory Williams HOD From the runway of Mission Catwalk to the runway of London Fashion Week. DRESS BY Gabriella’s Couture

KareeKuorum April 2013

SPOKES APPAREL 96 Hope Road Kingston Jamaica W.I. (876) 927-7243

Karee Kuorum APRIL palette deco MAKE-UP TIPS, TRENDS & MORE Krystle Karee: Masquerade Is In The Air! Make-up looks and tips for you to try out on Bacchanal morning.


OMI “Jamaica’s newest pop sensation” Bright lights, tour dates and screaming fans. Step into the life of Omar ‘OMI’ Pasely

behind the rave THE PARTY SCENE See who was spotted in their finest at the Cameo Life- A high energy event for the lovers of premium drinks and the exclusive lifestyle.

KareeKuorum April 2013

House of the Arts is an online community that aims to capture the natural ebbs and flows of the Jamaican artistic culture. This includes regular updates on upcoming events and artist interviews. We utilize online and social spaces for interaction and involvement in the hope to raise awareness and appreciation for our creative industries and those who fuel them. House of the Arts is a humble non-profit independent brand that will continuously aim to remain committed to the core value of keeping everyone involved and informed.




onfined by tradition, this group of young artists and graduates of the Edna Manley College decided to break free from the constraints of the traditional localized art world in Jamaica. Dirty Crayons is a collaborative exhibition held first in the summer of 2011 by the founders Leasho Johnson, Keegan Simon and Kemar Swaby. According to the artists “Dirty Crayons is not intended to be your run of a mill exhibition. We aim to market ourselves as young artists and keep our work culturally relevant outside of the confines of the social norm”. This year’s exhibition saw an inordinate growth and they were able to bring onboard two fresh graduates of Edna Manley College, naming it the ‘Victory Run’, throwing in fresh fish meant even more diversity added to the mix.

KareeKuorum April 2013



Keegan was born in Port of Spain Trinidad on October 26 1984. Educated at Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts, in Kingston, Jamaica, he graduated in 2010 with a degree in Fine Arts focused on Printing. Keegan’s works are influenced by Pop Art and its culture and an amalgam of graffiti styles, ultimately resulting in a distinctive aesthetic in his heavily concept-driven artwork. He is the chief designer of a Trinidad-based clothing line 1ndividual Aesthetic.


Jehan is a qualified, headstrong Textile Design and Fibre artist (BFA), and an aspiring fashion designer, who specializes in experimental mediums, textures, fabric manipulation and screen-printing for fashion and apparel. Jackson identifies with and is influenced equally by the cultural independent island of Jamaica where she was raised as well as the international vivacity of her birthplace, New York City. With Textile Design and Fashion being two closely intertwined disciplines, Jackson sought to marry the two, ultimately resulting in the original and unique body of work. Evident in her designs for her clothing line Vain Glory.


Kemar was born in Manchester, Jamaica on February 25, 1988, he graduated in 2010 with a degree in Visual Communication. Growing up with just his mother and relatives, his appreciation for family life and values play a crucial part in his work where he endeavors to connect and dissect the structural components of these relationships, using the concept of karma. With a fusion of detailed drawings fused with graffiti and graphic art styles, Swaby’s execution takes into account lighting and ambience to achieve a certain balance within his work. He is also a designer and owner of the clothing line brand Karma Muse.


Leasho was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica on December 5, 1984. With his father being an artist, he was exposed to art at a tender age while spending time in his father’s studio drawing and painting. He graduated in 2009 with a degree in Visual Communication. Leasho’s works are influenced by 1960’s Pop Art, with an integration of various graffiti and graphic art styles. He seeks to re-establish these aesthetics within the context of his own environment. Insisting on making his own mark, Leasho has participated in various local and international exhibits.


Taj Francis was born in Kingston, Jamaica but has lived in Spanish Town, St Catherine, for most of his life. His parents nurtured his interest in art into a passion and he has been doing art for as long as he can remember. The media used for his artworks are pen and ink as well as brush and ink and spray paint. A major medium for his more popular works is digital illustrations and paintings. His artwork inspired by music and a passion for what he does allows for continuous growth in his skill.











GABRIELLA’S COUTURE Shop K4, Sovereign Center 106 Hope Road Kingston Jamaica W.I. (876)946-9445



AN ESCAPE FROM THE CITY LIFE An escape from the city life into a cozy, intimate, secluded area at the gardens of Villa Ronai on Old Stony Hill Road in Stony Hill is the Majestic Sushi and Grill. Majestic Sushi and Grill offers a departure from many of the other typical sushi places. It has a very modern interior design that is very chic for a sushi place. From a simple girl chat or guys hang out to family time to a romantic night, this place has the perfect setting for each occasion. The sushi bar caters to a simple girls chat or guys hang out. It is to the point but yet comfortable: place your order, watch it made, and then relax and eat it. There are maybe 4 sushi chefs busily working away at the sushi bar. It's quite a site. If that’s too fast for you and you enjoy company, whether family or co-workers then there is also a section just for you and yours. The best part, I must say I do love, is the first impression. Wow! It can be so intimate and personal yet fun and outgoing. The seating arrangement is also unique. They offer a really private feel. With white drapes to separate you and your partner from the crowd, I mean feel free to steal a kiss here and there. The good vibe of this place keeps me coming back. For me, it's all about the dining experience and this place delivers! KareeKuorum April 2013

The !t list AYANNA DIXON















KareeKuorum April 2013



he spirit of Bacchanal is in the air check out these amazing carnival makeup looks that will leave you standing out in the dense crowd on Bacchanal morning!

KareeKuorum April 2013


Contour your eye with a matte purple like this one from Nars, cover your lids with electric blue glitter pigments, line bottom lids with turquoise liner, and highlight your creases and brow with gold shimmer. Finish the look with mascara and pink glitter lashes.


You can choose to go soft on your lips for this look, choose a light pink lip color with gloss, just like these from Chanel.


Add bronzer to complete the look and watch your face radiate in the morning sun!


For this look you can contour your eye with Urban Decay’s electric blue eye shadow; cover your lids with Mac pink glitter pigment. Finish off your look with a metallic green pencil on your inner crease and line your bottom lids and dont forget your highlighter on the brow. Lashes and mascara adds an extra pop!


This Nars gloss can be used to create this hot pink sultry lips, for extra shine use a clear gloss on top of this color.


Finish off the look with some barbie pink blush and dont forget your Glitter, Gems and Sequins!

GABRIELLA’S COUTURE Shop K4, Sovereign Center 106 Hope Road Kingston Jamaica W.I. (876)946-9445



regory 'HOD' Williams isn't your average fashion designer who sticks to the norm neither does he follows the crowd and copies trends – his designs are is his own, fuelled by the passion he has for fashion designing. Head of Design (HOD), as he calls his brand and fashion line is not for the faint-hearted, as the line represents women, who are bold, powerful, fashion-forward trendsetters who love to stand out from the crowd and is not afraid to make daring choices in their fashion selections. His designs are edgy, over the top and stylish with a 'look twice' appeal. Gregory has no limits or boundaries when it comes to his designs - and neither does the women who wear them. Gregory, who is no stranger to the fashion industry, is a former Saint International model and a confident self-taught designer, who acknowledges that his pieces are different. The outspoken, unconventional and talented designer, is the Season Two winner of Mission Catwalk, a Caribbean fashion designer reality T.V. series, where he emerged the winner out of fifteen (15) Caribbean designers. Among the many prizes he won from the show, Gregory gained the opportunity to purse a fashion programme at the London College of Fashion. However, it was the lifetime experience of showcasing his pieces at London Fashion Week 2013, he describes as his biggest accomplishment to date. Gregory, who is no stranger to winning was also the winner of the

“Head of Design- a thaumaturgic creation by Gregory Williams encapsulates a woman’s fantasy, excitement, and lifestyle in just one outstanding piece” Saint International Avant Garde designer competition in 2010 and 2011, however it was his artsy show-stopper bird cage Avant Garde design that left many talking even today. By now, many have recognized and acknowledged that Gregory is not the typical Caribbean fashion designer and he surely hasn't lost out on being unique in the highly competitive industry. Gregory is a statement maker himself and prides his self in making high-fashion statement pieces for women. - Carey-Lee T. Dixon

KareeKuorum April 2013

questions&answers GREGORY WILLIAMS

Q. H.O.D – Head of Design! What is the first thing that comes to your mind right now? A. Making plans of how to bring a new flavor and innovative style to the Jamaican fashion industry that will be the new trend. Q. What attracts people to your H.O.D creations? A. I have a unique style that adds a little drama and excitement that stands out all the time which is high fashion. It brings out the fantasy a woman wants to experience when they wear my pieces Q. How much have your life changed since the past six months? A. A lot!!! I get to travel, meet other top designers and also gain experience about the fashion industry on an international level Q. What is your best accomplishment to date?

A. Winning Mission Catwalk and also showing my collection at London Fashion Week Q. London Fashion Week (LFW) 2013 experience of a lifetime, describe your best and worst moments at LFW.

A. My best moments were the great feedback I receive on the international level -the adulation from fans and critics and the pride of seeing my pieces being displayed internationally. I receive compliments like "your collection never looks like a typical Caribbean designer, your designs looks very professional and high fashion". My worst moments hmm! I so wish that I had a fashion show of my own while in London because the show was very short so all the designers couldn't show much of their collection. Q. What separates your designs from the other designers at LFW? A. I think the other designers didn't treat their designs as a passion! They treated it as only a business and that's what makes my collection different. People could see the passion and playful look that I incorporated into my collection.

Q. Tell us about some of the clients you have worked with in the past. A. I have worked with a lot of women in high caliber. I have also worked with female artistes like Spice and Ishawna.

KareeKuorum April 2013

Q. What do you consider unflattering when/how a client wears your outfit? A. When a client changes the look of the design for example add a jacket to a dress that wasn't made to wear with a jacket or when they wear accessories that diminish the overall look of the piece. Q. Describe your most embarrassing moment in the Fashion Industry. A. When I cried on Mission Catwalk, I don't normally show emotion in public. Q. What is your must have for your personal fashion? A. Male or some may say men bag, I love bags they enhance any look! Q. What should people always remember or know about Gregory H.O.D Williams? A. I'm always different when it comes to fashion I'm not the norm! And if you see me on the road it will show that I'm different!

KareeKuorum April 2013

SPOKES APPAREL 96 Hope Road Kingston Jamaica W.I. (876) 927-7243

Showcase OMI


right lights, tour dates, screaming fans, long studio hours and performances to video shoots are the life of any recording artiste who seeks to stay relevant and on the minds and lips of everyone. This is the dream and hope also of new sensation Omar “OMI” Pasley who has captivated. audiences with tracks such as “Cheerleader”, “Fireworks”, and “Standing on All Threes”. OMI has been in the music business since 2008. In 2012, with the consultation of his strategic management team, they decided to release his first single, “Cheerleader”. He jokes during the interview and states “it was like studying for a degree and then graduating”. In his case a graduation which has done well locally and internationally with his tracks being played not only on national radio stations but also a big hit at street dances and concerts. Often his fans use his songs to choreograph dance routines for their performances in talent competitions. It’s undoubted that his entrance onto the musical landscape was well received. Unlike other artiste he is not just here to be a statistic of another one-hit wonder he aims to make a difference, as he says “It’s not all about being different but making a difference”. He explains this by saying, “In the composition of music in general the topics are pretty much the same every day, they hardly change, but it’s the

way each individual artiste sheds light on the topic that makes the difference that makes them stand out or not”. Evidence of this theory can be seen in how his music videos are interpreted, just take a look at his cheerleader video. Most expected a high school concept with cheerleaders but he decided to go the other direction with a clean cut concept and image. OMI doesn’t take all the credit for his current success he is experiencing as a young artiste; he heavily depends on his team that has made this all possible. He encourages other young artiste and established artiste to build a team around them, a strategic team that shares the same vision and dream to make the success possible. A strategic plan is one that has been thoroughly thought out from the stage when the idea was planted to harvest. OMI says “it is important as a young musician to be guided, especially by the people who have been through the highs and lows of the business” he further states as a young artiste one maybe blinded by the vision of stardom and straight success and not having a plan and a team might just be to the detriment to the artiste sustainability in the business. For OMI it’s not just performing a song to screaming fans, it’s also about getting the sound right to fit the personality, the image and prepping for the global stage, and thinking international at all the vision of stardom and straight success and not having a KareeKuorum April 2013

“It’s not all about being different but making a difference”

“It was like studying for a degree and then graduating”

plan and a team might just be to the detriment to the artiste sustainability in the business. He also says “Having a team, means whatever your doing is amplified by ten, so if there are ten people on the team then it’s you times ten.” One of the most significant collaborations for OMI has been with Clifton ‘Specialist’ Dillion. OMI, himself is not sure how the collaboration came about but credits prayers and the universe for the powerful meeting of two creative minds “He is a brilliant producer who can spot talent from a mile away. But he tells the story better than I do. All I know is that once I got in the studio we never looked back” says OMI. He says this has been a four year relationship with the producer who has been also credited for the successes of Patra “Worker Man”, Mad Cobra “Flex”, Buju Banton “Boom Bye Bye” and others. In the earlier years, however, despite living on the promise of past producers to ‘buss him’ he reminisces on his passion for music which kept his drive going. “I know this sounds cliché but if you ask anyone that knows me well, they will tell you the same thing “da bredda de live and breathe music”. Music keeps me going and you never give up on anything that keeps you going, despite the challenges and pitfalls” says OMI.

OMI continues his musical journey and aims to stay memorable years to come with his music, personality and style. As you listen to his music and really listen the lyrics to any of his songs you will realize that he uses a lot of poetry to tell a story but tangled in there is a little bit of the OMI personality. He states “My overall delivery of “the message” is what makes me a memorable sound – the feeling you get when you hear me and how I look all embodied in my music personality and style”. He hopes in five years time he will still be in good health and have happiness, and gain the international exposure he seeks, an album or two, more videos and good music. With all that a balance with his career and his personal life but as a current bachelor he is able to balance the two well until that lucky lady comes along, to really test his ability to balance both. -Kemar Daswell

KareeKuorum April 2013



PHOTOGRAPHER Robert ‘Krusha’ Harriott

MAKE-UP ARTIST Regina Gillings Kurt Campbell Krystle Karee


GRAPHIC DESIGNER Krystle Karee Brown





CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kemar Daswell- Showcase ‘OMI’ Carey-Lee T. Dixon- Off The Rack ‘HOD’

MODELS Jane Michelle Raquel Jones Akeen Ker Douglas Fletchers Sadida Mills



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#XLSVLY: A high-energy event that delivers a difference with the perfect blend of music, fun, premium & exotic drinks and service to make you feel like a star. The goal is to make you live an #XLSV LIFESTYLE.

GABRIELLA’S COUTURE Shop K4, Sovereign Center 106 Hope Road Kingston Jamaica W.I. (876)946-9445



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