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Golden doodle puppies for sale Kareaway Kennels is located in Xenia Ohio. Xenia is just outside of Dayton, Columbus, Middletown, Vandalia, Springfield, Troy and Cincinnati Ohio. We are drivable to Toledo, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana. Kareaway Kennels is in a relaxed country setting where the puppies are bred, raised, and cared for with love and undivided attention. Visitors who come to visit with our Puppies are frequently surprised that our Puppies are so calm and well adjusted. They are breed for disposition, temperament, affection and attention so our pups are not fearful of visitors, love to play, but when tired will fall asleep in the arms of our visitors.

Kareaway Kennels is family owned and operated by James and Dawn Van Dam and Jayden. We are a catholic, non-smoking family who enjoys spending our time together and taking care of our pups (big and small). We are home based in a convenient beautiful & quite country setting. We oversee the health and well being of each and every dog here. Whether it's our older moms and dads right down to each and every puppy here. We do not over breed and sometimes will go several months with out anyone bred or any puppies on the ground.

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Golden doodle puppies for sale  
Golden doodle puppies for sale  

Producing only High Quality Fully Health Tested Goldendoodles that are bred to be calm, friendly, family oriented, social and can easily be...