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Kara Scholes

This book is made in dedication to my Dad, his old damaged slides and his fading memory.

I remember when ...

... you picked out your own wallpaper for your new room and I nearly fell off the ladders putting it up

... our cat got sick and she didn't leave my side for days

... when I was young, I finally climbed to the top of the tree with my best friend, I could smell the freshly cut grass from the field next to it. We stayed up there for ages and dreamed about building a tree house so we never had to come down. I felt free

... your sister got stuck in the mud and we had to leave her wellies behind

... you wanted to grow your own vegetables in the garden but then wouldn't eat any

... we got snowed in and you used your Granddad's flat cap and pipe to make a snowman

... you made me play out with you till it got dark

... Sunday morning lie ins, the smell of coffee and bacon, birds singing out of the open window trips to random places for no reason at all

... my sisters wedding, the cake had such thick icing it hurt my teeth

... my Mum eating an entire tray of cheese on sticks, whatever happened to cheese on sticks?!

A few years back

Things started to fade

I don't remember things so well

and I'm losing my grip, of what was when

Things that were once so clear are now starting to slip

I wish I could remember why I took these pictures

and what we were doing

I don't remember the heat from the fire or even who was there or the smell in the air

What were you laughing at? I suppose why do I care?

Why were here and where were we going?

What were you eating and what was so special?

I cant recall this any more

With time I now can't remember what was so important about these frames

Who are these people and where did I go?

Memories make us who we are, but what happens when that is lost ? I write these words to show you the way so you wont forget a single day Don't neglect what things mean to you and the dreams you once tried to pursue, Write things down and remember often, I wish I had before I’d forgotten

Take the time to remember all that you have been through, all that you are and have been. Remember all that is good.

By Kara Scholes

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A dedication to my dad, his old slides and his fading memory.


A dedication to my dad, his old slides and his fading memory.