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Lesson Objectives !   Students will be able to identify the challenges that they may face when entering the teaching profession !   Students will be able to apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of potential problems that may arise

n o i t c a f s i t a S r e h Teac e On e g n e l Chal

The teachers that are most satisfied are those who entered the profession through the “front door” … They realize that teaching is not going to be easy.

The teachers that are least satisfied are those who entered the profession through the “back door”

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Potentially confusing aspects of teaching that could be experienced: !   What their students know

Why Teachers Can Become Discouraged

!   What effects their teaching has had, or will have !   What content they should be trying to teach !   What instructional authority they have

Uncertainty about what teaching really is

!   How they can improve their teaching

It is important to understand the basic fundamentals of teaching

Teaching is a busy profession which makes it difficult to be self-aware

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e r a w A f l e S g n o w T e g n Challe

One who will tell you what is really happening and someone who you are absolutely sure is your friend

Find a Critical Friend

When selecting a critical friend there are two types of people you should avoid:

People who only highlight the negative

People who only tell you the positive things out of fear that they will hurt your feelings

Someone who you can trust

The ideal critical friend is‌

Someone who tells you what is really what Someone who really likes you

Don’t Be Self-Absorbed

!  Accept criticism from people you trust

e n i l p i c s i D hre T e g n Challe


Other Surveys !   1) Discipline !   2) Student Relations !   3) Classroom Supplies !   4) Faculty Relations !   5) Lesson Planning !   1) Can I keep control of the classroom situation? !   2) Do I know my subject area well enough? Beauchamp and Parsons

Concerns of Teachers

Expect Kids to Act Like Kids

The best discipline techniques revolve around… !   Students should be treated as young adults who are responsible for their actions

!   Discipline is best handled from a preventative point of view

Discipline techniques must be connected to a growth in student self-discipline

Guiding Principles for Discipline 1)  Build a system of punishments 2)  Build a system of rewards he t s ’ t a !   Wh ence?? ts n e r e d f stu dif w o ed H v i e c er p e r a

The Evil Eye: Watching Students, Waiting to Punish

The Caring Eye: Watching Students, Waiting to Reward

The Statement About Discipline

!   1) A practical statement !   2) An ethical statement !   3) A political statement

1: Become educated 2: Understand and accept your role

3: Think and reflect 4: Build on your skills and attitudes that promote human growth and development

Promoting Good Discipline in the Classroom

e t a s n e p m o C o t y t g e i n i c l o g S g d e l Stru b u o r T for a ur o F e g en Chall

Research from the textbook says that American adolescents spend approximately:

5 minutes per day alone with their fathers 40 minutes per day alone with their mothers 1 hour per day alone with both parents 15 minutes per day with other adults

On the other hand, adolescents spend:

4 hours per day with their friends 4 to 5 hours per day alone 2 hours per day with the television set 3 hours per day with their teachers

Adolescents Were Asked: Who influenced them to become the person they are today? 58 % mentioned one or more teachers 90% mentioned their parents 88% mentioned their peers

!   Their enthusiasm for learning !   They are “easy to talk to” !   They are ready to listen


Make sa Teac her Influ entia l?

Effective Teachers‌ make both academic instruction and intellectual and social growth priorities of their work.

alth e h ur Is yo ring or totte orous vig is it trong? s and

Points for Teachers 1901 r Is you t en m g d ju and w o r r na ad o r b r ho selfis beral? and li

Is your voice pleasing, or harsh and grating?

a lk w r d ou Is y ting an ita or s , y e h tead firm? s n u nd a t c dire

Have stagn you are y ated, or o and b u elastic uoya nt?

Is your moral nature weak and vacillating , or is it noble and elevated?

Is your scholarship weak and restricted, or comprehensive and accurate?

t u o n Bur ve i F e g n Challe

What is Burnout? Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress

Two of the biggest difficulties teachers face are‌

Role Ambiguity

Locus of Control

Burnout is different for men and women !   Men experience more depersonalization !   Stress tends to be caused by doubts of competence and problems with students

!   Women experience depression and headaches !   Stress tends to be caused by role conflict, marital pressures, work, and lack of social support

How can you deal with naturally occurring problems in teaching? !   1. Develop relationships with other teachers.

!   2. Build a mutual praise society. !   3. Teach in a school with supportive and caring admin. !   4. Define your career. (What is my job as a teacher??) !   5. Keep control of your situation. !   6. Stay young. !   7. Develop good relationships with students and their parents.

Trick to Surviving Burnout

!   Take care of your insides: Know why you are doing what you are doing and what principles you are working on !   Take care of your outsides: build the environment in which you are working by establishing good and welldefined relationships with others

In Conclusion: !   The five main challenges that teachers face: !   1) Teacher Satisfaction !   2) Becoming Self-Aware !   3) Discipline !   4) Compensating for a Troubled Society !   5) Burnout

! e m i T y t i v A c ti i

ng e l l a h C


ario n e c S ng

Challenges of Teaching  

This presentation explains the challenges of teaching as described by Beauchamp and Parsons in their book "Teaching from the Inside Out"

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