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Gamification Even if you are not interested in the certificate, we encourage you to do as many of the assignments as possible, as they will enhance your learning experience. Задания


The remainder is covered by the written assignments and the final Остаток

A relevant week - cоответствующая неделя Please refrain from discussing answers to the homework quizzes or final exam on the discussion forums while they are still open for submission, as this may give others an unfair advantage. воздержаться

подача, передача

frameworks - основа, структура, каркас, рамка

You are responsible not only for submitting them, but also for evaluating the work of 4-5 other students based on grading rubrics we will provide. оценивать We also encourage you to add links on the publicly-accessible course wiki to gamification articles or presentations that you encounter. - рекомендуем, призываем

- неожиданно встретить, столкнуться

Starting to mature - становится зрелым Badges - значки Reward - значки Boundary - граница Voluntary - добровольно

Exubarant Energy – избыточная энергия In a play child behaves beyond his avarage age If you are forsed to do it – its not a game

Playlike activity Singing Boxing Social Network Gamelike activity Driving to job – which way to choose Choose a partner to work with Constantly - постоянно

What is a fun ? assosiation with fun Dance Laugh Happy Childish Sexuality Drinking Singing Smiling Snap / clap Money making Problem-solving Winnig Exploring – smth new Relaxing – chilling Recognition – признаниеб someone else has told you that you made a good job ROLE-playing Goofinf off – exploring opportunity just be silly

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