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G r a Shape m m a r s An anthology of figurative works by

Karan Sharma

About the theme

“Architecture is a set of sha volume and void functions an in life of th

The following works of mine are my explora my studio years to produc

apes that draws sequence of ds which generates nd meanings he people”

ation with each geometrical shapes throughout ce architectural conceptions

Taj Mahal “the tear-drop on the cheek of time” One of 7 wonders of the world




H/no-64 ,Sunil park,Barewal road, Ludhiana,Punjab,India-141001

Karan Sharma (Architecture Student)

About me

From my childhood only buildings facinated my first tools towards the architecture journ viding me whether in motion or in static con wares are my second best friend with whom i own way through life ,I love being social ,hangin stimulating to confront new working experiences

Personal Skills

Education 1998 Sacred Heart Convent school (89%) Primary School


2010 Sacred Heart Convent school(82%) Secondary School 2012



NIT Hamirpur (8.3 CGPA) Under Grad



Time Mangement

Problem Solving Critical Thinking

Work Ethics Adaptibility

Workshops AAVS Biological Morphologises 2015 Reimagining main roads as catalyst for sustainable development (USA,India,)

3610 Degree conference ACEtech conference Various other disucssions, talk shows and software related workshops


My Philosophy

“Architecture is that discipline ,where you make your own rules for the betterment of the society”

me more than toys and i always enjoyed builiding models using lego blocks. ney .As a student i keep exploring the in depths that architecture keeps proondition and this is the very reason that i breathe architecture. Books and softpush my limits further in this field.I am an open minded ,dynamic guy that make his ng out and also like to travel alone and make new friends. I find it constructive and s and to share my passion for design with people like me that just can’t live without it.

Technical Skills Autocad


3DS max

Ladybug+Honeybee(Energy simulation) Lumion







After effects





Premiere Pro

Awards and Recognition 1st 2nd

Reinventing Gwalior Design Competition (National)


Society Interiors Design Competition (Zonal)

Birla White Yuva ratna award 2015 (International)


Product Design Competition (Zonal)

(Jury-Ar.Karan Grover,Ar. Jaisim Rao ,Ar.Krupa Zubin)

(Jury-Ar.Vilas Avachat,Ar. Ramaswamy ,Ar.Avinash Dhanukar)

Special Mentions

Indian Green Building Council Design Competition (National)

Jury Recomm


Special Mentions

Top 50

Junk Morphia Comp (International)

Film city TowerCompetition (International)

Contents: 01.

The Elemental Chair


The LooP

Circle Line


The Gradient Housing


Note:The above mentioned projects are work of my own and each detail has been produced individually ,without guidance ,Any similarities or resemblance to th The various Quotes mentioned in the portfolio are result of my immense reading of various books ,magazines and articles and formulation of thoughts of


The White Lady




The Eternal Abode

The Obliterated stepped towers



he name form or planning is pure coincidence.The Projects which are done in group have been separately mentioned on last page with the concerned members. various master architects of the world into my own understanding of thier Philosophies.

“Architecture is the art of taking


Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio


g lines for an embracing journey “

Project Brief: The technical fest of the college was themed “Tatva”(Elements) and considering the theme the installation was thus produced keeping in mind the lack of present social and sitting spaces for students.Even Due to lack of budget and resources the project was highly appreciated by the jury and students

Project Type: Product Studio: 3 Date: July,2014 Location: Hamirpur,India Individual Project

Architecture Portfolio Karan Sharma

01 The Elemental


Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

The Architecture Department of our college has a strength of approx 250 students and yet there are no provisions of any informal or formal sitting space for the students expect the stairs .Though architecture is all about dialouges ,and interactions so this was kind of restricting students to open up with each other or feel relaxed from the studious working hours.

As the preparations for the Technical fest was around the corner as this years Theme was “Tatva� meaning elements and it was our studio who was leading the department ,since architecture is all about making lives better ,So the decision was taken to design a seating space for students keeping in mind their informal and formal activities and nature.a chair which is also economical and friendly.

01 The Elemental

Concept The Wu-Xing Theory is also known as the FiveElement Theory ,Combined with the Yin-Yang Theory,are regarded as the two pillars of Natural Law.The Wu-Xing Theory is used to describe the interaction and relationships in all phenomena in both the human and natural world It says the water grow the tree, wood is burn to produce fire, the ash become earth, the earth extract metal and metal become pipe of bucket to carry water.

Wu Xing(Yin/Yan) Philosophy

Architecture Portfolio Karan Sharma

Wu Xing the concept Philosophy pertaining to the theme of the technical fest. Context of the chair arising the need for a social chair for the students. The Elemental chair with its all elements amidst the departments seving a connection to nature.

01 The Elemental


The Wood Phase represents new beginnings – birth, growth, and development.

The Wood(YANG)

It is the creative phase of any project.and it is the start of any new action The energy represented by the Wood Phase can be observed in both the trees and the wind.


The Earth (N

The Earth Phase is the harmonizing the Five Phases. It gives the whole c The Wood Phase provides the user to relax and lay down and feel the warmth ,the profile curve of the wood section is developed keeping in mind the anthropometric data of humans


The energy represented byt Earth rigid. It is unmoving without being st brings all other forces into balance, I and recovery.


Growing Nature of Wood

The Fire(YANG)

The Earth Phase the most important in face to face interactions with a comforatble experience the extra spa to put their feet on the chair for rea

Fire Rising Nature of Fire


Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

Roundness Natu

Earth The Fire Phase represents the extreme Yang aspect of the Five Phases.

The Fire Phase provides the user the most comfortable sitting exposure with a back rest adaptive to the human profile. The varying curve keeps in mind the various height factors.

If we observe fire, we see its brilliance rising upward while it consumes its source. It has no substance, yet its power can cause great damage. It is quick and explosive

01 The Elemental

The Water (YIN)

The Water Phase represents the most Yin aspect of the Five Phases. Water, is uid and moves downward. It tends to be calm and slow, but it can also be quick. It will yeild, yet it is capable of conquering all.



g and stabilizing aspect of concept a center.

Phase is firm without being tagnant.The energy of Earth It leads to the period of rest


The Water Phase provides the users to have conversations and interactions while facing each or by sitting side by side and the rising profile also acts as a arm rest .It can also act as a place for clearing doubts ,problems or queries that too in a informal way and fun way make the whole conversation more interesting,

Flowing Nature of Water


t element of all helps backrest for a more ce alsp allows the user ding or any other stu.

The Metal(YIN)

Metal Contracting Nature of Metal re of Earth

Beares Architecture Portfolio

h The Metal Phase is very much the opposite of the Wood Phase.

The Metal Phase provides the user a space in between of sitting and laying ,the cross sections adapt to the posture of humans and allow a comforatble sitting experience

Karan Sharma

While Wood is the rising of Yang energy, Metal is the rising of Yin energy and represent contraction, such as the evening. . It is a time of the finishing phase of any project.

01 The Elemental

Detail Tools used Earth(Neutral)

1. MDF boards 10mm thk 2. Jig saw electric cutter 3. Beading sticks 4. Hammer and Nails 5. Fevicol 6.Varnish






g Ne



ta Me


) ive



ate W

t ga

Woo d(P

Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

The Rule A positive element of chair can only combine with a positve element but in order to combine with the negative it will always the earth module (neutral) to do so.So somehow it allows the user “N� number Blow up of the chair showing the various element of combinations thus forming it. according to his need Various other hidden aspects of the chair being

Process A short defination was produced using Grasshopper (a plugin for rhino) and then profile curves were baked in and arranged using software ,Due to lack of resources like CNC machine ,Profiles curves were pasted on MDF board and with a jigsaw machine they were cut manually and then using nails and fevicol fixed to the main members in order to make the support for sitting .After that 2mm thk beads were pasted on the structural members to form the sitting space needed.

discovered by the people Grasshopper defination being used to fabricate the chair.

GH Defination Profile Curves

Dividing Curves

Price- Rs 20,000(approx)

Flip Matrix

Nurbs curve


01 The Elemental

Socialising with Nature


User Friendly it is ,and also helping in refreshing people from tiresome architecture submissions

Somehow the nature driven chair merges with the nature in all ways

2mm thick beading thicks of wood (These wooden beading sticks are pre fabricated and are available in various different sizes and shapes and are generally used at furniture corners to seal the edges etc. These sticks were easily bendable , could take up a lot of weight without breakage and also very economical ) 5mm x 50mm thick MDF board cross section panels

5mm x 40mm thick MDF board covering section panels

Provides more than one options for sitting according to users requirement

5mm x 80mm thick MDF board supporting panels Architecture Portfolio

Rectangular Crossections

Perpendicular Frames


Karan Sharma

A chair not for “a person” but for the persons


“Architecture is nothing but a humble unde of solutions,respect for nature


erstanding of materials , a natural instinct and participation of society� Project Brief: To design a School/Cultural Centre for Music and Arts particularly responding to Indian Classical style of music at the proposed land by Gwalior Municipal Corporation. The composition of a musical piece and the structure of a building follow the same design principles.

Project Type: Cultural Studio: 4.5 Date: May,2016 Location: Gwalior,India Individual Project

Conceptual Massing

02 The Loop

Linear program = Less Interaction Art

Circular program = Direct Interaction

Establishing Anup tala


Making connec-

Conserving the existing green on site

1.Analysing the site on the basis of wind and sun movement

2.Placing the massing on site according to the area program provided simply in a Linear Way

3.Linear Programs obstructs interaction between the blocks so going for a Circular Program

4.Establishing inter Department connections and placing the building

Department Of Music

Stepped Green Department of

Exhibition Areas

Anup Talao(K

Murals of Tansen on walls of Department Axis Mundi

Axis Mu

Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

Axis Mundi

02 The Loop

Forming Axis Mundi

5.Forming similar Axis mundi in the circulation areas to form a direct connection with the environment

Enhancing Public participation

6.Making the roof available to the users and public and making way directly to central kund by raising the circulation areas

Merging the built mass with the natural environment

Establisng easy access and view towards the anup tala

7.Lowering of Departments to form a direct view of central kund and easy approach

8. Forming steps for sitting and establishing green to cut down the solar exposure using Risers

Kund) Skylights Department of Drama

Department of Dance

Landscaped Gardens for

Axis Mundi Murals of Birju Maharaj on walls of Department of Dance


Axis Mundi

Architecture Portfolio Karan Sharma

02 The Loop

Semi courtyards within the departments acting as semi interaction spaces for the students and it also acts a birdge towards the central kund. Diagram showing the relation between the architecture of the building and how it relates to the different art form it caters to .

The Relation And The Architecture Dance -Dancing Gesture can be easliy indentifed by the flow of building providing a glimpse of the dancers motion.

The central amphitheatre is inspired from Akbars era of Anup talao acts a merging or sangam for all the various departments

Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

Art- Golden Ratio Proportion is followed by designing the geometery of the structure be it the profile or the open spaces.

Music - Musical Composition notes always travel in a oscilating position so does the structure

Drama-Dramatic Expression of natural light provides an expression of the effect of the stage light in order to provide the performers the same instinct of performing.

02 The Loop

The entrance gate (Dawar) relects the image of the legends associated with the art forms as murals on the dynamic facade. The relation between the dierent principles of art forms and how the proposed builidng has responded to those in terms of architecture.

The building in all ways responds to not only to the design principles but also to ethos of the Art,Music and Dance forming an active structure.

The Principles And The Architecture Harmony -The whole building is portraed in such a way to give a unified yet concord look ,providing a sense of harmony with the environment.

Proportion-The various spaces defined in the whole building defines a strong relationship each other and the user in terms or proportion and number.

Architecture Portfolio

Texture-A blend of dierent locally available

materials such as brick ,sandstone and concrete has been used to give the texture

gravity defying nature proposes the user a dynamic look in every vistas encountered.

Karan Sharma

Dynamics-The form with its

Landscaped Exbhition Areas

02 The Loop

5.Musical Green

4.Dramatic Green

3.Abstractive Green

2.Porous Paving Landscape providing dramatic expressions of drama. The Abstractive Green for the Art lovers is inpired from their genre of abstraction forming levels for informal meeting.

Tabla(Musical Instru) shaped landscape.


The porous paving helps in lowering surface run off also maintaing micro climate.



1.Dancing Green 2



Inspired from the movement of classical dancers dress,the earthforms express dynamic nature of dance Entry

The various Outside exhibition areas depicted in the form of the various of art they refer provide an outdoor social meeting and relaxing spaces

Architecture Portfolio

Detailing of the entrance gate of every department with various materials and their specifications. Floor plans at various levels showing the inter and intra department connectivity and the various approach levels towards the site. Sustainability has been achieved in the design in response to the cilmate of Gwalior with wind movement through perfoartions and evaporative cooling through water bodies


Vehicular Entry

Vehicula Exit

The whole building is designed is such a way that it only caters to the creative minds of the students but also enhance public participation of the society as a whole.The Anup Talao and the seating not only helps in gathering of the students but also people from different age groups can gather and relax and enjoy the magnificient evenings of cultural nights.The buildings portrays a strong sense of belongingness of Mian Tansen as the murals give a message to the viewers of the legend.In Whole building is an contemporary yet iconic icon for not only Gwalior but also India

XX’ Solar exposure reduction

Karan Sharma

Air Flow

Air Flow Evaporative Cooling Evaporative Cooling

Water Harvesting

02 The Loop

Materials and Details

Entrance glass fixed to Brick wall 12mm toughened

Patterened Brick Arch

6mm toughened glass +1.5mm security film+ 6mm toughened glass

Sun dried baked Patterened Brick wall made from sites excavated earth with alternate course at angles of multiples of

Sun dried baked Brick made from sites excavated earth placed with alternate course at an angle of 45o with lime mortar in 1:

Roof Plan

Entrance “DAWAR”(Gate) Detail

Walls -Brick Jaali and Bricks made from the earth excavated from the site for foundations

x’ Flooring-Sandstone with Gond Art(Local art ) painted with local carftsman

Second Floor Plan

Gond Art

Y’ Concrete-Shading lovers painted in white pu paint





First Floor Plan

Exit Viewers Seating


Ground Floor Plan


Air Flow

Hot Air escapes Line of Vision

Evaporative Cool-

Air Flow

Karan Sharma

Hot Air escapes Natural light

Architecture Portfolio

Standing Stage The Jury Theatre is in the middle of the atrium inside every department ,mostly used for meetings,juries ,presentations and portray a feel of the ancient amphitheatres The Jury Theatre and moreover it continues the same theme of steps as inside out providing more interacting spaces for the students as well as the faculty. These kind of spaces not only allow people to interact but also helps in more understanding as dialouge often about the doubts leads to more clarity about the theme of your subject.


“Architecture is all about mak and not make


Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio


king our place more understandable e it more confused” Project Brief:The main aim was to design a sustainable neighbhorhood,keeping in mind the context in which it is situated and emphasizing on the “SMART City” and the eco friendly concepts.

Project Type: Residential Studio: 4 Date: NOV,2015 Location: Cochin,India Individual Project

Architecture Portfolio Karan Sharma

03 The Gradient

Conceptual Massing 3BHK

19.64 Acres


1.Climatic analysis of the site taking into account wind and sun direction

2.Putting massing on site according to need ie:4, 3 and 2 BHK respectivly

The concept for the smart housing at Kochi is derived taking into direct consideration the climatic conditions and the built environment which surrounds the site. Sunlight plays a very important role in housing in Indian context specially sun is a solution to many of household problems like The units is in this design have been arranged in such a way that each and every unit is able to recieve sunlight from early morning to late evening and moreover they have been placed to maximise wind flow through them,





Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio



3.Introducing courtyards to allow light to enter but still North Facing units do not recieve any sunlight



Relaxing Sitting Praying

Importance of Sun in our daily life






03 The Gradient

4.To Increase the solar radiation the surfaces are made circular

5.Connections are established between the forms to form a single unit

The Proposal


Proposed massing scheme for the housing with commercial at bottom and residential at top in accordance to the need of the sunlight Need Residential=Direct Sunlight Commercial=Glare free light


Reality Residential=25% units recieve direct Sunlight Commercial=Direct exposure to sunlight


6.Due to height of the building the rays are not recieved by the lower portion units

7.The two of the corners of the form are lowered

RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 8.Corners are enlarged to function as public spaces




9.Connections are established throught the site for easy access

10Units are arranged in such a way that they all face the sun and recieve equal amont of sunlight and wind . Architecture Portfolio


The proposed building as a result of the cimatic conditions and smart concepts.

Karan Sharma

Site massing diagrams maximising green area by providing acces to roof which can be used as a public space & also restoring the canal for public engaging activities

03 The Gradient

Unit Formation



9 m2

13 m2

The develpopment of the housing starts at individual unit level which then 1. A Kitchen Module is distrubuted to module further to cluster level .Each indivdual housing unit is designed in order to cater to the user needs as well as the need of the 9m 7m 13 m climate of the area which is hot and humid,as a house is the most important essence of the habitat so rooms are 3.Dinning unit gets placed in such a way that the rooms attached to kitchen which need extenisve sunlight like living rooms have been placed at 9m front and further moderate sunlight 7m 13 m 11 m areas like bedrooms have been placed 18 m at middle and simultaneously cross ventialtion is also kept inmind with placement of each room block they have 5.Secondary Bedroom been placed in such a way that each unit in connection to other room recieves adeuate light and wind functions

2. Drawing unit gets attached 9 m2 7 m2



18 m


4.Master Bedroom unit in proximity 9 m2 7 m2



11 m2


26 m2


12m2 10 m


14 m2

15 m


11 m2

20 m2

11 m


15 m2

32 m2

15 m2 35m


3BHK Unit 4BHK Unit

Architecture Portfolio


The concept behind the formation of basic unit formation The concept behind the formation of basic cluster formation

Karan Sharma

The units on the periphary create a vast community space in the centre for various activities to be conducted as shown in the section below

6.Living room completing the unit 2BHK

10 m2

18 m2

13 m2

18 m2



13 m2 2

16 m2

03 The Gradient

Module Formation STEP 1

2BHK Unit

3BHK Unit

4BHK Unit

STEP 2 Sustainability of space have been utilised in developing of module for the housing and in utilising each of extra space for the other unit.This idea wont only help in lowering the cost but also help in cutting down the various unnecssary materials to be utilised during the process

Extra Area of one unit can be utilised as oor space for other units balcony and circulation purposes thus being economical and also being environment conscious and friendly as cutting down of material will help in lower carbon emissions in the long run.





3BHK 2BHK 4BHK Module 1

250 Units(3 BHK & 4 BHK)



Module 3

Module 2

200 Units(3 BHK & 2 BHK)

150 Units(2 BHK & 2 BHK)


Architecture Portfolio

Total Units 2 BHK -600 3 BHK-450 4 BHK-250


Karan Sharma

Area Program and Ramp detail

03 The Gradient


2 3

1 1

4 5

MIXED USE 2 Roof area-5400m2 housing-4410m2 mixed use-2646m2

8% 25m






160m 80m




Roof area-4000m2 Housing-3000m2 Mixed use-1900m2

Roof area-4320m2 Housing-2000m2 Mixed use-1617m2 30m



Roof area-4000m2 Housing-12054m2 Mixed use-2310m2

145m 30





Roof area-11000m2 Housing-13025m2 Mixed use-2000m2




144m 75m 140m


Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio


The gradient or the ramp which houses the main utilisation of the housing forms an integral part of the housing as it not only helps in socialising but in all aspects forms the backbone of housing it could not only be used for morining strolls but also for cycle rides,small picnics and also for get togethers, The ramps also helps in urban heat island eect and also act a protective layer / Sunshade for the units placed down below For the ease of the habitants and considering that in a housing range of population varies from the old to the young 2 Types of ramp are present the first half of building comprises of a ramp of slope 1: 15 while the later comprises of slope 1: 30 .




Functional division at various levels and the ramp detail. Cluster Floor plan layout and individual Unit typologies Floor plans. The various terraces at each level and the ramp continuing the green adds a much greater value to standard of living of the neighborhood.

03 The Gradient


Bio treatment Plant

Basement Plan Supermarket


2BHK Floor Plan

Produce market Health Centre



3BHK Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

4BHK Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Architecture Portfolio

Residential Commercial Basement

lvl +48.0 lvl +42.0 lvl +36.0

lvl +18.0 lvl +12.0 lvl +6.0 lvl 0 lvl -3.0

Staircase and Lift

Karan Sharma

lvl +30.0 lvl +24.0

Landscape sustainability

03 The Gradient

The main of landscape susatinability was to reduce the humidity levels as Kochi is very near to sea and these trees act as natural dehumidifier fo the residents thu skeeping the surroundings cool. Benefits

Healthy Food For Reduces Surface Revenue Genera Fixes the soil

Benefits Surroundings Cool Surface Run off Medicinal Properties Fixes the soil

Organic Farming Benefits

Moisture Absorbing Lowers Humidity Soil Fixating Controls the tempera

Kanjiram Tree

Bottlebrush Benefits

Bacteria free Air Controls Humidity Medicinal Properties Environment-friendly biopesticides.


Medicinal Propertie Edible Fruit Beverage Used in all dishes

Neem Tree

Thengu (Cocunut)


Prevents UHI Effect Reduces Surface Run off Lowers the Temp Filters Polluntants

Porous Paving

Energy Diagram

Water Heat Electricty

Architecture Portfolio

Organic Waste Manure Fresh Vegetables

Energy solar panels

Electricity to Housing

Restaurant Karan Sharma


Manure for farming

Vegetables for sale Organic Waste


Residential Residential Commercial

Organic Heat Created by supermarket

03 The Gradient

Radiation Analysis

r all e Run off ation



Since housing comprises of a number of habitable units stacked at one place so its becomes a deal of greater responsibility to look into the needs of each individual unit yet dealing with the whole structure singally and one of the major needs of the household is the sun and it presence .

Ladybug analysis tools were used as a medium to do the radiation analysis of the units and it was found that the proposed geometry has radiation in between 1287-643 kwh/ m2 thus each and every unit having the same and thus bearable and needed for a household for it daily activities.

Ladybug Definition Sky matrix

Radiation Analysis Selected Sky Matrix

Energy File

Rain Water purification

Architecture Portfolio

Rain Water Harvesting

Radiation analysis being done of the cluster using GH component “Ladybug”.

Energy Diagram showing the upcycling of each individual energy being taking place at each level.

Portable water

Karan Sharma

To canal for enhancing biodiversity

03 The Gradient


Since the whole process involves use of one single module being constructed throughout the system “Prefabrication can be as simple and sustainable solution for the Housing. The process will involve each module being constructed in factory and than beingtransported to the site,Thus saving costs and aslo leading to less degradation of the environment. Since the whole is to develop a smart city ,so one has to be efficient not in terms of design but also in terms of construction practices.Since developing of a housing involves too many units which involves more construction leading to more pollution and solution Prefabrication solves this issue to a greater extent.


Wall: EPS Sandwich panel with insulation (Plaster both sides) u=0.5601

Roof Floor Slab 6” Heavy weight concrete With 12” insulation ,u=0.1271 u=0.7059

Exterior Window Low-E double glazing 6mm+6mm u=1.97

Green Roof

Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio


Door:Wooden Door u=2.194

Ground Floor UN insulated Solid Ground Floor u=0.7059 Blow up showing characteristic detailing of the various material used in the cluster. The proposed program features individual private gardens at each level which can be tranformed into semi public meeting places

03 The Gradient

Architecture Portfolio

Karan Sharma

“The whole Design process conceive a it can A


Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio


s in Architecture lets the mind and believe, Achieve” Project Brief: The project involved to design a ‘Film City Tower’ in Mumbai and explore the possibility of a new vertical typology for a film city. The project resolves to put Mumbai and Bollywood on the global map through a futuristic and contemporary landmark for the city.

Project Type: Commercial Studio: 4 Date: January,2016 Location: Mumbai,India Individual Project

Architecture Portfolio Karan Sharma

Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

04 The White lady

04 The White lady

Conceptual Massing

2.Putting massing on site according to Area program.

3.Distributing the various programs at their respective Zones.

5.Keeping in mind the direct impact of the winds with increase in height the tower is twisted in order to lower the sudden impact

6.Twisting of the tower leads to high wind circulation within the tower and less solar exposure to one facade with yet low direct wind loads

1.Climatic analysis of the site taking into account wind and sun direction

4.The more exposed side of the tower to the south sun is wiped out thus forming a triangle with one side directly exposed to the incoming winds.

Tower Public Square

Open Exhibition Area


A unique vertical typology developed for film city keeping in mind the urban context of the city

Karan Sharma

Massing diagrams explaining the outcome of final form resulting from environment conditions and the area program , providing subsequent public spaces at all levels of the typology proposed.

Architecture Portfolio

7.To overcome the south exposure in order to provide comfortable working conditions ,adaptive fin skin are installed as louvers with living wall within them. The site is trimmed at the edges in order to overcome the high tides

04 The White lady


Servi ce Floor

The proposal creates an iconic landmark representing Bollywood and its significant contribution to the cultural landscape of the subcontinent for over a hundred years. and transforms the skyline of Bombay.


Restau rant

Offices Offices



Stage The impact of the tower creates a Makeup prolific, intense and symbolic that Offices Offices is achieved by the factor of unique Video ED Offices shape, its style of,the innovative structural systems,interesting volumes and Audio ED Storage shapes, the art of contrast and material Film Production Accomod Sound juxtaposition,interactive spaces, symbolic Makeup Stage value etc. .

The tower conceives and imagine additional innovative programming and integrate these functions with other essential functions like acting and drama schools, film screening spaces, auxiliary functions like museum, restaurants etc. that will open these gated neighbourhoods for the general public and aspirants and increase the commercial, social and ethical viability of such facilities.

Offices Offices Video ED Storage Audio ED





Film Production Floor

Offices Service Floor

Film School

The design for the tower explores the insertion of alternative energy methods, responsiveand adaptive design tecniques and self regulatory systems and strike an equilibrium betweenthe input-outLeisure put energy cycle. It reflects upon the passive methods of adaptability,flexibility and incrementality as alternatives to the ongoing hogwash sustainability.

Labs Labs


Classrooms Service Floor Public space

Theatre Museum

Area Zoning The setting up of film cities require an enormous footprint on land, which is a scarce and vital resource in the case of Bombay. The proposal for the land intensive function of film city is compacted and transformed into a vertical tower that would generate an exemplary urban form. The functions of a film city are optimised into vertical units through nesting, and overlapping onto one another in a legible fashion.

Film School Floor

Karan Sharma

Architecture Portfolio

The proposed strucutre re-imagines the stereotype of film production centres and create a new workflow and circulation diagram for the functioning of a vertical film city, so that the different working environments do not get hindered and individuality is maintained of each production yet produce a holistic program in all.

GH Defination Shape Formation Profile Formation

Diagram showing process of GH defination for the Curve Plans at individual Program level

Curve Formation


Ground Floor

04 The White lady

Section Dynamic Shading Shaders open up with help of actuators On a very hot day

Heat Rejection Solar PV Pixelated Facade

Air Filteration

Hot Air

Pixelated on Facade

Cool Air

Air Filteration Heat Rejection

Hot Air

Architecture Portfolio Karan Sharma

Perspective section Showing the various sustainable typologies of the Film city tower

“ Architecture can direct of the way peo

The Eternal Abode

and raise the experience ople be extant � Project Description: This Studio involved designing a 4BHK villa in Thrissur,Kerala and explore the possibility of creative self & Create dierences in lifestyle. The main challenge was to make the villa as naturally-lit as possible and come up with classy and contemporary design solutions.

Project Type: Residential Studio: 4 Date: Dec,2014 Location: Thrissur,India Individual Project

05 The Eternal Abode

Architecture Portfolio

Thrissur is also known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala because of its cultural, spiritual and religious leanings throughout history and the brief demanded to design a 4BHK house in this cultural vibrant city. Before jumping in to designing studies were made in recognizing the context and climate of the place because it was not only for architectural features but for the well being of the inhabitants

Karan Sharma

The proposed rendered view of the house keeping in mind the local hot and humid climate and the context it has been placed in. Conceptual massing diagrams being devloped to multiply the green spaces and provide a healthy and comfort life to the residents Developing a pedestrian friendly environment with one street being dedicated to walkability while other being dedicated to motorability and for ease of movement

Being a hot humid area it was very imprtant to take into consideration the air flow and being on a site with more of requirements and less of area it was mere of a challenge to create more of open spaces than of built mass and only available solution was “Multiplying Ground” strategy to come up with more vital and social spaces for the users to interact.

Street Section Trees For Shad-

Vehicular Traffic

Vehicular street

05 The Eternal Abode

Conceptual Zoning

1. Site analysis on the basis of sun and wind movement

3. Distributing the area programe of various activities


2. Placing the required built mass on site with respect to osets

4. To protect from southwest sun extruding the bed room mass

5. Multplying ground green by taking bedroom block on stilts for an active

6. Rotating the Dining area to form an enclosed deep courtyard in south

7.Central dinning block is then utlisied as circulation block connecting levels with a slope to counter the heavy rains

8.Creating more spaces on ground by lifting creating a pool for evaporative cooling

Wider Social Walk-

Cycle Track

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Pedestrianized street

Karan Sharma

05 The Eternal Abode

6 7 lvl+8’

5 lvl+5’




Karan Sharma

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Ground Floor Plan


05 The Eternal Abode


Levels play a very important role in the planning of the house .The whole house can be easily categorized into 7 levels depending on the privacy of the users.Throughout the whole process the main aim has been in developing more of green spaces and countering to level of privacy and natural sunlight that can be achieved in some ways in the house. The Drawing room and kitchen form the first block of the house raised at an elevation of 3 feet from ground with their easy connectivity to the dinning following the

At an level of 8 feet are the bedrooms in western side of the plot with attached dressing and toilet the bedrooms features lavish and luxurious interiors keeping in face with the exteriors .Both the bedrooms share a common balcony which also act as a sit out space in the evening Since the bedroom block is at 8 feet from grounds it holds parking for the owners cars and also gives up space for shading and private gatherings providing view to the pool and opeing up spaces for interaction and relaxation after a tired up day from office,Centrally suspended staircase leads to the first floor

Area Program 1.Entrance Foyer 2.Living room-15’x20’4”ft 3.Kitchen-15’x12’ ft 4.Dinning - 17’x12’9” ft 5.Pool 6.Bedroom 1 - 12’x16’ft 7.Bedroom 2-15’6”x12’6”ft 8.Bedroom 3 -12’x16’ft 9Bedroom 4-15’6”x12’6”ft 10.Glass Bridge 11.Green Terrace







11 lvl+12’

First Floor Plan

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Ground Floor plan with the open green space around it .The 2 gates help in segregation of pedestrian and vehicluar movement opening one side to an pedestrian friendly street for the community First Floor plan approach is through a glass bridge opening on one side to a green terrace and on the other the bedrooms

which houses 2 more bedrooms and wakes the way for green terrace right on top of the drawing block providing more open spaces for the owners relaxtion and small parties.The green terrace opens up in the east providing the users the first bath of the rising sun and refresing day ahead.

Karan Sharma

movement..The dinning which is at level of 5 feet makes the underway for the pool providing views from the dinning of the waterfall green wall into pool ,The double height dinning space helps in maintaing the visual connectivity with the rest of house with pitched roof on top and a traditional cuuting edge jaali filling in natural light .


05 The Eternal Abode


Stack effect



Section YY’ lvl+32’

Karan Sharma

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lvl+20’ lvl+17’

lvl+8’ lvl+5’ lvl+3’

Evaporative c

05 The Eternal Abode

X X’




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Karan Sharma


05 The Eternal Abode

Front elevation of the house providing a bold yet contemprary look yet responding to local climate and architecture of the place Daylight analysis being carried out of the house in order to check the amount of natural light being recieved with the help of Honey bee analysis tool

HoneyBee Illumination and Glare Analysis Glare Analysis

Architecture Portfolio

Glare Analysis Result

Task Force Area shown The analysis in the dinning area above showed the glare at a certain area with DGP(day light glare probability) value=0.348767

0.348767 glare is Imperceptible which is fine

Grid based Simulation for Month of June at 12 pm North Applying Materials

Creating Sky

HoneyBee Zones


Re coloring mesh Re coloring mesh

Karan Sharma

Glazing Parameters


Grid Points


HB Process for Grid based Simulation

05 The Eternal Abode

Rear elevation providing parking space for the cars and striking edge jaali in order to ood in the space with natural light and help in cross ventialtion Defination script of the Honey bee analysis tool to check the amount of natural light being recieved.

Energy+ Operative Temperature analysis Zone-4 Bedroom Zone-5 Passage

Zone-3 Dinning Room

Zone-6 Bedroom

Average Operative Temperature-C Hour 712 of Simulation

EnergyPlus is a whole building energy simulation program that, architects, and researchers use to model both energy consumption—for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and process loads water use in buildings.

Zone-1 Kitchen

Zone-2 Drawing Room

Setting Thresholds

Applying Materials

Setting Thresholds

Energy + Simulation Recipe

Architecture Portfolio

Zone Models

The analysis done helped in formation of window design for the house for optimal thermal comfort and glare free environment whereas Energy + helped in determing optimal operative temperature(Temperature sensed by occupants) of various zone according to the radiation of materials and indoor etc thus helping in better design solutions Like jaali or openings for eg major openings needed in the dinning area hence the design proposed.

Click or Scan the Code .

The following project was sent for a competition called Caletal,.Click the Code For Walkthrough video .

Karan Sharma

HB Process for Energy+ Operative Temperature Simulation

05 The Eternal Abode

05 The Eternal Abode

“ Real Architecture, lets culture and the c


Stepped Towers

a building evolve from the context of a place�


Project Brief:The project aimed at designing a mixed use tower amidst the polluted capital city responding to the context and taking into consideration the current social issues faced by the people.The tower should be a contemporary yet create an iconic image of the city.

Project Type: Mixed Use Studio: 5.5 Date: June,2016 Location: Delhi,India Individual Project

06 The Obliterated

Background Study Delhi, apart from being a prominent cosmopolitan city has also been witness to an eventful and prolific history. Evidence of this is exists in the numerous historical buildings present today in the architectural ruins that dot Delhi’s urbanscape. It remains one of the oldest surviving cities in the world today. It is in fact, an amalgam of eight cities, each built in a different era on a different site – each era leaving its mark, and adding character to it – and each ruler leaving a personal layer of architectural identity.

Connaught place ,Delhi

The Exigency Environmental problems in Delhi, India, are a threat to the well-being of the city’s and area’s inhabitants as well as the flora and fauna. Delhi, the sixth-most populated metropolis in the world, is one of the most heavily polluted cities in India,having for instance one of the country’s highest volumes of particulate matter pollution. In May 2014 the World Health Organisation announced New Delhi as the most polluted city in the world Hundreds of heritage buildings across the Capital are dying a slow death in the absence of any conservation measures. The Delhi government had in July 2014 received a list of 551 buildings and sites for bringing them under the “ heritage” category, but nearly two years on, the file seems to be gathering dust and so are the people losing interest in their own heritage.

About Stepwells For this same reason, most stepwells gradually narrow from the surface to the lowest tier underground, where the temperature is refreshingly cool..

Karan Sharma

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Stepwells are certainly one of India’s most unusual, but little-known, contributions to architecture. They influenced many other structures in Indian architecture, especially many that incorporate water into their design. In many wells – covered “pavilions” punctuated each successive level, accessed by narrow ledges as the water level rose, and providing vital shade while also buttressing walls against the intense pressure.

Research work done on analysing the structure basis of stepwells which are now forgotten and also ruined due to lack of maintenance and coming up of solutions for the design of the tower The proposed structure is in context to the environment and heritage of the city its main puropse is not only to lower the pollution levels of the city but also to revive in people their lost heritage senses.

06 The Obliterated

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06 The Obliterated

The lower commercial space act as a meeting grounds for all the people also provides a healthy environment as it provides with lush landscapes ,cycling track and also grounds places for eating joints etc. The process followed in deriving the final form of the tower which involved taking into consideration local climate yet developing more of public spaces for interaction and more of green spaces to take out the air pollution of Delhi

Karan Sharma

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Conceptual Massing

1.Analysing the site on the basis of wind and sun movement

2.Placing the massing on site according to the area program

4.Establishing ground social connections by extracting surfaces creating a courtyard

5.Making sub areas and sky gardens to provide more social interactions

The main aim of the design was not to just create a tower with various programs distributed throughout the oors but to create a living habitat somehow entitled with the past and transcends the human beliefs and also helps in clinging to rich and cultural heritage we inherit and to respond to current social and environmental issues being faced by the city and respond to them through architecture which not only belongs to the place but is also accepted by the people in a coherent manner.

3.Establishing social connections by inclining the surfaces

6.Creating the space for various public activites and for leisure for the people of the city

06 The Obliterated

Sky bridge opens up more area for public and the residents providing them grounds for morning walks ,side placed cafe for having social meetings and proviidng them the view of the city. Area distribution and green spaces diagram showing the segregation of various programs throughout the tower.

Area Zonning

Central Cores Positon

Karan Sharma

Rather than catering to a specific area 10% Pavement programme the tower inhbaits mixed use typology with commercial forming the base for the tower accesible 15% Offices to all and in the tower the cultural 50% Public Spaces comes in the first unit with its individual 25% Green Area 65% Green Roof green spaces followed by offices in the 25% Residential second place and residential on top for more privacy and provided with a courtyard in order to flood in natural daylight during the day ,Green spaces acount for more Area Programme than half of built area with each floor Green Area Distribution opeing to terrace gardens and followed by roof green for aech programme. 15% Cultural

Architecture Portfolio

5% Commercial

06 The Obliterated


Core Core



Core Residential Floor Plan

Residential Level Typical Floor Plan Floor Plans at Residential and Commercial level,showing the distribution of green spaces throughout the periphary with the central core located at the centre with circulation at the centre Section of the tower showing sustainability of the tower due to its facade distribution ,the various levels of green spaces throughout the tower and presence of various interaction spaces at each floor and at base level.

India indeed has a rich cultural herithage and its capital city Delhi is the finest example of this with its only a handfull monuments left its losing its values some how down the road of development.

Karan Sharma

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The main aim of designing of this tower was not to develop a mixed use architecture present in the heritage city of Delhi but to come up with solutions that can help people connect to the tower and somehow to use architecture as a tool to solve the man made problems that people are facing so that in all architecture can be the solution to all the problems of the people and bring them under one umbrella. The tower not only helps in solving the habitat issues but also responds to hot summers of the city in a cooler way and the cold winters with a warmer way and it also provides people to come together open up a discussion and provide them with “N” number of such spaces thus creating a new situation with a new space with a new dialouge for the people everytime they come to work ,play or live. To make a difference in someone life ,archtecture can be very helpful in coming up vital solutions and it indeed not only encounters the people but the whole society and this tower is somehow an example of that as it makes a difference but also revive the people feelings about their heritage.

Detail Windows/Jharokhas (Semi Interaction Spaces)

Traditional Screen (Purifier)

Steps (Semi Transition Spaces)

06 The Obliterated




Stack Effect OďŹƒce Level Typical Resistance Floor Plan from Direct Exposure Floor Plates/Terraces (Sky Gardens)

Fresh Air Flow

Sky Gardens Direct Views Cool Air Flow

Cross Ventilation

Karan Sharma

Detail of the Facade showing it various levels from the jaali which act as a purifier to the semi interaction sapces consisting of jharokhas with semi interaction spaces the stairs right behind them suspended from slabs.

Architecture Portfolio

Evaporative Cooling

Some other Projects and Recognitions

Construction workers Housing Group Project: with Ashna Aggarwal

Urban Analysis of Commercial Street Group Project: with Ashna Aggarwal Deepak Patial & Yogesh

Library at Chandigarh Group Project: with Ashna Aggarwal

Bus Terminal at Hamirpur

LIG Group Housing at Wadala Group Project: with Ashna Aggarwal & Deepak Patial

IIIT UNA Campus Planning Group Project: with Ashna Aggarwal

Recieving 1st Prize from legends of Indian Architecture, Ar.Karan Grover and Ar.Jaisim Rao

Recieving 2nd Prize from MD of Birla white .


Shape Grammars-Karan Sharma Portfolio  
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