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YWAM Medical Ship Media Kit Newcastle, NSW

Contact: Rebekah Hoover, Public Relations Coordinator Mobile: 0423 886 241 Email:

OUR HISTORY YWAM Is... YWAM (pronounced: why-wham) is a diverse global Christian youth focused movement from many nations, backgrounds, ages and cultures; sharing their faith through meeting practical, spiritual and physical needs, offering training in more than 800 courses and seminars for service in all spheres of society. YWAM is a not-for-profit charitable volunteer organisation that currently operates in over 1000 locations and 149 countries, with over 16,000 staff. Since 1990 YWAM’s Marine Reach ships have operated in 16 different nations and hundreds of ports throughout the Pacific establishing a long-standing reputation of excellence, integrity and results: Providing over 200,000 people with free services Giving over $37.5 million to optometry, dentistry, primary health care and more Optometry to more than 80,000 people 50,000 dental procedures for over 37,000 people Primary health care services to over 70,000 people 37 housing projects

OUR MISSION Australia & PNG Ship Tour 2010 In February 2010 the Australia & PNG medical ship tour will begin at Newcastle with the arrival of the M/V Pacific Link from New Zealand. It will then sail to Adelaide stopping in various ports welcoming visitors all along the east coast of Australia arriving in Townsville, her home port, in June 2010. In August 2010 the ship will sail onto Cairns, Thursday Island and then to Port Moresby to provide health care & community development in the Gulf Provence of Papua New Guinea. The tour will promote Papua New Guinea and its Millennium Development Goals. Opportunities will be offered for generosity and volunteering - young and old, skilled and unskilled. Health professionals, marine specialists, crew, businesses, churches, service clubs and schools will be called on to be involved and to collect spectacles and supplies. Aussie youth will be given training and service opportunities to help them with their faith and to serve those in need.


North Tour


23 February to 1 March


18 May to 24 May


2 March to 9 March


25 May to 31 May


9 March to 15 March


31 May to 6 June


17 March to 22 March


8 June to 14 June


25 March to 4 April


16 June to 21 June


6 April to 11 April


22 June to 27 June


14 April to 20 April


20 July to 25 July


22 April to 24 April

Thursday Island

28 July to 2 August

PNG Tour Outreach One

15 August to 25 August

Outreach Two

5 September to 17 September

Outreach Three

26 September to 8 October

CITY EVENTS Media Opportunities Ship open for Tours on Tuesday, 23 February until Sunday, 28 February from 9am to 4pm Youth Festival, 27 February, pm, Next to the Ship at the City’s Wharf Vision of school children touring ship and PNG Awareness

INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES Ken Mulligan, Manager of YWAM Marine Reach Australia Ken is a pioneering and visionary leader who has been serving in fulltime missions for 23 yrs. Operating as director of YWAM Reef to Outback for the past eighteen years, Ken has a proven history of developing youth and championing leaders. Being rich in character, he is notorious for challenging those around him to achieve the impossible. Ken is an excellent resource to speak to many spheres of influence about the history, vision and overall direction of the YWAM Medical Ship.

Jesse Misa, Regional Director for Marine Reach Pacific Jesse has been sailing in the Pacific for over eighteen years. He carries with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing Health Care to those most in need.

Honourable Mike Reynolds, Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland and Official Patron for YWAM Medical Ships

David Stevenson, CEO of YWAM Newcastle

Hannah Peart, Medical Coordinator Hannah is a registered nurse with experience practicing medicine in the developed and developing world and is passionate about engaging medical professionals to volunteer their time to assist those in need. As part of the advanced team to organise the activities for the Pacific Link’s maiden voyage from Australia to PNG, Hannah has a wealth of stories and personal experiences of working with individuals in PNG. While fully professional, her fun-loving personality makes her a prime candidate to be the first one tramping through the jungle looking for those in need, unafraid to get dirty in the process. Hannah can answer questions about the needs in PNG, share exciting and adventurous stories, and also provide a unique window into what both young people and medical professionals alike can do to impact our nearest neighbour. Michael Murray, Musician As a passionate young musician, with a heart to care for those in need, Mike has found a unique niche in combining both his music and helping those in the developing world. “Let Justice Sing,” theme song for the YWAM Australia & PNG Ship Tour and title track for Mike’s latest album, was written to inspire youth to stand up for the disadvantaged. Visiting Papua New Guinea earlier this year, Mike was faced with the realities of the nation in a way that rocked him to his core. In particular, his encounter with HIV/AIDS patients has inspired him to tour Australia and share the needs with young people and challenge them to make a difference. An interview with Mike will convey a depth of passion and insight beyond his years and include stories of both Papua New Guinea and also very practical wisdom that will inspire people to take action.

YWAM Ship Tour  

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