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Further examples of ZEP communications tools use (not exhaustive): • 250 CCS leaflets + 100 call-to-action cards at Carbon Expo (Spain). • Stanford University used ZEP’s images outlining the workings of the three CO2 capture technologies in a book published by the Material Research Society about CCS. • ClydeUnion Pumps (UK) leveraged all three of ZEP’s animations on CCS to encourage funding for CCS. • ESB (Ireland) leveraged ZEP’s animations in presentation on CCS • ZEP contributed content on public engagement related to CCS for chapter in book entitled: Geoscience of carbon dioxide (CO2) storage, published by Centre for Research into Earth Energy Systems (UK) • ZEP communications material leveraged at teacher- level course at the University of North Dakota covering CO2 storage. • Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan (Scotland) leveraged ZEP imagery for discussion document on CCS • ZEP capture process images used in a book on CO2 storage edited by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) • For COP17, ZEP distributed the following material to CCS stakeholders, including the European Commission, Bellona, CCSA, GCCSI, World Climate Summit, etc.: • 490 copies of the CCS Costs Report • 470 copies of Knowledge Sharing report • 1,210 copies of CCS leaflet (ENG) + 560 (ES) • 175 USB sticks containing CCS Library + ZEP reports/communications tools • 250 CSS leaflets to Science on Stage event (Denmark) • 200 CCS leaflets sent to Shell for use at Signals & Signposts – Friends of Europe event (Brussels) • Animations translated into German by E.ON for use at its Annual General Meeting. • ZEP animations displayed at European Association of Communication Directors by ENEL + 50 CCS leaflets distributed. • DECC (UK government) all staff event to use ZEP Hard Facts animation to outline CCS • 220 copies of CCS Cost Reports distributed within ZEP (AC; TFT; all TF co-leads; branch organizations/sponsors) • 250 CCS leaflets (IT) sent to Museo Energia in Rome, Italy.

• ZEP images used by OCCS (UK government) for FEED study CD-ROM cover art (5,000 copies distributed)



Communications Report 2011