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Explored Events NOTE: The following events were explored, but not pursued, by ZEP due to a number of reasons, including: relevance to strategy; quality of organization/event; funding requirements and ZEP speaker availability.

1. Title: ECO:nomics Conference Venue: Santa Barbara, USA Date: 2-4 March 2011 Description: A Wall Street Journal conference organized in Santa Barbara on March 2-4 brought together the world’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers and industry experts to assess the risks and opportunities emerging across sectors and countries.

2. Title: 10th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture and Sequestration Venue: Pittsburgh, USA Date: 2-5 May 2011 Description: The leading CCS conference in North America brought together a large number of young professionals, academics, and business people to discuss global issues with regards to CCS.

3. Title: CCS 2011 Venue: London, UK Date: August 2011 Description: The CCS 2011 event will be hosted over two days providing in-depth analysis by leading industry professionals on the hottest CCS topics; Understanding the future direction of CCS, the event will open the final session to post graduate students, with an expert panel providing critique and debate.

4. Title: ACCEunited: Global Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage Summit Venue: Beijing, China Date: 13-14 September 2011 Description: Initiated by Asian Coalition for Climate and Energy (ACCE) it is one of the leading events in China on CSS.



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