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23. Title: WEC Italy: Legal framework development and supply chain perspectives Venue: Rome, Italy Date: 18 October 2011 Description: Specialist conference for CCS stakeholders in Italy held by World Energy Council Italia, with significant industry and expert participation. ZEP Participation: Speaker: Eric Drosin (CCS Cost Reports); contribution on CCS Costs to event report.

24. Title: CCS in Iron and Steel Industry Workshop (IEAGHG) Venue: Dusseldorf , Germany Date: 8-11 November 2011 Description: IEAGHG organised workshop addressing the Challenges and Opportunities of CO2 Capture and Storage in the Iron and Steel Industry. Other backers of the event: Stahl & Swerea/Mefos. ZEP Participation: Speakers: Wilfried Maas (CO2 Storage Costs) & Per Arne Nilsson (CO2 Transport Costs).

25. Title: Sustainable Earth Science Conference on CCS Venue: Valencia, Spain Date: 8-11 November 2011 Description: EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) promotes the development of geosciences and related engineering subjects, to promote innovation and technical progress and to foster the communication, fellowship and cooperation between those working in, studying or otherwise being interested in these fields. Valencia hosts the first Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference & Exhibition - Technologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-surface by AEGE. ZEP Participation: Shell speaker spoke to ZEP CCS Cost Reports, the latter also included in distributed materials. 58


Communications Report 2011