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15. Title: Kazakhstan Delegation workshop (workshop and study visit) Venue: Brussels, Belgium Date: 27 June 2011 Description: A one day event with updates on Coal Policy developments and actions from the 1st workshop. Day 2-3 had a visit to Liège University and RWE facilities, the Coal Innovation center in Niederaussen. Day 4: a visit to the Limburg coal basin. ZEP Participation: Speaker: Philipe Paelinck.

16. Title: CIRCE Institute Summer School Venue: Teruel (Andorra), Spain Date: 4-6 July 2011 Description: An intensive conference for students, focused on issues surrounding the future of coal and CCS technologies in Spain. ZEP Participation: Speaker: Eric Drosin.

17. Title: IEAGHG Summer School Venue: Champaign, Illinois, USA Date: 15 July 2011 Description: Aim of the IEAGHG Summer School is to improve the CCS-knowledgeable human resource pool for CCS development and deployment, with participation of over 80 graduate students from around the world, aided by mentors. ZEP Participation: Sponsorship included logo visibility; Mentor: Eric Drosin.



Communications Report 2011