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6. Title: Science on Stage – Europe Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark Date: 16-19 April 2011 Description: Science on Stage is a European initiative designed to encourage teachers from across Europe to share best practice in science teaching. ZEP Participation: ZEP stand; 250 CCS leaflets; animations; 250 call-to action cards; cooperation with Shell to man stand.

7. Title: CCS Project Network event Venue: Rotterdam, Netherlands Date: 10 May 2011 Description: The event featured presentations on project progress, lessons learned and the challenges faced by the 6 large-scale demonstration projects in the CCS Project Network. ZEP Participation: Speaker: Dr. Graeme Sweeney (concluding remarks).

8. Title: EU-GCC Clean Energy Network Venue: Brussels, Belgium Date: 11-12 May 2011 Description: The EU-GCC Clean Energy Network is an initiative created and supported by the European Commission and by the relevant GCC (Gulf Co-Operation Council) authorities, aiming to enhance the long term strategic EU – GCC energy relationship, addressing specifically clean energy issues (including CCS). ZEP Participation: Speaker: Eric Drosin (communicating CCS).



Communications Report 2011