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Lets get fat out

BY: Juan Antonio Romero, Julián Fernández, Agustín Suarez, Sebastián López, Isabela Ponce y Domenica delle-donne I


What is nutrition?

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Frutas locas


Improve our nutrition?




What are the eating habits of our community?


La sandius


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system start in the mouth then go Nutrition is the process through which

down to the pharynx. once it has

the organism absorbs the substance

passd the pharynx it get to the

necessaries for the work of the body.

esophagus. Then it goes down to the

This process is really important for

liver that is the biggest organ. The

our organism. If you don’t have a

vesicle contains all the fats. The it

good nutrition you can have really

goes through the stomach that is so

sever consecutions. The nutrition like

strong that it contains all the acids.

cines is a reference of the nutrients

Then it goes to the pancreas. The

that contain the food and all the

small stomach is connecting to the big

consequences. Finally the nutrition is

stomach then it goes the rectum is

really important and if you don’t have

where the digestive system ends.

a good nutrition you can have really bat consequences.

Now we are using my plate instead of the pyramid, pyramid vs.

A bad nutrition is caused by not

my plate. We are now using my plate

in of or exes of one or more nutrients.

because the scientists discover that

Like a consequent of this is that you

we don’t need to drink to much diary

can get a series of eating disorders

and that we need to eat more fruits

like anorexia bulimia and obesity. Not

and vegetables. The plate is a form

in all cases this disorders can be

more interesting that my pyramid.

reversible like in kids because a good

That’s why they change my plate for

alimentation is rely important. If they

the pyramid.

don’t get a good nutrition from the

finally this is nutrition. Nutrition

pancreas they can have a lot of

is the best thing ever. Nutrition is the

problems in their growing. Those are

process through which the organism

some of the problems.

absorbs the substance necessaries

Nutrition have a prosses name digestive




for the work of the body. Without a god nutrition you can have sever

problems like anorexia. Bulimia ext. that is nutrition.

At first I you don’t have a good

your house. These grains are

nutrition we can help you to improve

the best for your health and nutrition.

it. There are many ways to improve

When you are baking something try to

you nutrition like eating more

don’t put some fat and sugars. Try to

vegetables, fruits, grains, and don’t

eat in all your foods grains, remember

eat too much fat. Fruits, vegetables,

there are very important for all your

and grains contain vitamins that help


your nutrition. Do you best trying to eat 5 types of foods a day. Remember don’t eat so much fat

Fruit and vegetables are a very

because they contain sugar that are


going to make you go fatter.

source of

vitamins and minerals. At least two times a week eat like seafood they can give you omega 3 fatty acids. As a diary product choose orange juice, soy milk that they have vitamin D. Fruits also add color to your plate that Eat at least six grains at least 3 plates need to be of grains. Eat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, popcorn and all the grains that you have in

is going to be more attractive to you and the are very sweet. For example the grape is a good food for kids

because it helps when you are sick

balanced diet of fats and cholesterol,

and it is very use full to kids because

because they will be very danger to

they can grow strong.

your digestive.

Never stop eating the more Avoid fat and cholesterol there are very low in vitamins and minerals. Cholesterol and fat it’s going to make you have a heart disease. Take out the skin of the chicken before eating it because there is a lot of fat and cholesterol. Watch out when you are eating outside of your home because there could be hidden fats in the salads. Is very important to have a

important things in your life. Have always a good nutrition and beware of hidden fats and cholesterol. Eat all the pyramid like grains, vegetables, fruits, and a little of fat. Always have a good color of different foods in your plate. At finally read the nutrition fact that is in the product that you are going to buy. DON’T FORGET!!!!!!!

Now we are going to tell you about

percentage is 19%. We think that 7-8

how is going the nutrition of our

glasses is what a normal kid should

community. So you can see how

drink per day. So that means that our

healthy we are going in our healthy

community doesn’t drink enough

life. We have notice that our community only is eating 1-2 times a week. That is good because fast food isn’t part of a good nutrition. Also tis bad to each


week ate fast food you only need to eat once a while. The 8% of our community is eating 3-4 times a week fast food that is very bad because they aren’t having a good nutrition. That’s how many times our community is eating fast food.

"Making Your Own Vitamin Water."

Our community is drinking a little

More than Paleo. N.P., n.d Web. 29

good. In 1-2 glasses of water the 23%

Nov. 2013.

is drinking those glasses of water every day. You must drink like 5-6 glasses of water every day and much people are drinking that much the

These results are really good. 15 persons are only drinking 1-2 times. Drinking coke isn’t really good,

coke has too much sugar. The 4% of

eat 3-4 times because salad makes

our community are drinking 5-6 times,

you stronger. Try to make your salad

so that is very bad, they should their

with the colors of the rainbow cause

habits. Instead of drinking coke why

that is better.

they don’t try to drink something healthier and also delicious. Until now these persons are really healthy.

That means that these results are very good. The problem is that we are eating fast food and coke when

Many persons are making conscience

they want. That means they have to

and answered right. No, it’s not so

eat less because that is

good to eat fast food once a week.

we are going in a good way in our

The only problem is that people say


but doesn’t make it. Like you say it’s not good to eat fast food and you eat

MLA: We use our proper information of the excel we need to improve their health. This table gives us not so good results. 50% of the people only eat 2 fruits per day. They must eat at least 3. Fruits give you good health and nutrition, the only problem is that they don’t eat many. Also they are delicious. You can make fruit salad


with many different fruits and you are

"Easy Living Mom." Easy Living Mom. N.p.,

already eating more than 3.

n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2013.

Salad is a really important part of a good nutrition. This table is awesome, people eat 5-6 times salad per week. It seems that they like very much salads. Only one person doesn’t eat salad at all of 26. At least

"Easy Living Mom." Easy Living Mom. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2013.

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Lets get fat out  
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