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his month we have a few reasons to celebrate – firstly, I am back on deck after a few glorious months on maternity leave, and secondly, we are celebrating five years in business here on the Sunshine Coast! I am proud that we are still standing and have made it through the good times … and the bad. Those of you in business know that it can be a tough gig, and that five years is an amazing milestone to reach. I thank our readers and advertisers for supporting us to this point! While this issue is all about celebrating the last five years of inspiring stories, it is also tinged with a little sadness. Becoming a mum to my darling baby, Jack, and celebrating five years in business has given me some perspective and clarity on life, and I have made the decision to sell the magazine. Yes, Profile Magazine will now be under new management … and I am proud to add that the new ownership team includes members of our very own staff! My fabulous team are now taking over the reins of the magazine, allowing me to focus on being a great mother to Jack, but also to continue my passion to inspire and empower women through our Alli & Genine online, public speaking, media and business coaching business ( And who knows what else the future will bring? All I can say is watch this space … turn to page # to read my full story – yes, I get to be a covergirl! So please take a read of this special celebration issue where we showcase more amazing Sunshine Coast locals and how they have achieved their own success in business and in life. As always, it is an inspiring read. Lastly, I would like to take some space to thank some integral people who have helped me achieve my five years in business and create a successful, saleable product: Firstly to my business partner, Hamish Rose, for believing in me; Alli Grant for being by my side for the entire ride and being a shoulder to lean on when I needed it most (this is also Alli’s last issue); Katherine Allan for your fierce, loyal support; Melissa Austin for keeping me financially in-line; Simone Merlo and Monique Grabbe for supporting me in the early days; my fellow women in business for your guidance and inspiration; my husband, Rowan, for allowing me to follow my dreams, and lastly, to our loyal advertisers – the magazine simply would not be here without your support and faith. I wish the team, our readers and advertisers all the luck in the world and look forward to watching the magazine continue to grow for years to come. Signing off for the last time, Genine.

Those of you in business know that it can be a tough gig, and that five years is an amazing milestone to reach. I thank our readers and advertisers for supporting us to this point!

visit us on The Profile team is delighted to bring you our 5th birthday issue this month, what a milestone! A big thank you to the wonderful creative team whose talents combined to bring you the stunning cover story images of our Genine. KJ artistry and Strut Hair and Beauty, Maroochydore, created the perfect ‘40s glamour look for the photo shoot, and as always, our wonderful photographer, Tanya Chesterton Smith, really captured the essence of the story. Thank you to Elizabeth’s Bridal Palace, Coolum, for dressing Genine in their stunning gowns, and also to Underwood Jewellers, Kawana, for supplying the beautiful jewellery. Of course, it is with sadness we farewell our lovely Genine but we look forward to continuing to bring you a fabulous magazine each and every month, packed with inspirational stories, great food, fashion, prizes and lots more. We have great plans in store for Profile so watch this space! 4


Finally, thank you as always to our loyal readers and advertisers and happy 5th birthday to us! Hip, hip, hooray!

Ingrid Nelson EDITOR / journalist

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july 2013




managing director / publisher Genine Howard

publisher Hamish Rose

editor Ingrid Nelson

sub-editor Alli Grant

creative director Kara de Schot

bernard fanning

graphic designer

5 to 7 july queensland garden expo

Johanna Jensen

More than 30,000 green thumbs and novice gardeners from across Queensland and beyond will be drawn to Nambour for the Queensland Garden Expo. This family-friendly event showcases the best of subtropical gardening through a full program that includes; landscaped feature gardens, a lecture and demonstration program, the giant kitchen garden feature, and more than 360 exhibits and 60 nurseries. Entry from $7 for all day parking to $35 for a three-day pass.

Maree McGrath

sales manager account manager Sue Base

feature writers Tonia Zemek, Jessica Jane Sammut, Anna Rawlings (intern), Christie Lenz (intern)

photography Tanya Chesterton Smith

13 july masquerade ball mudjimba The Sunshine Coast Latin Dance Club is hosting a Masquerade Ball, so slip into your best evening gown and get dressed up for a fun-filled night of dancing and entertainment. Enjoy refreshments all evening at the Mask Bar, along with gourmet canapés, and be treated to stellar showcase performances; including Rio Rhythmics, Brazilian Soul, 50/50 Troupe and Sunshine Coast Tango, to name a few. Pre-booking is essential. Tickets are $25 for members and $30 for guests.

email or call / fax or 5451 0669 / 5475 4405

drop in Beach on Sixth, 104 / 65 Sixth Ave, Maroochydore

post PO Box 1065, Cotton Tree, QLD 4558

advertising 5451 0669,


13 to 20 july great endeavour rally and cruise From Caloundra to Port Douglas, rallying enthusiasts will travel into the outback and explore Australia’s remote locations along the way. This year’s theme is the Northern Tropics. Contestants’ stamina will again be tested as they travel through reefs, ranges and rainforests, all to raise money for the Endeavour Foundation in one of Australia’s most successful charity motoring events.

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accounts Katherine Allan –

14 july bernard fanning Powderfinger’s Bernard Fanning is sure to draw a crowd when he arrives on the Sunshine Coast this month for his Departures Tour, joined by special guests Big Scary and Vance Joy. The region’s fans have the privilege of being the first to hear the forthcoming album live, which includes his latest single, Battleships. The Nambour Civic Centre will host the tour. All tickets are $69.90.

16 july 360allstars bokarina 360Allstars presents an impressive theatrical performance in circus form, with a twist. Described as a “radical urban circus”, the production features world champion athletes and world-class dancers and musicians, while showcasing Australia’s best performers alongside artists from the UK, Europe and the US. Among the acts exploring various forms of rotation are breakdancers, BMX flatlanders and a basketball freestyler. Tickets $30 for adults, $20 for children and $26 for concessions.

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he says, she says

success what does it really mean? Success … it means different things to different people, at different stages of their life. For some, it’s reaching the pinnacle of their career, for others it’s a happy family, and for many, it’s a combination of both, not easy to achieve. There really is no big secret to success, it is simply what makes you happy. We chat with Todd and Sami from HOT 91.1 for their thoughts on success and what it means to them. sami and todd

he says


She says

’ve always thought that behind every successful man there’s a fairly surprised woman. And behind that woman is an even more surprised mother-in-law. If success is measured in terms of dollars, then a successful man is one who earns more than his wife can spend, right? A successful woman is one who can find such a man. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t particularly want to be filthy rich, I’d just like to have enough moolah to not worry about the colour of the plates at Sushi Train. Don’t get me wrong, a garage full of jet skis would be ace, or even a bank account bigger than a rich man’s pool would be as good as gold too. But again, money doesn’t necessarily equal success, right? Paris Hilton’s failed acting and singing careers are a testament to that. There’s no point being the richest dude in the cemetery either. I loved the Kerry Packer story on the telly last year (although Sami reckons there was too much cricket). Kerry was a crazy rich, very passionate dude, but another example of ‘you can’t take it with you’. So if we don’t rate success in dollars, can it be measured by our careers? The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary, correct? So with dollars aside and career not necessarily the tell tale signs of success, surely family and friends must come into it? If I look at my four beautiful kidlets, my stunning wife, my folks and my closest buddies, I’m spoilt with a wealth of riches. I reckon my road to success is always under construction and I think the idea of what success is changes year to year. When we’re four, success is not wetting your pants. At age 12, success is having buddies. At 17, success is having a drivers license. At age 20, success is having sex. At 35, it’s money. At age 50, it’s still money. At 60, success is having sex. At age 70, it’s having a drivers license. At 75, success is having friends, and at 80 … success is not wetting your pants. Congratulations on all your success so far my friends, you smell terrific.


t is actually a great question and one I found myself thinking about for days on end. It is a curly one because you have to ask whether success revolves around reaching goals and financial aspirations, or if success is about being happy in life? To be honest, I am torn between the two. Scientists who dedicate their careers to researching cures to horrible illnesses are surely incredibly successful on one level. On another level, my grandmother lived a fairly simple life but left this world having lived a very successful one. She left behind a family who adored her because she gave us all nothing but love for our entire lives. For my gran, success each day was all about the small things: finding her flowers had bloomed or perhaps biting into a fresh ham sandwich. And then there is our family friend who is an incredibly successful businessman. He has a spectacular yacht, a waterfront mansion and a fleet of luxury cars. He is one of the happiest blokes we know. He has built a self-made empire and is incredibly generous with his money to charities and to family and friends. So I did a little pop quiz and asked others what their definition of success is. Here are the top 10 answers: Watching Game Of Thrones without interruption; happiness; not having to go to bed at night when you are told (this was from my nine-year-old niece); an iPhone (a 15-year-old); having children who are healthy and happy; losing weight; reaching level 110 on Candy Crush (I do not know what this even means!); finding a bra that is pretty and a size 12FF; not having to worry about money; and being a good parent. I think success changes, depending on where you are in life. In my teens and 20’s I was driven by the goal of having a career as a journalist and owning a home. I achieved those goals but I think I confused being busy with being happy. These days success to me is very much defined by my family’s happiness. And I feel most loved and most content and most bulletproof when I am with them. Sure it is lovely not lying awake at night worrying about paying the mortgage, but I think it would be more lonely lying in a house that has no debt if you are miserable and lonely. Richard Branson would probably not agree!

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july 2013



photography chesterton smith photography

ll styling ingrid nelson and johanna jensen

Fashion is synonymous with luxury, and Coastline BMW is proud to present the Driving Style campaign in support of our very own thriving fashion industry. This month we meet talented young designer Rochelle Whitham, whose edgy new label, Hungry Wolf, is creating quite a stir among fashion circles since her recent debut. With a focus on leather and soft fabrics in stunning colours, Hungry Wolf is fun and flirty and appeals perfectly to the young, modern woman who wants to have fun, while feeling comfortable and sexy.



MEET ROCHELLE profile: Have you always wanted to be a designer? rochelle: I have always loved fashion. Even when I was very young, I was forever trying to hunt out something that was different to what everyone else had. Once I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else; I gave myself no other option than to make it in the fashion industry. This is where the story begins. profile: Tell me a little about your background? rochelle: I’m originally from Melbourne and grew up with my Nan sewing us all little dresses and trying to teach us how to knit. I was forever getting her to teach me how to make a scarf, a memory I still hold close. I think she really started my passion for design. I remember buying clothes and taking them to Nan so she could change them, so I would have a one-of-a-kind dress. I also get my creativity from Dad. He is extremely creative. I grew up watching him draw and paint the most incredible pictures. profile: What makes your designs different from others? rochelle: My collection is edgy meets feminine. I’ve taken both of these concepts and meshed them together, resulting in this latest collection.

Coastline BMW

Sales Finance Service Parts & Accessories

The Ultimate Driving Machine

CoastlineLogo.indd 1

3/7/09 2:18:20 PM

The New BMW X6. Setting Standards. Combined fuel consumption - 7.4l / 100km Acceleration 0-100kms - 7.5 sec profile: Describe your style? rochelle: Hungry Wolf The Label is not only stylish but very comfortable to wear. With straight, flowy lines, my collection has a colour palette of black and grey with pops of mustard and fuchsia, which connects the range together. Leather is a huge part of this range which gives this collection an edgy feel, along with the crocodile leather. It has an innocent, flirty side to it with the use of sequins to show your feminine side. profile: What training have you done? rochelle: I have completed a Diploma in Fashion Design at the Sunshine Coast Institute of Tafe. It has taught me so much and has helped me with getting my label up and running. profile: What are your future plans? rochelle: I’m hoping to have an online shop up and running by the end of the year and I would love to show my label at Sydney Fashion Festival. profile: Who does your clothing range appeal to? rochelle: Hungry Wolf The Label appeals to young women who love to have fun and want to feel comfortable and sexy. It’s not just a clothing label but a lifestyle. It’s where beauty meets reality. july 2013

The BMW X6 Range starts from $120,110. Test drive today at Coastline BMW, 770 Nicklin Way, Currimundi Phone 5491 9100 Model Dominigue hetherington pictured right wear midnigh dreamer top in fuchsia top, Wanders skirt in white and Wanders cluth with white tassel POA. Designer Rochelle Whitam wears Wanderers dress sleeveless and Escape Your Dreams necklace in Black, POA. Visit www.facebook. com/HungryWolfTheLabel *Car shown has metallic paint, 20” Y spoke alloy wheels and other optional extras with a drive away price of $128,673.




Art Friendship the


ll words tonia zemek

Nou Schollay and Brooke Marsh are a pair who prove sisterhood is alive and well. They’ve been friends for almost 20 years. In that time, their bond has seen them live and laugh together. Naturally, they’ve got lots in common, but their heart for art is more than mutual. Tonia Zemek meets the besties-turned-business partners.

Nou schollay and brooke marsh




f, like me, you’re lucky enough to have good gal pals, you’ll know the joy that comes from catching up for a cuppa, heading out for a shopping spree, or taking a trip together. In some cases, opposites attract. For others, the foundation of the friendship is built on common ground. Such is the case for Nou Schollay and Brooke Marsh, who work together creating and distributing digital art online. “We’re both very visual people,” Brooke explains. “We have a similar sense of style.” Although they met as teenagers in Brisbane, they really clicked when they shared a flat together in London. “That’s when we realised we were obsessed with the same things – we both love art, fashion and interior design,” Brooke says. While living in the UK, Brooke worked as a graphic designer and Nou was involved in advertising agencies and digital television. Their day jobs were fun and fulfilling but it was the buzz of Britain that really inspired them. “We were exposed to the most amazing fashions,” Nou enthuses. “Creatively, it was wonderful to have access to so many great galleries and museums.” Brooke says Nou naturally embraced the culture and couture. “She was classic with an edge. Nou was never boring – somehow she managed to mix expensive pieces with high street bargains. She was always well put together.” Nou says the same about Brooke, describing her as “super stylish”. “Brooke could wear a paper bag and make it look good. She’s immaculate.” Today they share much more than a mutual admiration society. They’ve established a business that bonds their creativity with their friendship. It’s an online outlet for digital artwork, mostly prints that can be purchased with or without frames. “We wanted to create artwork that was on-trend but more accessible than fine art you’d find in a gallery,” Brooke explains. They combined parts of their surnames and came up with the name “March”, and given their website curates a collection of artwork, they added “Collective” to their moniker. So, The March Collective was born in 2011 (

artwork: charcoal chair white

We wanted to create artwork that was on-trend but more accessible than fine art you’d find in a gallery.”

While Brooke’s responsible for creating the images, Nou takes care of the logistics, production and marketing. She says it’s an ideal partnership. “We’ve never had an argument. We’re very laidback. Brooke is the only person I could go into business with.” Brooke shares that sense of corporate companionship. “I think trust is a big thing. I know that Nou has her side of the business covered, and when I create something I trust her opinions.” The teamwork took off from day one. Brooke recalls feeling they’d succeeded from the outset. “Our confidence levels were soaring because we received such great feedback from interior designers and industry insiders.” Within weeks of going live with their website, Nou and Brooke found themselves shipping prints to Los Angeles for a residential apartment. Since then, their artwork has been hung in businesses and homes from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. When it comes to her own house, Nou admits her Noosa nest has a contemporary, minimalist feel mixed with some more informal pieces. “I have two cherished safari chairs from designer Arni Norell. They were my first foray into purchasing iconic, designer furniture, and my husband was pretty shocked because they were so expensive,” she laughs. “They’ve turned out to be the best investment we have ever made. I just love them.” Meanwhile, bowerbird Brooke lives in what she describes as a “big, old, rambling Queenslander” that features a smattering of modern furnishings alongside antiques. “My favourite is an old banker’s desk I re-painted and reupholstered. It’s now my work desk.” That work desk is certainly getting a workout. The pair has expanded the business to include interior styling services. They’d love to go global someday and set up offices in the US and Europe. They also have dreams of opening a gallery. So what advice do they have for other mates making the transition from companions to colleagues? “Make sure you are 110 per cent confident that the person you are going into business with is the right person for you,” Nou says resolutely. “You have to be very respectful of each other.” “You both need to be passionate about what you’re doing,” Brooke adds. “Just do something you love and you’ll always be motivated.” They say they admire designing duo Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton from Sass & Bide. After meeting Brooke and Nou, I’d say this pair also has plenty of sass and style. Inside and outside the office, their friendship is a work of art. july 2013





is sweet ll words anna rawlings

They were the dynamic Sunshine Coast brother and sister duo that bounced onto our television screens as the youngest team ever to compete on Channel Seven’s reality cooking competition My Kitchen Rules. They impressed the judges with their finesse, making it to the grand final, and won over viewers with their entertaining personalities and infamous catch-phrases. Anna Rawlings chats with Elle Harrison from ‘Team Jake and Elle’ to find out about her journey, and what happens next.


Elle Harrison



lle Harrison will have her cake and she will eat it too. For this dessert queen, fresh off the success of one of Australia’s most popular reality TV shows, life is pretty sweet. At just 23 years of age, Elle is chic, sophisticated and has culinary skills and finesse far beyond her years. Add this to her knowledge of fine dining and passion for food, and this gorgeous girl has the recipe for success. Still reeling from the “experience of a lifetime” that was her time on My Kitchen Rules, Elle exudes excitement about her future, mixed with the clarity and calmness she demonstrated on the show that saw her and her brother, 20-year-old Jake, dominate the competition and impress the judges with their technique and knowledge of different cuisines to make it to the grand final. Elle and Jake call the Sunshine Coast home – they grew up here and attended school locally before enrolling in university degrees. But big plans were starting to simmer, and in 2011, Jake convinced Elle to submit their application to My Kitchen Rules. However, it wasn’t until a year later in 2012 that they got the call. “It [the show] has been a big part of our lives for a few years now,” Elle says of the life-changing opportunity to enter the competition. The brother-sister team embraced their chance and, influenced by their mother, Maltese heritage, love of entertaining and extensive travelling, brought a certain flair to the competition. While Jake is the ‘entertainer’, Elle is calmer and more organised, with a keen eye for beautiful presentation. Of the experience of working so closely with her brother on the show, Elle shares, “It was stressful at times. To be honest, the only thing we have in common is food and our hairdresser!” she laughs. But viewers could see that when the knives were out, they had each other’s back. “We do share a really close bond and being young pushed us to make sure we showed we knew what we were talking about,” Elle says. Since the show finished in April, Jake and Elle’s profiles have been on the rise. They have built a strong fan base and are in hot demand. For Elle, she is taking it as it comes. “To be honest, I had no idea what we

g n i l e e f e h know t of having the right loan for your lifestyle needs jake and Elle Harrison

would gain from going on the show. We were there to have fun – we had a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude,” she reflects. They may not have gone on the show to find fame, but fame has most certainly found them, with recent visits to Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand, cooking up a storm at demonstrations, guest appearances, corporate events, food festivals and charity endeavours. But don’t let the red carpet appearances fool you – Elle has a much more grounded approach to the benefits of her newfound television status. “Number one has got to be the chance to give back to the local community and support charities,” she beams of their local charity endeavours, including recently raising $10,500 for the Starlight Foundation. “I always wanted to give back to charity but never found the right opportunity until now. It truly is so touching,” she says happily. And from a business perspective? Well, they certainly have a lot cooking! Plans are in the works to release a cookbook, tentatively titled Food & Family. Elle is enthusiastic about the concept. “The cookbook will centre on what readers need to know to be a good cook and learn new techniques. It will have the basics – and then we encourage you to let your imagination run wild! It is basically a journal of our favourite recipes – a black and white food bible.” The cookbook is aimed at all ages, but Jake and Elle have kept Generation Y in mind. “There has been a definite shift in the culture that 18 to 25-yearolds are interested in. They are now interested in food and dining as an experience,” Elle says. For Elle, the whirlwind of success has meant putting her Bachelor of Business / Law degree on hold, but with a move to Melbourne firmly in her sights, she is being kept busy. “Melbourne is foodie central – there are endless opportunities there!” The move means Elle will be one step closer to their other upcoming venture – an ice-cream bar and restaurant, as she hopes to add business owner to her chef’s hat. Her speciality, desserts, will feature heavily. “Desserts are definitely my forte. I can be more creative with desserts, they are so pretty!” Elle counts herself fortunate for her time at Sunshine Coast cake and dessert store The Silver Spoon, where she learnt valuable techniques. “I learnt about infusing flavours, and that will definitely influence my future creations,” she shares. The future for Jake and Elle will see the brother and sister team continue to work together. “We live by the motto – relax, it’s just food.” It might be just food, but the writing is on the menu for success to be served. “I really doubt this will be the last time you see Jake and Elle on your television screens,” Elle enthuses. “Our future is definitely looking bright.” A bright future doing what they love? Now, that’s the icing on the cake. For more Jake and Elle, visit their website, keep up with their blog Blogalicious for the latest recipes and cooking demos, or visit their Facebook page, Jake and Elle: My Kitchen Rules. july 2013

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Linda Ireland

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a need for

speed words tonia zemek ll photography chesterton smith photography

Ferre De Deyne




Strap yourself in for a high-speed tale that traverses time-zones and clocks kilometres. Along the way, we’ll make a pit stop in Belgium before landing at Landsborough’s Big Kart Track. Profile’s Tonia Zemek puts her pedal to the metal to bring you the fast and fascinating story of Ferre De Deyne.


hy don’t you want to meet me in person?” The voice on the other end of the phone belongs to Ferre De Deyne. It’s the beginning of my interview but Ferre is asking the questions. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he’s taken the driver’s seat. After all, he owns and manages Landsborough’s Big Kart Track, a place where go-karts fly down a track at speeds of up to 70 kilometres an hour! I explain that, ironically, today I’m without wheels hence we can’t meet face to face. More’s the pity because a little later Ferre reveals how much he values eye contact. It’s something he looks for in his staff. He believes building a rapport with a stranger is a great skill. Although he can’t see me, I nod in agreement. So it seems we have more in common than a penchant for asking questions. The parallels continue when Ferre admits he’s a graduate of “the university of life”. He’s referring to having spent much of his 20’s travelling the world, just as I did. However, Ferre’s birthplace is a million miles from my own. Ferre grew up in Belgium, and after completing compulsory army service, he hopped a flight to Oz. “I told my dad I was going so far away that if I went any further I’d be on my way back!” His destination of choice was Australia. In 1981 he made his first trip Down Under. He explored the east coast, travelling from Melbourne to Cairns. Over the next eight years, Ferre divided his time between holidaying here and working in Europe. To help finance his trips, he took up work at nightclubs and nuclear power plants (during their shutdown periods). Throughout the ‘80s, Ferre continued his almost annual jaunts to Australia. His love of the country led him to the love of his life. During one trip he reconnected with an old school friend who’d moved to the Coast with her parents. That friend was Mieke and she went on to become his wife. Mieke’s parents, Aime and Jacqueline Proost, opened Landsborough’s Big Kart Track in 1983. After Jacqueline suffered a stroke, Mieke and Ferre stepped in and joined the family business in 1989. Around the same time they also established a water ski park at Bli Bli. They strike me as a remarkably ambitious and hard-working couple. “If I do something, I’ll commit to it 110 per cent, otherwise I won’t do it,” Ferre says. After selling the ski park in 1999, Ferre went full speed ahead with the Big Kart Track. “In my heart I knew Mieke and I were up to the task but, of course, I also wanted to prove to my in-laws that I could do it.” He has great affection for his father-in-law and mother-in-law, whom he happily reports are now both enjoying good health. “Working with family is an absolute dream if you get along,” Ferre says. Whatever the family formula is based upon, it has worked. Over the past 30 years, the Big Kart Track has gone from just 25 karts to a fleet of 80, but Ferre tells me there have been other more meaningful developments. “Technologically, go-karts are fundamentally still the same. I call them billy-carts with motors. The biggest change I’ve seen is more women enjoying go-karting. When we started, the girls would sit on the verandah and wait

july 2013

for the boys. Now they’re joining in. Good on them! It’s about time this male dominated world turned around. I love it.” The girls, and guys, get to enjoy 1.2 kilometres of hi-octane adventures, making the Big Kart Track the largest commercial go-kart track in Australia. I ask Ferre how he measures the success of the business. “It’s all about the satisfaction of the customers,” he explains. “When people walk away with a smile on their face, that’s when I know I’m successful.” Away from the track, Ferre has also enjoyed great success in the art world. Last year he was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Sunshine Coast Multicultural Awards. He joyfully reveals that he is surrounded by passionate creatives. His wife, Mieke, studied fine arts back in Belgium and is about to complete her Masters Degree in Ceramics. Together with his in-laws, the family has one of Australia’s largest Aboriginal art collections. They are also major sponsors of the Sunshine Coast University Gallery. “It is very important to have an incubator for the arts within the community,” he explains. And that coastal community is exceptionally important to Ferre.

He was the founding director of Caloundra Tourism and spent a decade as a board member of Tourism Sunshine Coast. Today, Ferre dreams of establishing an arts and convention centre. “I think it’s an absolute necessity. If we build something amazing it will become an attraction. Look at the impact of the Opera House and the Eiffel Tower. It has to be something special that will benefit everybody on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.” If the success of his Landsborough landmark is anything to go by, I’d say he’s got plenty of fuel left in the tank for another great venture. Watch this space.



lads at lunch

en m y “I remember wh e (it hair didn’t mov the was the ‘80s and an d era of hair gel) that it now I just hope to the doesn’t move on bathroom floor!” Russell Bullen Ladies at lunch is proudly sponsored by


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“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” – Muhammad Ali. Wise words from a cultural icon, but how do today’s men really feel about the dreaded “F word”? Ingrid Nelson caught up with a bunch of larrikin lads of various ages over a fabulous lunch at The Loose Goose, Twin Waters, to discover their thoughts on the milestone birthday.


hey say 40 is the new 30, so that must mean 50 is the new 40, right? If the bunch of lads I had the pleasure of lunching with recently are anything to go by, the answer is a big fat yes! Not only did I enjoy the lively conversation with these gents, but it was enlightening to hear their perspective on becoming “mature” aged and how the male perspective differed compared to the fairer sex. Let’s just say the mere male is a little easier on himself, and good on him I say. Co-hosting lunch was the charming Laurie Clarke, owner of BOQ Maroochydore. Joining us was Colin Mason, franchise manager Mortgage Choice, Buderim, Scott Coggan, longtime manager of Opals Down Under, Russell Paten, senior business development specialist with Telstra, Marc Robinson, partner KPMG, Ian Ritchie, owner of IANDER Pty Ltd, Russell Bullen, managing director of OMC Connect, and last but not least, our lovely profile photographer, Tanya Chesterton Smith. profile: What are your thoughts on turning or having turned the big 50? russell p: I think I felt it a lot more than when I turned 40. Forty was just an age I reached with no real change in life or plans. Turning 50 started me thinking about what I needed to do to reach my goals and dreams. I’m now 55, and while I’m still enjoying work, I’m actively starting to plan for a life after work. scott: I am not yet 50 but I thank God for every day I wake up in good health, for I’m better off than the million people in the world who will die this week. laurie: Onwards and upwards. With young twins (now two years old), there’s no time to worry about age. It’s all about your state of mind. And you need less sleep! ian: Fifty is the new 40, so no worries ... it’s great! party on!

july 2013

colin: I see 50 as my milestone to complete my goals. I would love to have a large property portfolio and more shares in the business and be able to put my kids through university. profile: Is there any substitute for age / experience? russell: When you’re young you think you know it all … when you get older you realise you didn’t and every day is a new opportunity to learn. Now that’s exciting. russell p: I sometimes feel a loss of passion that I had when I was younger, but maybe that’s just because I was always right back then while now I realise that I don’t know it all and therefore am more relaxed about rolling with the flow and sometimes the punches. Although I haven’t reached a senior management position myself, I find that my experience and actions are respected by senior managers, even if they’re considerably younger than me. scott: Youthful energy will get you so far, but with age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes solutions to what seems impossible to the youth. laurie: The older I get the more I value experience. While it doesn’t mean you’re never surprised, I think just the capacity to work through challenges is easier because of the experiences you’ve had. colin: I think the older you get the wiser you are. Compared with average 34-year-olds, I guess I have had a lot of positions that included a lot of responsibility and that has helped me get to where I am today. profile: What would you say to those who say 50 is over the hill? russell: Sorry … which hill was that? Have I missed something? russell p: I’d say, “I’ve already reached it, you’ve still got to get there. Good luck”. Actually, I don’t

think I know anyone who thinks I’m over the hill, regardless of age. scott: I would say don’t be concerned about the number 50 and if it’s over the hill. Be more concerned about being buried at the bottom of the hill without the chance of getting over it. marc: In some instances I would agree with them! Comes down to the individual. ian: We are not the ones at home in front of a computer or television or playing cartoon games, we get out and make it happen for real. profile: How has your attitude to work / personal life changed as you have aged? russell: During my career in hotel management, I remember when my hair didn’t move (it was the ‘80s and the era of hair gel) and now I just hope that it doesn’t move on to the bathroom floor! russell p: I think it’s rounded out. I’ve come to realise that sometimes you just don’t achieve your aims, often for no fault of your own. I’ve learned to become more flexible and to accept changes. I’ve also learned that there are a lot of young people who have awesome ability and it’s great to be able to support them in any way I can. I enjoy mentoring people and ensuring the experience I’ve gained over many years is as widely utilised as possible. I have total faith that the younger generation are going to do a great job when it’s their job to lead and change the world. scott: When I was younger, working was a means to creating a personal life financially. Now work is personal. If you love what you do you won’t work another day. marc: In some ways I think I am more conscious of squeezing more and more out of each passing day. profile: Do you think you have more authority as you have become more mature? russell: The only authority I can demand is of



lads at lunch

e “I feel like I’m th of the elder statesman n the team rather tha old fart! ” Russell Paten sandra, maree, ingrid, rhonda, cath and rebecca

i myself … its always been a challenge. russell p: Definitely. I find that if you offer yourself in a supporting role to everyone around you and genuinely assist through the utilisation of your hard-earned experience, you’ll earn a place of respect. I feel like I’m the elder statesman of the team (rather than the old fart). scott: As you mature, I believe you treat more people with respect. With giving respect, you receive respect – thus creating an underlying authority. laurie: No. Respect and authority is earned by the work you do and the contribution you make to others. marc: If I use my three boys as a gauge on the question of authority – I would have to say no. In fact my wife would probably question the maturity aspect to that question. ian: I think your appearance gives you the air of authority, but we are like the rest, calm on top paddling like buggery below the water. colin: It’s not about authority in my eyes, it’s about teamwork. You run your own race and if you need help you ask. The only authority I have is with my children, but even they don’t listen sometimes. profile: Are you more or less employable, do you think? russell: I think as you get older you are less ‘enthusiastic’ about working in someone else’s business or culture. Perhaps that’s why I started my own business. Oh and no one can tell me ‘I’m fired’ … well except a client, of course. russell p: I’m definitely more employable in my skill areas. I’m increasingly being used as a fire brigade to put out the more difficult fires. I feel I’ve built up a network that would allow me to find rewarding employment if




I needed to. The fact that I occasionally get offered rewarding positions, even though I’m not looking, reinforces this. scott: In my field, I’d say more employable due to skills gained over a long time in one industry.

The Loose Goose really is a hidden gem on the Sunshine Coast. Nestled on Ocean Drive at Twin Waters, next to the Twin Waters Golf Course, the relaxed indoor and outdoor dining areas offer the perfect spot for the lads and I to wax lyrical over lunch.

profile: Any advice for those who are nearing the milestone age or even those who have a way to go? russell: There is that classic saying … it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. However, I recently heard someone say, ‘Its not just the journey, it’s also about the passengers you take along with you’. My point would be there ain’t no free ride, so if you have passengers, make sure you and everyone else contributes … otherwise get another ride. russell p: I don’t think 50 is that much of a milestone. It arrives and then goes past. It’s life in general you need to have in control. Turning 50 was a great party with many friends collected over a lifetime, but that’s the only milestone part of it. scott: I’d suggest to those thinking of turning 50 that we don’t need to reinvent ourselves, but be the best man we know we can be. laurie: Hmmm. It’s all a state of mind – you can choose whether it is a milestone or a millstone. ian: If you are divorced or separated in this age group (both sexes included) my advice would be to move on and look for a young partner. Does wonders for your self-worth!

Offering European-influenced Australian cuisine, using fresh, local ingredients, their meals are prepared daily on the premises and the proof is in the pudding, literally.

So there you have it, 50 really is the new 40! At the end of the day, age is irrelevant anyway isn’t it? As the age old adage goes, age is a case of mind over matter … if you don’t mind it don’t matter!

The Loose Goose 3/175 Ocean Drive, Twin Waters Ph 5457-0887

Admittedly, I am always the last to make a selection from the menu and today was no exception. The Loose Goose winter menu is varied and delicious, with an endless choice of mouth-watering selections. I finally decided on the sautéed local prawns with chilli, garlic and goats cheese and it proved a popular choice among the lads. The huge, succulent prawns were cooked to juicy perfection, perfectly complemented by the creamy goats cheese, each morsel was melt in your mouth delicious. It was a tough choice between the risotto of mixed mushrooms with truffled goats curd or the angel hair pasta with blue swimmer crab, garlic, chilli and salsa verde, but I couldn’t go past the creamy risotto, and it didn’t disappoint. The crispy skinned barramundi with mussels, rosti, kale and saffron was a popular choice among the group and the reviews were glowing on all accounts. I wish I had left room for dessert, the coffee crème brulee with biscotti or chocolate fondant with strawberry parfait were both vying for my attention but the generous sized entree and main had left me feeling more than satisfied. Next time.

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cover story On Cover and this page, Genine wears Barriano Black Ruffle Dress from Elizabeths Bridal Palace, Coolum (POA), phone 5471 7878. Jewellery by Underwood Fine Jewellers, Kawana. Phone 5452 6774 (details to be added. Hair by Strut Hair and Beauty, Maroochydore (, make up by KJ Artistry ( Photography by Chesterton Smith Photography (www. Shot on location at Chesterton Smith Studio, Coolum.

My first job was cleaning up bird poo.�



cover story

Genine Howard

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It takes guts, passion, vision, drive, sheer determination and a bloody thick skin to make it in business, just ask publisher, author, businesswoman, mentor, public speaker, performer and now mother of one Genine Howard. She has all of the above in bucket loads, and then some. Ingrid Nelson chats with Profile’s founder about her inspirational journey so far and what we can expect as she turns the page to the unwritten chapter of her life story. Something tells me the best is yet to come.


enine Howard has spent the last five years showcasing some of the most prominent and inspirational women on the Sunshine Coast, and now, as she changes direction and hands the reigns of her magazine over to a group of shareholders, including key profile staff, we thought it was high time she shared her own remarkable story. Having been at the helm of Profile since launching the magazine in 2008, Genine has dedicated blood, sweat and tears to moulding and nurturing Profile to become the stand-out, high-profile and much-lauded publication it is today. But Genine has a new baby to nurture and mould these days, her precious and longed-for son, Jack, now five months old. A self-confessed “control freak”, Genine tells me her miracle baby has given her “complete clarity”, making her decision to take time out to enjoy motherhood an easy one. Not that she won’t miss us, of course! But let’s go back to where it all began for this Melbourne-born girl from the ‘burbs. The youngest of two daughters, Genine was always destined to be different. Growing up in suburban Melbourne, she knew from an early age she didn’t fit in. “I had many girlfriends who went from the local primary school to the high school next door and then left school, got married, had children and bought a house down the road from their parents, which was fine, but it just wasn’t me,” said Genine. Graduating from Deakin University, Genine had long held dreams of becoming a teacher, but it wasn’t until her third year of studies she realised it was not the vocation for her. “I studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in biological studies, I wanted to be a biology teacher. I loved school and I wanted to inspire kids. I did three years of a teaching degree and in my third year during my prac I realised very

july 2013

quickly that at that age (15 and 16) the students just weren’t in that headspace, and I was so disappointed that they were not as passionate as me,” she laughs. Armed with her degree, with three majors in biology, geography and environmental studies, Genine began applying for jobs with the hope of landing her dream role as a park ranger. However, after applying for more than 100 jobs, she became increasingly disheartened and decided to try her luck in Queensland. “In my last year of uni I applied for 100 jobs and got nothing, so I literally packed up, got in my car and drove to Port Douglas in North Queensland. I had visited Queensland as a child and fell in love with it, so I knew it was where I wanted to be. My friends thought I was crazy! I had no plan but I just knew it was the right thing to do.” It turned out her gut instinct was spot on. Within a week, the plucky girl from Melbourne had landed herself a waitressing job, found accommodation and enrolled in a tour guide course. “Everything just fell into place when I moved. I applied for a course to become a tour guide, which was kind of like teaching but in a fun way.” Landing a part-time job working weekends at a local wildlife sanctuary, Genine’s entrance to the world of wildlife was anything but glamorous. “It was cleaning up the bird poo, but I didn’t care. It was full on. I was out there in my Blundstones and safari outfit but I loved every minute of it. People look at me now and they see the makeup and and high heels, but that was really me and I loved it. I think I was in my element because, funny as it seems, I had an audience every day. I think it’s in my blood. I love having a stage.” Not surprisingly, Genine quickly worked her way up through the ranks at the sanctuary from tour guide to guide coordinator and eventually, sales and marketing manager along with helping to manage the park. However, after seven years she had outgrown the park and the position. It was time to move on. “I think it was the seven-year cycle. I went as far as I could go. I was taking the job very emotionally. I was managing more than 50 staff, I lived and breathed it. My boss said, ‘You have outgrown us Genine, it’s time to move on’, and although I didn’t realise it at the time, he was right. It was the best decision I ever made. He was one of my earliest mentors.” As fate would have it, a chance invitation from a friend who ran a magazine in Cairns beckoned not long after she left. Little did Genine know it was to be her true calling and the beginning of a whole new venture. “My friend said, ‘Come and dress like a lady for once and sell some advertising space’. I had never worked in magazines before but within days I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is me’. I think because it was all about people. Sales is almost like acting, you mould and shape your personality to suit the person you are selling to. To me it wasn’t much different to what I was doing in my sales and marketing role at the wildlife sanctuary.” Speaking of acting, Genine has always had a passion for performing.



cover story

My mantra in business is, ‘You will be fine, just make the decision and go with it and you will always work it out’.”

It has been her escape, her creative outlet. “I have always been a bit of a show pony! I danced as a child then moved into theatre to meet a group of friends when I moved to Port Douglas. When you walk on the stage you are acting but behind the scenes you are your own true person, you can let your guard down. I don’t have to be anyone else. I am just me.” It’s no wonder she won Sunshine Coast Dancing with the Local Stars in 2011! It was while treading the boards of amateur theatre in Port Douglas that Genine met fellow thespian and now husband Rowan. “Rowan and I met at a show. He was a trained singer and I was a dancer. The Cairns people are known to be talented, and I thought he was up himself,” she laughs. “He told me years later that he thought I was really good looking, although a little chunky. I was a size eight! It must have been the lycra,” she scoffs with a cheeky grin. “We started dating and six months later we bought a house together. I knew it was meant to be. I don’t know if he did, but I certainly did.” Armed with experience and a love of the industry, Genine worked for then Cairns publication CityLife, and before she knew it she was running three magazines in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. “I was publication manager by then. I loved it but I look back in hindsight and think, ‘Gee, I was a tough boss’. I thought to be a good boss you had to be bossy. I have since softened up a lot and I have had to give up some of the control.” So how did she end up on the Sunshine Coast? “I never get concrete on my feet. If you get too much concrete and relaxed and comfortable it’s lovely but new opportunities won’t come to you. “APN bought the mags out and were starting jobs on the Sunshine Coast. I was offered a job and I flat out refused. I didn’t have any desire to move to the Sunshine Coast. Then they asked me another three times and on the third request I thought, ‘Hang on, there must be something in this’. The minute I made the decision to go we bought a house online and moved.” Based at The Sunshine Coast Daily, Genine was instrumental in launching 11 magazine titles from Cairns to Coffs Harbour and personally oversaw nine of them. Unfortunately, it soon proved too much and she was forced to re-evaluate her direction.



cover story

I didn’t do the corporate thing very well. I like to be the person who makes the decision and changes it there and then.”

“It was too big a job. It was too hard, not enough staff, too much driving. I remember driving back from Bundaberg one time and there was a triple fatal car accident, I thought to myself, ‘I am never driving that road again’. I didn’t do the corporate thing very well anyway – I like to be the person who makes the decision and changes it there and then. I left because I knew I wanted to start my own magazine. Noticing a niche in the Sunshine Coast market for a female-focused corporate lifestyle magazine, she launched Profile Magazine a few months later. “The minute I was allowed to go for it I was on it. I worked my arse off! I was at every function, I was everywhere. I did all the advertising, the editorial, some of the photography, the distribution ... you name it I did it. “Once I had a sales person and designer I thought, ‘I need to move into my own premises. It was such a risk to pay rent and have the responsibility. I remember sitting at the movies with a couple of leading Sunshine Coast businesswomen and asking them what they would do. They said, ‘Oh Genine, don’t be ridiculous, just do it and you will be fine’. So my mantra in business is, ‘You will be fine, just make the decision and go with it and you will always work it out along the way’.” But the road to success hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Genine. “I was working from 5:00am until bedtime, seven days a week. There were times when I would be lying awake in the middle of the night having panic attacks. My relationship even suffered. Rowan was always saying, ‘Can you get off that computer?’. It impacts your life. But I got smart. I put the computer away, I stopped taking work home, and guess what, the magazine grew more than it ever did.” Genine recalls 2009 as one of her toughest years. “It was bloody tough, the GFC had hit full-on and Sunshine Coast businesses were closing down. So many people would say to me, ‘You are not

july 2013

going to last long’. It makes you second-guess yourself. I remember thinking, ‘This is it, it’s too stressful, I am going to shut it all down’. But you don’t, you just get up and keep going.” The same month, Genine won Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Micro / Small Business Woman of the Year. “I cried at my reception speech and I’m not a crier [she’s not really!]. It was validation to me that I knew I could do it. It was a real turning point.” The rest, as they say, is history and Profile has since gone from strength to strength, this month celebrating its fifth birthday milestone – no mean feat in business these days. “I always wanted to start with the end in mind. I wanted to create a business that someone wanted to buy. I don’t like to fail at anything. I am very competitive, in business you have to be, you have to have the drive to come out on top. I try and push myself and have high expectations of myself. “I started the magazine to showcase and promote strong, inspirational women on the Coast, now I want to be one of them. I want to inspire young entrepreneurial women to reach for their dreams. To never give up and always give 110 per cent, no matter what.” But there is no doubt Genine’s biggest achievement so far is her bouncing baby boy. All cuteness and smiles during our interview, it’s not hard to see why this gorgeous little boy has stolen her heart. You see, Jack is the happy ending to many failed pregnancy attempts for Rowan and Genine. Having originally thought they were not going to have a family, when they did eventually decide they wanted children, it would prove to be one of the toughest challenges they had faced. “Rowan and I had been together for nearly 10 years. We were very clear that we didn’t want children, we were so happy with just the two of us. We never felt we needed to fill a hole. It was double income, no kids. Then I got pregnant by accident!




To me, family is first, he [Jack] has changed everything. I refuse to have mother guilt. Bugger it. My mantra is he comes first and work comes second.”

Genine pregnant with son jack



“I remember ringing my best friend, Alli, I was bawling and in a bad way. It took me days to tell Rowan. I remember sitting at dinner plucking up the courage to tell him the news, and he was so happy. He was wrapped. We got our heads around it and were ecstatic. Then, at 11 weeks, I had a miscarriage. “It was a rollercoaster. But I always take out of it what life is trying to tell me. My lesson was that maybe we did want to have a baby and maybe I was just scared to admit it. We then actively decided to get pregnant, and tragically, two more miscarriages followed. “I remember announcing my third pregnancy over my 38th birthday lunch to all my girlfriends. I thought I could, we had reached the ‘magic’ 12-week mark. The next day I went for my 12-week scan and was told there was no heartbeat. I had no feelings, I was just dead to it, I wasn’t surprised. I drove home. I was over it. That was it.” Feeling at an all time low, Genine did what she does best, she picked herself up and got going. Throwing herself into a gruelling fitness regime, she came through fitter and stronger than ever, and a couple of months later she was pregnant again. But this time it was meant to be, and nine months later she and Rowan became proud parents to baby Jack. “Again it was a surprise. Just as we were about to head overseas I took the pregnancy test at work and walked back into the office and started crying. I didn’t know how I felt! I was scared I was going to go through all that crap again.” Thankfully, this time was different. “I think the timing wasn’t right before. I was under a lot of stress and this time I had got the business to a much better place. I was really letting go of some of the control and looking after myself. It was our last shot. I was the healthiest I had been in years and I believe that is why this pregnancy survived.” These days it’s family first, and Genine has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. “I attribute a lot of his [Jack’s] calmness to my calmness. If I had a baby the first time they would have been neurotic. Career was number one. “To me, family is first, he has changed everything. I refuse to have mother guilt. Bugger it. My mantra is he comes first and work comes second. So selling the business was the right thing to do, it was the smart thing to do. I wouldn’t have sold it otherwise. To me, my greatest acheivement is that I have empowered my staff so much they bought the business!” So what is next for this high achiever? “My honest answer is I have no bloody idea and you know what? That’s okay. “Profile is closing a door and new opportunities can’t come until I close that door. We have our Alli & Genine world [incidentally, Alli Grant, who has been by Genine’s side since the first issue of Profile is also finishing up with the magazine this month – talk about new beginnings!], which is fun and fantastic. I know there are other things out there for me. I do know I never want to work full-time again. “I am honest and I know who I am and I know my flaws, but I also know my strengths. I am finally allowing myself to be proud of my achievements. “I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I know it’s going to be my greatest thing yet!” I don’t doubt it for a second, my friend. Here’s to new beginnings … I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Profile team, to say farewell to our Genine. Thank you for your guidance, your support and your friendship, we will miss you.


This page, Genine wears red sequinned Jadore Dress from Elizabeths Bridal Palace, Coolum (RRP $449). Jewellery by Underwood Fine Jewellers, Kawana

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cover story


I would like to thank you Genine, for employing me three and a half years ago when our paths crossed and encouraging me prove myself as a creative director for Profile Magazine. It has been a wild ride growing with you and the magazine. I am proud to say I have learnt so much from you as a mentor both professionally and personally. I wait with anticipation to witness your next phase, I know whatever you set your mind too you will achieve great things. Kara DeSchot Creative Director

Thank you Genine for giving me the opportunity to come on board as part of the Profile team eighteen months ago. I knew as soon as I met you I wanted to work with you! Your enthusiasm and passion for the magazine rubs off on the whole team. I admire your dedication to producing a high-quality publication we can all be proud of and I look forward to helping continue its success. I wish you all the very best of luck in your new venture, whatever it may be and I’ll miss you. Lots of love. Ingrid Nelson Editor Wow! I can hardly believe that it has been five years since we launched that first issue of Profile with Amber Werchon on the cover. I was so incredibly nervous, believe it or not. I loved to write, but working with Genine on the editorial for Profile Magazine was something else. What would people think of my writing style? Would it be good enough? Would people like reading my stories? Eeek! Fast forward five years and here we are, at the end of a chapter. I have met the most amazing, inspiring, genuine women, and have been so blessed to be trusted to share their personal stories. Ladies, I thank you, from the bottom of my overly emotional heart. This issue is Genine’s last as the owner of Profile Magazine. It’s also my last. Time to move on, for new doors to open and new chapters to be written. I am so proud to have been by Genine’s side all these years, helping to grow Profile into the incredible publication it is today. Sure, my editorial style is a little unorthodox, but it was welcomed and embraced by our readers, and I will always be grateful for that. On a personal note, I have not only professionally loved each and every minute with Profile, but I have made a lifelong friend who also makes one hell of a business partner. To watch Genine become a mum has been such an honour. As the Profile magazine door closes, our Alli & Genine door opens and new challenges beckon. We have big plans for Alli & Genine (www., so watch this space! To the team – a big thanks for all your hard work, and for your friendship. I’ll miss you! And to our readers – I can’t thank you enough for coming on this journey with us, and for embracing our real, raw and honest approach to storytelling. Finally, to Genine – love ya, mate! Here’s to the next instalment.

Thank you Genine for the opportunity to be part of the Profile Family! I called you out of the blue asking if you had any jobs available and you were happy to take a chance on me – I am glad you did. Profile gets in your veins and I couldn’t have been prouder to work for such a fabulous magazine and an inspiring boss. All the best for your next adventure – I know it will be great. All my love and best wishes. Belinda Brill Business Development Manager

Genine, how lucky we have been to call you our boss. Although, you’ve been much more like a friend and mentor to me. I am so thankful for the opportunities you’ve given me as part of Profile and working with you has been the founding stone and beginning of my career. I’m sad to see you go but wish you every success in your next adventure. I have no doubt that you will find more fame and fortune and become even more fabulous! All my love. Johanna Jensen Graphic Designer

Dearest Genine I am sad knowing that you are no longer beside me in my Profile journey. You have inspired, encouraged and always believed in me and I know your life will be filled with greatness because that is who you are. Maree McGrath Sales Manager

With love, Alli. 28


Whatever your dream,

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wendy test drives the new ford kuga

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In the driver’s seat: Wendy Miller A professional businesswoman and mother of three, Wendy Miller is a true local. With more than 13 years in business on the Coast, Wendy prides herself on her exceptional customer service and ability to make a difference in her job. Most importantly, she also believes in having fun along the way! This month, Wendy shares her thoughts on the all-new Ford Kuga. 30


THE ALL-NEW Ford Kuga is an exciting release from Ford, where the definition of SUV no longer refers to Sport Utility Vehicle, but rather Smart Utility Vehicle. With exciting new features and standards, this car is selling like hotcakes to young and old, families and singles alike! Cleaner. Smarter. Safer. Ford doesn’t refer to the Kuga as a “Smart” vehicle for no reason at all. The choice of turbo diesel or petrol in the EcoBoost engine offers greater fuel economy. I was given the petrol engine ‘Trend’ for my test drive and I have no complaints about the vehicle’s performance. I took the family for a drive from Nambour to Maleny and Maroochydore to Noosa, travelling across the steep ranges to the open highways to the busy residential streets, and experienced an easy and pleasant drive overall. Most notable for me in terms of driving was the turning circle as it was nice and compact, and reverse parking in Noosa was an absolute breeze due to visibility and manoeuvring. A “Look! no-hands!” feature in order to open the tailgate of the SUV is offered on the Titanium model. By simply waving your foot under the bumper of the rear of the car the tailgate automatically raises open. You have to view the Ford Kuga if only to have a go at that feature. I found the other smart features to be keyless start, driver’s seat adjustment options, technology such as Bluetooth, stereo and trip information to identify fuel consumption, and the performance identification of each of the four tyres. The seating options will definitely appeal to those who could benefit from smartly and easily adjusted seating positions, with many options all on an easy reach button / lever panel on the side of the seat. The Kuga has a 5 Star ANCAP rating and in its category took out the number one position for this rating. There are also other safety options available, such as Active City Stop, Adaptive Cruise Control and Blindspot Assist. Even more exciting is Emergency Assist that will automatically call emergency services in the event of an accident. That’s a really “Smart” feature!

My most noteworthy features …

the new ford kuga

I love the styling of the Ford Kuga. I drove the mid-range model and was impressed by the half leather, half fabric trimmings. The stereo system catered for all modern day needs such as Bluetooth streaming, USB connection and the usual radio / CD offering. The dash was bright and incorporated an eye-catching blue needle on each gauge. I loved the trip options I could scroll through to identify different output and consumption of the Kuga. The vehicle itself boasts an appealing European design, and it’s not only a comfortable ride inside but has a classy looking exterior. I particularly enjoyed admiring the rear of the Kuga as it is slightly like the BMW range, reflecting that European styling. I really believe the best part of the Kuga is that it really is suitable for all buyers from all walks of life. The adjustable seating is great for older drivers or those with back problems. Adjustable, reclining rear seats allow for more comfort for passengers, and the boot offers a whole lot more room than other SUV’s I have experienced of this size, which may appeal to those with young families. Zipping around in the Kuga on my business days allowed me to experience the Kuga solo also, and I can absolutely see the appeal and enjoyment a single person or couple with no children (or passengers) might get! When experience counts … The team at Pacific Motor Group never fails to impress me with their professionalism, care and knowledge. They are more guides and teachers in relation to the vehicles they have to offer rather than salespeople. Each team member offers a comfortable and inviting experience to the customer while providing outstanding service, knowledge and information on their quality range of new and used motor vehicles. Who says customer service is dead? Not me, when dealing with the Pacific Motor Group! When your overall experience matters with your major and important purchase, you shouldn’t go past Pacific Motor Group.


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estled among the sweeping hills of the Maleny hinterland is a hidden treasure hub of culture and art. The Tree Frog Gallery is home to the works of talented local artists and the pride and joy of gallery owner, artist in residence and curator Heather Gall. Heather lives and breathes art and her life is closely intertwined with her work. Her artwork is influenced by the musicality and design of the natural environment. Her regard for the Australian landscape and wildlife is a testament to her childhood on a cattle and sheep property in Western Queensland. “I will always be a bush girl at heart,” Heather reflects. Since moving to Maleny in 1990 with her husband, David, and two children, Heather has been enchanted by hinterland life with her family. “My children mean the world to me and I couldn’t do it without David,” she says of the 24-year partnership they share. The couple run two businesses. While David runs their third generation family dairy business, Heather pursues her dreams having bought and re-launched the Tree Frog Gallery in 2012. “I could see real potential for an Arts Hub, bringing art to the public in all genres,” says Heather. She is certainly on track, with the gallery now home to a rotation of artists’ exhibitions, workshops, musical and fashion events, film screenings, book launches and charity fundraisers. “We have amazing artists living on the range and my ethos is to showcase local arts. I believe visitors will come to know our area as the place to be immersed in

sweet success.


lorinda rogers



n the mixing bowl of life, how do you measure success? With a solid mixture of talent, a sprinkle of joy, a pinch of laughter and delicate finesse, it appears that Lorinda Rogers has found the sweet, sweet secret. Since starting her business, Ideas in Icing, 10 years ago, Lorinda has baked her way into the hearts of her clients as she brings their dreams to life in the shape of spectacular hand made cakes with intricate decorations to form the picture of sugary perfection. “I fell into it by accident,” Lorinda shares. “I made a cake for my dad for his birthday and from there my friends and family started to ask me to make theirs. So I went out and bought a cake decorating book.” She then juggled her jobs in a café and a gym until the demand for her exquisite cake designs took off. Growing up, Lorinda had a choice of three special occasion cakes – an infamous family rum cake, and a butterscotch or orange meringue tart. “I’ve increased the range slightly,” Lorinda laughs as she now twirls her magic into more than 20 different flavours for a loyal and repeat client list, ranging from weddings and special occasions to corporate clients. “I make beautiful, elegant designs to fun, novelty cakes,” she shares. “I look forward to receiving the requests – what is my client picturing? And how can I make it amazing?” Lorinda can spend up to 12 hours capturing the essence of her client to create the perfect cake. “Perfectionist is an understatement,” she laughs. “I am such a fiddler! I spend so much time getting it right.” The talent that Lorinda has is sweetened by her bubbly

words anna rawlings


photography chesterton-smith photography

arts and culture.” She is incredibly passionate about art and in the past was co-creative director for Immanuel Arts Festival Committee for five years, where she cut her teeth on curatorial experience. She is currently a committee member of arts Connect Inc, the local not for profit arts organisation, and was a recent recipient of a Maleny Rotary Club Pride of Workmanship, Service to the Visual Arts Award. Her talents can also be found in the bookshelves lining her gallery – Heather has collaborated with author / environment publisher Jill Morris on five children’s books and can add the role of presenter to her impressive skills as she hosts workshops at schools and festivals. The future of the gallery is a canvas of ideas as Heather discusses a new concept. “We are working on a Mindful Art Experience for personal and professional growth. You don’t have to be an artist to participate in our workshops. It is more about using mindfulness and art to unlock and tap into your inner quiet space and creativity.” Heather also has tentative plans to introduce small wedding ceremonies – and the gorgeous setting and serene ambience lends itself to her plans. “I have found I have a flair for event management, which helps enormously with the many things happening here.” With exciting new developments, a plethora of local talent and a unique venue, the Tree Frog Gallery and Heather Gall are set to make their mark on the Sunshine Coast arts community.

words anna rawlings


photography andrea sproxton

personality, as she is clearly a measuring-cup-half-full kind of woman. “I am a forward thinker, hyperactive, and definitely creative!” she says, and her joy in her job is infectious. When Lorinda isn’t busy whipping up her latest masterpiece or holding decorating classes at her studio, she adores beach walking with her two beloved boxer dogs, Ruby and Mildred, and a good coffee along Moffat Beach, Caloundra, where she relocated 15 years ago from Brisbane with husband Brooke. “We love the Sunshine Coast,” Lorinda says of the lifestyle she leads with “studious” daughter Olivia, and Brooke, a coffee rep. “Coffee and cake – we go well together!” she laughs. Lorinda’s proof in the pudding is that practice makes perfect as she travels to regular master classes in Sydney to learn new techniques. She has made cakes for Bob and Bindi Irwin, Australia Zoo, Jetts Gym and Coca-Cola, and is a recipient of a Top 10 ABIA Australia Wedding Cake Designer Award for 2008, 2009 and 2010. “Moving forward, I want to focus on creating more corporate cakes and continue to make bigger, better and more spectacular cakes – I love a challenge,” she imparts of her future plans. Can she share a secret to her incredible cakes? “I have a special recipe book filled with recipes given to me from family and friends, and over the years I have tweaked them to add a bit of myself to the classics,” Lorinda says. And it seems that somewhere in that treasured recipe book lies the sweet secret to success, as Lorinda reflects, “I love my life. I’m having so much fun”.


success ...

THINK WEALTH 4 Go online to register for our next monthly Think Wealth 4 Women event. Mix with like-minded women and learn debt reduction and property wealth strategies from the best.

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@thinkmon 19 744 193 | chris chris CHILDS | 04

In this Wealthy’n’Wise edition property investment expert Chris Childs gives you her professional tips on debt reduction and creating wealth through property.

Experience. There is no substitute for it in any successful business. Just ask Chris Childs, founder of Think Money Wealth Through Property. With more than 20 years’ experience under her belt in the financial planning, mortgage broking and wealth creation through property industries, Chris has helped countless people take charge of their finances and turn their lives around. More importantly, Chris has achieved success from her own personal experience, creating her winning system not from theories but from years of experience creating wealth through property herself. Having been a financial planner and mortgage broker for many years, Chris and her husband, Jack, bought their first investment property in 2000. The dynamic duo went on to buy, sell and renovate several properties over the next three years, but it wasn’t until they bought and kept an investment property that they started to see the real value of capital growth. In addition to accumulating a large property portfolio, Chris also opened three mortgage companies in three years and began to teach her clients her top tips and strategies on reducing debt fast and creating wealth through property – hence Think Money was born in 2007. “My mortgage broking clients, having been diligently learning my debt reduction strategies, wanted to learn more about how we were accumulating properties. So I began to teach my clients what to do and more importantly what not to do. Mistake avoidance can save you thousands.”

‘Most mortgages can be paid out in five to seven years, just by doing your banking differently.’ Passionate about helping others achieve the same financial freedom she and her family has achieved, Chris now employs a team of professionals to assist clients to achieve their goals while avoiding the pitfalls most of us suffer when we begin the daunting property investment journey with little knowledge and experience. Chris says reducing your debt and accumulating property doesn’t have to impede your lifestyle, in fact it will enhance it from day one.

Yaseen Hull – the big cuddly bear of the Think Money group is Chris Childs right hand man. A mortgage broker and debt reduction specialist, Yaseen has 11 years experience in both industries. With a firm belief in structuring his clients’ finance to suit their needs and not the banks, meeting with clients on a regular basis is the secret to creating a secure financial platform. Yaseen personally prides himself of making sure our clients understand the steps to creating wealth through property. Maximizing equity and reducing debt. “I love helping people. The fact that I have seen personally the damage the big banks can have on individuals inspires me to help people beat the banks at their own game,” says Yaseen. To contact Yaseen phone 07 5430 4777

5. 1.

WHERE TO GO FOR ADVICE Most people go to a bank for advice on the right bank accounts and loans to have. A bit of a laugh really when you consider their profit margins. It’s like asking the mouse where to put the cheese! I wish I had been taught to ask someone who has money the best way of handling it.





A loaded gun in a playground is dangerous, but treated correctly it isn’t. Credit cards are the same. Most of us just use them to help the banks, but you can turn the tables and use the banks’ money for free and use your money to reduce your interest. This secret could have saved me thousands!

It is a fact that if you get organised with your money, you have more of it. Bills get paid on time, you don’t waste precious money on fines, fees and overdue payments, and you make your money work for you instead of against you. A cash management program accelerates your debt reduction and wealth creation.



YOU CAN MAKE COMPoUND INTEREST WORK FOR YOU OR AGAINST YOU Saving to buy something instead of borrowing can halve the price you pay for most items. This sounds boring to us in this ‘have it now’ world, however, compound interest working for you instead of for the loan company saves you thousands. I wish someone had told me that ‘interest free’ isn’t free at all. The interest has been tacked onto the price – ask for the ‘cash’ price and see.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND OR YOUR WORST ENEMY Consolidating credit card and consumer debt onto your home loan can reduce your repayments each month and lower the amount of interest you pay. I wish I had been told to use this extra money to then reduce the home loan much faster, and not fall into the same trap again and again – burning up precious equity that could have been used for investing.

THE POWER OF SEPERATING YOUR LIFE FROM YOUR INVESTMENTS One and a half million people in Australia invest in property, only 0.5 per cent get to five properties or more. Why? They don’t keep their personal and investment money separate. I wish I had learned the key to successful investing and stress-free living was to keep these sides quite separate from each other.

NOT TO ASSUME A HOME LOAN IS A LONG-TERM DEBT I wish I had been taught that a home loan doesn’t have to be a stone around my neck for 25 years, or best case, if I paid weekly or fortnightly, 17 years. What most people don’t know is that, handled correctly, a mortgage should be paid off in five to seven years, just by doing your banking differently.


The 7 things 4. about money I wish I had been taught at school ...


High Tea

Beautiful food served on pretty tiered plates, pink champagne and great coffee, what better way to get a group of ladies together to talk money (and everything else) than over a girly high tea? Chris Childs and her wonderful team did just that last month in preparation for the much anticipated launch of their Think Wealth 4 Women program, the latest offering from the Think Money Group. Designed for women with a great attitude and a passion for creating wealth through property, it offers ongoing encouragement and a wonderful support network. So successful was the high tea event that the team at Think Money has decided to make it a regular event to support and encourage their clients along their journey towards financial freedom.

“It’s great to see that more and more women want to have control of where their money is going and how they can grow it faster. They want to be educated. From taking control over your budget and finances to growing an investment property portfolio, from controlling your superannuation to looking at your needs for covering risks, the path can seem daunting and even overwhelming. “If you would like more confidence to understand your finances then it’s time to check out the Think Wealth 4 Women Group and discover first-hand the knowledge and support we can offer.” – Chris Childs


Here is what some of the women had to say about their experiences with Think Money:

Carmel Dowse “I had quite a few sleepless nights about my finances and decided it was time I did something about it. I was flicking through Profile magazine and saw Chris’s advertisement. For some reason I kept seeing her face and I thought ‘This is the woman I need to see’. When Chris first told me she was available 24 / 7 if I had any doubts or fears, I was a little bit surprised because I have never been offered that assurance. Whether it’s by phone, email or face-to-face, Chris is always there to have a chat. It seems everywhere we look there are get rich quick schemes so to find someone I could trust and who is living what they are teaching was fantastic. Anyone who is struggling financially or just confused as I was, Think Money is the place to come. It was a no brainer for me.”

Kara De Schot I have talked to friends and family about it and they are so impressed with what we are doing. I say to them “You can do it to, we are just everyday people.” I think the barrier is them acatually wanting to do something. When you do decide to take action, Think Money is there to help you all the way.

Kara De Schot I have talked to friends and family about it and they are so impressed with what we are doing. I say to them “You can do it to, we are just everyday people.” I think the barrier is them acatually wanting to do something. When you do decide to take action, Think Money is there to help you all the way. Don’t miss out on our next Think Wealth for Women event. Find us on Facebook or go to for more details.


Success in property investing can be easy Set up your finance platform, control your money, reduce your deb and create wealth through property.

Having the right finance platform is the secret to taking control of your finances, accelerating your debt reduction and successfully launching into a strong and sustainable property portfolio. 1.5 million people in Australia invest in property, but only 0.5% of these reach five properties or more and the majority of the remaining investors sell out within a year or two due to financial pressure. The main reason people struggle with their finances is because they do not separate personal and investment income and expenses. It is vital that your home mortgage, living expenses and personal income is kept totally separate from investment property debt, expenses and rental income. This strategy forms a huge part of my clients’ success with property investment. Having the right finance platform and advice means most are not only on the path to 10 properties in 10 years, but they don’t have any investment costs coming out of their personal funds. Having a self-funding portfolio doesn’t require investing in higher risk, positively geared properties. Conservative properties that are negatively geared are just as easy to manage in the right system. Let’s look at the steps to creating a successful finance platform in more detail.

STEP 1 – ANALYSE YOUR STARTING POSITION Getting your personal money organised is a vital part of getting started. It is like spring cleaning your money house. Knowing what money comes in and goes out and ensuring that there is actually a surplus is a good way to start. Obviously if your expenses exceed your income the future of any plan would be very bleak. It is amazing just how many people use the ‘head in the sand’ mentality to avoid finding out if that is the case. This is the source of spiralling credit card debt that can only end up in disaster. Filling in a budget is the first step, but the secret of a healthy financial life is to actually use a cash management system. Most people think a budget is a list of income vs outgoings, however, this is just a list. A true budget or cash management system requires the constant tracking of spending against income to ensure the budget is staying on track.

STEP 2 – Review your current Loan structure There are so many different banking options available it is hard to know where to start. Most people get their advice from a bank – what sort of accounts to open, what sort of loans to have. A bit of a laugh really, with most of the profits the banks make coming from their smallest account holders it’s like asking the mouse where to keep the cheese. Getting independent advice on what would work best for you rather than the banks is an important part of setting up your finance platform successfully. Working out how to reduce your debt fast, finding out about the up and down sides of debt consolidation and creating a perfect system of using credit cards to benefit you and not the bank are just a few things a wealth coach can advise on to accelerate your debt reduction and get you on the road to investing.

STEP 3 – Separating your personal and investing lives The most important step of wealth creation is to set up your investment finances totally separately from your personal side. Yet strangely enough, it is rare to see this happening. The reason most property investors fail is the financial pressure that occurs when the rental property expenses and income flow in and out of their personal accounts. When the rent comes in it is often tempting to use it for personal bills and expenses, leaving a huge financial pressure when the mortgage payment is due. This constant in-flow and out-flow brings the property to the forefront of any financial decisions, such as holidays or personal purchases. Worse still, should there be a problem, such as a tenant kicking a door in or leaving without paying rent, the financial burden of the investment weighs heavily on the personal lifestyle of the investor. This can be totally overcome by having an investment pot or buffer fund in place to allow breathing space during these times of crisis, and to also ensure the income is only offsetting the true investment expenses.


STEP 4 – Creating a self-funding property portfolio Let’s cut out the middle man, your bank account that earns you nothing but costs you to have it is like the middle man in a transaction. Banking your money straight into your home loan is like going straight to the wholesaler – saving you a fortune! Your line of credit is just like a bank account. You can bank money in, set up direct debits (but first check if the direct debit can be on the credit card for no extra cost), and you can use an Eftpos card to withdraw cash. All the while your cash is sitting on your loan, reducing the principal and you are paying much less interest. All of your normal spending is being done on your credit card, and you are paying no interest at all on the card. The credit card can be paid out in full on the due date from the line of credit. This can also be set up automatically so you don’t forget!

STEP 5 – The Power of Equity Equity in your own home is the quickest and easiest way to get started. Many people have a fear of using their property as leverage to purchase an investment property as they fear risking their own home. The risk can be minimised by having a clear plan and exit strategy. As the investment property increases in value, the bank would no longer require your home to form part of the security and the investment would be able to stand alone. However, for those people wanting to accumulate a bigger portfolio much more quickly, using existing equity allows for the building of a property portfolio faster. As the number of properties grow, so does the amount of equity as you are gaining equity on multiple properties. It is a simple matter of getting the right advice or doing extensive research yourself to purchase properties in the right area at the right time to maximise the growth. Buying the wrong property or buying in the wrong area can just as quickly stop you in your tracks. In any property cycle, you usually have two or three years of high growth, then can have five or six years when the market can be flat, and one or two years of negative growth. Timing the market is vital for gaining growth therefore the ability to use that growth to buy again.

STEP 6 – Diversification, Risk and SMSF Diversification: For the exact reasons regarding timing the market, another vital part of the puzzle is diversification. If, for example, you buy all of your properties in your own back yard, you will eventually go into a flat market. One of the biggest secrets of building a portfolio is to diversify not only the areas you buy in, but also the type of investments. Demographics, yield variations and supply and demand should form part of the complex decision making when choosing where and what to invest in. Risk Management: Another important part of the plan is to cover your ‘bottom line’. Having the right insurances is vital to success. Not only do you need to make sure the physical things in your life are insured, you also need to ensure you have adequate life, trauma and income protection in place. This protects you, your family and your future retirement security should anything untoward happen. SMSF: Self-managed super funds are becoming quite popular as part of the bigger picture in property investing. Taking control of your super can be an exciting way of breaking into the investment property market when you have limited equity or resources in your personal life. There are obviously many things to consider before going down this path, however, a review of your current situation with a financial planner would certainly be a place to start.

FREE WEALTH COACHING SESSION If you are serious about creating wealth using property, make some time to get the right mentoring today. Anyone who has ever had a personal trainer at a gym knows the added value that can be achieved by working with someone who is focused on assisting you achieve your goals. Our Wealth Coaches encourage you to keep moving forward, what ever stages of the property investment journey you are on. With the support of our Wealth Coaches, clients are able to reach and surpass their goals faster than they could on their own.

Contact Chris today for your free twohour Wealth Coaching on 07 5430 4777 or email


h t l a e w f o e t a Is your st you? working for nancial goals ving fi ie h c a r fo s le 5 golden ru

Achieving goals does not happen by accident. Goals are clear intentions and desires, they are on purpose. Setting goals for financial investment and / or wealth requires a formula. A good goal system is a set of disciplines that can be learned and implemented by anyone. Do you have a goal of financial success? Do you have a plan for reaching this goal? If you are like most of us, you desire financial security and higher levels of financial success. The dream of financial freedom is very common, but how do you actually reach your objective? It all starts with a well-conceived goal.


Change your thoughts to change your behaviour – create certainty

Taking the first step requires taking action. The action is goal setting. Once the goal is set, we can then set a plan to gather the required information to change our thoughts to create new wealth beliefs that will allow us to make the brave decisions we need to make in order to attain financial success. If you surround yourself with like-minded people and develop a great mindset, you will create certainty.


Embrace the change and challenges you will face

We all like to be in control, as most people fear uncertain change. The way to overcome this fear is with knowledge. What knowledge? The answer lies in seeking out anything or anyone that will help you embrace your goal. If that goal is financial security then you need to take action. Go to a seminar, listen in on a webinar, read books, discuss options with property and wealth experts, or join a financial property group. The more we surround ourselves with people who have what we want, the easier it is to face challenges and embrace the necessary changes required in order for us to have the wealth mindset that we need.


Create a great financial mindset

Stop procrastinating and talking about what you do know and tell me something you don’t know! Talk to me about what you want and where you would like to go. Tell me where you would like to be financially in three months, six months, two years, five years and 10 years time. The key to financial freedom is not what you know now, it’s what you don’t know. What can you do differently? Is there a better way to reach your financial goals? Creating a great financial mindset requires asking questions and means getting uncomfortable. It’s learning about your budget, where you spend your money, what you can do with your money, getting advice from experts. Part of the success in having a wealth mindset is to have your goal – be very clear on what you want, how much of it you want and when you want it!


Use your goals to keep you forward moving

Spending time thinking about your goals is good for you. It relieves stress, focuses your mind, and may help you live longer. If you vividly imagine reaching your financial goals, and the life that comes with them, you will be more likely to attain them – and be happier along the way. Happiness is the key and it is a definite link to a wealth mindset. While having money may not make you happy, being happy will definitely make you rich! Write your goal; see it, say it, feel it. Goals should be stated in the present tense. The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. You have no excuse for forgetting about it. As you write, use the words “I am” instead of “would like to” or “might”. For example, “I am living in my beach house” not, “I would like to be living in a beach house”. The first goal statement has power and you can “see” yourself living there, the second lacks passion and gives you an excuse if you get sidetracked. Post your goals in visible places to remind yourself every day of what it is you intend to do.


Don’t goal it alone

Procrastination, fear and neglect are the most common causes for lack of financial security. It’s important to have a good support system – often people who are not related to you can be the best support. When we are embarking on a new venture or learning curve that may be outside our family or friends’ comfort zone, they may try to talk us out of taking action. Surround yourself with like-minded professionals, and most importantly, advisors who have wealth and a wealth mindset. There is no point taking advice from someone who does not have what you want. Most likely you will end up with what they have!

For more information and to book your spot at our next Goal Mapping one-day workshop visit our website or call Lynn on 07 5430 4777. . au


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little black dress

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A little black dress doesn’t mean boring! Make a statement in the Sacha Drake Persephone Dress, RRP $449. An elegant affair, Nambour. Phone 5476 3923

Visit esha this winter and reveal your best skin ever.


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vanity case

heavenly hair

Halo satin styler RRP $239.95. Available exclusively at hairhouse warehouse, Maroochydore. Visit

with Johanna Jensen fashion and lifestyle editor flawless skin

This issue we celebrate our 5th birthday. Yay! It’s time to glam up and get ready to party!

Create the naturally flawless look you’ve always coveted with this luxurious mineral powder that works as a foundation, concealer and powder all-in-one. Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation, RRP $77.50. Available from Esha Beauty, Sunshine Plaza. Phone 5326 1650

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set to shine

red hot!

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red carpet ready

ready, set, finish

lash effect

OFRA Cosmetics Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow, RRP $69.95. Visit

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BYS lash fibre and lash extend mascara kit, RRP $9.95. Available from K-mart, Cosmetics Plus and selected pharmacies

bliss on buderim

beauty’s all about you

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style counsel ll photography chesterton smith photography


tuart Mclean has been involved in the jewellery industry on the Sunshine Coast since 1988 and has always called the Coast home. His philosophy is simple. “Listen to your customer. Prove to your client every time that they are your priority, and constantly work on ways of improving your skills and techniques to ensure your customer receives the best every time!� As owner of Underwoods Fine Jewellers at Kawana Shopping World, Stuart has surrounded himself with a team of like-minded jewellers and designers who share his passion for quality and service.

stuart mclean

profile: What do you love most about your job? stuart: I most enjoy the challenge of designing jewellery for each client that is unique every time, and the excitement we share with them with the unveiling of their finished piece. profile: What jewellery styles can we expect to see this season? stuart: Rose gold is very popular, especially when combined with white gold. Bigger, bolder pieces with coloured diamonds are featuring in a lot of our made-to-order designs too. profile: What is your favourite gemstone? stuart: Diamonds, of course, especially Argyle pinks! I am also a big fan of Colombian emerald. profile: How would you describe your own style? stuart: I have a modern style and feel for my own designs but love to step back in time and draw inspiration from art deco.

profile: What is your best advice when buying a piece of jewellery? stuart: If you are planning on buying a diamond ring you need to know that the person you are dealing with has the experience and knowledge to make sure you are getting the best quality for your money. A significant purchase should only be made with a suitably experienced jeweller who has the skill, honesty and integrity to match you to the perfect piece of jewellery. profile: What is the most unique piece of jewellery you have designed? stuart: Many spring to mind, but the most unique piece would have to be a ring I made many years ago for a customer featuring deers teeth for a 21st birthday present! profile: What inspired you to become involved in jewellery and design? stuart: A strong interest in art as a teenager and a natural creative streak inspired me then and still does to this day.

profile: What is coming up in store? stuart: Lots! We have Dora wedding rings for men arriving shortly, a new diamond-set art deco series in 18ct white gold, and a new range of diamond rings with Argyle pink and blue diamonds, and an exciting new range of our own Ice with FireŠ Diamond jewellery. profile: What is your signature fragrance? stuart: Georgio Armani Diamonds.



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the good life

t’s no secret Australia’s harsh sunlight can wreck havoc with our delicate skin. Just ask beautician Monika Ejmont. Inspired by the beauty of her mother Ewa’s flawless, youthful skin, having grown up in Poland, Monika joined the beauty industry nine years ago and is passionate about sharing her love of proper skin care with others. With the help of father, Janusz, Monika turned her dreams into reality when she opened her own immaculate beauty salon, Esha Beauty at Maroochydore, in March this year. Supported by her fabulous therapists Brooke, Kerry, Kasey, family and partner Ryan, Monika is living life to the fullest and taking every opportunity that comes her way. “Life is all about experiences and surrounding yourself with positive people. I would love to meet more people on the Sunshine Coast and spread the positive energy.”

SKIN SAVIOUR ll photography chesterton smith photography

profile: What is your personal philosophy when it comes to health and well-being? monika: I am a strong believer in regular exercise and eating plenty of green veggies! I also believe that when you are happy you are healthy. Staying positive and challenging yourself is the way to go, and laughter is the best medicine. profile: How do you keep fit and healthy? monika: I like to go for long walks along the beach. I do pilates and yoga. I get regular remedial massages and chiropractic adjustments, and I am a vegetarian. profile: What’s your favourite ‘good’ food? monika: Fruit salad. I have it every day for lunch with a probiotic drink.

monika ejmont

profile: Have you ever tried activities like yoga and pilates? monika: Love, love, love pilates and yoga. I believe stretching and having good core strength keeps you feeling good and free from pain. I have a bad lower back and pilates and yoga have helped more than any medicine or treatment. profile: What motto do you live your life by? monika: I believe in living life to the fullest every day and taking every opportunity presented to you. profile: What reality TV show would you be most likely to appear on? monika: The Voice! It is my favourite TV show and the only show I do not miss a night of. I would love to be a judge on the show and take Delta’s place!

profile: What’s your favourite ‘indulgence’ food? monika: Cadbury Crunchie ice cream for dessert, or pizza and garlic bread for dinner.

profile: Have you suffered from any major health issues in your life? monika: In 2009 I hurt my back performing massages. I have two disc bulges in my lower back and chronic pain from this. It has had a huge impact on my life and I cannot perform massages anymore. I have to keep my core strong and I still have regular treatment for the injury. Chronic pain can lead to depression so it’s important to stay positive and have supportive people around you.

profile: Western medicine or natural medicine? What’s your preference? monika: Natural medicine all the way!

profile: What would your dream job be? monika: The job I have now. Being my own boss and working with an amazing team, who make me laugh, every day!

profile: Do you do organic? monika: I love eating organic fruit and veggies, they always taste better! I also use organic skin care. 50


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healthy gums, healthy hearts with Dr Simone Ricketts Did you know that worldwide there have been many scientific studies strongly linking poor oral hygiene, gum disease and heart disease? This certainly got my attention as heart disease is one of the main causes of death in Australians and is also on the rise in both men and women.

as likely to have heart disease. People with poor oral hygiene and gum disease also tested positive for bloodstream inflammatory markers (called C-reactive proteins). Inflammation plays a major role in the onset of atherosclerosis (blocked arteries.)

In an Australian study, 77 per cent of a group of 80 patients requiring heart transplants had gum disease (periodontal disease). In addition, other studies revealed that people who have suffered heart attacks, need transplants or other heart surgery, are also much more likely to have tooth or gum problems.

Gum disease signs also include inflamed, bleeding gums often associated with persistent bad breath. This would imply that any gum disease seems to add to the overall inflammatory burden, therefore increasing risk of heart disease. Heart disease and gum disease share many risk factors: smoking, obesity, stress, diabetes, socioeconomic status, age, sex, and family history.

One theory discussed the specific bacterial type causing gum disease that has also been located in atherosclerotic plaque in arteries near the heart, inevitably leading to blockages of the arteries. In addition, gum disease bacteria have been shown to stimulate platelets to stick together, thus causing narrowing and in turn blockages of the arteries, a clear factor in heart disease. Another interesting American study suggested that people with gum disease were almost twice

Given the strong common risk factors, what can you do to prevent both heart and gum disease? •• Quit smoking. •• Control weight by increasing physical activity and eating a healthy diet. •• Reduce intake of salt, sugar, high cholesterol and saturated fats.

•• Eat low saturated fats and high fibre foods. •• Brush teeth twice daily to remove dental plaque. •• Floss teeth daily to remove plaque between teeth where a toothbrush can’t ever reach. •• See your dental hygienist at least six-monthly for a thorough professional clean. •• Replace missing teeth as soon as you can to maintain a healthy heart diet. •• If you have one or more risk factors for heart disease be extra vigilant with keeping your teeth and gums in fabulous condition. •• Look at your gums for signs of early gum disease and get help to fix gums ASAP. Brushing and flossing your teeth not only benefits your pearly whites it decreases your chances of suffering a heart attack and may just save your life! Smile by Design 5443 2888

* Conditions apply.



After taking antidepressants for 20 years, she was shocked to find there was a cause for her depression that was never found. Within weeks she was excited, happy, motivated and amazed to get her life back. When she first began antidepressants, she felt a lack of interest in life, low mood, irritability, anger, anxiety and insomnia. Exhaustion then caused more anger and irritability. With a young family, the strain was too much, so she went to her GP and began antidepressants, which worked well, but needed to be maintained for a normal life. When I first saw her, she had responded to an ad about depression and was curious about coming off her antidepressants. After asking a few questions, and scanning her brain and body for inflammation, infection, hormone and brain chemical levels, it was clear what the causes were. Nothing traumatic had happened during the time the depression began, she was relaxed and happy as she had returned from an overseas holiday. This always rings alarm bells, as there are bacteria in water overseas that can cause depression, so we organised a bowel test. We also found that when she was moody, it fluctuated, with bouts of sleepiness, and fogginess throughout the day. This usually indicates a relationship with food, as the symptoms start between meals, first irritability and fogginess, then sleepiness, then back to normal.

july 2013

When food does not agree with you, it can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and low thyroid function. The liver detoxifies the offending food, by using enzymes which are also involved in making serotonin in the brain. This results in the brain under-functioning leading to low moods. One of these enzymes is responsible for producing melatonin for sleep, so insomnia follows. The thyroid drops in function during a food reaction. In women this will cause the progesterone to drop, which creates an oestrogen dominance problem leading to PMS, menopausal symptoms, and more hormonal imbalances including severe mood swings. We found with testing she had a few offending foods she was eating regularly, and when we received the results from her gut test found she also had a bacterial overgrowth affecting the brain. After treating these, starting a good diet, and raising serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine naturally, she was feeling amazing within weeks. Depression and other mood disorders affect one in four Australians. It is not a disease that has unknown cause, like many believe, and can be resolved quickly. If you would like to know more, call the centre and arrange

a free half hour consultation, or view the webinar “7 Steps to Freedom from Anxiety & Depression” at www.advancedwellness. A webinar is simply a seminar that you can see on the internet. “Awesome, awesome, awesome ... this webinar is a MUST for everyone who cares about their overall health ...” J.M. from Buderim “Oh my lord, what an informative webinar … Brilliant” L.D. from Chermside “I thought the webinar was fantastic ... I now have a fuller understanding of my health” L.C. from Buderim Jodi Chapman B.H.Sc. Naturopath Suzi Le Fanue BSc(BMed) ND Naturopath & Nutritionist

Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre 5443 1987 44 Baden Powell St, Maroochydore




prevention better than cure? with Benita May I more often than not treat skin that is sun damaged, dehydrated and prematurely ageing and I ponder how it would be different if it had been looked after with a “ Prevention is better than cure” approach. Not just for weeks or months but for the lifetime of the skin. Skin is like your heart and lungs, if you don’t look after them you will pay the price in later life. In the case of skin it is in sun damage, skin cancer, scarring, pigmentation Do you remember when you were a child and your skin was smooth and blemish free, supple and elastic? Now look in the mirror and what do you see? Scars, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles. Obviously we all still age but I am going to share with you some great preventative measures so you can enjoy the skin you are in.

Sun protection. Avoid going in the sun between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Protect your skin and eyes by wearing sunglasses, hat and protective clothes. Use a good quality SPF broad spectrum sunblock. Cleanse your skin An effective cleanser will remove dirt, pollution, perspiration, makeup and sunblock without stripping your skin of its essential oils and disrupting the pH of your skin. Vitamins A good healthy diet, fresh whole foods plus topical application of vitamins in the form of serums will give your skin it’s glow plus deliver essential nutrients your skin needs for healthy function, repair and regeneration.

Treat your skin Seventy per cent of results are from what you do at home and how you treat your skin and protect it, the other 30 per cent is professional treatments. This includes facials, peels, microdermabrasion, non-surgical treatments, injectables and a host of body treatments where we can take preventative steps to avoid premature ageing. Take these preventative measures and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin for life. Bliss on Buderim 5477 1430

Secure the future for an at risk Aussie kid Donate just 11cents a day/$40 a year

Ph: 07 5479 0394 | PO Box 1936, Sunshine Plaza QLD 4558




smart skin facial rejuvenation with Dr. Jayne Bambit Preserving youthfulness and looking physically healthy generally promotes a positive self image and high self esteem.

The most beneficial treatment options will then be discussed to ensure that the best treatment plan is provided for you.

Dr. Bambit and her staff have had extensive experience in anti-ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation, and are very happy to provide advice on all aspects of skin care and skin rejuvenation. We have extensively researched various treatment options and product ranges in order to select those which are effective, affordable and ones that fit into your daily routine.

Our skin rejuvenation treatments include micro dermabrasions, skin peels, intraceutical oxygen facials, clear + brilliant gentle laser treatment, permea laser treatment (treats pigmentation), and thermage. Our skincare ranges include Rationale, ASAP and Jan Marini.

All treatments are individualised and depend upon your personal requirements and needs. An initial complimentary consultation will be required to determine your main concerns and the results you wish to achieve.

Smile by Design 5443 2888

alli and genine ad

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business promotion

the challenge is on! The cooler months may be upon us but what better time to beat the winter blues and hit the gym to reveal a bikiniready body just in time for Spring! Need more motivation? How about some fabulous weekly prizes to be won along the way just for reaching your goals? Profile Magazine and Fernwood Fitness, Maroochydore have teamed up for a fun, eight-week challenge, kicking off on the 8th of July until 1 September. Join Profile’s editor, Ingrid Nelson and follow her progress as she embarks on her own fitness challenge over the coming weeks. So how does it all work? Simple really. Challengers are required to complete a combination of the following each week – •• 4 x Cardio Classes •• 1 x Body Balance, Pilates or Yoga Classes •• 1 x Personal Training Session •• 1 x Food Coaching Session


st a n pa d d d u p l e bo value ard da $1000 t !

Points will be awarded for each session, and classes attended as well as each centimetre, kilo and percentage of body fat lost, helping you to really monitor your progress from week to week. The 2 overall winners will each receive a six-month membership at Fernwood Fitness, there are also weekly challenge prizes and everyone will go into a draw to win a fabulous stand up paddle board valued at $1000! At just $400 (that’s just $50 per week), the eight-week challenge is a great investment in your health. The personal training and food coaching sessions are valued at $62 each week alone, so you simply can’t lose. To be the best you can become usually requires some effort – but made far easier by doing it with friends! Why not grab a group of girlfriends and do it together . Be part of this fun challenge – call Fernwood Fitness Maroochydore 5479 0744. For more information visit


Ok so I h ave been avoiding t sun – too he inevitab tired, too le for a w bu hile now w sy , you know and lack ith all the the drill. of exercis excuses un T hose sne e (my tre der the aky g lasse way to my admill is c s of wine ollecting d midriff. in the ev ust in the ening corner) h ave finally made the As a busy ir working m other of th life is busy re e young child but I have ren, there decided to ’s no doubt per week reward m , like mos , I couldn’t ys e lf w t mums, it re h si so st m e th me time – into shape e Fernwoo and start d eig ht-w an d at just $50 feeling fit eek challe ng e to g e ag ain while t my body having som back e fun along So why no the way. t join

me? Go on we can do it tog ether, it will be fun! Ing rid




Transform a Child’s Life. Become a Foster Carer.

Life Without Barriers’ innovative care and support services deliver meaningful outcomes for children, young people, families and communities, promoting rights and valuing relationships. We are currently seeking compassionate people willing to share their home with children and young people that require their support and care. Carers can be single, living with a partner or have their own children. To assist you to enhance a child’s quality of life, we offer excellent training, 24 hour support and financial reimbursement. You need to be able to provide a nurturing home environment and whilst previous experience is highly regarded, it’s not essential. In becoming a carer you undertake a full carer assessment process and engage in ongoing learning and development activities. For more information about this challenging and rewarding opportunity contact us on:

(07) 5444 2293 july 2013 profilemagazine


with Poh Ling Yeow courtesy of Persimmons Australia Inc.

Poached Chicken Salad with Sweet Persimmon & Somtan Dressing South East Asian cookery is all about balancing and pushing the sweet, salty and sour notes in a dish. In this recipe the persimmons add the perfect amount of sweetness to this Thai-based salad, full of lively colours, textures and flavours. Ingredients (serves 4) •• 2 chicken breasts, poached •• 4 sweet persimmons, peeled, and cut into 7mm batons •• 1 continental cucumber, peeled, quartered lengthways and sliced 3mm on a diagonal •• 4 Chinese cabbage leaves, shredded •• 2 red eschallots, thinly sliced, or 8-10 spring onions, chopped •• ¼ cup mint leaves, torn •• 1 long red chilli, finely sliced (optional) •• 2½ tablespoons fish sauce •• 5 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice •• 5 tablespoons caster sugar •• 2 cloves garlic, crushed •• 2 tablespoons roasted ground rice* (optional – available from Asian grocer) •• 3 tablespoons deep fried shallots (optional – available from Asian grocer) •• 4 tablespoons chopped, salted, roasted peanuts (optional) Method To poach chicken: Cover the chicken with water in a small pot. Bring to boil and then reduce to a low simmer to cook for 45 minutes, covered. Cool completely in poaching liquid then transfer to a plate to shred finely with 2 forks (the remaining poaching liquid can be frozen to use as stock). To make dressing: Combine fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and garlic in a small recycled glass jar and shake vigorously until sugar is dissolved. To assemble: Combine persimmons, cucumber, cabbage, spring onions, mint, coriander and chilli (if using), chicken and dressing in a medium to large bowl and toss very gently with hands or chopsticks so as not to bruise ingredients. Divide into 4 portions and garnish with roasted rice, fried shallots and peanuts and serve immediately.



Poached Chicken Salad with Sweet Persimmon & Somtan Dressing


july 2013



advice business

taking it to the next level with Debbie Riddiford “Screw business as usual” are the famous words a very inspirational business man aspires to live by. Yes, that would be Sir Richard Branson. Currently, I am finding business owners and leaders talking about tax planning and the federal budget and / or the opposition’s proposition, along with the up and coming federal election. So how will these changes affect you and your business? What are the challenges and opportunities available to you from the Federal Budget? You could say that, based upon the way the polls are looking, this budget may only last until the federal election. The ATO defines a small business as having an aggregated turnover of less than $2 million. Here are a few opportunities available for small businesses to take advantage of before 30 June 2013. Immediate write-off of $6,500 for depreciable assets purchased and ready for use by 30 June 2013. Immediate deduction of $5,000 for motor vehicles purchased (new or second hand). The balance is eligible for a 15 per cent accelerated depreciation for the first year, and 30 per cent thereafter.

Company losses for this year may be able to be carried back to offset against last year’s profits: •• Update your motor vehicle log book to maximise your claim. •• Consider whether repairs and maintenance should be committed prior to 30 June. •• Write-off your bad debts and obsolete stock. •• Know which allowances paid to employees need to be shown on payment summaries. Other opportunities for the year ahead include: •• Review your finances as the Reserve Bank may push through more official interest rate cuts and the banks should be in a position to pass the full cut on, resulting in lower loan repayments. •• Review your insurances. What fascinating new changes the government has provided in relation to superannuation. Individuals whose income exceeds $300,000 will be subject to an additional 15 per cent tax on superannuation contributions.

From 1 July this year, there will be a higher superannuation concessional contribution cap of $35,000 for those 60 and over. The cap will not be limited to those with super balances below $500,000. The tax exemption for earnings on super assets supporting income streams will be capped at the first $100,000 of future earnings per individual. Earnings above this cap will be taxed at 15 per cent. Special transitional arrangements will apply for capital gains on assets purchased before 1 July 2014. The budget papers indicated that capital gains which are subject to tax will receive a 33 per cent CGT discount and will therefore be effectively taxed at 10 per cent. Don’t focus on the money or the negative stories of economists and politicians. Take bold, measured risks, be imaginative, and create opportunities you can be proud of. PJT Accountants & Business Advisors 5413 9300

lending and refinancing? with Laurie Clarke This is the third in a series of articles based on the seven categories BOQ uses in its Star Rating and Branch of the Year Awards, which the Maroochydore branch was fortunate enough to win in 2012. Deposits and cross-sales were the subject of the previous articles; this edition is about lending. In particular, and from the reader’s perspective, when is it worth putting in the time and effort involved to refinance your loan? BOQ does a lot of refinancing. Many of our new clients are moving from other institutions for the benefits of an owner-manager relationship. For example, the continuity in the relationship, so we deal with refinancing almost on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter who you are refinancing with – there is effort involved. And that requires time; time to discuss your requirements, evaluate the options, and then collate the paperwork. Lenders need to ensure they’re acting in the client’s best interests, so they’ll gather information about your



income, expenses and your loan repayment history before they can make recommendations on your optimal loan structure. But this investment in time also provides you with the opportunity to get to know your prospective new banker, including an assessment of their after sales service commitment. You will want to be assured that there is always going to be a person to talk to as and when events happen or needs arise in the future. There are also the unavoidable costs associated with a refinance – valuation expenses, mortgage discharge and registration fees etc – even if there are only nominal bank fees. So it is rational that there has to be a clear material benefit, incentive or motive to justify that time and work. It could be that you need more money for another investment or business expansion, or want to consolidate debt to simplify your life. In many cases, particularly with small business, the

client has simply had enough of the business banker merry-go-round and is looking for a better banking relationship. In other words, something generally other than a price decision. It is rare in my experience that someone will move their mortgage or business facilities to another bank even for a 0.50 per cent per annum interest rate reduction. The financial benefits can be achieved, but it is rarely the sole motivating factor. So how do you find the right banker for you? Most people get a recommendation or introduction from family, friends or business associates. It is a very common barbeque discussion topic. Be assured refinancing does not have to be a bad experience. A properly designed and implemented refinance strategy, which includes regular communication and updates, makes the process much easier. BOQ Maroochydore 5451 9600


• • • • • • • •

Business is all about balance.

Do you even remember why you went into business? Are you spending so much �me on doing the books so you don’t have �me to focus where your real priori�es are: 

Spending �me on yourself or family  Growing your business  Genera�ng Sales  Making improvements Our Be�er Bookkeepers will: Improve your business informa�on  Improve your efficiency  Give you back �me  Make compliance work easy  Work on a fixed agreed price Call us for a FREE assessment of your bookkeeping needs

p: 07 5448 9937 e: july 2013 profilemagazine


the panel

Welcome to this month’s edition of Industry Talk; a place where we invite our business experts to answer your questions – for free! It can certainly be tough running a business on your own, so our experts will be on hand each month to offer advices in areas of accounting, law, marketing and human resources. Submissions are open for your business questions – simply email your question to (business name and contact details will only be published with consent).

Peta Grenfell B.Bus (Acc), CPA

Partner, PWA Financial Group Pty Ltd

“I keep hearing about ‘benchmarking’ – what is it and why should my accountant be doing this?”

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your business’ key performance indicators (KPI’s) to other similar businesses. Benchmarking is of benefit in many situations, including buying or selling a business, business development and succession planning. But did you know that the ATO also benchmarks your business? For the last couple of years, the ATO has been comparing the figures lodged on your tax return with those of your peers. Using this information, they have created a set of benchmarking KPI’s such as cost of sales, gross profit and average expenses for many different industries. If your business is outside these KPI’s, the ATO will review your return, and in some cases, write to you asking for a “please explain”. There are instances where this can be easily explained. However, where there is no explanation for the variance or records are not available to substantiate the difference, the ATO has been known to amend returns based on the benchmarks. Your accountant should benchmark your business to the ATO’s data (where it is available) at least annually when preparing your tax returns and advise you if your KPI’s are outside of the norm. Additionally, it is best practice to monitor your own KPI’s as part of your monthly management reporting. This assists you to measure the health of your business and keeps you on track to ensure you meet your business goals. Not sure how you compare? Then speak with your accountant today.



Jamie Grigg

Director, Jamie Grigg Insurance

JGI talks home insurance For many people, their home is the biggest and most important investment they will ever make. Not only does the home represent a huge financial investment, it also carries great emotional value. In Australia, an estimated 31 per cent of homes are uninsured. Of those with insurance, 43 per cent are severely under insured. The tragedy is that most people who have insufficient cover don’t realise it until after a disaster has struck. Are you getting any benefits with your home and contents policy? JGI provides excellent accidental damage home and contents cover that can’t be obtained on the direct market. We cover things like personal portable items, laptops, iPhones, jewellery, and valuables while you’re away on holidays or even overseas! Have you been audited by the tax man? All JGI home and contents policies cover you for individual (personal) tax audit expenses up to $5,000 to pay your accountant to prepare your case. This could be a great benefit considering the ATO audited 298,600 individuals last financial year! Flood cover – am I really insured? Who can forget the January 2011 floods when three quarters of Queensland was declared a natural disaster zone, with 70 towns and 200,000 people affected? An estimated $2.38billion in damages saw insurance companies running for cover. The Courier Mail named and shamed several insurance companies that declined certain claims based on their policy wording / definition of flood cover. Have you had a bad claims experience? Unfortunately, this occurs often and the consumer is left with no alternative but to accept the insurer’s decision and move on. When dealing direct with an insurance company, it’s the big corporate company versus the consumer, and more often than not the insurer wins. Using an insurance broker there are many benefits when a claim occurs – your broker will collect the right information, lodge the claim for you and follow its progress, saving you time and money and ensuring the best possible result. (References made from CGU Landlord Policy Wording CV437_F Revo 12/11)

Don’t wipeout at tax time Budget Tax offer preparation of individual tax returns at an affordable price. Let us take all the hassle out of tax time! Registered and experienced tax agent  Fast, easy and professional  After hours and weekend appointments  Online service available  Fee from refund service 

Individual Tax Returns from



Phone 5448 9937

Suite 12, 175 Ocean Drive, Twin Waters Q 4564 *see our website for details

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my business

mybusiness welcome to my Business – where we introduce you to new and long-standing local business people who share their expertise and secrets to their success with our readers each month. This month, we introduce you to two successful businesses who are leading the way in their respective fields.

ballinger traning Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre Jodi Chapman, founder of Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre, developed the clinic over the past eight years using naturopathic and medical principles, combining the two to fill a gap that seemed to be occurring between orthodox and allopathic medicine. Jodi specialises in the treatment of mental health concerns, predominantly for patients suffering with depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD or ASD type symptoms, with excellent results. Many other health concerns are also treated at the centre, such as autoimmune disease, weight concerns, chronic fatigue or energy concerns, hormonal imbalances, and many more. “Using a very thorough approach, we use many forms of testing on first contact with our patients. This may include ordering pathology testing through your doctor, and others including looking at gut function, nutritional deficiencies, hormone levels, liver detoxification profiling, blood allergy testing, and bacterial load testing. Having such a thorough initial approach saves guesswork, which directs us to the cause of your complaint with efficiency, saving time and getting results for your optimum health quickly. The philosophy of the centre focuses on finding the cause or the original trigger for the ill health, removing the cause, and then supporting the body back to improved health by improving gut absorption, replenishing nutrient deficiencies, and designing a diet to suit each patient’s specific needs,” Jodi explains. The final step is providing a management program for the patient to follow when after care at the centre is no longer required. Contact the centre for a free half-hour consultation to discuss your health issues, or view the webinar 7 Steps to Freedom from Depression & Anxiety free to download from our website.



Ballinger Training was established in 2005 by director Terri Carr. Terri made the move from being a primary school teacher in Victoria, and then Queensland, to running her own training business based on the Sunshine Coast. As well as face-to-face classes run on a regular basis, Ballinger has now expanded their product range to include a series of online courses. “At Ballinger we believe that everyone should expect to gain success from training and study. We pride ourselves on the success rate of our students. Success to us is not just gaining a qualification, it is also having the opportunity to build on existing skills, while at the same time gaining current knowledge of your particular industry area,” Terri says. So why should you expect success when you choose Ballinger Training? “Our products. All of the programs we deliver are designed and developed by our team of professional trainers and teachers, led by training manager Anne Boyle. Regular review processes also ensure that once a program is being delivered, it is also continuously improved through gathering feedback from students, employers and industry bodies.” Terri goes on to add, “Also our people. Drawing on years of experience in education and training, our teaching team at Ballinger Training has an in-depth understanding of the process of learning. We are also very much aware of and in touch with the day to day issues faced by busy adults returning to study. Finally, of course, our culture. At Ballinger Training we are proud of our quality, our courses, our service and our team. We value integrity, learning, synergy, uniqueness and creativity, and embrace these values on our pathway to ensuring the success of all our clients.”

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the last word

tiffany cherry

Tiffany Cherry has worked in the media industry for 20 years across a variety of roles, with an impressive resume from junior reporter to most recently hosting the London 2012 Olympic Games for Foxtel. A trained physiotherapist and masseuse, Tiffany was a physiotherapist for the AFL’s Richmond Football Club for three years. Tiffany was also ranked in the top eight in Australia in the 400m hurdles. We caught up with the gorgeous go-getter to discover a little more about what makes her tick.

Most people don’t know that I … play the trumpet.

I grew up in … Melbourne.

My favourite holiday sport is … beach cricket.

I start my day by … either going for a run or ride and then reading the paper with a coffee. Or just skipping the exercise and going straight for the coffee!

Most people don’t know that I … play the trumpet.

I would love to be a better … golfer! I am at my happiest when … I’m having a laugh and surrounded by loved ones. When I am not working I am … writing, reading, travelling, thinking, exercising and catching up with friends and family.

Tiffany Cherry has been working in the sports media industry for more than 20 years



When I was growing up I wanted to be … an actress. My all time favourite movie is … Pulp Fiction. I couldn’t live without … my camera. My greatest achievement is … hosting the Olympics.

I wish I could … fly.

My most annoying habit is … talking over people.

The best meal I have had was … on the Island of Ischia in Italy.

In five years I hope to be … making movies.

My favourite restaurant is … Vue de Monde.

The one person I would most like to meet is … Bill Clinton.





MARCH 2013

LADies AT LUNCH work / life balance ... does it exist?



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