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OFF! Bug Battle Kara Buffardi Copywriting 11:00am

Table of Contents Executive Summary SWOT Analysis Creative Brief Consumer Profile Objective, Strategies and Tactics Creative Rationale Campaign Print Ad 1 (Backyard Battle) Print Ad 2 (Fight to Win) Print Ad 3 (Classic Battle) Tactic 1 (Billboard - Hiking) Tactic 2 (Bug Battle Game)

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Executive Summary About 150 species of mosquitoes can be found in North America, and a variety of these species have been known to carry diseases such as West Nile and Malaria. Aside from disease, mosquitoes cause an uncomfortable irritation. To American mothers, bugs are villains. Mosquitoes will happily attack her family, and it's her job to protect. She's the superhero, and OFF!, the leading brand in insect repellent with DEET, is her trusted weapon.


SWOT Analysis Strengths 1. Trusted Brand 2. Uses DEET 3. Many Product Lines

Weaknesses 1. Uses DEET

Opportunities 1. Market Leader 2. Disease Scares 3. Natural Bug Spray

Threats 1. Natural Bug Spray 2. Large Competitor 3. Weather-Dependent Product

SWOT Analysis (Detailed) Strengths: 1. Trusted Brand – OFF! is already known and trusted in the market. 2. Uses DEET – DEET is the active ingredient in OFF! insect repellents. Higher percentages of DEET lead to longer protection. 3. Many Product Lines – OFF! personal insect repellents include Clip-On, Active, FamilyCare, Deep Woods and Deep Woods Sportsman product lines which are good for different uses and appeal to a variety of audiences.


SWOT Analysis (Detailed) Weaknesses: 1. Uses DEET – DEET is an ingredient that some people choose to avoid because it can be harmful in cases of extreme exposure and can damage some clothing materials. Opportunities: 1. Market Leader – OFF! has held the highest market share in the insect repellent market for a long period of time and is a well-known name. 2. Disease Scares - Disease scares lead to increase in use. DEET products are believed to be most effective in fighting off insects that carry diseases such as Lyme Disease or West Nile. 3. Natural Bug Spray – OFF! does not have any strong natural bug spray products, but natural is a growing trend in the industry. Threats: 1. Large Competitor - United Industries holds multiple top brands of insect repellent, including Cutter and Repel. 2. Weather-Dependent Product – The usage of OFF! products is a highly seasonal product and dependent on weather. In hot, humid environments, more bug spray is used. This is not a large threat because competitor products are also weather-dependent. 3. Natural Bug Spray – Top competitors have lines of natural bug sprays, while OFF! does not.


Creative Brief What do we want to accomplish? Develop the belief that OFF! is the most trustworthy brand of insect repellent. Whom are we talking to? Women aged 35-64 who have children over the age of six. Our target audience is full of savvy shoppers who put thought into their purchase decisions and want high value and effectiveness for their money. They are do-ityourselfers and are confident that their actions benefit the lifestyle of themselves and their family. What do they think now? Our target trusts OFF! insect repellent, but they are not passionate about the brand. When another brand of bug spray is on sale, they may switch brands because of their savvy shopper nature. What do we want them to think? Other brands cannot supplement OFF! insect repellent. The health and happiness of you and your family is important to you, so don’t take risks with a brand you don’t know. Why should they think this? OFF! has been the market leader for years, so our target is familiar with the product. The active ingredient of DEET is effective in protecting from mosquitoes and other bugs. What is our message? OFF! The brand you trust protecting the ones you love.


Consumer Profile: Laura Anderson Laura Anderson is a 39-year-old mother with three kids. Jacob, her oldest child, is 15 years old and entering high school. Her daughter, Rebecca, is 12-years-old, and her youngest is Bobby who is 10-years old. Laura is extremely proud of her kids and supports them in their activities. Jacob plays baseball and Rebecca is interested in dance. Bobby loves going fishing with his dad, Richard. Laura and Richard have been married for about 17 years. They met in college at Indiana University to later marry and move to the Chicago suburbs. Currently, the Anderson family lives in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Barrington, Illinois. Richard is a Financial Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Richard is the primary breadwinner for the family, but Laura also has a career. She is an Account Executive at a small marketing firm where she’s been working for 5 years. Laura commutes to Chicago three days a week, but enjoys the benefits of working from home on the other two days. Laura works very hard to maintain a happy home environment. She subscribes to the magazines Better Homes & Gardens and Midwest Living to help her with evening and weekend meals and home decorating. She oftentimes can be found watching HGTV or DIY Network during the day.


Objective Develop the belief in moms that OFF! is the most trustworthy brand of insect repellent.

Strategy Allow each mother to personally connect the use of OFF! to the protection of her family, which is important to them.

Tactics 1. Rollout of three print ads 2. Billboard 3. Release a Facebook computer game


Creative Rationale Print Ads: Bugs are everywhere: Your backyard, the baseball field, the woods where your family camps, and more. Unfortunately, these bugs attack. Mosquitoes, which carry disease or cause irritation, feast on your family. These ads portray a mother’s instinct to fight and protect the ones she loves. She’s the super hero protecting her family from the villains: mosquitoes. What’s her trusted tool? OFF! bug spray, a leading insect repellent. Billboard: Many of these mothers have a daily commute to work, to the store or spend time driving. During the drive, mothers will be exposed to the OFF! Bug Battle campaign. Facebook Game: The number of moms on social media is increasing. Along with using social media like Facebook to connect with friends and family, they engage in Facebook games, according to eMarketer reports1. This tactic brings the action of protecting with OFF! to life. The game would allow users to compete with friends by comparing high scores. Our target audience is full of savvy shoppers, so along with this game, a coupon would be offered. If moms achieve a certain score, which will be easy to reach, they will receive a $1 off coupon. The coupon encourages further engagement with the game and brand. Tagline: Bug Batttle. Won.


eMarketer. (2010, Feb 5). Facebook Moms Are Marketing-Savvy. Retrieved April 25, 2011, from






Facebook Game How to Play: Use the mouse to guide OFF! bug spray to spray kids, neighbors, etc before the bugs get to them. By spraying a person with OFF! bug spray, they will have a shield. This shield only protects for a limited time. Green shield = Safe. Yellow Shield = almost worn out. If bugs reach and bite a person who has no shield, a life is lost. Moms get 3 lives before the game is over. Points are earned each time a bug is unable to bite a human due to a shield. In between each level, users are able to choose their weapon from a selection of OFF! insect repellents. Insect repellents with more DEET will provide longer protection, but must be unlocked by reaching a certain point level.

Game Screens Title Screen: This is the title screen of the OFF! Beat the Bugs Facebook game. Users have the option to view instructions similar to the ones above, or to play. After pressing “Play,� users are able to choose their level of difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more bugs there will be.


Game Screens Main Screen: This is the main screen of the Facebook game. It shows two kids, one with a yellow shield. A mosquito can be found to the left of the kid in red. The white object is the can of bug spray which is controlled by the mouse. Backgrounds in levels can change. This one is a backyard/park scene. Other scenes could be the woods or sports fields to match the rest of the campaign.

Level-Up Screen: This is the screen that would be seen between levels. It displays the different OFF! products with their levels of DEET, and explains that the more DEET that’s in an insect repellent, the longer it will provide protection.


OFF! Bug Battle  

Advertising campaign for OFF! Bug Spray

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