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• About this Report

Inside this report you will learn about what is important to you, the seller • Your Keynote Realtor/Our Company A profile of your Keynote Realtor and the Keynote Properties Company

• Your Property's Value An analysis to determine your asking price

• Our Plan The details of how we will sell your property

About Pota Perimenis- Your San Francisco Realtor Client Benefits Pota has brought success to her buyers and sellers for over 22 years. With a proven track record from hundreds of home sales, Pota’s background, knowledge and business acumen add value to her clients in every transaction. She offers the highest standards of personalized service, with the right support from start to finish. She is single minded in her pursuit of her clients’ interests—whether to sell at the best possible price or to buy the perfect home. Her impeccable reputation is based on integrity, knowledge, and commitment. She has extensive, in-depth knowledge of SF real estate values, inventory, market conditions and trends. Pota knows a home is often her clients’ greatest single investment.

Whether she is representing a buyer or

seller of a house, condo, or multi unit building, Pota can be trusted to do what is best for her clients.

Personal background and philosophy Pota is a Greek name as she is a first generation Greek-American. She was raised by her immigrant parents with the traditional values that are the foundation of her life and success-- of honest dealings with others, diligence, loyalty and reliability. She is a San Francisco property owner with personal experience in TICs and condominium conversions.

She is married with one child in high school and enjoys being active in the


Qualifications and Resources Complete support staff available 24/7. As a team player, Pota brings together the right people, offering you the benefits of her established relationships with bankers, accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers, tradespeople, tax specialists, title officers, property inspectors, financial planners, 1031 exchange specialists. Referrals for top brokers outside San Francisco. Working in whatever way works for her clients—from hand holding through every step, particularly if it is the first time buying or selling, right through to long distance representation, as on behalf of an older relative.

Pota is flexible and adapts to the amount of contact a client would like to have, as well as the

pace the client is seeking, fast or slow.

Education Pota has a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. She is multi-lingual and has traveled extensively. Her skills in market analysis, negotiation, and communication are widely respected in the real estate community and integral to her success as a realtor.

Community Service Pota is a very active parent in her son’s school.

She served on the Gateway Board of Trustees and has

chaired the fundraising committee at Gateway Middle school. Previously she coordinated Art in Action, a volunteer-run program providing art education to students doing art projects based on famous masterpieces.

Affiliations National Association of Realtors California Association of Realtors San Francisco Association of Realtors

Small Property Owners of San Francisco Panhandle Residents of San Francisco California PTA

How will it really feel to work with me? Based on testimonials from satisfied clients‌ When working with me, my clients say they feel Reassured, Empowered and Comfortable

Reassured: I never want you to feel in the dark about your sale or purchase. I keep you fully informed and represent your best interests. I actively listen to you, aligning my services to meet your personal needs and goals.

Empowered: I give you recent sales data, short and long term trends, insights on the specific quirks of the San Francisco marketplace, and contacts in the maintenance, finance and legal fields. I draw on my many years experience and focus on giving you what you need to succeed, guiding you from start to finish.

Comfortable: I have a calm demeanor and I like people. I respect your comfort zones and will not exceed them. You will find me to be professional and assertive yet not pressuring you to do anything you do not wish to do. Helping you to succeed is how I succeed. I will put you first and focus on what matters to you. I view myself as the motor driving your ship to achieve success. It’s important to me that you arrive safely at your destination while also enjoying the journey.

What people are saying about Pota

Enjoyable to work with Pota made this a painless experience for us through her calm presence, assertiveness and professionalism. We have truly enjoyed working with her. C. Alioto

Local knowledge and lots of it When I shop I shop Local. Pota was the natural choice for our Realtor when the time came to sell our property J. Briscoe

Setting up clients for long-term success Pota was instrumental in our buying our current condo in the Richmond and has always been a wealth of unbiased knowledge about topics even well beyond housing (she has a long, successful track record in real estate and also has a grade-school-aged-son she knows a ton about schools, ect.). Most important, pota has never pushed us into any decision, nor encouraged us to buy beyond our means. That has proved to be especially pivotal in the last 2-3 years, as we (sadly) have seen plenty of other folks in over their heads in real estate. She really helps set people up for long-term success. K. Barrett

Going the extra mile Five stars for Pota! She goes the extra mile....actually the extra ten miles, and then some. She is super savvy and got me what all other real estate agents said was impossible. I went through four other agents before her. She listened to what I wanted and she stuck by me through thick and thin. She is the one! D. Rose

Wise counsel and good luck charm I have worked with Pota now on three different transactions representing me from both the Buy and Sell side. it is easy to say Pota is my good luck charm but when you get into the details of how she performs her job you grow to appreciate how good she really is. Pota redefines the concept of being "hands on". She provides wise counsel on pricing supported by facts not intuition is readily available and is an excellent communicator and listener. In addition, she has keen eye for making critical staging decisions and flagging construction defect issues that would be noted by proposed buyers finally she provides value feedb ack on the contract process. I have worked with other realtors that are not present at the open houses and seem to treat an assignment like selling or buying a home like an extension of a cocktail party. It is the pure professionalism and attention to detail that makes Pota stand out amongst her peers... -M. Holmes

Long distance clients Pota recently handled all aspects of the sale of my sister's house in San Francisco. She provided outstanding service and is the best realtor I have ever dealt with. As I live in the Seattle area and recently moved my sister up here, we relied on Pota to do much of what an owner would normally do to get the house ready to sell. She was amazing. Her recommendations on pricing, staging and repairs enabled us to sell the house very quickly and at a price above our expectations. Pota was always available to take our calls and promptly dealt with all issues from the time of the listing through the closing. She is simply the best. B. Rieck

Neighborhood Properties I have Sold 143 Ashbury St, #L 143 Ashbury, U 37-39-41 Ashbury 40-42 Ashbury 44-46 Ashbury 48-50 Ashbury 645-647 Broderick 148-52 Cole 32 Cole 1712 Fell St, #1 2040 Fell St, #11 2092 Fell 2168 Fell Street 1829-1831 Fulton 1934-1936 Grove 1941 Grove 1952-54 Grove 1914-1916 Grove 2134-2136 Grove 2150-52 Grove 2143-45 Grove 2171 Grove 2173-75 Grove 1333-35-37 Hayes 1640 Hayes, #3 twice 1924 Hayes, #3 1952-54 Hayes 1960 Hayes, #1 twice 1960 Hayes, #7 1960 Hayes St, #11 1988 Hayes 2139-2141 Hayes

Our Company Choose us because: Keynote Properties is a small and dynamic independent company, unhindered by corporate bureaucracy but with the same tools and resources. This frees us to be flexible enough to meet our clients’ unique needs with better service. We are clientnot corporate-driven. Keynote Properties is owned and managed by founding partners Robert Camozzi, Astrid Lacitis, and Mary Williams who together have a combined 60 years of professional Bay Area real estate experience. Keynote Properties is centrally located and has served all of San Francisco, the Peninsula, East Bay and Marin since 1986. Keynote Properties has an impeccable reputation and respect within the industry. Our image reflects this. Keynote Properties works mostly from referrals and repeat customers who are loyal to us because of our excellent service and reputation. Keynote Properties provides exclusive and professional services that are ethical and confidential. We highly regard the privacy of our clients. Keynote Properties realtors are experts. We have an in-depth knowledge of current real estate trends and maintain a pulse on today’s market. We really know the market. Keynote Properties realtors are a special group of well educated and experienced professionals with advanced degrees in areas such as economics, business, social work, and law. Keynote Properties employs a cooperative, team approach in conducting business and problem solving. Our clients are integral members of the team. Keynote Properties realtors enjoy state-of–the-art technology and participate in ongoing mandatory educational programs. Keynote Properties extensively uses the internet and all the leading local advertising sources in marketing.

Within our company you are number one. Our job is to facilitate a sale that meets your needs with reliability, quality and integrity. These are the reasons clients return to Keynote Properties time and again.

Location We are centrally located in the Fillmore Street area of lower Pacific Heights.

1801 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94115

Pledge of Service

Your Keynote Realtor will: Act as your full time professional. Communicate regularly and often, return phone calls promptly, and keep all appointments. Be a market expert. Listen to you and hear your needs. Know your requirements and offer you options and choices. Tell you the truth, no matter how difficult. Check and double check every detail. Represent your best interest.

Determining Value How did we determine your property value? 1.We compared similar properties that have recently sold. This is often referred to as a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). 2.We evaluated your property with regard to its features, condition, amenities, and location. 3. We assessed current market and economic conditions. 4.We integrated the CMA, property evaluation, and economic conditions to arrive at an estimated value.

Can We Influence the Value of Your Property? Some factors cannot be changed: Location Current economic climate The competition

But we can influence: Condition The condition of the property can either attract or discourage buyers. We are experts in presenting your property in its best light.

Strategy Strategy involves marketing the property to bring offers and negotiating those offers. We know how to creatively market your property and we intelligently negotiate the offers that are received. Exposure Even a good property might not sell because it is not being exposed to prospective buyers. We have the skills to implement the best advertising and most effective showing schedule for your property.

Pricing Pricing is the most critical factor we can influence. Knowing how to properly price comes from many years of experience and we have it.

Philosophy of Pricing

A home priced too high, relative to the market, takes longer to sell if it sells at all. Maximum attention is focused on a property for sale during the first two weeks of a listing. During this time the greatest number of qualified buyers and agents will view a property. It is therefore extremely important to price a property correctly at the beginning of the marketing process. This requires an understanding of market conditions and proper preparation. The optimal price is the one that will attract the most buyers relative to the market. As the price of a home rises, the number of potential buyers becomes smaller and it gets fewer showings. Overpricing deters buyers from considering your home, delays your sale, and often results in a lower sales price. It can cost the seller: Convenience, Time, Opportunities, and Money.

Owners don’t set the sales price, agents don’t set the sales price‌.Buyers determine the market price of property.

Getting Ready to Sell Preparing the property Buyers are likely to determine their interest in a property within the first few minutes. We will go over the entire property and make a list of suggestions and recommendations so it will show its very best during the marketing period. Properties which look their best sell faster and bring the highest price. Your role is to make your home look as attractive as possible Be as critical with your home as if you were the buyer. Here are some suggestions to make a great first impression.

Create curb appeal Trim landscaping and clean front property. Replace old doormat. Be sure lighting and doorbell are in good working order. The front entry is a great place for a potted plant or colorful annuals. Check exterior paint; touch up or power wash. The roof, gutters, and downspouts should be in good condition. Repair any fences, gates, or broken windows.

On the inside Clean or paint walls. Clean carpets. Eliminate clutter to give your home a more spacious look. Clean your house thoroughly. Professionally wash windows inside and out. Arrange furniture to enhance space. Pack away collectibles, jewelry, money, prescription medications and other small valuables. Remove all personal photos and diplomas. Clean fireplace hearth. Leave one or two healthy plants, and a few large vases. Clear everything from kitchen counters. Caulk and regrout if needed. Fix leaky faucets and sticking doors and windows. Replace burned out bulbs. Replace bulbs with maximum wattage. Clean out closets to reveal maximum closet space. Hang clothes neatly. Clean and organize basement and garage.

DON'T OVER IMPROVE While you should repair minor things like broken door knobs, use caution in planning major improvements. We are happy to discuss any specific questions you may have, and to help you prepare your home for sale.

Staging If you choose, our designers will work with your possessions and/or will add art, accessories, and rental furniture to your property. This process is called staging and has been shown to produce positive reactions from buyers with the potential to significantly increase your sales price.

Marketing and Showcasing Your Property

We will creatively and strategically market and expose your property to demonstrate its benefits and value to potential buyers. We ensure success by developing and implementing a complete plan for your property, drawing from the following resources that are most appropriate for each property or selling situation. Our strategic marketing expertise ensures broad exposure for your property utilizing all available resources.

Broker Network Agents from other offices play an important role in bringing qualified buyers to your property since most buyers work with their own realtor. We maintain good working relationships with outside brokers. We reach out to agents and encourage them to keep your property foremost in their minds using the multiple listing service (MLS), broker tours and personal contacts. We cooperate with realtors from all companies and share 50% of our commission to the realtor who produces the buyer for the property.

Internet Power Utilizing the vast and powerful reach of the Internet, we market your property to millions of potential buyers around the world. We place our listings on the top sites for real estate in order to give your property the broadest exposure possible Our virtual tours allow buyers to “visit” your property in an instant with the “click” of their mouse, 24 hours a day.

Marketing Samples

Your property will enjoy full spectrum marketing coverage in web and media sources.

www. Your

Your property will be professionally photographed and will also have a virtual tour created. It will then be featured throughout the internet, including its own, dedicated web page. Your property shall have its own web address, so buyers can access information 24/7.

Your property shall be the featured listing on our company website.

Professional photo and virtual tour show your property at its best.

Featured property on my website, which receives thousands of visitors.

We can help prepare the property so that it shows its best. Below are photos of the same room-occupied, vacant, and staged.

Closing Your Sale After marketing and exposing your property we will monitor and expedite all aspects of the transaction to make certain the sale goes from signing to closing with a minimum of stress and inconvenience. We will:

1. Be present at any and all purchase contract presentations. 2. Negotiate on your behalf to bring you the highest price/best terms. 3. Qualify all purchasers to the best of our ability. 4. Review all terms and conditions of offers to purchase. 5.Discuss options, strategies and procedures for: offers, contingencies, inspections, escrow, city ordinances, disclosures, and “possession”. 6.Coordinate compliance with terms of purchase contract and with city and state ordinances and requirements. 7.Monitor status of buyer’s loan to avoid closing delays. 8.Keep you informed as to the progress of your transaction from the time of signing until the close of your sale. 9.Work hard to handle any situation that may arise with lenders, escrow agents, appraisers, underwriters, insurance agents, inspectors, purchasers, and other agents during the entire time of your escrow up to the actual close of your sale. 10. Go with you to the signing of your closing documents. 11. Continue our exclusive service through close of escrow until all matters are settled. 12.Ensure that you receive your check and settlement documents promptly after closing.

It’s not a sale until it closes.

Bu uyer and nd Selllle er Cost tss

Both parties have costs related to the transaction. In general, the Buyer usually pays for the following (as applicable): Escrow fee Title insurance Document preparation fee Loan origination fee Loan discount fee Interest on new loan from date of funding to first payment date Loan processing fee Credit report Appraisal fee Mortgage insurance Hazard insurance reserve Mortgage insurance reserve County tax reserve Recording fees for loan documents Notary fees Pest and contractor’s inspection fees Hazard insurance premium Prorated county property taxes Home Warranty Plan (optional)

In general, the seller pays for the following (as applicable): Real estate commission County documentary transfer tax Document preparation fee Payoff of existing Seller’s loans: Interest accrued to lender being paid off Payoff demand statement fee Reconveyance fee Prepayment penalties, if any Any corrective work agreed to by Seller Local ordinance compliance (energy, smoke) 3-R and mandatory disclosures Loan fees as required by buyer’s lender Judgments, tax liens, etc., owed by Seller Recording fees to clear documents of record Notary fees for Seller’s recorded documents Any unpaid bonds, assessments Any unpaid homeowner’s dues Prorated country property taxes Home warranty plan (optional)

Preparing the Legal Paperwork

We will arrange any pre-sale inspections, including pest, contractors and roof. We will help you through the disclosure package, and coordinate compliance with mandatory city and state ordinances and purchase contract requirements including: Energy and water conservation compliance Underground storage tanks Geologic/seismic hazards disclosures Smoke detector/water heater bracing requirements Seller transfer disclosure statement Sellers affidavit of non-foreign status Income property requirements Lead hazard disclosure Title reports Pay off demands 3-R reports

Summary of How Our Plan will Sell Your Property

1. Analyze past sales and price your property 2. Prepare the home physically 3. Prepare the legal paperwork 4. Formulate the marketing plan 5. Create appropriate advertising 6. Devise and implement exposure timeline 7. Negotiate offers 8. Follow escrow 9. Close and deliver proceeds

Photography: Patrik Argast

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