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Hannibal Volkoff est né en 1986 à

HAN(N)IBAL VOLKO(F)F Nantes, et vit et travaille à Paris.

Après des études d’art appliqué à l’école Pivaut puis une excursion dans le cinéma en tant que réalisateur et assistant réalisateur, Hannibal Volkoff se consacre à la photographie à travers ses recherches plastiques et ses reportages communautaires. Il expose son travail depuis 2010 en province et à Paris dans des lieux tels que la Galerie Le Simoun, ou encore l’Espace Pierre Cardin.

Il est par ailleurs di-

recteur artistique de la Galerie HorsChamps (75003), ouverte en 2011.

1 - How did you get in touch with Photography? How : with a little Olympus (a Christmas gift in 2008) Why : such as an extension of my studies/works in drawing and cinema. The obsession of image. I didn’t draw anymore and i’ve found in photography (at the moment, more than in movies) the way to use what i see for my creations. Image creation is a matter of out-going, of ripping the image. Photography induces that idea : with light, colors, texture works, to penetrate inside the subject, to highlight something we don’t see –and then give life to the picture. Perhaps there’s something religious in there.

early : Inspired by parents, teacher, friends, tv or books? Inspired, by everything I guess, but especially by movies –Bergman, Tarkovski, Greenaway, etc… I became later interested by photogra-

phers –Mario Giacomelli, the greatest, Wolfgang Tillmans for abstract photos, Larry Clark for his sensual and violent portrait of a whole generation… And during the genesis of the pic ture process, I’m inspired by context and situation more than visages. But there are exceptions, some bodies, some faces are making a rule of themselves as pure subjects…

late : Who you wanted to fuck? All of my models, of course ! And also the others. At the beginning, everybody, and I had a great curiosity about everything –then with bodies or sexual practices. I think to be totally openminded is very important in photograpjy.







No, but my studies in creative arts (Ecole Pivaut, Nantes) and cinema (CEFPF, Paris) gave me a lot of notions for the composition of an image, the work of light, textures, colors etc…

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Which cameras? Adobe programms or open source? Actually a canon 7D. I work with photoshop : photo retouching totally belongs to my approach. The immediatly shot photos can’t satisfy me.

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B a s e

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H e a r t

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P a r f u m


P o e m e

V a n i l l a

B l o o m

F r e e s i a a n d R o s e s

P o p p y , M i m o s a a n d N a r c i s s i

L a n c o m e


Karl Lagerfeld

V e t i v e r, M u s k , S a n d a l w o o d , P a t c h o u l i

R o s e , V i o l e t n , P e o n y

C r a n b e r r y, B l a c k b e r r y

Y v e s S a i n t L a u r e n t P a r i s i e n n e


PA RF „ Der Duft muss die besten Augenblicke des Lebens wieder wachrufen . “

C a s m i r

B e n z o i n , O p o p o n a x , To n k a B e a n , V a n i l l a

M a n d a r i n , C a r n a t i o n , R u b b i s h

A p r i k o t , C a s s i s , R a s p b e r r y, P e a c h , B l a c k C u r r a n t

C h o p a r d



H e l i o t r o p e , W o o d N o t e s

N o t e s A m b e r

W o o d

J a s m i n P o m e l o , S t a r A n i s

L a v e n d e r, R a s p b e r r y

T h i e r r y M u g l e r A l i e n


S a n d a l w o o d , P a t c h o u l i a n d V a n i l l a

D i e s e l F u e l f o r L i f e H o m m e


A m b e r, B e n z o i n , To n k a b e a n , c e d a r

M u s k , P a t c h o u l i

O r a n g e B l o s s o m a n d J a s m i n

J a s m i n , F r e e s i a , R o s e , O r c h i d

R o s e , J a s m i n , G e r a n i u m , L i l y o f t h e V a l l e y

P e a c h h , O r a n g e a n d B e r g a m o t

B e r g a m o t , g r e e n Te a

B e r g a m o t , L e m o n , M a n d a r i n , O r a n g e b l o s s o m

H e r m é s 2 4 F a u b o u r g

V i k t o r & R o l f F l o w e r b o m b

N i k o s S c u l p t u r e H o m m e




Usually crafted on a small scale, her work is highly detailed, using layers of paper to construct characters and scenes with precise proportion and depth. She focuses mainly on female characters, placing them center stage and exposing their inner turmoils and unique beauty. In all her work, whether it be a sociopathic conjoined twin, a tragic clown, an embellished lady-in-waiting, or a chaste mistress, Vahge celebrates oddity with elegance.

Vahge‘s collages contrast the whimsical and romantic with unsettling aspects of reality. There is also often a hint of humor in her work. She incorporates elements of dreams, literature, music, theater, and classic portraiture, and draws heavily from the rich imagery of german expressionism and victorian culture.

A self taught artist, Vahge moved to Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2007, where she currently lives and works. Her collages have shown in London, Italy, New York, California, New Jersey, Miami, and Santa Fe, NM. She has provided promotional artwork for the Dresden Dolls, and artwork to Universal Records for Katharine McPhee‘s 2010 holiday album.

Vahge was born in the quiet suburbs just south of Baltimore, where her neighbors had perfectly kept lawns and watchful eyes. An isolated child with few friends, she withdrew to her imagination for entertainment and solace. Her early years were spent befriending muppets, making up stories, and slowly constructing a three-storied, twenty-five roomed Barbie house. She began making collages one summer during a bout of restless obsession in the company of a philosophical feline and a consortium of colorful characters.




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