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Beta Chapter Centennial Celebration


Chicago Metro Chapters Honor Founder Irvin’s Memory with New Memorial Marker





Editor’s Welcome Brothers All, Welcome to Achiever. As you scroll through the following pages, I hope you’re pleased with its contents. Actually, I hope it excites you. I hope you read the words in this publication and find them informative in some areas, inspiring in others and brotherly all throughout.

While I hope you enjoy what you read. The look and feel of your prov¬ince newsletter has been taken to new heights through the tireless efforts and will only get better with our next Issue. Of course, you would not be reading my words in this welcome, or anything else in this publication, without the vision of Province Polemarch, Korlon L. Kilpatrick.

Lastly, I thank all of you, the Brothers of the North Central Province for providing the content of this newslet¬ter. Without the great things you all do on a daily basis, not only as Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, but as dedi¬cated members of your communities, the pages of this newsletter would be blank. We make this newsletter in honor of all of your efforts and to highlight the vast con¬tributions you make to our Bond and to the communi¬ties in which we live.

Because you are the sole source of content for this news¬letter, I ask you all too please keep us informed about your chapter and individual accomplishments. While I am responsible for preparing and distributing The Achiever, you are each ultimately re¬sponsible for creating it, so please submit all.¬


Editor’s Welcome Michael Hume Brief Bio Received B.S.... in Criminal Justice from Lincoln University, 2001

Career: Facility Manager II, Currently Employed With Division of Youth Services.

Professional Photographer: Currently Shooting with the Kappa Journal Photography work has been seen on HBO ( Ringside Boxing Photographer)... JET, Wedding Mag, and much more.

Lastly, I ask you to please provide feedback on what you would like to see in future isÂŹsues of The Achiever. Your input is vital in keeping The Achiever fresh and relevant and we welcome all of your ideas. Now, go ahead and read the new Achiever. I hope you enjoy it.

Yours in the Bond,

Michael Hume Editor-In-Chief The Achiever 5

North Centeral Province Leadership

Province Polemarch KORLON L. KILPATRICK II Senior Province Vice Polemarch Joe W. Lewis, Jr. Junior Province Vice Polemarch Brandon Bradford Province Keeper of Records Darren Ray Adams Province Keeper of Exchequer Walter Miller Strategus Keaton Gatchaw Lieutenant Strategus Nominating Committee Chairman Miles Dawson, Jr. Board Member Glenn R. Harris Undergraduate Board Member Malcolm Collins Alumni Board Member Eugene Murray Undergraduate Board Member

Justin S. McDonald-Riley

Alumni Board Member Byron C. Thornton Historian Kevin Scott Reporter Michael Hume Director of risk management Michael Hubbard Chaplin Rev. George Rogers Guide Right Chairman Alexander Lodge CRWLC Chairman Ricardo Williams Director of Investigation Virgil S. Perisee Director of u/g advisors Martin F. Hill


Greetings Brothers! I am pleased to welcome you to the new Achiever. Let me thank Brother Mike Hume for accepting the appointment to fulfill the vacancy in the Reporter position as well as for embracing the vision for the new look-and-feel of the Province communication vehicle. In this issue, we highlight the centennial celebration of the University of Illinois chapter, the Beta of Kappa Alpha Psi. Beta has a rich history and has produced many stalwart brothers. Please take a look at their schedule of events and join them in their celebration. We also highlight the memorial bench dedication for Founder Irvin. With over 130 attendees including Founder Irvin’s daughter and great nephew, it was truly a moment in Kappa history. Experience the event for the first time or re-live it as you read the account of and view the photos from that historic day. It is my hope that you will find the new Achiever both appealing and informative. As you read the activities and achievements of brothers and chapters throughout the Province, please think about how you can contribute to it. Chapters, submit articles and photos from your events. Let others know the impact that you are making in your communities. Brothers, consider joining the Communications committee. The Achiever does not create itself. It takes journalists, photographers, graphic designers, and many, many other skills and talents. If you have any of these skills or have an interest in developing these skills, please contact Brother Hume or myself to find out how you can get involved. As we continue this fraternal year and head into the Grand Chapter meeting in Houston, each of you will achieve in your own field of endeavor. Please share these moments with the Province. The pages of the Achiever await your stories. Looking forward to reading your successes in the upcoming issues of the Achiever. Continue to achieve! Yours in the Bond,

Korlon L. Kilpatrick II 23rd North Central Province Polemarch


2013 Greater Beta Centennial Committee .

Chairman Michael C. McNeil, Beta Polemarch Rodney Simpson, Finance Edward T. Hightower Emmitt Horne Communications Charles E. Newman Charter Weekend Chairs Rodney Simpson, Eric E. Dunlap, Michael C. McNeil Province Suite Celebration Rodney Simpson, Michael C. McNeil July Events, Black Tie Affair Rob McGhee, Bill Stratton Centennial Picnic Lafayette Ford, Howell Granger, Homecoming Tailgate Taylor Fuller III, Eric E. Dunlap, Conclave Celebration Michael C. McNeil, Rodney Simpson, Alumnus Relations Taylor Fuller III, Eric E. Dunlap


Kappa Alpha Psi “Greater” Beta Chapter History The Beta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was Chartered on February 8, 1913 to the Kappa Alpha Nu Fraternity. The Charter Members of the chapter were the following: Earl Burris Dickerson; Frank Lunsford Williams; William Jasper Prince; Byron F. Kenner; George C. Ellis; C.L.M. Cooper; Tillman Hardy Harpole; H.L. Burnam; and Elmer A. Brown. These members were a part of the old “Illio Club” which comprised of negro students attending the University as reported by The Daily Illini Student Newspaper of the University of Illinois published

Chartered and incorporated originally under the laws of the State of Indiana as Kappa Alpha Nu on January 5, 1911, the name was changed to KAPPA ALPHA PSI on a resolution offered and adopted at the Grand Chapter in December 1914 on the campus of the University of Illinois. This change became effective April 15, 1915, on a proclamation by the then Grand Polemarch, Elder Watson Diggs. Thus, the name acquired a distinctive Greek letter symbol and KAPPA ALPHA PSI thereby became a Greek letter Fraternity in every sense of the designation. A fraternity born on the campus of Indiana University (KAN) and began on the campus of the University of Illinois (KAY).

This organization was the 1st African American Greek organization to be established on the University of Illinois campus. During these early years the Beta Chapter was very active in holding positions at the national level of the fraternity (Grand Polemarch, Grand Vice Polemarch, Grand Keeper of Records and Exchequer and Grand Lieuentent Strategus). In the early days of the fraternity and Beta chapter, the ability to have adequate housing was extremely limited in the Champaign / Urbana community. The Beta chapter focused on obtaining and maintaining residences for it’s members throughout these past 100 years. The purchase / rental of property continues to be a mainstay fiber of the Beta chapter. Prominently, the Beta chapter has lived on Clark Street, 707 S. Third street, 402 E. Armory and now at 510 E. Daniel Street for the majority of these 100 years.

The motto for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is “achievement in every field of human endeavor.” To this end, the Beta chapter and Alumnus of the University of Illinois have contributed to this motto with many distinguished members which have achieved in the fields of Education, Business, Engineering, Professional Athletes, Law and the military. These individuals include Earl B. Dickerson – 1981 Alumni Achievement Awardee, Walter T. Bailey – first African American graduate in Archectural Engineering and first licensed architect in the state of Illinois, J. Ernest Wilkins, Sr., - first Labor Leader and Undersecretary during the Eisenhower adminisration, Albert C. Spurlock, Industrial Education leader and former Illini track star, Earl Strayhorn – “Documented Original Tuskegee Airman (DOTA) and former Illinois Criminal Court Judge, William Cousins – Circuit Court Judge, James D. Montgomery – Board of Trustee member, Dr. Fred L. Crockett, Ellis Reid – former Illinois Appelate Court Judge, Robert Johnson – Founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Lester McKeever – Distinguished Service Awardee and former University of Illinois, Board of Trustee, Preston Pearson – 2 time National Football Super Bowl champion, Steve McKeever – Founder of Hidden Beach Records, Michael McNeil – Outstanding Master Business Administration (MBA) of the Year and National Board Member of the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA). At the fraternity level on a national basis, Beta chapter members contributed by producing the following Laurel Wreath Awardee receipents (highest honor bestowed on a fraternity member): (Earl Burris Dickerson, Clarence Leon Wilson J. Ernest Wilkins Sr., and C. Rodger Wilson) all great men which accomplished achievements inside and outside of the ranks of the fraternity for many years to come and the most recipents from one chapter in the organization.

The Beta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi will be conducting a year long celebration beginning in February (Black History Month). The initial celebration starts on Sunday, February 3, 2013 at the University with the sponsoring of daily community service activities like Blood Drives, Lunch & Learn, Build-A-Bear projects and a Career Symposium sponsored by the Alumni Association of the chapter. This week of activities has been and continues to be a tradition of the organization carried throughout the decades.


BETA Chapter Brothers,

Since January 2012, a cross generational team of brothers have been working on delivering a Centennial Year of Celebration for the Greater Beta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. This team has identified a series of events (Charter Day Founder’s Weekend; North Central Province meeting; Earl B. Dickerson scholarship dinner and memorial tribute; Picnic; Golf Outing; 81st Grand Chapter celebration; Homecoming events and commemorative items) to be scheduled and executed to bring brothers together to celebrate and memorialize our 100 years. Our celebration begins with our marque traditional Beta Charter Founder’s Day weekend back on the campus of the University of Illinois in February 8 – 10, 2013. Please check our website for continual updates on the upcoming Beta Charter Founder’s Day Celebration and to pay for the various packages. You can also send payments to PO BOX 2434 Champaign, IL 61820.

Some of the pertinent detail regarding lodging information and tentative agenda is the following:

The host hotel will be the iconic I-Hotel located at 1900 S First St, Champaign, IL 61820. We encourage brothers to make hotel reservations under Kappa Alpha Psi Centennial as soon as possible.

Contact Information: (217) 819-5000 The room rates are:

NonSmoking Deluxe King $129.00

NonSmoking Spacious Queen Double $129.00 Rooms will be released 1/8/2013

Tentative Agenda

Friday February 8th (Founders Day) “Our Kommunity Has a Heart” Service Project (1:00pm- 3:00pm) February is Heart Disease Awareness Month and as a part of the Healthy Kappas Initiative by our Grand Chapter, “Our Kommunity has a Heart”, will be conducted to actively show that we are fighting against this tragic disease plaguing our nation and our community. We know that in order to make a strong impact, we have to all come together to take a stand against heart disease. • Host a campus wide food drive with non-perishable items that are good for high cholesterol (such as whole-grain foods, kidney beans, sardines, foods high in fiber).

• Conduct a Heart Disease Awareness Benefit in the Illini Union (where we have various groups across campus perform) to bring sight to the epidemic and also raise money for a charity organization actively working to reduce heart disease, such as American Heart Association.

• Have different restaurants in the Champaign- Urbana Community offer a “heart- healthy” menu for the day, which we would actively promote, and support on campus.

• Gain sponsorship from Build-a Bear in a custom designed bear to give out to those in Champaign-Urbana that may be suffering from Heart Disease through working with Carle Hospital Heart Center.


BETA Chapter Centennial Krimson Lounge @ SOMA UltraLounge locate 320 N Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820 (10pm- 2am)

We will be hosting our Founders Day Celebration in the downtown Champaign area at one of the premiere venues. Centennial Hospitality Suites Open – I-Hotel 1900 S First St, Champaign, IL 61820 (9pm-Until)

Saturday February 9, 2013 Annual Nupe Hoops @ Activities Recreational Center (ARC) located 201 E Peabody Dr. Champaign, IL 61820 (8am-1pm) Kappa Konnections Career Symposium @ ARC MP7 located 201 E Peabody Dr. Champaign, IL 61820 (2pm-4pm) In this trying economy we know that for many collegiate students finding employment can present a trial. This is why we want to tap into our network of achieving brothers to give career path guidance and networking techniques to students across campus. Centennial Founders Day Banquet @ Memorial Stadium Colonnades Room 1401 S First St, Champaign IL, 61820 (5pm-7pm) With such a special occasion, we want to make sure that we can celebrate Centennial in a truly grandiose way. We will be hosting the Centennial Banquet with an elegant dinner with a spectacular view of Memorial Stadium Field and the entire campus. Centennial Founders Day Ball @ Memorial Stadium Colonnades Room located 1401 S First St, Champaign IL, 61820 (8pm-12am) There is no better way to bring in our Centennial then a Ball hosted at our very own Memorial Stadium. This venue will be a premiere location for us to celebrate amongst ourselves and with the entire campus. Centennial Hospitality Suites Open – I-Hotel 1900 S First St, Champaign, IL 61820 (9pm-Until)

February 10, 2013 Centennial Founders Day Brunch @ Illini Union Room 210 located 1401 W Green St Urbana IL, 61801 (11am-1pm) This is where we want to further acknowledge brothers who donated to the “1913 Honorary Greater Beta Founder’s Package” and the “707 S Third Package”.

Kappa Ship Korrupted Innocence (K.S.K.I) Neophyte Celebration @ Illini Union Room 210 located 1401 W Green St Urbana IL, 61801 (2pm-4pm) We want to close out the Centennial Celebration the best way we know how as brothers. Coming together to celebrate welcoming the neophytes into the fold of Kappa Alpha Psi.


Indianapolis Alumni Chapter


The Indianapolis Alumni Chapter collaborated with EdPower Educational Services, Kroger Super Markets and Forest Manor Multi Service Center to provide 100 complete Thanksgiving Meals for needy families in Central Indiana. Marcus Robinson, Polemarch of the Indianapolis Alumni Chapter and CEO of EdPower was on hand to greet each recipient of the Dinner Baskets, that contained a whole Turkey and side dishes for a complete family meal. The giveaway was held Monday November 19th.

Indianapolis Alumni members Marvin J. Bardo and Lee Morgan fellowshipping with Cedric the Entertainer during the Annual UNCF Masquerade Ball in Indianapolis, IN. Cedric served as Master of Ceremonies and featured entertainment for the fundraiser geared at raising money for needy students attending HBCU and UNCF supported colleges and universities. Kool and the Gang was the musical act. The event was held at the JW


Marriott on Friday December 14th.

Chicago Height’s Alumni Chapter

A Kappa great time was had by one and all! On December 20, 2012, the Chicago Heights (IL) Alumni Chapter hosted the 33rd Annual Polemarch’s Holiday Party. This wonderful event took place at Grady’s Grille in Homewood, IL. Nineteen good Kappa Men, most with there wives or significant others partook in the festive holiday event hosted by the chapter’s new Polemarch Troy Griffin. A Kappa great time was had by one and all! Attending Brothers: Brother Willie Johnson, Brother Gladstone Trotter, Brother John Hawkins, Jr., Brother Stacy Hill, Brother Kirby Green, Brother Forrest Harris, Brother Christopher Minter, Brother William Brown, Brother Sam Kenan, Brother Charles Clayton, Brother Eddie Sanders, Jr., Brother Ivory Carr, Jr., Brother Michael Harris, Brother James Silas, Brother Ross Johnson, Brother Bill Cowan, Brother Michael Garrett, Brother Ed Campbell, Brother Troy Griffin 13

East St. Louis Alumni Chapter

East St. Louis Alumni Members Honored Several members of the East St. Louis Alumni Chapter were honored and recognized at the East St. Louis NAACP Chapter 58th Annual Freedom Fund Awards Banquet. The theme at this year’s event was the recognition of the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. There was even one of the original Tuskegee Airmen, Mr. Christopher Newman, in attendace as well. However, the evening belonged to the men of the East St. Louis Alumni Chapter as they dominated the evening’s award stand for their outstanding achievements.


East St. Louis Alumni Chapter The following brothers were honored and/or featured on the banquet’s program: Greetings and Welcome Brother Mayor Alvin Parks, Jr. The Occasion Brother Stanley Franklin - 2012 Banquet Chairman of MIlitary Participation Military Award Tributes for Outstanding Service Lt. Colonel Walter Chase - United States Air Force (retired) Lt. Colonel Gordon D. Bush - United States Air Force (retired) Special Award Tribute Judge Milton Wharton - For his retirement and service as Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois. Subscribing Lifetime Membership Recognitions Jason F. Ray Lavon Singleton James Lewis Essay & Scholarship Contest Kappa Leaguer Dakari Franklin - 1st Runner-Up Charles H. Lawson Youth Scholarship Award Kappa Leaguer Dakari Franklin - 1st Place, for his overall scholastic and communitybased achievements during his high school tenure. Additionally, Chris Belt and his Guide Right committee made sure that several of the young men in the Guide Right program were the ultimate hosts for the evening. The young men were given sev eral compliments regarding their maturity and professional demeanor during the event.

The evening was a tremendous night for East 15

Chicago Alumni Chapter

For the ninth consecutive year 100% of all the seniors in the Kappa League program have been admitted to a four year College or University. Kappa Leadership Institute-Chicago The nationally recognized and Achieving Kappa League Program of the Chicago Alumni Chapter continues to do great work in the nurturing of our future leaders and achievers of tomorrow. For the ninth consecutive year


100% of all the seniors in the Kappa League program have been admitted to a four year College or University. All the Seniors currently in the program for the class of 2013, have already been admitted to at least one college thus far, and we are still awaiting responses from numerous other institutions for additional admission opportunities.

Chicago Alumni Chapter Recently the program was encour-

Pennsylvania, through the early deci-

a sound program of excellence and

aged to find out that certain Kappa

sion admission process. In addition

achievement. Additional information

Leaguer’s completing the program

for the sixth year in a row, the Kappa

about the program can be found on

recently, have continued the tradi-

Leadership Institute- Chicago has had

the Kappa League Website:

tion of matriculating on to Ivy league

a Kappa Leaguer chosen as a POSSE


schools, as have previous graduates

Scholar. This is a very prestigious

of the program. In addition, Kappa

honor and the recipient receives a full

Kudos to Brother Rodney Gore, his

Leaguer’s have been awarded POSSE

four year tuition scholarship to one of

Guide Right Committee & the Out-

Scholar winners, for the fourth con-

the POSSE designated Schools.

standing work they are doing with

secutive year, one senior from the

these young men!

Kappa League Institute-Chicago, will

The Kappa Leadership Institute-

be attending and Ivy League Col-

Chicago continues to aggressively

lege. This years outstanding Scholar,

reach out to Freshman, Sophomores

will be attending the University of

and Juniors who are committed to



Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, In c.

2013 North Central Province Council Meeting March 14-17, 2013 ♦ Milwaukee, WI ♦ Hosted by Milwaukee Alumni Chapter Commemorative Ad Booklet Ad Order Form Name of Organization: Chapter (if applicable): Business Address: City: Contact Name: Phone: ( .) .Amount enclosed: $ Special instructions or comments:

State: .

Zip: Fax: (



. . . . . .

. .


Ad Size (Select One): . F ull Page C olor (7 .5 x 4 .5) . Half Page C olor (7 .5 x 1 0)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

$1 75 $1 25

Payment in full is required before ad can be included in book layout. Payment should be made by check or money order only and made payable to Milwaukee Alumni Chapter. Mail completed form and payment to the below address no later than Friday, February 1, 2013. An electronic copy (as you want it to appear in the booklet) of your ad should be emailed to, Include “Province 2013 Electronic Ad” in the subject line. Please format ad layouts as PDF, GIFF, TIFF or JPEG only. If a picture is a part of the ad, please submit a high quality photo (300 dpi or greater). All ads must be submitted on or before Friday, February 1, 2013. Milwaukee Alumni Chapter P.O. Box 16210 Milwaukee, WI 53216 Attn: Quentin Menal If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Quentin Menal at or (414) 255-5924.

Thanks for your support!




Achievement There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world; DeQuince Clay Sr. has repeatedly proved his ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations.

A Behavioral Manager by educational training, DeQuince earned his B.S. in Business Administration at Saint Louis University in 1990, and spent four years as an asset protection manager for multiple retail stores with 1M+ inventories in the cities of Belleville, Fairview Heights and Carbondale, Illinois as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma before making a life changing decision to relocate back to Saint Louis, Missouri; where he could make a larger, positive impact on more people if he transitioned into the banking industry. DeQuince’s career quickly accelerated over the next 14 years to the executive level, and has expanded beyond management of people and networks to leadership outside his employment to other organizations such as Enclaves Alexandria Homeowners Association - Trustee Board Officer 2006 – 2010, St. Louis Black Professional Group - Community Relations & Outreach 2006 – 2008, Beta Nu, 1986- Belleville – O’Fallon Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. - Board Member (2008 – 2010) Polemarch 2010 – 2012 and Province Investigative (i-Team) Committee 2012.

Chicago Metro Chapters Honor Founder Irvin’s Memory with New Memorial Marker 21

Chicago Metro Chapters Honor Founder Irvin’s Memory with New Memorial Marker


Founder Edward G. Irvin, the

home. Brothers would assist

with a headstone, designated

last Founder to enter the

with his personal matters, run

as a lawn level marker. This

Chapter Invisible in 1982, was

errands, assemble to sing the

memorial provided Founder

a long time resident of the city

Sweetheart Song to his wife,

Irvin’s name, his years of birth

of Chicago and member of the

Maywilla, or to simply be in

and death, represented his

Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter.

his presence to acquire some

affiliation with the U.S. Army,

Prior to his passing, numerous

Kappa knowledge.

his devotion as a Christian as

Brothers would regularly visit

Upon his death, Founder

well as the Kappa diamond,

Founder Irvin at his south side

Irvin’s family provided him

representing his membership.

Chicago Metro Chapters Honor Founder Irvin’s Memory with New Memorial Marker The Brothers of the Chicago- Past North Central Province and was promised that the Metro Chapters discussed Polemarch, Michael Hughes, Sr., new memorial would contain the possibility of providing presented the idea to Founder all of the previously listed Founder Irvin with a memorial Irvin’s daughter, Mrs. Dorothy information as the old marker. that would honor his memory Mannyweather and asked North Central Province Historian, commensurate to his stature as her permission to replace the Kevin Scott and Brother Hughes a Founder of Kappa Alpha Psi existing headstone with a more collaborated to design the new Fraternity, Inc.

On behalf of elaborate memorial, befitting memorial and planned the

the Chicago-Metro Chapters, his prominence. She agreed Memorial Dedication service.


On December 8, 2012, the Chicago (IL), Gary (IN), Harvey-Markham nephew, Charles Irvin (ΓΝ, Spr Metro Chapters hosted Founder (IL), Joliet (IL), Maywood-Wheaton ‘12). Brother Irvin took part in the Irvin’s Memorial Dedication to (IL), Richton Park (IL), and program alongside NCP Jr. Vice formally unveil the memorial at Waukegan (IL) Alumni Chapters), Polemarch, Brandon Bradford, Burr Oak Cemetery, Alsip, IL. In all, the Milwaukee and Madison (KΦ), ΘZ Polemarch Marcardo 139 Brothers were present for the (WI) Alumni as well as from Thomas and NCP Undergraduate ceremony, led by North Central other chapters from downstate Board Member Justin McDonald Province Polemarch, Korlon L. Illinois and 39 Brothers from (KΦ).

Each of the Chicago

Kilpatrick, II. The Brothers in the Lansing, Detroit and Grand Metro Polemarchs presented attendance represented the Rapids (MI) Alumni Chapters. Mrs. Mannyweather with a red 10 Chicago Metro Chapters Also present for the memorial, carnation and the throng of (Chicago (IL), Chicago Heights was Mrs. Mannyweather and Brothers serenaded her with the (IL), Evanston (IL), Evergreen Park Founder Irvin’s great-great Sweetheart Song.


The memorial was draped last name on the front; the of birth and death and his with a blanket adorned with Fraternity’s Coat of Arms and specific relationship to Kappa the Coat of Arms, raising the the symbol for the U.S. Army Alpha Psi. To the immediate anticipation of the unveiling. are on the left and right top left of the scroll is a leaning Once the blanket was lifted, portions respectively. Adorning cross and trailing arbutus. Brothers rushed toward the the side of the top slab adjacent Following the conclusion of memorial to get a good look to each of the symbols are the service, Brothers captured and take photos. The memorial “KAΨ” and “U.S. Army”. Directly this historic event in numerous chosen was a granite bench, underneath the Founder’s photographs and went to local and is India Red in color. The last name is a horizontal restaurants to fellowship and top slab prominently features scroll with the Founder’s first break bread together. engraving of the Founder’s name, middle initial, years


North Central Province Historian, Kevin Scott and Brother Hughes collaborated to design the new memorial and planned the Memorial Dedication service.


North Centeral Province Polemarch Korlon Kirkpatrick, Historian Kevin Scott, The Grandnephew of Founder Irvin Charles P. Irvin, and Founder Irvin’s daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Mannyweather.


Belleville O’fallon Alumni Chapter



NU Chapter

The Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi adopted a family for Christmas this year. Money was raised by the brothers and presents were provided where they otherwise wouldn’t be available. The effort was led by Marquel Thompson.


Achievement Basketball: Much More Than

Just A Game by Larry A. McKenzie

Past Province Polemarch of the North Central Povince Larry McKenzie, the only coach to win four back-to-back state titles in the 99 year history of the Minnesota State Boys Basketball tournament is sharing his success strategies for "winning" on the court and in life. Much More than just a Game is a must read for young athletes and their parents navigating the game. Incorporating 10 life lessons, Coach McKenzie shows why Basketball is merely a metaphor and a tool that can be used to transform lives. A coach, educator, author and speaker, McKenzie, the only coach to win four straight state titles in the 99-year history of the Minnesota State Boys Basketball tournament, is sharing his success strategies for "winning" on the court and in life. Coach McKenzie shows why Basketball is merely a metaphor and a tool that can be used to transform lives. He is currently going into his fourth season as the Head coach of Academy of Holy Angels, and was formerly General Manager and Head Coach of the Minnesota Ripknees of the American Basketball Association (A.B.A.).

In nine seasons, Coach McKenzie and his staff developed the Patriots into one of the nation's top high school programs. Under his leadership the Patriots won four consecutive Class A.A.A. State, five Region 5 A.A.A. titles, three Twin Cities titles and six consecutive Minneapolis City Conference titles, finishing with an overall record of 202-34. Prior to the arrival of Coach McKenzie and his staff, the Patriots had not won a State title in 55 years. Under McKenzie's direction, the Patriots established themselves as a team dedicated to hard work, tenacious defense, and a high-octane offense. McKenzie's mission was to develop a championship program while also using basketball as a tool to empower young men to be champions in their classrooms, families, and communities. By developing a highly structured program and a group of dedicated young coaches, the team showed tremendous improvement in the classroom, increasing the team G.P.A. from 1.6 to a 3.1. In just two years 95% of the players had made the A or B honor roll. Available at in hardcover and paperback 31

NATIONAL FOUNDERS DAY 2013 Brothers mix and mingle while entertaining guest.


appa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. celebrated the 102nd

National Founders Day Celebration in St. Louis, MO, January 3 – 6, 2013. Hosted by the St. Louis Alumni Chapter, East St. Louis Alumni Chapter and BellevilleO’Fallon Alumni Chapters, there were over 600 Brothers in town to celebrate this enormous Grand Occasion.


On Thursday, January 3rd the Nupes hosted the Grown & Sexy Mixer at the Kappa House. Brothers from around the country showed up to make this a successful night. This was the first opportunity for Brothers to mix and mingle while entertaining guest.


On Friday, January 4th we kicked off the Kode Red Party at the Hyatt Regency, downtown. Again, Brothers showed up and showed out.


NATIONAL FOUNDERS DAY 2013 On Saturday, January 5th the This was the party of all parties. National Founders Day Banquet The Hyatt Ballroom was packed was held at the Hyatt Regency with Nupes, friends all as many withover 500 Brothers in at- ladies as there were Brothers. tendance.

Following the Ban-

quet Brothers gathered for the

Kuff Links & Stilletos Party.








Above: Carlos Watson, Polemarch, Middle Eastern Province, Sam Knight, Polemarch, Western Province, Byron White, Polemarch



Brother Hiram Williams (March 6, 1934 – December 10, 2012)

Initiated in the Gamma Sigma Chapter, Fall 1954 (University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff)

He was initiated into the Gamma Sigma Chapter

missed. Our fraternity has lost a distinguished

(University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff) of Kappa

Kappa and the East St. Louis Alumni

Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. on December 16,

Chapter has lost one of its great lumi-

1954. This upcoming Sunday would’ve marked


Brother Williams’ 58th year in the Bond. The East St. Louis Alumni Chapter would like to extend its sincerest condolences to his wife Dr. Ann Williams and the rest of the Williams family. Brother Williams’ acute attention to detail and his appreciation for proper procedure will be truly 38


Monroe James Colston 1933 – 2011 Monroe James Colston, a prominent and longtime leader in the Des Moines area joined the Chapter Invisible on August 9, 2011. He was 77. Brother Colston was a significant contributor to the Des

Moines Alumni Chapter and

active in the many community organizations. Early in his career after accepting a position with the Des Moines Boy Scouts of America, he served as the first African American District Scout Executive. His work and successes in this area came to the attention of the power brokers in Des Moines, who targeted him for a position with the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce as Manager of Urban Affairs. He rapidly moved up the ladder to become Vice President and Secretary of the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce Federation. After retirement he became the first president of the greater Des Moines Community Foundation. Brother Colston was a consultant to the U.S. Justice Department on conflict resolutions; taught in

Trainer. Monroe received many awards and citations for his service and leadership. His family was selected Iowa’s All American Family; he received the Kappa Man of the Year Award from the Des Moines Alumni; received two Presidential Citations from Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter at the White House, honoring his work for the National Alliance of Business. He received the United Negro College Fund’s highest honor, the “Frederick D. Patterson Award.” The American Institute of Business honored him by creating the Monroe Colston Diversity Scholarship and the list continues. A Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, he was

initiated at Psi Chapter, University of Minnesota in 1953.

the Polk County High School Equivalency Program and traveled the country as a Human Relations


CHAPTER INVISIBLE William “Bill” E. Miller Initiated Epsilon Iota 1965 Evansville (IN) Alumni Chapter Past Polemarch of Evansville Alumni Chapter and former member of the Board of Directors of the North Central Province

Dr. William “Bill” E. Miller, a charter member and past Polemarch of Evansville Alumni Chapter and former mem-

He assisted in the design and planning

ber of the Board of Directors of the North Central Province,

of Culver Elementary School (K-8), which

entered the Chapter Invisible on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

was later used as a model for replication

Brother Miller is survived by his wife of 59 years, Mrs. Mattie

at Daniel Wertz Elementary School (K-8).

Miller of Evansville, IN; son, Kori of Los Angeles, CA; grandson, He also participated in a National EducaBranden of Michigan; sisters, Florence Terry of Racine, WI;

tion study tour of nine countries in West

Cora Cunningham of Henderson, KY and Lorine Williams of

Africa and the World Congress of Teach-

Pomona, CA.

ing Professions in Lome’, Togo. Brother

A life member, Brother Miller is a 1965 initiate of the University of Evansville chapter, the Epsilon Iota of Kappa Alpha Psi. There, he received BA and MA degrees in Education. Among his many accomplishments in life, Brother Miller was the first African-American to be elected to the Vanderburgh County Council. He continued this standard of excellence and achievement throughout his life and career in the Evansville area. He served as President of the Evansville Board of Public Safety, Chairman of the Police Merit Commission, Construction Chairman, Vice President of the Board of Directors and Curator of the Evansville African American Museum. Brother Miller was a recipient of the Indiana Industrial Arts Teacher of the Year award. 40

Miller received an Honorary Doctorate of Law Degree from the University of Southern Indiana for educating students and his commitment to community service.

Funeral services were held March 17, 2012 at Liberty Missionary Baptist Church where he was a lifelong member, having served for over 65 years.

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