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innovative structure. Less does mean more. The Tango’s small, lightweight size and innovative look means there are no physical barriers between communicators. Instead, the design lets people devote their attention to the message being shared, rather than the speech device being used to share it. The six-button layout of the Tango means faster communication with fewer distractions. The structure speeds up the selection process, helping you quickly say just what you want to – the way you want to – in no time. Tango’s symbols were developed by animation illustrators from the education and entertainment industry, making them especially appealing to children and young adults.

Fewer buttons doesn’t mean fewer features. The Tango features the first ever built-in camera on a speech device. Take photos with your Tango, and save and organize them in Photo Albums right on your device. Then, share stories, events and memories even more vividly with parents, teachers, friends and neighbors.

Cool Customization.


Be just who you want to be. A communicator’s language skills mature as they grow. The Tango offers a wide range of content, symbol and voice options that meet the unique needs of different age groups. Choose content and symbols appropriate to your current age, and take your pick of complementary voices. Then, as you grow, keep the hardware you’ve come to know, and just swap out your Character Card for content, symbols and voice options that suit the current stage of your life.

Amazing power can be amazingly simple. Innovative and intuitive, the Tango’s Phrase-First language structure was developed by a team of experts who recognize the importance of precise communication, but also see the value of efficient communication.

voices. You have to hear it to believe it. The Tango boasts some of the most natural-sounding voices in the industry, ranging from young child to young adult. It features enhanced digitized (recorded) messaging, along with synthesized (computer-generated) speech, all available in different voices that can easily be changed as you grow. Voice Morphing™ technology allows you to record an adult voice and choose any of four transformations to make it sound just like a male or female child’s voice. Capabilities that allow you to whisper, whine and shout messages further support natural communication. You can even adjust the pronunciation of synthesized words and save them to your dictionary so they’re there to stay!

The Phrase-First language structure is the first where symbols represent whole phrases, rather than single words. This easy access to whole phrases helps ensure that messages are exchanged quickly and naturally – the way people talk in everyday situations. Easy to understand and use, it makes navigation simple and hassle-free, while offering opportunities to develop language and literacy skills. • Phrase Banks: Find more than 2,000 common phrases organized by topic for daily communication. • Word Banks: Build sentences with nouns, verbs, modifiers and favorites organized by topic and arranged in lists. • Core Words: Create crisp sentences, or combine these 90 Core Words with Topic Words to build more complex sentences. • Spelling: Create a quick novel message on a powerful Pop-Up keyboard with word prediction.

The DynaVox Difference

Language & Communication

At DynaVox, we believe our products are more than just hardware, software and technology- they are a person’s pathway to a world of expression. This belief inspires us to strive for excellence as we help you build a solid foundation for communication. Our dedication is evident in the support you receive from our Sales Consultants, Funding Specialist, Technical Support Representatives and many others. Your relationship with DynaVox is a partnership that we are privileged to share.

Language and communication should be at the heart of every AAC system. InterAACt is the exclusive language framework used on DynaVox devices and it allows individuals to successfully communicate in everyday activities. InterAACt supports language and literacy growth across all ages and communication independence levels. The power of InterAACt lies in the common elements that support efficient and effective interaction.


To learn more about InterAACt, visit

The all-inclusive, one year DynaCare Certified Unlimited Guarantee covers you for the first year of use. With the DynaCare Extended Service Agreement, you can extend the original one year guarantee for up to one year beyond the original guarantee. Extended service contracts are available for purchase with the device, or after the device is already in use.

Specifications SIZE WEIGHT display screen

Comprehensive Support Successful integration of DynaVox devices is dependent, not only on a user’s commitment to integration, but on the support they receive from DynaVox. We offer the most comprehensive network of sales, training, funding and technical support in the industry.

Battery access methods

Training DynaVox offers flexible training opportunities at a variety of levels and in a variety of formats to help communicators, educators, parents and caregivers get the most out of communication and educational tools. Sessions are Online, On Location or On Demand and tailored to meet your needs and skills as you strengthen communication and enhance learning.

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Speech output

12.8” x 4.4” x 1.9” (32.5cm x 11.2cm x 4.8cm) 2lb. 5.6oz (1.07kg) 5.8” x 2.1” (14.8cm x 5.4cm) / 6.2” (15.7 cm) diagonal 8 hours of normal usage, Removable/swappable battery Direct Selection: Instant activation, Press and hold. Removable Keyguard Plug-and-Play Scanning: Seven patterns for diverse needs. Auto start when switch plugs in. 1 Switch Scanning: Step scan, Step and hold, Step and hold with delay. 2 Switch Scanning: Step scan, Step and hold. Auditory Scanning: All buttons scannable, Volume control. Text to Speech: Customized Acapela speech engine. Enhanced Digitized Speech: Maximize emotion and comprehension.

The cost of a device may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Call 1-866-DYNAVOX for more information, or visit to find your DynaVox Sales Consultant.

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