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Boardmaker Family

4 PCS™ Symbols 5 Assessments 6-7

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Video We’ve created informational videos on several products.

Assistive Technology

8 Behavior Management 9 Classroom Resources

Measures 4".

Specifications Gives the measurements of the specified product.

10 Cognitive Skills 11 Communication Accessories 12 Language 13 Life Skills



Download Products that are available for download.

14 School Curriculum 15 Symbols and Photos 16 Therapy Tools

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Choking Hazard Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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Software Family Every student. Every need. Whether you’re creating symbol-adapted books, working to meet Common Core Standards, or even teaching a new language, the Boardmaker Software Family is here to support you, and your students, every step of the way. VIEW PRODUCT


Boardmaker® Plus!

A real classic for printed materials!

Bring your lessons to life!

a y e r -j o h n






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www .m






TR w

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ohnso n.c er-j ay




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Includes hundreds of time-saving templates, gadgets, tools, and more!

with Speaking Dynamically Pro




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Boardmaker® Studio with 2000-2012 PCS Addendum, Windows





$515 WINTER catalog catalog2014 2014 2 | JANUARY




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Add natural sounding voice to activities for speech output!


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Boardmaker® Studio



Boardmaker ® Create boards and print.


Boardmaker ® Plus!


Create boards and activities– either print or play on a computer.

Boardmaker ® with Speaking Dynamically Pro Create boards and activities and adds natural sounding voices for speech output.


+ Print

+ Play




Boardmaker ® Studio


150+ Templates






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ohnso n.c er-j ay


Both engaging and academically aligned, Literacy Lab is a comprehensive literacy instructional program designed to help all students realize the goal of independent and meaningful reading and writing. With nearly 1,000 books and activities, Literacy Lab provides 30-50 weeks of instruction at each of 3 instructional levels.

+ Voice


Literacy Lab


www .m




Create professional-looking boards and activities faster and easier using pre-programmed tools and 100s of pre-made templates in every instructional area.

a y e r -j o h n


PCS™ Symbols

Shop all PCS™ Symbols collections at



PCS™ Classic: 2000-2012 Addendum Bundle The PCS™ Classic: 2000-2012 PCS™ Addendum Bundle adds over 7,000 powerful communication symbols to the pre-loaded PCS™ symbol library on your Boardmaker products. The PCS™ Addendum Bundle makes communicating and participating in classroom activities easier than ever. M1MJ712

$125 Requires Boardmaker Studio, Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus!, or Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v.6 or higher. Downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

PCS™ Classic: 2012 Addendum Add over 650 new symbols to your PCS™ library! M1MJ711


PCS™ High Contrast PCS™ High Contrast offers a core library of over 1,450 symbols that are drawn with bright colors and minimal detail. These symbols are easier to see than standard symbols and offer a range of vocabulary topics to enable individuals with low vision or visual impairment to participate in a variety of communication settings. M1MJ713

$29 Requires Boardmaker Studio, Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus!, or Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v.6 or higher. Downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

PCS™ ThinLine: Set 1 & 2 Add over 5,300 symbols to your PCS™ library with the new PCS™ ThinLine: Set 1 and 2 symbol collection. ThinLine symbols are designed with a clean, more detailed look to appeal to anyone. M1MJ716

$260 Requires Boardmaker Studio, Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus!, or Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v.6 or higher. Downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable.

PCS™ Sign Language Symbols, Volumes I-III Bundle The PCS™ Sign Language Symbols, Volumes I-III Bundle includes over 4,300 symbols designed to reinforce sign language. Each volume features American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed Exact English (SEE) symbols. M109

$99 Requires Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus! or Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v.5 or higher.

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Shop all Assessments products at


TASP: Test of AidedCommunication Symbol Performance

CASL: Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language

TASP helps professionals determine students' strengths and weaknesses in using symbols to communicate so they can make better decisions about the symbols and communication systems their students need.

The CASL is an individually administered, researchbased oral language assessment battery ideal for measuring delayed language, spoken language disorders, dyslexia and aphasia. Ages 3-0 to 21.

Includes reproducible subtests (with basals and ceilings), case study examples, manual, answer sheet (for completion during testing) and assessment folder.

Includes 15 tests for measuring comprehension, expression and retrieval skills in four structural categories: Lexical/Semantic, Syntactic, Supralinguistic and Pragmatic.





SSI-4: Stuttering Severity Instrument - Fourth Edition

TONI-4: Test of Nonverbal Intelligence - Fourth Edition

SSI-4 is a reliable and valid norm-referenced stuttering assessment that can be used for both clinical and search purposes. Ages 2 to 10+.

TONI-4 is a practical, easy-to-use, norm-referenced instrument that measures an individual’s intelligence. Ages 6-0 to 89-11.

Includes Examiner’s Manual and Picture Plates, 50 Test Records and Frequency Computation Forms, Subjective Stuttering Scales and Computerized Scoring of Stuttering Severity (Software Version 2.0).

Includes Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, Critical Reviews and Research Findings (1982-2009), 50 Form A Answer Booklets and Record Forms, 50 Form B Answer Booklets and Record Forms.





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Assistive Technology

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PODD PODD gives special educators templates and guidelines for creating, customizing and implementing communication books with non-verbal students. F1AU100

$300.95 Compatible with Mac and Windows. Requires Boardmaker v.5 or higher.

BIGmack and LITTLEmack Communicator

LITTLEmack Communicator X0AB127

The BIGmack and LITTLEmack Communicators are designed to simplify the selection process for students who require alternative access. Record messages up to two minutes and press the activation surface for easy playback.


Each includes four interchangeable tops.

BIGmack Communicator X0AB126


GoTalk® The GoTalk®, a lightweight and portable communication tool, includes core message keys that remain constant and make recording and playing back easy - great for "hello" or "all done". Also features five levels for recording, whole level erasing, and built-in overlay storage. Includes storage for overlays and a built-in keyguard. X0AT105


GoTalk® 4+

GoTalk® 32+





GoTalk® 20+

GoTalk® 9+




GoTalk® Carry Stand



PCS not included. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

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Assistive Technology

Tech/Talk 6x8

Step-by-Step™ with Levels

Lightweight, portable, and durable, the Tech/Talk 6x8 has 6 recording levels and 8 message cells, letting you record up to 48 messages (each up to 4.5 seconds long).

Step-by-Step™ with Levels is ideal for pre-recording sequential messages, or for recording and storing sequential messages that are used on a regular basis. Features three message levels that support four minutes of recording time.

Includes Tech Overlay Designer software for making custom overlays.

Includes four switch tops - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

X0706 Black



$199.95 Weighs 0.4 lbs. Measures 13.5 x 8 x 3. Weighs 2.5 lbs.

Switch Interface Pro 6.0

iTalk2™ Communicator

With five ports that let you plug in multiple switches, the Switch Interface Pro 6.0 delivers total flexibility as you emulate everything from a single-click to a return.

With two minutes of recording time, this dualmessage communicator gives users the freedom to choose between two activities, snacks, stories and more.

Each interface comes with the cables needed for connecting to the computer.





Weighs 0.3 lbs.

Connects via USB port.

Measures 2.5" x 2.5".

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Behavior Management

Original Yacker Tracker®

Time Timer Audible The Time Timer Audible is a visual timer with an audible cue that shows (and tells) students just how much time is left. Just watch the red disappear as time elapses. X0TT107

3" Personal

Designed to help you control the noise in your classroom, the Original Yacker Tracker® lets you select the appropriate sound level for any given situation and acts like an audio-visual reminder when the noise level gets too high. Includes AC adapter.




Self-standing or wall-mountable. Optional face stickers for lights.


8" Original


Measures 5.75” L x 5” W x 19.75” H. Weighs 3.5 lbs.





Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Deluxe Yacker Tracker® Allows teachers to operate the unit from a distance using a remote control. X8LV140


Pocket Timer Perfectly pocket-sized, the Pocket Timer is a super simple timer used for counting up or down so students know when their time is up. Includes button battery.

Measures 2.5” x 2.5” x .5”.



Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock The Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock helps students manage time in a new way with bright, long-lasting lights that give visual cues to show how much time is left to complete a task. Features green, yellow and red sections, each of which can be programmed to represent a different portion of time, and sound effects that play each time a section changes colors. X8LR121

$39.95 Requires adapter or four AA batteries (not included).

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Shop all Classroom Resources products at

Classroom Resources

White VELCRO® Brand Coins and Strips With adhesive-backed VELCRO Brand Coins and Strips, print, laminate and attach Picture Communication Symbols (PCS™) to schedules, books, visual schedules, and more!



Includes 1,440 pieces.

Includes 25 yards.







Hook Side

Loop Side


Hook Side

Loop Side








Small Space™ Place

iAdapter 4

Designed to help you keep your classroom tidy and organized, the Small Space™ Place creates storage opportunities for those in-between areas.

The iAdapter 4 is made from high impact ABS plastic that is designed to help protect your iPad 2 and iPad with Retina Display from the damage of everyday wear and tear. Special features include a high fidelity dual amplified sound system, and a slide cover that can hide the Home button to keep users from accidently leaving the current application. Includes molded handle and shoulder strap, table stand, and USB Charging adapter and wire.


$308.95 X8ED198

Measures 14" L x 32" H.

$11.95 Made of nylon.

Talk Block™ The Talk Block™ is a recordable block that reaches beyond simple listening and speaking practice by providing visual reinforcement. Insert your favorite Picture Communication Symbol (PCS™), image or photo and record.

Measures 3.3” L x 3.3” W x 1” H.

Includes 30 seconds of recording time. Wall mountable. Comes in five vibrant colors (blue, red, green, orange and purple). X8LR317

Set of 5




Requires three AAA batteries (not included). Colors may vary.

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Cognitive Skills

Shop all Cognitive Skills products at

ColorCards速 Created by language professionals and teachers, ColorCards速 are uniquely designed to help develop language and social skills. Each set features convenient and compact photographs of real objects, people, situations and activities to help maximize the educational benefit for students and adults of all abilities. Each deck includes laminated photocards with rounded corners, CD with individual worksheets and instruction booklet.



What are They Thinking?






Cause & Effect


Problem Solving

$49.95 Cards measure 8'' x 11.5''.


What's Wrong?


ColorCards速 Sequences ColorCards速 Sequences are arranged as four six-step sequences and three eight-step sequences and provide excellent opportunities for language work including syntax, grammar, vocabulary and time concepts. X6SP136


6 & 8 Step for Children

6 & 8 Step for Adults



10 | WINTER catalog 2014

Shop all Communication Accessories products at

Communication Accessories

Portable Choice/Display Board Excellent for storyboards, literacy activities and more, the Portable Choice/Display Board offers convenience with VELCRO® brand-friendly features. The nylon exterior is durable and easy-to-clean, and the webbing handles makes it truly portable. Includes carrying handle. X8AR133

$77.95 PCS not included. Made of nylon.

Measures 48" x 16" (open).

Tri-fold Literacy/Choice Board A great resource for teachers, the Tri-fold Literacy/Choice Board is a self-standing board, with a base and two sides, made of VELTEX® brand display fabric. It accommodates sentence strips, schedules, stories and more, letting you pre-arrange symbols for easy transitions between activities.

Standard size measures 4" x 16".

Large size measures 12" x 6".







PCS not included.

PCS not included.

Communication Board Add durability to your paper communication boards by inserting them into this plastic sleeve. Great for the communicator on the go, this plastic protector fits one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and features pockets on both sides. M773

$10 PCS not included. Displays one letter-sized grid on each side.

Measures 10” x 11.5”.

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11 | WINTER catalog 2014


Shop all Language products at

The Entire World of WH Questions™ Activity Set Introduce students to the most basic concepts of "WH-" questions with The Entire World of WH Questions™ Activity Set. Features Activity Book, Change-a-Story Flip Book, WH - Visual Cue Cards and Interactive Game Boards. X4SR119


GeoSafari® Smart Talk™

Thumball™: Who Are You?

The GeoSafari Smart Talk lets students practice listening and speaking skills with vocabulary cards that slide right into the GeoSafari Smart Talk station. Truly interactive, every GeoSafari Smart Talk station features a child-friendly interface, high-quality audio, flashing lights and fun sound effects.

Printed on each panel of a Thumball is a word, graphic, photo or logo relating to a specific subject. Toss it in your hands and read what is written on the panel beneath your thumb. Answer for yourself or ask another player the question.


Includes 32 panels.

Includes headphone jacks and activity guide. Measures 4" in diameter. VIEW PRODUCT







$85.95 Requires three AA batteries (not included) or AC adapter. Cards (sold separately) cover people, places, things, actions, opposites, colors, shapes numbers and more.

Conversation Cubes Get students talking about their experiences and perspectives using soft, foam Conversation Cubes. With different topics printed on each side, these colorful cubes feature engaging questions like "What are you most proud of?" Includes six cubes with 36 questions and activity guide.

Cubes measure 1.63”. X8LR112


12 | WINTER catalog 2014

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Life Skills

Five Finger Typist 2.2 Five Finger Typist 2.2 is a typing tutor that teaches one-handed touch typing on the standard keyboard for individuals who only have use of one hand. This program contains a structured and comprehensive set of typing exercises for right or left hand use. All ages. X1SF100

$88.95 Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 bit). Mac OS 10.3 or higher (compatible with Mac OS “Leopard” 10.5).

Look 'n Cook Package Let non-readers and students challenged by learning and memory, with little or no experience in cooking, try their hands in the kitchen! Covers food preparation, meal planning and shopping, and guides students in the kitchen with step-by-step illustrations and color-coding. Includes the Look ‘n Cook Cookbook , Look ‘n Cook Lesson Plans and Look 'n Cook DVD Set.

Edmark Functional Words Series - Job and Work Words Kit This kit helps you successfully teach the vocabulary necessary for independent community living. Using the proven Edmark Reading Program multi-sensory technique, students can learn to recognize 400 functional words seen in the grocery store, on menus, on the job and on common street and building signs. Includes 100 Word Recognition Lessons, 300 reproducible worksheets, and a Teacher's Guide.





Kimochis™ Mixed Feeling Packs Fun and powerful communication tools, Kimochis™ mixed feeling packs were designed to share with students, family and friends and build emotional vocabulary! A great resource for teaching about feelings with groups, feelings include Happy, Mad, Sad, Loved, Hopeful, Curious, Excited, Sorry, Silly, Sleepy, Cranky and Brave. X8PF111


Mixed Bag of Mini Feelings

Mini Feelings Tub



Includes 12 feelings.

Includes 36 feelings.

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School Curriculum

Shop all School Curriculum products at

ALL: Accessible Literacy Learning Reading Program Reading is critical to any learner's success, and communication difficulties often make learning to read challenging. Designed to support verbal students, as well as nonverbal students who use AAC, the ALL Reading Program eliminates the need for verbal responses so every student - even those who can't speak can experience the joy of reading success. Includes a comprehensive guide, six skill binders, measurable goals easily adapted for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), teaching scripts for every component skill, progress-tracking tools and guidance for adjusting lessons based on student performance.



Was $695

Now $499

Edmark Reading Program Software – School Version Widely regarded as the "one that works," the Edmark Reading Program Software Levels 1 and 2 helps students who need an alternative to phonics. The program ensures success to students of all ages who have not yet mastered beginning reading. The key to this success is the program’s use of a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with errorless learning. The School Edition is a 2 CD-ROM set. Each CD records the progress of 100 students. Includes Overview, Mastery Test, 5 Lesson Plan/Record Books, Word Recognition Books 1-3, Picture Match cards and boards, Phrase Match cards and boards, Stories 1-3, Reading and Social Skills Games, 2 Display Masks, Word Signs DVD, 5 The Rides and certificates. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7. Mac OS X, Mac OS 7.5.5 - 9.X, Mac 10.1.X, Mac 10.2.X (Mac 10.1.5 recommended- DOES NOT run on Macs beyond 10.2.X (including LION).



Level 1

Level 2



Writing with Symbols Bundle The Writing with Symbols Bundle includes Communicate: SymWriter and Communicate: In Print 2!

Communicate: SymWriter

Communicate: In Print 2

A talking word processor that matches symbols to words to help students increase comprehension and fluency as they build reading and writing skills! Includes more than 8,000 Widgit Literacy Symbols.

Create books with pages that face one another while using symbols to encourage independence in desktop publishing. Includes 7,000 Widgit Literacy Symbols and 1,500 Widgit Pictures. R1WD101




Windows 98 or higher.

Windows 98 or higher.



$319.95 Windows XP, Vista or 7.

14 | WINTER catalog 2014

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Picture This... Professional Edition

Symbols and Photos

Flip ‘n Talk Kit

Includes more than 5,000 photographs.

The Flip 'n Talk Kit is a manual augmentative communication system that organizes vocabulary for individuals who need no-tech and low-tech augmentative and alternative communication support. The kit features the Flip ‘n Talk Book (small or large), Flip ‘n Talk Add-on CD for Boardmaker, color PCS labels, communication strips and a vinyl communication board.





Large Kit - Yellow

Small Kit - Blue



Holds 175 PCS measuring 2".

Holds 150 PCS measuring 1" - 1.25".

Picture This... Professional Edition features thousands of photos that make creating your own communication boards, picture schedules, and more easier than ever. Covers categories like actions, holidays, money, travel and many more.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT or Windows XP. Mac OS X, Mac OS 8.5 up to Mac OS 9.

ColorCards® Created by language professionals and teachers, ColorCards® are uniquely designed to help develop language and social skills. Each set features convenient and compact photographs of real objects, people, situations and activities to help maximize the educational benefit for students and adults of all abilities. Includes 48 cards.

Visual Suite DVD The Visual Suite DVD features more than 15,000 distraction-free images from our most popular photo CDs: Picture This Professional, Visual Essentials, Visual Foods and Places You Go, Things You Do. Use these pictures to create communication boards, supplement activities and more!

Everyday Objects

Includes four CDs and a bonus section with more than 700 photos from various categories.




$179.95 Windows XP or higher (including Vista and Windows 7). Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (including 10.5 and 10.6).


Basic Verbs


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15 | WINTER catalog 2014

Therapy Tools

Shop all Therapy Tools products at

Classroom Light Filters Reduce eyestrain and diffuse the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting by attaching Classroom Light Filters, a heat resistant fabric, to standard ceiling lighting. Great for students with sensory issues and autism, Classroom Light Filters turns any classroom into a relaxing atmosphere for learning. X6ED216


Tranquil Blue

Whisper White



The Entire World of R™ Packs Select The Entire World of R™ Pack that is right for you and get every tool you need to start - and turbo-charge - your R therapy!

Premium Pack

Program Set

Features The Entire World of R™ Book of Elicitation Techniques, The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening, The Entire World of R™ Playing Card System and The Entire World of R™ Stickers.

Features The Entire World of R™ Book of Elicitation Techniques, The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening with Elicitation Probe, The Entire World of R™ Screening Kit, The Entire World of R™ Playing Card System, The Entire World of R™ Flip Books and The Entire World of™ Stickers. X8SR139




Weighted Washable Body Blanket (Unscented) Diffuse tension and help promote a sense of calmness by using the Weighted Washable Body Blanket, a cozy, weighted blanket designed to enhance sensory integration. This blanket is perfect for bundling up while promoting relaxation and sensory feedback.

See-Scape The See-Scape helps you detect nasal emission of air during speech, providing instant feedback that eliminates the need for lengthy explanations of the problem to the client, and gives an objective assessment of nasal emission. Includes two sets and a manual with directions for use, testing procedure and treatment approach. F8PE142

$119.95 The nasal tip and flexible tubing are to be used once and then disposed of.

Measures 9’’ H.



Measures 30’’ x 40’’. Weighs 5 lbs.



Replacement Kit

$34.95 16 | WINTER catalog 2014

Includes six sets of additional nasal tips and tubes.

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