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Type, Talk, Thrive!

“I have so much to say and do! Now it is so easy to get out and share experiences with others. I just type and speak – it’s that easy!”

The new DynaWrite 2.0 has the power and features to communicate with ease. • Access methods include the integrated keyboard, automatic and 2-switch onscreen scanning for a range of communicators.

• Control your television, stereo and all of your favorite appliances with built in infrared (IR).

• Acapela HQ voices provide the best available quality for a keyboard based speech device.

• Connect Dyn®aWrite2.0 to your PC for emailing, word processing and all your favorite applications using DynaVox BeTheKey technology and a DynaVox AccessIT€™.

• Feel at ease speaking in a crowd - DynaWrite 2.0 speakers are powerful enough for almost any situation. • Compose messages efficiently with rate enhancement features like word prediction, abbreviation expansion and spell-checker.

• Operate your telephone with the PhoneIT accessory. • Use the built-in microphone and Voice Retention Technology®® from DynaVox to bank up to an hour of digitized voice recordings of favorite phrases, expressions, or stories.

The new DynaWrite 2.0 makes communication easier than ever! Presenting a range of new features, including on- screen scanning, Zoom, and bright screen display the DynaWrite 2.0 sets a new standard for keyboard-based communication. The DynaVox Difference

Language & Communication

At DynaVox, we believe our products are more than just hardware, software and technology - they are a person’s pathway to a world of expression. This belief inspires us to strive for excellence as we help you build a solid foundation for communication. Our dedication is evident in the support you receive from our Sales Consultants, Funding Specialists, Technical Support Representatives and many others. Your relationship with DynaVox is a partnership that we are privileged to share.

At DynaVox, we believe that language and communication should be at the heart of every AAC system. InterAACt is the exclusive language framework used on DynaVox devices. This framework allows individuals to successfully communicate in everyday activities. InterAACt supports language and literacy growth across all ages and communication independence levels. The power of InterAACt lies in the common elements that support efficient and effective interaction.


To learn more about InterAACt, visit

The all-inclusive, one year DynaCare Certified Unlimited Guarantee covers you for the first year of use. With the DynaCare Extended Service Agreement, you can extend the original one year guarantee for up to four years beyond the original guarantee. Extended service contracts are available for purchase on a year-by-year basis, or in multi-year packages, offering you peace of mind that is priceless.

Comprehensive Support

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Successful integration of DynaVox devices is dependent not only on a user’s commitment to integration, but on the support they receive from DynaVox. We offer the most comprehensive network of sales, training, funding and technical support in the industry.

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DynaVox offers flexible training opportunities at a variety of levels and in a variety of formats to help communicators, educators, parents and caregivers get the most out of communication and educational tools. Sessions are Online, On Location or On Demand and tailored to meet your needs and skills as you strengthen communication and enhance learning.



each device ships with:

9”x12.4”x3.25” (22.9x31.5x8.3 cm) 2.2 lbs (1 kg) ~7 hours (Backlight on),~ 9 hours (Backlight off) Rechargeable Lithium Ion 6.2" (15.7 cm) diagonal 640 x 240 128 MB Keyboard, Visual and Auditory Scanning, Automatic and 2 Switch Scanning Acapela HQ synthesized voices (Adult and Child) AC 100-240V~, 1.0 A, 50/60Hz Dual USB type A host port, USB type B device port, 2 standard switch ports, serial port, external speaker port, infrared

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES • USB Flash Drive • Power Adapter with Power Cord • Handle • Shoulder Strap Documentation (printed) • User’s Guide WARRANTY • DynaCare - 1 year

Accessories AccessIT™

150129 1/14 US,CA,UK

2100 Wharton Street • Suite 400 • Pittsburgh, PA 15203 1.866.396.2869 •




The cost of a device may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Call 1-866-DYNAVOX for more information, or visit to find your DynaVox Sales Consultant.

DynaWrite 2.0 Product Brochure  

DynaWrite 2.0 overview, benefits and specs

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