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Dear Sorors, Supporters and Friends, It is with great sadness that I pen this letter. During my recent visit to Baton Rouge, I was struck by the warmth, generosity and hospitality of its residents. I experienced what I believe is the hallmark of any true, Southern city – family values and old-fashioned neighborliness. Unfortunately, due to recent events, another view of Baton Rouge has taken the world stage – one of fear and possible injustice. At 12:35 on the morning of July 5th, 37-year old Alton Sterling was killed in an encounter with police at a local convenience store. Accounts of the story differ widely but Sterling, known affectionately as the “CD man” to neighborhood residents, was described by many as an “allaround good guy” and a “gentle giant.” There is bystander footage of the exchange, showing Mr. Sterling being wrestled to the ground by police, and the shooting itself is captured on video. For those most sensitive among us, I urge you to refrain from viewing. The tragic death of Mr. Sterling makes him the 558th person to die at the hands of American law enforcement in 2016 alone. 558 people, and July has just begun. It is time for sweeping change. The time has come for a reevaluation of law enforcement training and methodology nationwide. Use of deadly force must be viewed as the option of last resort. The system, as it stands, is not working for a large segment of the population. This cannot continue. Now is the time to have the uncomfortable, and necessary, conversation about the effects of race and class on police field procedure. Sadly, we must also educate ourselves and the youth in our care on the “rules of engagement” when dealing with police, in hopes that will mitigate the possibility of them being irreparably harmed. Over the next several weeks, the Baton Rouge Police Department will conduct their investigation into the shooting, during which time the two officers involved will remain on administrative

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Kappa Theta Epsilon Expresses Condolences Over the Shooting of Alton Sterling  

Kappa Theta Epsilon Expresses Condolences Over the Shooting of Alton Sterling