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Bill Engvall (Xi – Southwestern ‘76), on his journey from Blue Collar to the Ballroom and how he remains, just a brother. Volume CXVVI | Number 1 | Published Since 1879

The 1865 Trust | Member Profile

Blake Benney

(Gamma Lambda – North Texas ’86)

hh Loyal Order #1137 hh Member, Alumni Advisory Committee hh Vice President, North Texas Alumni Chapter hh Member, 1865 Trust What has KA meant to you through the years and while in college? KA has meant a great deal to me. Probably too much to share on one page. I gained many skillsets outside the classroom during college thanks to my experience in KA. Specifically, the leadership experience and regular public speaking opportunities still benefit me today in my professional life. Most of my best friends to this day are KA’s. I was initiated nearly 30 years ago, and still have contact with most of my closer brothers on almost a daily basis. It’s not a cliché to say you get as much out of KA as you give. What do you choose to support the KAOEF? It’s important to ensure that the next generations of young KA’s are given the same or better opportunities than I was afforded as an undergrad. Not just academic scholarships, but also the Emerging Leaders Academy, Number I’s Leadership Institute and The Crusade all benefit active members. Why did you join The 1865 Trust? I joined the trust because I want to leave a legacy that goes beyond current giving. By giving to the 1865 Trust, I know that my gift will be utilized directly to help current KA members, hopefully for generations to come.

Blake & Carrie Benney, with their sons Cameron, 11, and Seth, 6.

of supporting our respective organizations. Strong alumni engagement equals generationally strong chapters, and vice versa.

How does your spouse feel about supporting KAOEF? My wife is a Chi Omega, so she understands the importance

What would you tell someone who asks, “Why should I support KAOEF?” You should support KAOEF because it directly benefits those who share the same values and beliefs as you.

WHAT IS THE 1865 TRUST? The 1865 Trust recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future by making a meaningful planned gift to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Their entrance into the ranks of the 1865 Trust bears powerful testimony to the charitable expressions of their values, ideals, and commitment to Kappa Alpha Order’s future.

Membership in the 1865 Trust recognizes those who have made provisions for a planned gift of $10,000 or more to the KAOEF. To date, 140 exceptional alumni have joined the 1865 Trust. Most of our alumni in the 1865 Trust will fulfill their gift through one of the most common and perhaps easiest ways of making a planned gift, by naming the KAOEF in their wills or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA.



If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust, or if you wish to join the over 140 KA brothers who have already become members, please contact Ben W. Satcher Jr., Chief Development Officer at the KAOEF, either by phone, (540) 463-1865, or by e-mail,


Photo courtesy of © ABC/Adam Taylor

Table of Contents

16 features 6 | Knowledge & Confidence


2014 kicks off with training for Number Is.

16 | Just a Brother Bill Engvall (Xi – Southwestern ‘76), his journey from Blue Collar to the Ballroom and how he remains, just a brother.

3 | From the Editor 6 | Our Order 13 | Conferral of the Knight Commander’s Accolades

Florida State alumni gathering nears 10 year anniversary.


30 | A High Seas Legend Stan Miller (Beta Sigma – Southern California ‘44) sets a stellar example of excellence and gentlemanly conduct for the rest of us to aspire.

24 | Alumni News 33 | On Campus 48 | Sports Page 53 | Our Legacy 54 | Chapter Eternal

33 | Leader of the Pack & Mr. Ole Miss

55 | From the Archives

Two KAs recognized as leaders on their campus.


Brier (Zeta Eta – Penn State ‘95) recently won Gold in Boardercross. Cover photo courtesy of ABC/Adam Taylor



58 | Housing 59 | Remembering the Reason 60 | 150 Years of History


56 | Foundation Today

48 | Penn State Brother Excels at Little-Known Sport


2 | Knight Commander’s Message 4 | Connections

24 | The Boys of Buffalo Creek


Knight Commander's Message

Dear Brothers, Since the 74th Convention in 2011, Kappa Alpha Order has seen remarkable results in academic performance. Among some of the most noteworthy accomplishments are: As of July 18, 2013, 97% of our chapters exceeded a 2.50 GPA, 80% have a 2.70 or higher, and 74% have a 2.80 or higher. These are the highest percentages ever of chapters achieving these GPAs; We have achieved an overall fraternity GPA exceeding 2.80 for the previous 11 consecutive semesters, and a fraternity GPA exceeding a 2.85 GPA for the previous five consecutive semesters; The number of chapters at or above a 3.00 has increased 48% from fall 2007 to fall 2012; 56 chapters (45%) have improved their overall GPA from spring 2012 to fall 2012 semester; and, Lastly, I’m excited to announce that as of September 1st, we have achieved the highest GPA in the Order’s history with a 2.93! Academic excellence remains a primary objective for the Order, and for me as the Knight Commander. There are ways that you, as an Active Member, can affect our success. As an undergraduate, you can benchmark your personal GPA goals against your chapter’s goals. You should hold fellow members accountable and foster supportive behavior. Finally, balance your time effectively, and seek out resources on campus. I have stated that success in college is a condition of membership in our Order. To meet this objective, we will provide additional academic resources, online and otherwise. We will continue to enhance the role of the Deputy Province Commanders for Academic Affairs. Each chapter will be assisted in developing a strategic academic plan, and we will continue to increase our academic standards, striving to exceed the all-men’s and the all-fraternity grade point averages on each campus. Finally, it is my goal for the Order to achieve an overall 3.0 grade point average by 2015, in time for our Sesquicentennial. After all, excellence is our aim!

EDITOR Jesse S. Lyons CREATIVE DESIGN Tria Designs Inc. CONTRIBUTORS Jay Langhammer Kent McMichael Rick Moore Ben W. Satcher Jr. Stuart Whetsell. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Knight Commander William E. Dreyer Senior Councilor Darren S. Kay Councilors King V. Aiken, Jr. L. Blair Bailey David P. Barksdale Sam O. Leake, Jr. C. Douglas Simmons III National Undergraduate Chairman William G. Oakes KA/KAOEF Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese


William E. Dreyer Knight Commander

HOW TO CONTACT THE JOURNAL Editor, The Kappa Alpha Journal P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-1865 (540) 463-2140 - fax email: TO CHANGE AN ADDRESS Fill out Alumnus Update on the website or send both your new and old address to Lisa Metivier at the above mailing address or to:




Letter from the Editor

The Kappa Alpha Journal (ISSN #0888-8868, USPS #014-747) is an educational journal published four times a year by Kappa Alpha Order, 115 Liberty Hall Rd., Lexington, Virginia. Periodicals postage paid at Lexington, Virginia, and additional mailing offices. The Kappa Alpha Journal seeks to reflect the Kappa Alpha experience by presenting news of active and alumni chapters, individual members, and the national organization; by addressing current issues facing the Greek system and the Order; by educating and entertaining those interested in the welfare of Kappa Alpha; and by serving as a historical record. The Kappa Alpha Journal has been published since 1879. From 1883 to 1885 it was known as The Magazine of Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington College (Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia. Today, Kappa Alpha boasts 125 undergraduate chapters and over 50 alumni chapters across the nation. Volume CXVVI, Number 1 Spring 2014 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Kappa Alpha Order, P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450 Member of

Dear Brothers, In the fall of 1997, I was a version of what many of you loyal readers likely were in your first semester at college. Wandering around the vast expanse of the Western Carolina campus, this wide-eyed college freshman went to class (mostly), then stayed in his dorm (mostly), and on the weekends went home (also mostly). Indeed, the most stimulating event of that fall term was the near burst of my appendix, mistaken as an upset stomach brought on by the delicacies of the nearby dining hall. The harrowing ride with the student EMTs, to the doctor and hospital, included: 1) pain-riddled choice words for the doctor, and then 2) pain reliever-soaked foul words for my parents. I claim minimal memory of both caustic conversations. The annals of history record that fall in Cullowhee, N.C., as a less than memorable first semester. In the spring of 1998, after a well-needed Christmas Break, I was ready to give college another try. Over those wintery weeks that December, I enjoyed a happenstance encounter with an older member of Delta Alpha chapter who was from my hometown. This would become the first conversation I would have with a KA, in reference to KA. Now, how did he pitch joining KA to me? I have no clue. But my memory has reconstructed the conversation to go something like this: “Come on out to the house, you’ll have fun, there is no pressure to join, and you’ll get a lot more out of your time at college—I know I do.” Fast forward to the first visit to the Delta Alpha chapter house, a kindly old manor perched on a hill. Here is a better description: three bedroom ranch starter home, converted garage to chapter room, basement to party room, sitting on the slight rise of a driveway. I met everyone. I was home. I was sold. That story ends another day. But for purposes of wrapping up this ramble, I recount two instances that evening in the valley of the lilies. First, I met the student EMT’s who transported me to the doctor and then the hospital. They were KA brothers and we all joked about the recollection of that ride and my colorful commentary. Second, I was handed, no doubt to help with recruitment, my first issue of The Kappa Alpha Journal. On the cover was Bill Engvall. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have.

Copyright © 2014 Kappa Alpha Order; KAPPA ALPHA® is a registered trademark of Kappa Alpha Order.

Jesse S. Lyons Editor @jesseslyons @kappaalphaorder #KAjournal





THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 2013-2014 SUBMISSION DATES: Issue 1/ Spring – Jan. 25 Issue 2/Summer – April 13 Issue 3/Fall – July 2 Issue 4/Winter – Oct. 15


Connections In early 2014, the Order unveiled its 6th ever website design. Here were some top posts & tweets: KappaAlphaOrder PAUL SAVAGE Definitely a

more modern design and easier to use! I also really love the mobile version; I don’t believe the last site had one. JERRY MCELROY It’s great

to be a Kappa Alpha! ELDON LINDSAY New site

looks great! Thanks for all your hard work. KEVIN ANDREW Looks

good, will save this picture for when I teach website design. KappaAlphaOrder J.W. MURRELL @JDUB_61

@kappaalphaorder Just checked out the new website!! Wheat Barley, brothers! Wheat Barley!! #KA THE NIC @NICFRATERNITY

Well done, @kappaalphaorder! The new site is sharp – as is this overview! ZACH HERFEL @ZHERFEL

The new revamped even works on iPhones! Now I just need to hit the new online store. #emptymypocket @kappaalphaorder ARASH DABIRI @ARASHDABIRI

Loving the new @kappaalphaorder website. Make sure to check it out! Check out page 8 for the overview and explanation!

Substance and Paper Great issue of The Journal. Real substance. Lots of interest. Not to mention the quality of the paper. Feels luxurious with bright vivid colors. Maybe the same quality last issue but I didn’t notice as much last quarter? And, congratulations to [Editor Jesse Lyons (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ‘98)] on his Vice Presidency of the FCA and the awards for The Journal. Well deserved.

of this professional organization. [Jesse] and The Journal represent our Order very well. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work! Jim Lawson, Commander Richard T. Feller Province (Delta Delta – East Tenn. State ’68)

Interfraternal Recognition The Fall 2013 Kappa Alpha Journal was absolutely uplifting. Your “Heroes” articles made me proud to be associated with the fraternity experience and proud to know and count as friends some great KA’s William P. Bernier, CAE Executive Vice President & CEO Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, Inc.

CAPT Sidney E. Wood, USN (Ret.) (Kappa – Mercer ‘54)

Editor’s Note: Sid indeed noticed that we changed the paper in the fall to a “brighter” white. Sid is a perennial Journal supporter. He always reminds us that CAPT is proper for the Navy and CPT is for the rest! Values and Teachings Well Represented I enjoyed reading the fall edition of The Kappa Alpha Journal and commend you on the layout and the quality of the content. Of particular significance to me was “The Heroes in the Strife” feature. It was very well done and communicated a message that no doubt touches every KA reader. I can think of no better example of the Order’s values and teachings in practice. It is easy to understand why The Journal won six communication awards at the 2013 Annual Conference of the Fraternity Communications Association (FCA). Congratulations [to Editor Jesse Lyons (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ‘98)] being elected Vice President


Many thanks for the copies of the latest edition of The Journal. What a fantastic issue! We really appreciate you sharing them with us and were delighted to see the coverage of the interfraternal honor the Order bestowed upon Howard Pickett and Mike Long this past summer. Compliments on an excellent magazine! Brad Beacham Executive Director Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

In Rememberance I write to remember a brother who passed away in Lexington, Kentucky this past year. He was a KA from Kentucky who helped rebuild the chapter in the 1970s. He graduated with honors to become a successful CPA who started his own firm in Lexington and grew it to be one the largest in the region. He was a devoted husband and a father of three. To me, he was a role model 4


and my father-in-law. Next to my own father who is also a KA at the University of Kentucky, he will be an eternal hero of mine. He exemplified everything we stand for as southern gentlemen and I welcome the opportunity to share his remarkable life. He was a father not just to his immediate family, but the entire community which was reflective in the hundreds of people who attended his memorial service in Lexington to show their love and support for his legacy. From his accounting firm, to his church, to the YMCA, which he chaired for many years, he was the patriarch. My first and not surprisingly lasting connection with him was our shared fraternity. Telling him I was a fraternity man really helped when I first came back to meet my now wife’s parents for the first time. We talked and laughed so many times about his time in school and hearing my stories of brotherhood. We miss him dearly, but know that his legacy will live on with the brothers past and present at Theta Chapter. Michael Thornberry (Theta – Kentucky ‘03)

CORRECTIONS On Page 55, Christopher J. Davis is noted as a scholarship recipient from Pi chapter. He is actually from Delta Lambda at Middle Tennessee State University. On Page 9, Zack Schmidt (Zeta Zeta – Wingate ’09) was incorrectly identified as Ben Hanna (Gamma Omicron – Lambuth ’06). The photo was indeed Brother Schmidt. We thank both brothers for their service to our country. In Chapter Eternal, Woodward ’57 has not passed. In fact, Woodward ’42 has passed away.


Doyle installed as AFA President Thad Doyle (Zeta Lambda - Bowling Green State ‘97) was installed on December 7, 2013, as the President of the Association of Fraternity/ Sorority Advisors. The Annual Meeting of the Association took place at the Hilton Bonnet Creek, in Orlando, Florida. Thad is the Associate Director, Student Life at University of Akron. AFA provides exceptional experiences, a vibrant community, and essential resources for the success of fraternity/sorority advisors. They have an ongoing commitment to the professional development of their members, a deep appreciation of both academic and applied

research that examines the entire spectrum of the fraternity/sorority experience and the advising profession, and a commitment to collaborations within and between the higher education and interfraternal communities.

Portraits for Former Knight Commanders Hanson, Taylor presented

Knight Commander William E. Dreyer presented Former Knight Commander Loren Q. Hanson with his official portrait at the April KAOEF Board of Trustees meeting in Dallas, Texas, and Former Knight Commander Jack R. Taylor with his at the Alpha Kappa Chapter Convivium. Both now hang at the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill, in Lexington.





Our Order

Knowledge & Confidence 2014 kicks off with training for Number Is This year marked the 12th time Number Is from across the country met at the Caraway Conference Center in Sophia, North Carolina for the annual Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI). All but one of the Order’s 127 Active and provisional chapter presidents attended the intensive leadership training this past January. The three-day conference is comprised of small and large group sessions aimed at developing each Number I’s ability to lead their chapters. Twenty-three staff and facilitators volunteered to lead these small groups sessions, called Council Meetings. Over the course of seven Council Meetings, Number Is participated in discussions on goal setting, ethics, values, and team building. These groups provide an opportunity for the Number Is to reflect on large group presentations and to freely discuss their successes and struggles, while learning to use each other as resources. This year’s NLI featured speakers on an array of topics to help empower

By Greg Waterworth (Beta Kappa – Maryland ‘10)

and educate participants. Rick Ericson (Delta Iota – Texas-Arlington ’13), Senior Communications Director for The LeMaster Group, spoke to men about the power of perception and importance of prudence in the modern world of communications and social media. Men also enjoyed the expertise of Kim Novak, CEO of NovakTalks, in meaningful discussions on risk management, the reframing of safety discussions, and empowering their brothers to live the values of Kappa Alpha Order. NLI also consisted of a series of lectures focused on inspiring the Number Is to be leaders among men. The first lecturer was former Mayor of Raleigh Tom Fetzer (Tau – Wake Forest ‘74), who shared his thoughts on leadership, education, and how his experience as a brother of Kappa Alpha Order helped shape his life. The second was Coach Sam Wyche (Iota – Furman ’66), who motivated Number I’s to always strive for excellence in themselves, their chapters, and their



brothers while leading. Members of staff and volunteers hosted other group presentations about scholarship, risk management, ethics, and the responsibilities of a Number I. Along with the many great speakers, a new participant manual was used this year to help the Number I’s organize their thoughts and goals during the conference. The manual featured summaries of the large group sessions, important policies, pages for the men to reflect on the current states of their chapters, the opportunity for them to develop their goals for the year, among other resources. While many aspects of the conference have changed since its inception in 2003, the purpose of NLI has remained the same. Number Is traveling from coast to coast come together in the spirit of the Order, and leave with the knowledge and confidence to make positive impacts in their chapters and communities. Go online to for the NLI experience.


Our Order

2014 National Undergraduates Elected CHAIRMAN: William G. Oakes (Epsilon Psi – North Carolina-Wilmington ’12) William Garrison Oakes was elected in January at the Number I’s Leadership Institute. Will is a legacy: his grandfather William O. McCabe was initated in the 1950s by Zeta Chapter at Randolph-Macon College. He is a former Number VIII, social chairman, and IFC delegate. On campus, Will serves as a UNCW Student Ambassador, a leader for Greek Impact, and is involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. He works for the athletic department as a public address announcer for various sports. Will is pursuing a double major in Communications Studies and Political Science, loves being outdoors, and is a huge Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers fan. VICE CHAIRMAN: Jonathan Brooks Bishop (Delta

Beta – Delta State ‘11) Brooks also was elected at NLI. On campus he is the Vice President of the Student Alumni Association, the Chief of Staff for the Student Government Association, the Student Director for Orientation, a Delta Diplomat, and is involved with set design for the Pageant Board. Brooks was a former “model new member,” chairman of Project Outreach and Operation Crimson Gift, and former Number IX and Number III. He recently made the President’s List for academic achievement and also received 2 KAOEF scholarships. Almost every male in his family are KAs but he was unaware of that until after he joined Delta Beta.




Much has improved in the Order after the inception and promulgation of the Number I’s Leadership Institute. After 12 years of the support and assistance of the leadership and staff of Caraway Conference Center in Sophia, N.C., the Executive Council of Kappa Alpha Order confirmed a gift pledge in the amount of $25,000 toward the facility’s current campaign. With this gift will come the naming rights to the auditorium which is filled our Number Is every year, anxious yet eager, and ready to learn. Indeed, the location and set-up of the center is an integral component to the comprehension of our attendees. The Order is proud to continue to partner with an affordable and organized organization, such as the Caraway Conference Center.



Our Order




Our Order

Woo Pig Sooie! KA returns to Arkansas By Joel Buck (Epsilon Nu – Georgia College ’08)

Educational Foundation, Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (Delta Omicron – Clemson ’79) in attendance to present them with the Gallo portrait of Robert E. Lee as is customary for new and returning chapters. To cap off the evening, Knight Commander William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta – William Jewell ’57) presented the Alpha Omicron charter and the re-chartering certificate bearing the names of the men who are the largest group of re-founding fathers in the history of The Order. Returning Kappa Alpha to the University of Arkansas was no light undertaking. A mixture of KA alumni, university administration and National Administrative Office staff were there at all times to kick-start and support the chapter. In fact, a staff member from the KA even lived on site for the first school year. Excellence is our aim and the group of men at Arkansas has truly endeavored for excellence thanks to the tireless efforts of so many. One hundred and seventeen brothers were initiated weeks prior, on November 16th, 2013




CHAPTER MAIL: Kappa Alpha Order Alpha Omicron Chapter A665 Union University Of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701 CURRENT NUMBER I: Austin Bolt, by the Beta Alpha Chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology, the Beta Xi Chapter at Oklahoma State University, the Gamma Beta Chapter at Missouri State University, and the Zeta Rho chapter at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. The initiation, like the banquet, took place at the Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas hotel, in Rogers, Arkansas.


After just a year of working to regain their charter, beginning in the fall of 2012, the Alpha Omicron Chapter at the University of Arkansas has grown into a one hundred and eighteen man organization of gentlemen, scholars, and leaders on campus. Originally chartered in 1895 by then Knight Commander Samuel Zenas Ammen, Alpha Omicron was one of the original three fraternities founded at the University. The Restoration Banquet and Ceremony took place on December 8th, 2013. The evening started off with a welcome from U.S. Congressman Steve Womack (Epsilon Zeta – Arkansas Tech ’78) who is a native of the area and founding Number I of his chapter. Former Number I Austin Robinson (Alpha Omicron – Arkansas ‘13) delivered a summary of the previous years’ accomplishments followed by current Number I Austin Bolt (Alpha Omicron – Arkansas ’13) presenting an address on the goals of the chapter. Howard P. Locke Province Commander H. David Pinson (Epsilon Zeta – Arkansas Tech ’00) installed the newest officers of the chapter while also recognizing the men who worked diligently as the officers during the previous term to get the chapter ready for re-chartering. The chapter was fortunate to have Former Knight Commander, and Chief Development Officer of the Kappa Alpha Order

Our Order

The Return to Houston

Gamma Mu in good standing again! By Jeremy Duke (Delta Lambda – Middle Tennessee State ‘11) On November 9, 2013, the Gamma Mu Charter was officially returned by Knight Commander William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta – William Jewell ’57), to the assembly of brothers at the University of Houston. The men now representing the chapter received their provisional certificate in the fall semester of 2011. In true Texas fashion, our KA brothers overcame adversity and proved themselves more than worthy for this honor. The initiation was a great pay off as Zeta Xi Chapter at Texas Wesleyan University and the Gamma Xi Chapter at Lamar University brought the young men into our brotherhood on November 8, 2013. The commemorative weekend also included a restoration banquet and ceremony at the Courtyard Houston Convention Center located in downtown Houston, Texas. Number I Jon Sedelmeier (Gamma Mu – Houston ’13) delivered his address on how thankful he was to work with such hardworking and deserving men. He also mentioned his excitement on being able to call each and every one of them his Kappa Alpha brother. William Archibald Walsh Province

Commander Douglas B. Harris (Delta Sigma – Houston Baptist ’73) presented the Active Chapter Officer Jewels and Councilor C. D. Simmons III (Beta Tau – Mississippi State ’95) presented the men with the customary Gallo print of Robert E. Lee. Finally, Knight Commander Dreyer presented the Gamma Mu charter and the re-chartering certificate bearing the names of each of the men there that night. One of the best addresses of the night was from the University of Houston’s Director for Fraternity and Sorority life, Jason Bergeron. His speech recounting the extensive journey of the chapter, gave the entire audience insight on just how much these men had overcome. Also in attendance from the University of Houston was the Chapter’s Faculty Advisor, Residential Life SPRING 2014


CHAPTER MAIL: Kappa Alpha Order Gamma Mu Chapter 51 University Center, Center of Student Involvement, Box 430 Houston, TX 77204 CURRENT NUMBER I: Connor Benson,

Coordinator Colette McFalls. Colette’s incomparable academic work with the chapter provided a a major stepping stone for the development of the chapter.


Our Order

Chapter Creation Update  University of Nevada A restoration of the Zeta Delta Chapter at the University of Nevada, Reno is underway this spring. The University sought out KA as a leading organization at a recent interfraternal conference.  Kennesaw State University A new chapter is forming now at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. KA was selected to create a new chapter through a very competitive selection process. Existing Provisional Chapters: High Point University, High Point, N.C. (NEW) Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Tx. (Gamma Omega) Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Tx. (Gamma Tau) San Diego State University, San Diego, Cal. (Gamma Iota) University of Texas, Arlington, Arlington, Tx. (Delta Iota) To recommend anyone to join at any of these campuses, or to get involved as an alumnus, please contact either the chapter development team: Jeremy Duke, Associate Director for Chapter Development 540-817-3475

Following the 75th Convention, Knight Commander William E. Dreyer called for nominations from the Active and Alumni Chapters for the office of province commander in the various provinces, pursuant to Kappa Alpha Laws, Article 6, Section 116. The following Province Commanders were re-appointed, effective September 6, 2013, to serve during the second term of Knight Commander Dreyer:

PROVINCE APPOINTEE Ammen Carlton W. Baker Candler Collin B. Taylor Chiles Dr. James M. Schmuck Crawford P. Michael Ruff Feller Jim Lawson Frampton Jeffrey R. Love Hardeman Lee P. Oliver, III Irwin Jason Barrett Locke H. David Pinson Neal Douglas W. Hanisch Smith David B. Hagan Walsh Douglas Harris Wood Douglas Ewalt Upon interviews with the candidates, new selections were made for four provinces. These men are: FORESTER PROVINCE:

Gregory R. Singleton (Gamma Gamma – Memphis ’82) Greg served the National Administrative Office as an Educational & Leadership Consultant. He is a former Deputy Province Commander for Feller Province and continues to serve as the current National Scholarship Officer. He is a member of the Feller and Forester Province Courts of Honor. Greg is the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students at Austin Peay State University and resides in Clarksville, Tenn. He replaces Aaron B. Hunt (Gamma Omicron – Lambuth ’93) who did not seek re-appointment in August due to career demands. Hunt served as the for over five and half years; we are indebted to him for his dedicated service. Effective September 27, 2013. GRAVES PROVINCE:

L. Charles Banks Jr. (Delta Epsilon – Newberry ’02) Banks served as Number I, Delta Epsilon’s Alumnus Advisor, President of the Delta THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL



Epsilon Alumni Association and as a Graves Deputy Province Commander. He is a member of the 1865 Trust, ForeverKA, and the Graves Province Court of Honor. Charlie resides in Newberry, S.C., with his wife, Cayci and their children, Lucas and McLane. Banks replaces G. Randy Smith (Iota – Furman ’59) who resigned earlier this year due to health reasons. Smith served for five and a half years; we are indebted to him for his dedicated service. Effective August 29, 2013. MIKELL PROVINCE:

David T. Martineau V (Alpha Upsilon – Mississippi ’88) David served as Number I at Alpha Upsilon, Alumnus Advisor for Beta Lambda at Southern Methodist University, and President of the Dallas Alumni Chapter. He is a member of the Mikell Court of Honor. David is President of Martineau Petroleum, Inc. and serves on boards of various professional associations as well as several philanthropic organizations. He resides in Dallas, Tx., with his wife, Ali and their daughters, Caroline and Katie. Martineau replaces Marc A. Scott (Gamma Upsilon – Texas A&M-Commerce ’84) who resigned last month due to career demands and the completion of his dissertation for his Ph.D. Scott served for one and half years; we are indebted to him for his dedicated service. Effective September 20, 2013. WHITE PROVINCE:

D. Brook Sebren (Gamma Nu – LouisianaMonroe ’09) Brook served as Number I and V, the National Undergraduate Chairman, and was an E. Fleming Mason Memorial DC Intern. Sebren is a Commercial Insurance producer at Reeves, Coon, and Funderburg Insurance and Financial Services and resides in Monroe, La. Brook replaces John Michael Moore (Beta Lambda – Southern Methodist ’90) who served for over two and a half years; we are indebted to him for his loyal service. Effective September 27, 2013


Dustin Brann Associate Director for Chapter Development 540-460-8220

Province Commanders Appointed

Our Order

Join us this summer in Lexington!

June 5-7, 2014

June 4-7, 2014

Alumni! Join us in Lexington with your guest and fellow brothers to enjoy the Alumni College. Your weekend will include: Lectures on Lee, Marshall, and KA history Tours of Lexington & other locations in the Shenandoah Valley Enjoy sessions with the brothers at the Emerging Leaders Academy

June 4-7, 2014

Registration is now available for participants and peer-facilitators at

Expulsions The following men have been expelled from Kappa Alpha Order as of November 11, 2013, and a period of 90 days for appeal has lapsed.

Austin Peay State Zeta Tau Ben P. Brancheau, 9/2/13 Drury Beta Iota Dylan R. Corbett, 9/2/13 William & Mary Alpha Zeta Michael R. Crumplar, 9/2/13 Matthew W. Heckler, 9/2/13 Kieran J. Ryan, 9/2/12

STAFF UPDATES Joel Buck (Epsilon Nu – Georgia College ’08) left the national administrative staff at the end of 2013. He has moved to Atlanta accepted a position with SecurAmerica LLC., a privately-held, American-owned contract security services company based there. Joel arrived in Lexington in February 2012 and, among other important work, has been instrumental in the restoration of Alpha Omicron Chapter at the University of Arkansas. Jeff Jackson (Beta Commission – VMI ’09) resigned his position effective January 1, 2014 to pursue other opportunities. Jeff has been responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds of Mulberry Hill for the past five and one half years and will be missed. We wish him luck in his future endeavors. Director of Chapter Development Nick Palmer (Delta Lambda Middle Tennessee State ‘04) left staff effective December 15, 2013. Nick was hired in June, 2010, and served as an Associate Director for Chapter Services until December, 2010, before being promoted to Director of Chapter Development in January 2011. During his time as Director of Chapter Development, Nick has played a role in the expansion of 14 chapters, and has chartered 9 of them to date. Nick has relocated to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and is working with CAMPUSPEAK, a student development, speaking and consulting agency, as an organizational growth consultant.




OLDEST KA PASSES AWAY Nicolas Stallworth “Nick” Hare (Nu – Auburn ‘1930), the oldest living member of the Order on record, died peacefully in his home in Monroeville, Alabama on January 6, 2014, the same home where he was born on October 11, 1911. He was also active at Alpha Beta while getting his law degree at Alabama. Nick was a charter member of the Southwest Alabama KA Alumni Chapter, where brothers always looked forward to his ‘Remarks from the Senior Member,’ which he usually began with, “I am proud to be a member of the Kappa Alpha Order.” With Brother Hare’s death, Frank Wilson (Chi – Vanderbilt ’31) now is the oldest living KA on record with his 101st birthday on April 9. Randolph Thrower (Epsilon – Emory ’30) is a near second, and will turn 101 on September 5.

Our Order

Conferral of the Knight Commander’s Accolades The first Knight Commander’s Accolades were awarded by then Knight Commander Henry J. Foresman (Beta Commission - VMI ‘41) in 1967. He created the award to recognize excellence in leadership and service to the Order. The Executive Council subsequently passed a regulation creating and defining the award as such and stating that the award is given at the sole discretion of the Knight Commander. The Knight Commander’s Accolade is the highest individual honor an alumnus can receive. In 1999, Former Knight Commander Idris R. Taylor (Gamma Chi - Texas Tech ’70) designed, and the Executive Council authorized the creation of a jewel, or medallion, for this award. It is a crimson cross, outlined in gold, with a golden knight on horseback, centered. The jewel hangs from a ribbon collar of crimson and old gold. The jewel/medallion was first presented in 2001. To view the entire recipient list and complete bios, go online to

Russell H. Chesley (Beta Sigma – Southern California ‘79)

Robert B. “Sully” Sullivan (Beta Xi – Oklahoma State ‘66)

Presented November 16, 2013. Beta Sigma House Dedication & USC Homecoming

Presented January 25, 2014. Beta Xi Convivium at Oklahoma State University

Russ is a native Californian and a second generation Trojan. While majoring in Economics and Journalism, Russ served as Recruitment and Social Chairman, and Vice Chairman of the Prudential Committee. Russ started his career as an advertising executive with DDB Worldwide. Russ has held a number of posts as a producer and executive at major Hollywood studios and production companies such as Lorimar, Cannon Pictures, MGM, The Walt Disney Com¬pany, and Apollo Pictures. Russ was President and CEO of Showscan Entertainment, a public company that manufactured complex entertainment technology, as well as produced and distributed motion picture content worldwide. Russ currently works as a management consultant, specializing in strategic business development, marketing and global business. Russ has been the Alumnus Advisor for six years. He was a facilitator at the 2013 NLI. Russ has been paramount to bringing Beta Sigma back to the Row. His leader¬ship and time cannot be repaid.

Robert B. Sullivan was initiated in 1966. Upon his graduation, Sully decided to pursue his dream of aviation as a career. He joined the US Army to attend pilot’s training where he learned to fly helicopters and other aircraft. After his military service was completed, he began flying corporation aircraft and progressed from multi-engine prop aircraft to business jets with global capabilities. When the reactivation effort began for Beta Xi chapter in 1990, Sully was one of the most active advocates, attending many meetings with the university’s Dean of Students and other university representatives to return to OSU. He has now served on the Alumni Advisory Committee for Beta Xi for 22 years. He has served as a director for the housing corporation for many years, currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer. Sully and his lovely wife, Mary Lynn, have raised two boys, Matt and Blake, and a daughter, Amy, and they now receive great pleasure from doting on their three grandchildren. His dependability is rock-steady, his advice is thoughtful and wise, and his devotion to KA and his chapter is unending.






Our Order

Brothers Around The Order

1. CW2 Dwayne Tippie & CPT Jon Manley, both of Western Carolina, met up in Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. Manley was Tippie’s new member educator. 2. Scott Mizes met with Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, also a KA, in May 2013. 3. Brothers, alumni, staff & volunteers after a successful duck hunt on Dec. 3 at Core Banks, N.C. 4. Knight Commander Dreyer visited Beta Beta homecoming at Bethany College. 5. National staff recently volunteered at a house being built by Habitat for Humanity, in Lexington, Va. 6. Matt Fuqua, modern day Richard Byrd, on another adventure 6









Our Order at Ingraham Glacier on Mt. Rainier. 7. Zeta Lambda alumni at their Alumni Chapter’s annual golf tournament. 8. 2013 inductees of the Irwin Court of Honor, at the Fairview Inn, Jackson, Miss. 9. Kappa (Mercer) celebrated their 140th anniversary, in Macon, Ga. on Jan. 11, in a joint Convivium with Epsilon Nu (Georgia College). 220 brothers & guests attended, including Knight Commander Dreyer & his wife Linda. Here is Dreyer with Number Is, Taylor Carter, (Kappa - left) & Richard Brewer (Epsilon Nu). 10. Brandon Steadman, Zac Brown, Chris Davis, & fellow KA/ZBB guitarist, Lucas White. 11. Delta Alpha alumni at their annual lake party in Lake Norman at the home of Bill Harper. 12. Christian A. Baldasare, son of Amy & Andrew—Andrew was the rechartering Number I at West Virginia Wesleyan in ‘08, where he proposed to Amy. 13. On a recent visit to his alma mater, Knight Commander Dreyer had dinner with active members of Alpha Delta. 7




10 12






By Jesse S. Lyons (Delta

‘98) Alpha-Western Carolina

var iety of cha nnels vision shows for a wide twork, CMT, Speed includ ing: Ga me Show Ne zona Ari , ow nsl Wi in dad el, TBS, TN T, WB, drive-in wit h my Channel, Ha llmark Chann I s. vie mo yne Wa n award shows. Joh ny and we’d watch USA, and others. and ma w you kno n’t did I award shows, or. es, act ari an ent be wa nted to These include docum you to, how rn tch comedy, and had to go to class and lea game shows, dra mas, ske an be to d nte wa big screen wit h know, I just thought if you sitcoms. He’s a sta r on the a In or! act an lf rse belt as well. actor, you just called you mu ltiple movies under his r you tell ’t don t jus you n llar Comedy tou r, small tow n back the Don’t forget the Blue Co dad my w, No or. act an y-nominated and dad you wa nt to be films, and records. Gra mm e.” don I’ve is proud of what histor y-making events. estern ‘76) has bread and butter— Bill Engva ll (Xi – Southw And then there is Bill’s d. un aro n he’s bee s and albums for the made folk s laugh since his sta nd-up wit h movie nt fro se hou KA the true roots. Bill’s first From his days singing on same. These give Bill his he , ws sho out d SIGN (Warner Bros. yard, to per for ming at sol album, HERE’S YOUR h wit g tin nec con ed platinum and has an uncanny nack of May ‘96), has been cer tifi r you ’s ere “H his w kno the Billboard Comedy his aud ience. We all held the #1 position on his n see ly bab pro ’ve eks. It went on to Sig n” days and we Chart for 15 straight we DV Ds. ing nn -wi ard aw and , ’s Cu rrent Country skits, TV shows pea k at #5 on Billboard for over ure fixt can eri Am d the Top 50 on an che n Bill has bee Album Chart and rea Chart. To list the um s. Alb two decade Billboard’s Top 200 and ed, successes would fill He’s also a close, educat entirety of his sta nd-up n bee has l Bil r. well-rou nded KA brothe up the rest of ou r pages. l and other KA s rna Jou e books, includ ing Th by ed iew erv int Bill has wr itten severa l t tha r the bro er oth any vall – Just A Guy. perhaps more tha n his autobiography Bill Eng n wit h itio pos p shi der lea as, Bill moved top Tex hasn’t been in a A native of Ga lveston, the artic rd, By E. d a disc jockey har as Ric ng M the Order. AD to Da llas and was worki cover the ced gra cher. While ly on tea a ly of bab ing explorer, pro h pla ns of becom wit l Bil h wit s iew Interv g, Bill decided to more times in the flesh. in a nightclub one evenin has o wh us mn alu er comedy and qu ick ly are like talking to any oth try his hand at sta nd-up ed urn ret rs, the bro er, he decided to stayed connected to his fou nd his for te. Soon aft is at wh to ion ent att s pu rsue television op to his chapter, and pay move to Los Angeles to cou ld l Bil y. nit ter fra al ion wtime, then hosting going on in the nat por tunities, first on Sho ship der lea eer unt vol any to prov, and afterward, literally plug in A&E’s Evening at the Im m. ht Show and the role in KA and out per for ear ing on bot h The Tonig app his t in ter ma n. In 1992, Of cou rse, he’s done tha Late Show wit h David Let medy Award for career, too. Bill won the American Co ed, ear app ed, media n.” Bill has hosted, produc “Best Ma le Sta nd-up Co on nu merous tele red tar st-s gue and d, rre sta





Bill Eng vall is likely one 0 of the few of our 160,00 init iates to ever appear rnal on the cover of The Jou be not and e onc n tha re mo p shi der lea al ion in a nat role. Here he is from Summer, 1997.





Bill Engvall (Xi – Southwestern ‘76) goes over the top Dancing with the Stars By Jesse S. Lyons (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ‘98) & Andrew Carr (Epsilon Iota – Texas State ’00)


Photo courtesy of © ABC/Adam Taylor

to the




Photo courtesy of © ABC/Adam Taylor

through Sunday. It was amazing. It was the best workout I ever had in my life.” The show was invigorating to Engvall’s fan base as well, he says. “After Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), there are people that are interested again. What that series did, more that I could imagine, was not only bring a new audience to me, but it also reinvigorated my primary audience. You know, the Blue Collar situation was so great, but all of a sudden you became a one sided act, everything was ‘redneck,’ so DWTS was really good for me. It showed people there was another side to me.”

“Being a gentleman to [my dance partner Emma Slater] was in the back of my head the whole time. There was more of a father and daughter relationship. I always treated her with respect and as a lady ...” Bill is no stranger to the big stage. For many years Bill toured with Blue Collar Comedy, a troupe that included his friends and fellow stars, Jeff Foxworth, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White. They toured together for six years beginning in January, 2000 at Omaha, Nebraska. They finished up at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. In fact, the Blue Collar Comedy tour holds the record for ticket sales for one night of a comedy show, which was 18,000 tickets in Nashville. The Blue Collar show struck a note with a demographic that had largely been ignored. Between New York and Los Angeles, there are 200 million people. And they all loved Bill and his pals. The tour brought the four huge success and situations they never thought they’d find.




“One time, we all traveled to a show from different directions. We’d all chartered a plane home. When we finished the show, there were four sedans that drove us out to the airport. And each car pulled up to a different plane. And I looked at Jeff [Foxworthy] and I said, ‘We gotta take a picture of this. This is the closest we’re going to get to rock stars in our lives!’” Bill keeps in touch with the troupe, even today. “I got flack from those cats for doing DWTS, but then they watched and they voted. Ron White called me and said ‘I can’t believe you’re doing it, but by God you’re still going!’” Blue Collar was just one of those great things because it cemented me in the minds of a lot of Americans, and then DWTS just put it over the top. The long-standing tour spawned DVDs, a TV show, and memorabilia. “It never became mundane. There were Blue Collar dolls for goodness sakes. When I have grandkids and I’m retired I can tell them I was part of a comedy tour that may never happen again. I don’t’ know that you’ll ever see that gain. And its great to see those guys doing other things.” On DTWS, Emma and Bill also grew close throughout the experience. “I told her at the end of the run, that she was like our second daughter now, and when she gets married there is a good chance Gail and I will be at the church, with your parents watching you get married.” Over the course of the season, Bill knows many KAs supported him, through voting, and even just encouragement. He says one KA from Southwestern, Charles Cotton, and his wife Colleen, a Tri-Delt, likely hadn’t talked much since college. “All of a sudden I started getting text messages from them every week during the season saying ‘we’re voting for you!’ and ‘way to go!’ and all the support has meant a lot to me.” Bill and Emma made it to the two-night finale of the show, largely in part to their overall popularity and obvious effort. The first night of the finale, they were finally voted off, ending a run that awarded them fourth place overall. Through all the pain, long days of practice, and late nights of comedy gigs, the pair made a name for themselves. Bill summed up his feelings toward the entire experience. “I told Emma halfway through, I did not want to like this as much as I have. I mean, now I miss it. If they called me right now and said we’re starting tomorrow, I’d say I’ll be there. It was great.”


In September of 2013, ABC’s hit quasi-reality show, Dancing with the Stars reached the announcement of its 17th season cast. Singers, actors, athletes and even a science guy were revealed as part of the 12-person “celebrity cast.” And one KA. Bill Engvall (Xi – Southwestern ‘76) was announced as one of the members of the 2013 cast and was subsequently paired up with the beautiful Emma Slater, an English dancer making her debut as a partner that season. “She was a doll,” says Bill. “Believe it or not, consciously or subconsciously, being a gentleman to her was in the back of my head the whole time. Emma was 24 and I’m 56. There was more of a father and daughter relationship. I always treated her with respect and as a lady and I don’t know that she was expecting that.” Bill wasn’t sure that Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) was right for him. “I was going to turn it [DWTS] down and my wife Gail said, ‘I think you ought to do this.’ I knew it was so far out of my comfort zone that it could go bad, but she said, it could turn out really well. She was there every week.” “I tell my audience, lets be honest: I know you all watched it the first week or two like you watch a NASCAR race. You were just waiting for the crash!” But Bill received huge support from KAs and everyone else across the country. “You’re just a regular dude, you know you’re like my neighbor,” they’d say. Bill and Emma started out the season with some high marks, but the judges soon raised their expectations for the duo. Intense training and increased effort on the dance floor followed. Bill remarked “I was at the studio all the time—it was an hour to get there, then you dance for six hours, then you drive home and by the time you get home you just fall in into bed—ice packing everything. Then you get up and do it all again tomorrow.” “It consumes your life, literally. I had to do the show and I had gigs on the road. I had to take this Emma with me and we had to rehearse wherever we were. I enjoyed every second of it! I didn’t enjoy the aches and pains and torn groins and a pulled hamstring.” But the hard work and effort paid off—on and off the dance floor. “When DWTS got started up, I thought, I’ll be on a week, maybe two, and then I can say hey I did it, I had fun,” he says. “I figured out that at the end of my run on the show, I was on for thirteen weeks, dancing six hours a day without a day off. No day off. Sunday

Bill Engvall shares a few thoughts on life, Kappa Alpha, and hopping the pool fence. By Andrew Carr (Epsilon Iota – Texas State ’00)

THE THING THAT FIRST STRIKES YOU WHEN YOU MEET BILL ENGVALL IS HIS overwhelming sense of normalness. Not normalness in a boring, guy on the street way, but normalness in that he’s almost automatically someone you know. At fifty-something, dressed in Levis, a Northern Arizona University t-shirt and white Reeboks before two packed stand-up shows at Richmond’s National Theater, Engvall might as well be your dad or your favorite uncle sitting on the couch, watching a golf tournament on a late winter Saturday afternoon, commenting on how nice the weather probably is in California. That normalness shouldn’t be so easy for a guy who has touched near rock-star status in the comedy world over the past two decades. And his normalness isn’t just blue-collar shtick. In fact, he’s doesn’t really strike you as so much as a blue-collar king of comedy as a very funny version of just about any KA alumnus you could meet on an airplane, in a boardroom or at homecoming. The second thing that strikes you about Engvall is just how much he seems to get it. Engvall understands how fortunate he has been to see his level of success in notoriously fickle businesses like comedy and entertainment. He values his family and the support system they have provided over the years. He also really gets KA’s role in his life, as a young man and now, and KA’s role on the modern collegiate landscape. So yes, Bill Engvall is definitely a celebrity who has performed for sold-out arenas, traveled on private jets and danced with beautiful women on national television. But more so, Engvall has remained very much the man who walked the campus of Southwestern University with a dream of becoming an actor. He’s remained grounded, remained humble, and remained a Kappa Alpha Brother … and maybe that’s been part of the secret to his success. On February 15, 2014, award-winning comedian Bill Engvall sat down with myself and Deputy Chief Alumnus Darron Franta (chaper-school year). Bill chatted for nearly an hour before his performance at the historic National Theater in Richmond, Virginia. What followed was an open conversation with Bill dishing, sharing, and reminiscing about various points in his life. Bill is indeed a brother faithful and The Journal is more proud of him than ever.




On why KA brothers look up to him. I hope. (Bill laughs). I think it’s important that you do set an example for people coming up behind you. I did realize early on that you do affect people. People do watch what you do. I think that this is important to fraternity life; it has become more and more important as time goes on, especially for an organization like KA. I think that KA has reached a crossroads. We can hold on to our traditions, but still move forward. I think it’s important that we educate our younger members, and I think they’re getting it.

On alumni, traditions, and the future. I think one of the hardest things we can do is educate the alumni. Alumni are the ones that are like, “by God when it was my day we did this, and we did that and it was all fine!” Well that’s great, but times move on and Kappa Alpha can

still be a great leader in the Greek system. We especially have to be very cognizant of what’s going on around us. Listen, when I went through [joining KA] we had the older guys that said, “when I went through we didn’t have to do this,” and it changes every generation. But the thing is, I learned a lot of my life values growing up in KA,

primarily, the sense of respect for ladies and being proud of what you do. On joining Kappa Alpha Order. I wish I had some great, magnanimous story to tell you! When I went to Southwestern [University], before I was even a freshman, that summer, the KA’s just took me in. You know my dad was president of the Kappa Sigs at Southwestern, so my ‘in’ was there. But when I got to school, the KAs just made me feel really welcome. I didn’t know a soul, other than my one high school friend that went there too. And he ended up pledging KA too! I liked the house, I liked what the guys did, and they seemed really fun. I was pretty much a





sew-up from that day forward. When you’re climbing over the fence to the University swimming pool with guys you don’t even know, its like, “hey, man this is going to be fun!” On fraternity life. It was a part of my life and my son’s when he went through at his campus. He unfortunately didn’t go KA at his school, but that’s O.K. It’s a great thing for a young man, and for a young woman in the sorority system. You learn how to deal with people, how to live with people, you have friendships that will be with you for the rest of your life. And if you take that way, you are just a student. I guess that’s fine for some people, but for me I’d have been lost. On his favorite KA memory. At my first Old South, I was blown away. We serenaded the girls at their dorm and then your date would come out, and we’d have a party at the house. But the coolest thing was this place out in Round Rock. There was a big, old antebellum house, and the girls wore their hoop dresses. For me it was just great! And, of course my initiation was something that was just mindblowing.


I didn’t know WHAT to expect and it was really cool. I enjoyed every second of it; I just liked what they did. I’d say it’s a tie between my first Old South and my initiation. Those are my two favorite memories. On dropping by his own chapter house, a few years ago. It was great to see the house again. Unfortunately I was reminded of my age because our composite had been moved further and further down toward the basement. I remember as a pledge, near the chapter room, was where all the old black and white photos were. Now all of a sudden my group’s composite had moved down there so I realized how old we were getting.

us!’ and I’m like “I’m good, I’m good” (laughing). On his chapter. They were off campus for while. And that’s why I was really glad to see these kids turning it around. Sometimes you don’t want to take your medicine, but you have to, and we had to take our medicine for that time and now we’re reaping the benefits of it. Their GPA is the first or second, or highest, on campus and they are doing charity work, and if you do that then you can have your fun. It was great to see their enthusiasm and it reminded me of being a kid and going through KA again. I was always so proud of that house. And they’re doing good stuff now!


“Remember what [KA has] done for you in your life. Its four years of your life in college, but it affects the rest of your life.” It was an interesting experience because my buddy Matt Worley (Xi – Southwestern ‘76), who was in my pledge class and had became the Alumnuns Advisor, taught these kids all these songs that we knew. It was one of those weird situations: I was there and it was kind of a big deal for the boys, and all of a sudden all the members come out to the front yard. The next thing I know they’re all up on the cannon and screaming this song and I was just like, “No, God no, don’t do this… and they were like, ‘come on Bill join



On staying in touch, and meeting other KAs. We had a really big pledge class, but I hung out more with the guys that were older. I just kind of gravitated to them. Still to this day, there are probably 3 or 4 guys in my class that I really am close with, 30 some odd years later. But I still stay in touch with the guys that were older because I looked up to them. I get hit up on Twitter (@billengvall) all the time from KAs and from Kappa Alpha Order (@kappaalphaorder). I’ve been invited out to

schools, to see a chapter house. And I did at one university. I went by the house and it made me laugh. It was just like the “old KA house.” You could tell they tried to clean up, but you knew there were just a bunch of dudes that live there! It just made me laugh because there was that kind of smell of stale beer. But I always enjoy when people say hello. On the importance of doing your best. When I do things like Dancing with the Stars, it was important to me that I do well. I remember when I was a freshman at Southwestern, I went to the KA house and they had this folder, a pamphlet, and it listed prominent KA members. Now I see those pamphlets and my name is in it! So, its important to me that a kid looks at my name and says, ‘Oh, Bill Engvall! Well, he’s not a screw-up!’ I always want Kappa Alpha Order to be proud that I am a KA. Not that everyone’s got to be an actor, in life. Just be a good person.

On Perseverance. And, don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t do something. When I was in college, I wanted to be a singer. I could sing O.K., but I wouldn’t make it past the American Idol auditions. I remember one time I got this girl to play piano and I had all the brothers sitting out in the front yard of the house, and I got out there and sang songs. And they laughed and cut up, but it didn’t stop me. I realized that singing wasn’t what I was going to do, but it did not stop me from my dream of wanting to be in show business. And now, my biggest supporters are guys that laughed at me. On why alumni should be giving back to their chapter and the Order. That’s an easy answer. They should continue to support the Order, in whatever way you can. Remember what its done for you in your life. Its four years of your life in college, but it affects the rest of your life. Remember that times were different when we were there and keep that in mind, but help ‘em out. Give ‘em advice, give ‘em good advice. Don’t give them stupid advice. I want for the kids that are KAs now, to have the same experience as I did. The camaraderie, and the fellowship and people that you’ll know for the rest of your life. Times are getting tougher, and you don’t have to give $800,000 to make a difference. Stop by the school


once in awhile or stop by the house and find out who the Number I is and let ‘em know you’re coming in. It will also refresh your memories and that tends to help people ON FRATERNITY LIFE:

“You learn how to deal with people, how to live with people, you have friendships that will be with you for the rest of your life. And if you take that way, you are just a student. I guess that’s fine for some people, but for me I’d have been lost.”

keep the support going on. On his career and knowing when its “time.” I’ve always tried to remember that this is all going to go way. When it does you have to be ok with that. That is where you see athletes and other people and you say, ugh, you should have retired. They don’t know when to say its time. Also it goes back to my days as an active in KA. My time in the chapter was great. But I knew at some point, I had to move on. But I’ll always be a KA. If I had to quit working tomorrow, there is no one that could say ‘oh, you almost made it.’ I could walk away with my head held high and say I did everything I wanted to do. And I think if you can do that with your life, you’ve been a success.


On advice for young men (or women) who want to get into show business. Don’t (laughing). Listen, if its comedy or if its any business you chose, you have got to be able to look in the mirror every day and say “I’m doing the right thing, the right way.” Because, it’s not just about you. People watch you and some put you on a pedestal and some want to see you fall off. But as long as you are happy with the way you’re doing things and you can look in the mirror and say, “I’m fine,” then you’ll be alright. Which reflects on why I don’t have a dirty show. And I

don’t ever want to be on TMZ! I still have my pin [KA badge] and I still have the [Walsh Province Court of Honor Jewel] cross that was given to me. That stuff means a lot to me.



Alumni News

The Boys of Buffalo Creek

Johnny Darden (right) and Tommy Lee at the 2013 gathering of the Buffalo Creek Boys.

Florida State alumni gathering near Nahunta, GA, approaching 10 year anniversary By Jesse S. Lyons (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ‘98), Director of Communications

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers. No one goes his way alone; all that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.” – EDWARD MARKHAM

Does brotherhood ever end? You graduate and start a career, a family, and a life. “We’ll see each other at homecoming,” are the parting words and, well, for a few years that works. But as the years flip, time for weekly KA meetings and other involvement becomes precious. Before you know it, its been 10 years and you haven’t been to a KA event. The divide can become great. Luckily, there are ways to reengage—but these may create certain

unease. Immediately, you might think - Will everyone remember me? How do you plan an event? Is the brotherhood still there? Am I fat now? These feelings are normal. Fortunately KA has leaders at all levels to take initiative. And as the alumni of Gamma Eta Chapter from Florida State University have learned, it only takes one brother, one leader, to set at ease any fears establish a new tradition of brotherhood. IT ALL STARTS WITH A SPARK

Our story starts with that one man. Johnny Darden (Gamma Eta – Florida State ‘69), near ten years ago, had the idea to reconnect with brothers from his chapter. He was speaking



with Dennis Williamson (Gamma Eta – Florida State ‘69), who is a retired U.S. Marshall. Johnny told Dennis of his idea to rekindle their brotherhood and it sounded good to them both. So, Johnny organized the first event, ran the costs, and settled on a place in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The brothers, “played a little golf (bad), cooked some meals (better), and told a few good lies.” It was meager beginnings, but enough of a spark to catch flame. Ten to twelve alumni gathered and had a great time. Johnny said, of the outcome, the general consensus was, “Let’s do it again!” So after a little more thought and effort, Johnny connected with more brothers. He recounted that the first questions for planning were, “how


Alumni News

The Florida State alumni always golf—but its the rest of the fellowship that makes the reunion count.



One event is the Waycross Open, a colloquial name for the general location of the reunion and the golf “scramble” that always occurs. Teams get together and swing their sticks at the Okefenokee Golf Club or the Oak Grove Island Golf Club. Their numbers have even grown to need a second location owned by another alumnus on nearby Sea Island. Doing what most KA alumni do best, the reunion bring all the brothers together for great dinners and even better storytelling. One night, after alumnus Frank Argenbright had been mentioning for a period of time that he never had “a number” such as Number I, VI, and so forth, then Province Commander Mike Ruff had a surprise. Mike had contacted the Knight Commander to create a certificate, fully in jest, to tap Argenbright as the honorary Number 55! The crowd had a big laugh especially since it had no significance at all. Shortly thereafter, in one of the hundreds of email chains that keep our brothers connected, Johnny was dubbed the “Honorary Lifetime Knight Commander of the Waycross Open at Buffalo Creek,” with all brothers concurring. The conversations and stories that are told continue to be priceless. As Dennis Williamson says on many occasions of Buffalo Creek, “the lies just keep getting better.”

Johnny’s “Buffalo Creek Boys,” as they’re now known, achieve more annually than simply cuttin’ up and playing golf annually. KAs involved with Gamma Eta now and even Hardeman Province (Georgia) have emerged from the group, including Bruce Hagan, alumnus advisor, and P. Mike Ruff, province commander. Ruff commented about the event, “The Buffalo Creek reunion is a highlight of the year.” It was also this group that was able to raise (read: shake pockets) $10,000 for Gamma Eta Chapter to use toward recruitment and game day events for alumni relations. They also put their pocketbooks to work for an “exhibit” style composite focusing on their era of college, Robert E. Lee, and many comments on brotherhood. Indeed, these men are successful folks. The men are lawyers, judges, and law enforcement professionals to name a few; the irony of the professions juxtaposed against the stories told has yet to settle. Others are businessmen, doctors, brokers, aviators, and even a chemist. The breadth of professions has lead to some pretty superb networking for a few lucky younger brothers. One such KA is former Number I and member of the national staff, Jake Howse. Jake’s story, is as follows: “I was standing on the front porch of the KA





many folks do we want, what era of the chapter should we target, where should we go, and what should we do, etc.” These are all great concepts to consider when organizing an alumni reunion. Luckily, Johnny knew what to do and knew how to cut to the chase. Planning should be done in advance, be detailed, and set clear expectations. Johnny’s emails to his crew lay out a timeline, a meal schedule, and even lodging arrangements. This is exactly what began made the event an annual success, and it is nearing 10 years running. Johnny says of why he makes the effort every year. “They are simply a good group of guys… I enjoy being around them. A lot of them took me in at Florida State when I arrived to college. Having been from south Georgia, I didn’t know a soul. Some of the guys that still come (to Buffalo Creek) are still the men who I got to know when I first joined. They’re great guys, honest, good folks.” Beginning in the second year, the group grew and found a new home: Johnny’s Fish Camp at Buffalo Creek, near Nahunta, GA. As the years went by, most of the alumni ended up being from the 1970s or 80s, with any where from a 6 – 20 year difference in initiation date. The members started to come from all over. Brothers flew and drove from south Florida, Atlanta, and even the west coast.

Alumni News

Here is a no-nonsense guide to start-up an alumni reunion with your close brothers.  GATHER INFORMATION Contact the active chapter, call the national office for a list, and utilize Facebook and other outlets to build a spreadsheet of brothers.

Gamma Eta - Florida State in Jan. 1970. Many future Buffalo Creek Boys are in this photo.

House in April of 2010, in Tallahassee, and I got a call from our Alumnus Advisor Bruce Hagan who was telling me about Frank Argenbright and his two companies in Atlanta. Bruce mentioned that Frank wanted to hire some young talent for a program he was putting together. I had already accepted a position at the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office but agreed to meet with Frank on my move from Tallahassee to Lexington, Va. After my stent with KA was over, I again met with Frank about my future, and his companies. I reported to work the very next day after our meeting and began working as his Special Assistant.” Recently, another former staff member has been hired by Argenbright due to the connection with Jake and the Buffalo Creek boys. When asked about his luck with recruiting KAs, Frank squares the effort completely back on Johnny, by saying, “Darden has been the heart and soul of this gathering for the past 9 years. The time, effort, and passion Johnny puts into this event is appreciated by all past, present, and future attendees.” Other attendees sing the same praises of the event, including Eric Lanigan (Gamma Eta – Florida State ‘70), who says “A very special thanks to Johnny. But for his continuous efforts to get the rest of us off our aging duffs, we would all have ended up in our respective rocking chairs regretting that we never kept up with those old friends from the KA house – whose names we would no

longer quite remember. Already looking forward to next year…” IT STARTS WITH ONE

A lifelong brotherhood, is pitched annually at our chapters in recruitment and is fervently maintained as “the plan” with every graduate of KA. But as with many things in life, our focuses stray with age, to more pressing matters of our lives. But as we’ve learned from the nine years of gatherings of the Buffalo Creek Boys, all it takes is one brother to rekindle the fellowship, dust off the stories, and in turn, establish new memories. Not only did he start a new tradition, but he keeps it going, like any true brother who leans onward and upward. Like a pebble tossed in a pond, Johnny Darden has affected those near to him, and those he may never know. A stranger from south Georgia was taken in by the Florida boys in Tallahassee. Today, he takes those same men in at his camp in south Georgia—where otherwise they might not know a soul. Now it’s your turn. If you’re reading this article, and you’ve not seen your brothers in a few years, light the spark. Start the email chain, plan the reunion, and renew your vows as the Order approaches our 150th anniversary. For assistance with planning your own reunion, contact William Walker, Director of Alumni Engagement at



 STEADY COMMUNICATION Begin with efforts to reach out to all KAs you want to include. Start by updates of each other’s lives. Share pictures, arrange a time to get back to campus (homecoming, football game, etc.)  BEGIN DEVELOPING AN EVENT Make it fun! Decide if you want it to be stag or with wives. If it’s a trip, make it worthwhile and affordable, but with some parts to look forward to. If no one plays golf, don’t make it a golf trip, and so forth.  ACCOMMODATIONS Are you all going to bunk up or will there be nice hotel rooms? Get a good consensus and make a determination.  EXPENSES Charge a reasonable fee to make sure there is plenty of food, good arrangements, and appoint someone to handle the funds.  SCHEDULE Be flexible; have a schedule, but allow free time. Encourage everyone to gather at least once for at least one meal.  PICTURES Take pictures and share with everyone! Send one in to The Journal, and use for promoting the next year.  DATES Set the date for the next reunion before leaving the first one… you’ll have everyone on board and ready to celebrate year two. Soon you’ll be hitting a decade of reunions. That is something to celebrate!


Alumni News

Arkansas Alpha Omicron Eric Heath ‘98, is the current Chief of Police at George Mason University and previously worked worked previously in law enforcement at both the University of Arkansas, and most recently at Vanderbilt University. Arkansas Tech Epsilon Zeta H. David Pinson ’00, the current Commander of the Howard P. Locke Province, recently received the Corporate Supervisor of the Year Award at the NOVA Award show, hosted by the Apartment Association of Central Oklahoma at the Riverwind Casino in Norman, Okla. Arizona State Epsilon Omega William Schultz ‘04 married his KA Sweetheart, Sara Sajadi (Kappa Alpha Theta) on May 18th, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minn. Many brothers were in attendance. Will, a former Number I, and Sara, met at school during a philanthropy event in 2006.

Note: The Journal recently learned of the passing of Jack Carter. More information will be found in the Summer edition. The Journal sincerely mourns this loss.

Emory Epsilon William Kitchens ’67, has been named Atlanta Biotechnology Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers. Florida Beta Zeta William D. “Dan” Boyd ’62, has been Superintendent of the School Board of Alachua County (Florida) for nine years. He received the President’s Award at the Florida School Board Association’s annual spring conference in Tampa. On August 28th, Dr. Boyd announced that he will step down after over 40 years in the educational field.

Houston Baptist Delta Sigma Doug Harris ‘73, our current Walsh Province Commander, married Nancy Albritton in a ceremony attended by their immediate family and officiated by Dr. Chris Sawyer (Delta Sigma – Houston Baptist ‘73). The bride and groom will continue to make their home in Houston, Texas, where Doug is the owner and Chief Creative Officer of Noisemaker Communications and Nancy is a sales executive with Marazzi Tile and Stone. Jacksonville State Delta Phi Greg Harley ‘81, was recognized as Jacksonville State University’s Alumnus of the Year. BG Curt Rauhut ‘81, was recognized as Jacksonville State University’s Military Alumnus of the Year. Kentucky Theta John Funkhouser ’81, CIC, CWCA was installed as Chair of the Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky (IIAK),


Al Patterson (Beta Iota – Drury ‘50) and his wife Phyllis hosted seven KA alumni and their wives for cocktails and dinner in their home on October 6, 2013. It was a final farewell party for Reunion Weekend at Drury. All were graduates from 1952, 53, and 54. Memories and life experiences from over 60 years were shared and it was a wonderful evening to be a Kappa Alpha. Back Row: Al Patterson, Clay Boone, Dr. Irwin Heimburger, Bill Virdon; Seated: Al Ruddick, Dr. Jerry Poe, Ed Rice






his book is made up of easy-to-read (and memorize) verses of Scripture from every book of the Bible. These are arranged in a format of short devotionals for busy people on the go. This

book is ideal for students from high school through graduate school, working people, and anyone else with a hectic life who still wants to make time to study God’s Word. Due to its breadth, this book allows one to gain familiarity and some knowledge of each book of the Bible. Additionally, the devotionals help the reader apply the Scripture verse to daily life.

Jack Eades is a husband, father, physician, outdoorsman, and most

importantly, a Christian. He has taught Sunday school, given numerous devotionals, participated in mission trips, and served his church in various capacities. He has previously authored journal articles, a book chapter, and a book foreword. This is his first book.

By Dr. Jack R. Eades (Kappa – Mercer ’91) In a Hurry to Be Holy is a collection of brief Christian devotionals drawn from all 66 books of the Protestant Bible. Each devotional can be read in less than one minute and is accompanied by a photograph or other illustration. This book is hence ideal for busy people on the go who may have limited time to read the Bible. The proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Isle of Hope United Methodist Church Missions Committee, which does work in Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, various African countries and parts of the former Soviet Union U.S. $XX.XX


Moving Mountains:

How the dream to climb the Seven Summits transformed into the charity Global H2O By James Wilde (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ’89) From the Author: “This book is about how my dream to climb the seven continental summits (Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua, McKinley, Vinson, Everest, Kosciuszko) and Cho Oyu transformed into the quest to bring clean drinking water to those in need in the Northern Province of Uganda. It was in 2009 when I fell ill with dysentery on Cho Oyu, forcing me to turn back during my attempt to reach the 6th highest peak on the planet. I focused an entire year of my life to reaching the highest point on the planet and creating an all-volunteer organization with the goal to provide clean drinking water


Auburn Nu Jack Carter ‘71, a long-time advisor to Nu chapter and the fraternity community at Auburn, was recently honored with the naming of the Jack B. Carter II Scholarship in his name. This is an IFC Scholarship awarded annually and is given based upon a young man’s academics, leadership and overall exemplification of the Auburn man.

The Citadel Theta Commission COL Myron C. Harrington Jr. ’09, after a distinguished 30-year military career and decades of service to veterans, disabled children, and his alma mater, has earned the prestigious Palmetto Medal Award. This award is conferred by the Board of Visitors and is the highest honor an alumnus may receive.

Alumni News

BOOKS (continued) to the people of northern Uganda. Through this story, the charity, Global H2O was born.”

Swinging for the Fences:

How American Legion Baseball Transformed a Group of Boys into a Team of Men By Carl Paul Maggio (Beta Sigma – Southern California ’53) In the 1940’s with no adults to supervise them in the playgrounds and sandlots of LA, Carl Paul Maggio and his friends grew to understand the principles of fair play while developing a deep love for the game of baseball. As teenagers, they thrived, including future Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson, into a band of skillful, resourceful ballplayers. And when they competed with more than sixteen thousand teams for the 1951 American Legion World Baseball Championship, they discovered the greatest prize of all: a lifetime of enduring friendships.


Central Outbreak Response – A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse By R. J. Kennett (Beta Eta – Oklahoma ’88) Max Newsome wanted to forget his violent wartime past. He wanted to get a degree, maybe fall in love, start a family and live out his days in peace. Then the dead rose. Through a horrific classroom siege and into the devastated city beyond, Max struggles to build a new family from the rubble of shattered lives around him.

the state’s leading insurance trade association. He was installed at the association’s 117th Annual Convention on November 7th, 2013 at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Ky. Funkhouser is the vice president of Johnson & Pohlmann Insurance in Danville, which he has been part of since 1996. He and his wife Kendra Stamper Funkhouser, have four children: Elizabeth Eshelman, Ande Stamper, Holly and Madeline Funkhouser. Maryland Beta Kappa Jay Bell ’06, a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual in Maryland was recently named a Rising Star by the Living Classrooms Foundation and the Baltimore Business Journal. This award honors up-and-coming young professionals in philanthropy. A native of Baltimore, Jay has pledged to raise $3,000 between now and September 25, 2011 for the Living Classrooms Foundation, an organization that strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural and maritime resources as “living classrooms.” Missouri State Gamma Beta Rodney E. Loomer ‘69, has been selected by Best Lawyers as the “2014 Lawyer of the Year for Product Liability Litigation – Defendants.” Rod has worded for Turner, Reid, Duncan, Loomer, and Patton since college. This notice was submitted to The Journal by John M. Carnahan (Gamma Beta – Missouri State ‘69) who shares that this award is extremely well-deserved.


North Texas Gamma Lambda Gary E. Smithey ’68, is living in the Champions area, in far NW Houston, Texas and is an Active Blue Cross agent for health insurance and Medicare plans. Oklahoma State Beta Xi Casey Domnick ‘97, is now the Assistant Director of Greek Life at College of Charleston, in Charleston, S.C. Presbyterian Beta Pi Luke Wolff ‘92, was Number I and Number IX in his four years at Beta Pi. He is a successful orthopedic surgeon in Columbus, Ga., who decided to join the United States Army after September 11, 2001. Since that time, he has had four separate tours of duty in Afghanistan, mending and operating on wounded soldiers. Luke just returned from his latest tour during the first weekend of November. Says chapter brother James Pridgen, “I’m not sure I have met a man that exudes dedication and commitment like Luke. He has great family that he has had to leave behind as he left for war. If there is an individual that epitomizes what Kappa Alpha Order stands for, it is Luke Wolff.” (Indeed, The Journal salutes Brother Wolff and all of our servicemen and women!) Southern California Beta Sigma Rick Isgrig Taylor ’93, is back stateside after 7 1/2 years of living overseas with the Army. Back to Afghanistan this new years! Interested in the re-opening of the Beta Sigma mansion at USC this November.



Southern Illinois Zeta Sigma Tony Maheu ‘11, recently proposed to his now-fiancé, Rachel, on the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, shortly after the Cardinals closed the series against Pittsburgh on October 9th. Tarleton Epsilon Pi Rusty Jergins ‘86, was a co-chair of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). Summer Symposium Conference and is the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, at Tarleton State University. Texas-Arlington Delta Iota Larry Webb ’69, recently retired from Signature Bank, Dallas, Texas after 18 years with the Bank and 42 years in Banking. He will be installed as District Governor for Rotary District 5810, on July 1, 2015. Texas State Epsilon Iota Clay Cauble ’02, is celebrating his 1 year anniversary of starting his property management company, Hill Country Concierge on Lake LBJ in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. They have seen huge success in providing property management/concierge services to secondary home owners around the lake giving them the comfort of knowing that their property is being cared for during their absence, and prior to and after departures. Transylvania Alpha Theta Will Beauchamp ‘05, J.D., recently graduated from law school and is now clerking for a Justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court, which is only a 1-2 year position.

Alumni News


Charleston, S.C. The Visitor Center Transit Mall was named in his honor. Family, friends and former colleagues joined Howard Chapman in celebrating the dedication. Chapman retired as executive director of CARTA, after 42 years of public service

Orlando Alumni Chapter

The Orlando Chapter was instituted on May 25th, 2012 with 17 alumni from various chpaters. Ever since we have had many activities, including: a fall fest, Convivium, and spring fest. We have a social hour every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Even though we encourage alumni to join our chapter, all events are open and free for all any KA member. We would like to make the Orlando Chapter your resource center, so please come and share a few moments with us and tell those who live, or are moving to the central Florida area to contact us. — Luis J Garcia, 321-276-6980,

Theta Commission: The Citadel

Our Service Committee performs two functions. We mentor and counsel younger brothers regarding career development, job placement, and life’s challenges and opportunities. Successes include several job placements and assistance with medical and dental school opportunities. We also send quarterly “CARE” packages to our brothers and their troops deployed overseas in a combat zone. Hugh Tant, his Rose Christine, a former U.S. Army nurse, and committee members select personal items, snacks, reading material and other items generally hard to find in the remote areas where our brothers are in combat. We include enough material for our brothers to share with their command and we have received many letters of thanks for this service. Currently we have two brothers receiving CARE packages, one in Afghanistan and one in Qatar. — Ron Plunkett, Theta Commission

provide exchanges between professionals from all over the world to share ideas. Jerry resides in Dallas, and is happily married to his wife Mary who he met on a blind date while stationed at Edwards Air force base 57 years ago. He has 2 daughters—Jill Jordan and Jan Altman—and is blessed with five grandchildren: Linkon, Austin, Jordan, Alison and Andrew.

Western Kentucky Epsilon Theta Scott Toncray ‘91, recently studied countless hours, successfully presented to a readiness review panel of his peers and took an examination that tested his knowledge in 16 specific KSAs to earn the Accreditation in Public Relations. Scott is president and chief strategic officer at, a public relations firm based in Franklin, Tenn. He has more than 13 years of public relations experience in local, global and government organizations and worked in Uganda, Tanzania, Panama, Papua New Guinea and Guatemala. A current member of the PRSA Nashville District Chapter, Scott served on the Orlando Chapter Board of the Public Relations Society of America and volunteers in Disaster Public Affairs with the Nashville American Red Cross.

VMI Beta Commission Howard R. Chapman ‘68, was recently honored by the Mayor and City Council of




But the dead keep secrets that threaten to destroy everything Max holds dear.

Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone By Sean Murphy (Epsilon Phi – George Mason ’89) Sean Murphy lost his mother days after her fifty-ninth birthday, following a five-year battle with cancer. In this eloquent memoir, he explores his family history through the context of grief, compassion, faith, and the cultivation of an artistic sensibility. Unfolding in a range of voices, brutal and tender in its portrayal of terminal illness, Please Talk about Me When I’m Gone is an unyielding love story, in which devotion and memory are capable of transcending death.

Coming to Terms with Cancer By Edward H. Laughlin, MD (Lambda – Virginia ’51) This easy-to-use reference by a surgical oncologist is for those who seek information and are confused by the technical language written by and for health professionals, in libraries and online. The is book presents a concise, easily understood guide to malignant disease. It also provides detailed coverage of all major adult and childhood cancers, which includes risk factors, symptoms, diagnostic studies, and staging information. There is an extensive resource list that provides details about 131 national support services providing free assistance to cancer patients and their families regarding such things as cancer information, travel assistance, and financial aid.


Vanderbilt Chi Jerry N. Jordan ’46, was recognized by the Dallas Lawyers Auxiliary as the 31st winner of the Justinian Award. This award is given annually to an attorney in recognition of community and philanthropic service. Now in retirement, Jerry continues to serve the community by volunteering as an ambassador for The Dallas Committee for International Visitors Association. This is an organization that coordinates with the U.S. State Department to

Washington Zeta Mu Doug Heilman ‘02, a former Neal Province Commander, and his wife, have sold their home they’ve owned for 30 years and will be traveling fulltime in their RV performing volunteer work at various place.

BOOKS (continued)

Alumni News

A High Seas

Legend For nearly 150 years Kappa Alpha Order brothers have become legends in their fields. They have aimed for excellence not just because it’s part of the Kappa Alpha ideology, but because it’s something they can’t help, because it’s part of their DNA. Sometimes these men make a name for themselves in more than one field and set a stellar example of excellence and gentlemanly conduct for the rest of us to aspire to. Stan Miller (Beta Sigma – Southern California ‘44) is one of those men.




Alumni News

“Hanging around with the sorority girls.” Bob Steinkamp (Alpha Delta – William Jewell ’64), is an attorney who lives in Liberty, Missouri where he graduated from William Jewell College. He is is Miller’s brother-in-law, married to the sister of Miller’s wife of 38 years, Carolyn, who recently passed away. Steinkamp has the deepest respect for Miller, not just as a relative, but as a man. “You could call Stan the ‘King of Sailboating’ in the 1970s on the West Coast,” Steinkamp says. “He had a very illustrious career on the water from that period in the late 1960s until the late 1970s.” Miller eventually sold his interest in Stan Miller Yachts to one of his employees, retiring to Oregon for a while before returning to the Palm Springs area. Today, at 87, Miller’s mind is as sharp as ever, no doubt attributable to an active physical life on the water and an active mental and creative life as a teacher, businessman, musician, bandleader, and of course, ship’s captain. “Stan has the ability to find the good in everyone and in the positive nature of what he did, whether it was sailing, playing keyboard or sax, or whatever,” Steinkamp says. “Always thinking, always inventive, and was always extremely supportive of his wife. He has been, and is, a true gentleman.”

Stan Miller (at right, with his wife Carolyn) was a regatta legend, as was his unbeatable boat Ragtime.




“Stan has the ability to find the good in everyone and in the positive nature of what he did, whether it was sailing, playing keyboard or sax.”


Miller is a legend in the beach communities of Southern California, known as a sailor’s sailor and as the namesake owner of Stan Miller Yachts, a business that has provided seafaring vessels to sailing enthusiasts, Hollywood celebrities and others for more than half a century. But Miller is a man who truly loves the water, a Navy veteran who left the profession of teaching math in the mid-1950s to undertake a career on the water. With the drive and determination that is the hallmark of a KA brother he founded a company focusing on designing, building and racing sailboats, which eventually evolved into Stan Miller Yachts. Even though his business had been successful for more than a decade at that point, his fortunes saw a dramatic change for the better in the early 1970s, when he and some partners bought a New Zealand-built sailboat called Ragtime. In the years that would follow, Miller would captain Ragtime to dramatic racing victories, twice winning the TransPacific Yacht Race, or Transpac, a race beginning near Los Angeles and ending off Diamond Head Lighthouse in Honolulu, a distance of more than 2,500 miles. He also won other notable championships, including the Mallory Cup, the California Cup, and more. “I raced a lot and won a lot of races and my experience got better and better,” he recalls, “and I’d read about Ragtime in magazines and how they said it was the fastest boat in the world. So when I had the opportunity to buy it I did, and it turned out to be a real winner.” While Miller is known in beach communities as a seafaring legend, the people of the Palm Springs area, where Miller once lived and lives again today, remember him for something else: his music. As leader of the Stan Miller Big Band, where he played alto and tenor sax, Miller had the top band of its type in the inland desert of California, playing such events as a birthday party for Frank Sinatra. “I had an 18-piece band with some of the top players doing all the old favorites,” Miller recalls, “and we were considered the most popular big band in the Palm Springs-Palm Desert-Rancho Mirage area. We were pretty successful, but it’s hard to make money playing music so you have to really enjoy it to make it worthwhile.” The big band days were just the prerequisite for Miller’s pursuing of another musical outlet as a solo keyboardist. “That was my great joy, playing keyboards in nightclubs,” he says. “That was actually more satisfying for me than playing in the big band.” Miller attended USC in the postwar era of the 1940s, but the values of KA haven’t changed from what Miller remembers them as. “Respect for others, respect for your fraternity brothers, being a gentleman, those were important,” he says. “We had some pretty good guys in KA there on campus.” When asked what his fondest memories are of his days in Beta Sigma, he is quick to reply,

Alumni News

Two Objectives Met Oklahoma State alumni remaining engaged and support housing

50 YEAR REUNION Beta Xi Chapter (Oklahoma State University) existed happily from 1952 to 1972 at the chapter house located at 308 S. Hester Street, Stillwater, OK. On June 15, 2013, a once-in-a-lifetime reunion was held for all brothers who were in the chapter during those years. A weekend of activities was attended by brothers who came from as far as the east coast and the west coast to be reunited with those who, in many cases, they had not seen for 45 to 55 years. Many good times were relived as old friendships were renewed and strengthened. Eighty-one KA gentlemen and their wives attended the dinner on Saturday evening where once again the brothers sang “My KA Rose” to the ladies who each received a red rose. Ron Mollet, DVM (Beta Xi ’68) entertained with his band, Dr. Ron and the Blues Hounds. CONVIVIUM & HOUSE DEDICATION Beta Xi Chapter next held Convivium on January 25th and it was a resounding success in many ways. First, Knight Commander William E. Dreyer was in attendance. He met all chapter members and alumni and was given a tour of the chapter house. Knight Commander Dreyer assisted the assembled men in formally dedicating the renovated chapter house and newly constructed colonnade. That evening, one hundred sixty-five brothers and guests attended

the Convivium dinner. 2014 Number I Calvin Mann presented the toast to Robert E. Lee. After these remarks, Knight Commander Dreyer presented the chapter with a framed Resolution that was enacted and signed by the Executive Council, commending the men who were major supporters of the “Colonnade Campaign” which raised $52,650 to pay for the new veranda and columns. The leaddonors for the Colonnade Campaign are now known as the “Pillars of Beta Xi.” Four of the five Pillars were recognized as shown below. Unfortunately, Brother Verne Smith ’61, could not attend due to the death of his sister. Left to right, Andy Johnson ’61, Andre Whiteley ’61, Sam Leake ’61, and Dan Hilsheimer ’62. Indeed, Beta Xi alumni and active members continue to show their engagement with KA through staying connected to one another, and their support for the chapter through impressive house improvements.

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On Campus

Editor's Note: Chapter updates are printed if received by the deadline. If your chapter is active and not listed, please contact them to urge them to submit an update for the next issue.

Mr. Ole Miss, Rob Pyron


Leader of the Pack & Mr. Ole Miss Two KAs recognized as leaders on their campus

The Leader of the Pack, Austin Bath


Austin Bath (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ‘12) was named the The Leader of the Pack this year at NC State. The program recognizes students who make outstanding contributions to NC State in the areas of leadership, scholarship and community service. Finalists for the honor are selected based on grade-point average, a personal interview, extracurricular activities, written essays on their leadership and service experience and student-body vote. The cumulative score from all phases of the process will determine the Leader of the Pack. Austin was recognized at the Homecoming Football game. Some of the eligibility requirements include being free from any academic or disciplinary probation, both previous and current, and achieving a 3.25 cumulative GPA. Austin received a $2,000 university scholarship (to be applied during the Fall 2014 semester). Some of Austin’s involvement on campus, and off, includes being a Park Scholar, Chancellor’s Aide, Eagle Scout, and various other awards. Austin’s most unique background includes trips to Ecuador to host medical clinics. Austin plans to become a doctor and provide medical care to North Carolina’s growing Hispanic population.

Rob Pyron (Alpha Upsilon – Mississippi ‘11), was honored as the first ever “Mr. Ole Miss” at Homecoming in Oxford last Saturday. Pyron is a senior, majoring in Public Policy Leadership with a minor in Business Management. He graduated from Copiah Academy in 2010 and has interned in Washington, D. C. The campaign for Mr. Ole Miss is a student-wide campus election lasting 1.5 weeks. Rob says, “As Mr. Ole Miss, I find it extremely important to give back to this university, which has given me much more than an education, it has given me friendships and resources that I will have for the rest of my life. Furthermore, Mr. Ole Miss means representing all students in order to promote and present Ole Miss as one of the best public universities in the nation.” Rob and Miss Ole Miss, Kay Kay DeRossette, are working on a community service project called PACK the Bus. PACK stands for “Promoting Access to College for Kids.” The plan involves parking a school bus in front of the student union for a week and packing it with supplies to be delivered to an underprivileged school district in the Mississippi Delta. The event is slated for March 17-21. Great job Rob!






On Campus Arkansas Alpha Omicron The Alpha Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order earned first-place in this year’s University of Arkansas Greek Homecoming festivities. The chapter was paired with the lovely ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha. The theme was superheroes for a weeklong contest between all members of the Greek community on campus, and the winning grouping had the Green Lantern bestowed upon them. Besides taking first place in a blood drive, the gentlemen were cutleryinclined enough to take top honors in a good ol' Southern chili cook-off. A group effort was also made in building our float to march in the Homecoming parade, with the Green Lantern and a Razorback making up the centerpiece of our construction. The crews worked day and night with the ladies and a fellow fraternity in building the set, of which many laughs and good memories were created. The gentleman of Kappa Alpha have been either first or second in each Homecoming or Greek Week competition they have partaken in since the chapter's re-inception on campus. –Daniel Colosimo, V.

Georgia Tech: Alpha Sigma legacy Joey Riordan, who is serving in NROTC.

Alabama Alpha Beta This fall we have hosted fundraising philanthropy events benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project as well as Tuscaloosa's Rise Center. In addition, Alpha Beta took donations from our brothers for the Beat Auburn Beat Hunger canned food drive. On September 18, the Tuscaloosa alumni were welcomed for lunch and camaraderie with the brothers. Parents were invited for a parents' weekend for the weekend of October 19 where a Friday night fish fry, a game day pig roast, and a Sunday morning brunch were enjoyed by parents and sons alike. Also, we have joined up with the local Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter for a weekly community group to meet in a casual environment with friends and food for a night of faith, fun, and overall

fellowship. As we move into the winter and the start of a new semester, we look forward to welcoming our new officers and eagerly anticipate yet another safe, successful Convivium. – Matthew Gambril, VII Arizona State Epsilon Omega Epsilon Omega was pleased to hold our first Philanthropy event in three years. KA Angels in the Outfield was a big success as we brought in over $2,000 for MDA. The Philanthropy was won by Kappa Alpha Theta. It took a lot of working and planning and it all ended up being worth it in the end. The brothers are excited about the progress the chapter is making and are looking forward to doing it bigger and better next year! – Patrick Jordan, I; James Gadon, V



Austin Peay State Zeta Tau Through hard work and dedication, Zeta Tau has raised nearly $12,000 for MDA this year, nearly $600 per man on average, and brothers are continuing to excel as leaders on campus. Brothers Daniel Pitts, Sam Hall, and Benjamin Pafford are currently serving as Student Government Association senators, and Brothers Sam Mynhier and Dominik Shannon are serving as Resident Assistants on campus. Daniel Bunger, Dominik Shannon and Max Helms are serving as peer mentors to APSU freshmen. Brother Mark Travis was named to Phi Alpha Theta History Honorary, and Daniel Pitts was named to Homecoming court and was also tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership honorary. Homecoming was a success for Zeta Tau, and we were honored to be accompanied in the Homecoming parade by some members of the local (Nashville, TN) chapter of MDA. Recruitment has also been a success, and we are looking forward to initiating what we consider to be the finest new member class on campus into the Order. –Daniel Pitts, I


On Campus Davidson Sigma The Sigma chapter has had a successful start to the 2013 fall semester. Brother William Morris was in charge of organizing the first annual KA Strikes: Bowling for MDA charity event, which raised over $750 for MDA. Brothers John de Saint Phalle and Matt Morrish have been organizing and preparing for the Relay for Life walk coming in early March. In scientific news, brother James Smith will be attending the National American Chemical Society meeting in Dallas in the spring to present his research on dye-sensitized solar cells to make solar cells more competitive with fossil fuels. Earlier this year, Davidson College became to first academic institution to be granted the use of a new 3-D X-ray technology, Digitome, and brother Steven Keller is currently conducting research on how this technology could be used in other academic settings, specifically biology. –Henry Martin, V Delaware Beta Epsilon The men of Beta Epsilon have had an extremely efficacious fall semester in recruitment and philanthropic activities, raising money to fight childhood cancer, promote pediatric AIDS research, and fight leukemia. The brothers participated in the Delaware Mud Run on September 22, where they raised over $1,400 for the Leukemia Research Foundation of

Delaware. On October 6 the fraternity sponsored the first campus-wide Muscle Walk, which raised over $2,100 for MDA. The chapter also awaits the initiation of 12 new members who will soon join the proud KA tradition at UD. –Ryan Vietri, IV .

Davin Gooch, has scheduled some MDA outreach events we are very excited about for the coming months. Through good works, courteous actions, and a commitment to excellence, Beta Iota continues to move onward and upward! –Sam Brady, IV

Delta State Delta Beta On October 8, the chapter sponsored a seminar called “Suicide: How Can You Help?” for the campus. All students were invited to attend and learn the right and wrong ways to engage someone who may be showing signs of depression and suicide. . –Chace Holland, V

Duke Alpha Phi It has been a great semester for the Alpha Phi chapter, with two successful philanthropy events: a memorial golf tournament for a graduated KA who passed away this year to raise money for the ABC Youth Foundation, and a cook-off to raise money for Face Your Challenge. From the head of Dukes and Duchesses to the president of Investment Club, we are represented all across campus. Our athletes contribute to the varsity football, swimming and lacrosse teams this year, and we are looking forward to continuing our academic, philanthropic, athletic, and fraternal achievements throughout the rest of the year. –James Findlay, V

Drury Beta Iota Beta Iota is proud to see the chapterwide GPA rise with the help of our incredibly bright new pledge class, and we are excited to see such excellent talent and character from our new group of freshmen. Of particular note, Kody Procell's recent performance in ZTA's philanthropy event won him the title of Big Man on Campus! The campus involvement doesn't stop with the freshmen, however. Isaac LeBlanc, Alex Arens and Hunter DeLong make up three of the five officer positions on the Interfraternity Council, setting an example of strong leadership for all of DU Greek life. Number I Trenton Terry, with the help of philanthropy chairman




Eastern Kentucky Delta Mu This semester has been a great one for the Delta Mu chapter. Rush went extremely well with 25 new members inducted, the biggest pledge class on campus this semester and the largest in Delta Mu's recent history. We also came in first place in Chi Omega's


Florida: Beta Zeta brothers Gavin Hancock (holding award check) and Matt Smithman (immediately to his right with a plaque in his right hand) celebrate their victory as members of UF’s Heavy Civil Competition Team.

East Carolina Gamma Rho The Gamma Rho chapter is very excited about the progress the chapter has made philanthropically, socially, and with our alumni contact. Gamma Rho recently held "Pickin' for a Cure" featuring the Matty Begs Band, a philanthropy concert benefiting MDA, as well as a door-to-door MDA fundraiser through Krispy Kreme. During the winter, Gamma Rho will be hosting a fundraiser called "Pirates Supporting Patriots" in which we will be collecting toiletry items to send overseas, as well as selling t-shirts to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. As always, we encourage all of our alumni to connect with us through Facebook or through our Number V, Carson Pierce, for upcoming events, including Convivium this January. –Carson Pierce, V

On Campus

Missouri S&T: Members of Beta Alpha’s 1963 pledge class perform as the KA Singers at Beta Alpha’s 110th Annual Homecoming Anniversary party.

"Walk for Wishes," which was in memory of Kelly Harty, one of our Southern Belles who passed away this past spring. Our men have excelled in several sporting events, all of which benefited charity or philanthropy organizations. It was a pleasure to get visits from numerous alumni during EKU's 2013 Homecoming, and we would especially like to thank alumnus Andrew Luxon for resources that contributed to our awardwinning float for the third consecutive year. We proudly graduated 13 brothers in the spring and wish them the best in the future. –Joseph Schmiade, V Florida Beta Zeta The Beta Zeta chapter made several capital improvements to the chapter house over the summer, with all new lighting and flooring improving the overall appearance of the house just in time for the fall Rush. The fall Rush was a successful one for the chapter, with 22 new men joining the chapter. Also, the chapter hosted its annual Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, raising over $3,000 for MDA. We look forward to the initiation of our new members and their future involvement within the chapter. The men of Beta Zeta are also proud of two of their own, as the University of Florida Heavy Civil Competition Team took first place in Atlanta on November 1st with a championship squad that

included Beta Zeta brothers Gavin Hancock and Matt Smithman (Alpha Sigma - '09, now affiliated with Beta Zeta). –Dylan D. Henderson, I Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi We have 19 brothers new brothers, two of whom are legacies of the Beta Zeta chapter. On October 26th we held the 5th annual KA MDA beach volleyball tournament, which raised $1,423 for MDA. Our largest philanthropy event of the year is approaching, "KA Days of Christmas." Sororities compete to raise money in events like Pictures with Santa, a snowball fight (dodge ball), skit competition, and a Mrs. Claus pageant. We are projecting to raise over $10,000 for MDA. We are also planning our first annual Convivium celebration to take place in January. –Bradley D. Williams, V Francis Marion Delta Tau Delta Tau has inducted 15 new members into the fall 2013 pledge class, marking one of the largest classes in the past decade. Our brothers have stepped up into leadership positions, including with student government and various charity organizations. We are planning many philanthropy and alumni events for the academic year, including our annual MDA Miss Greek pageant,



scheduled for spring 2014. We have used funds donated by our alumni to make improvements to our chapter house, including renovations to the bathrooms, floors and porches, and have more work scheduled to be completed by the end of the school year. We are working diligently with the Francis Marion University Foundation to gain endowment for the Jones/Mogy Kappa Alpha Order Scholarship, established by the family and friends in memory of Frank Fitzgerald Jones and Richard A. Mogy. Brother Cody Simpson was a recipient of the E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program in Washington D.C. this summer, the first in Delta Tau history to receive this honor. Delta Tau has dedicated itself to the betterment of our chapter and to ourselves, and we look forward to accomplishing all of our goals this academic year. –Tyler Watford, III, V George Washington Alpha Nu The brothers of Alpha Nu have had quite a busy and eventful fall semester so far with the induction of 18 new members, increasing the chapter to its highest numbers in years. With a strong pledge officer crop leading the way, Delta class has labored to raise well over $400 in a few short weeks of dedicated charity work throughout the Foggy Bottom D.C. area, and we are excited to see what these young gentlemen will bring to the table as brothers to help augment the influence and reach of the Order throughout the D.C. area. The brothers of Alpha Nu are proud to represent KA by promoting positive change in the D.C. area by means of gentlemanly conduct and ideology. –Jonathan Beto, V Georgia Gamma This semester we are proud of our KA brother Sam Lichtveld, who has become our chapter's new faculty advisor. Sam graduated from Tulane University and immediately reached out to our chapter to get involved in any way possible. He not only played an active role in his chapter as Rush chair, but he was president of IFC as well as president of Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity, at Tulane. After gaining such


On Campus Indiana State Zeta Iota The Zeta Iota chapter signed 21 new member bids for the fall semester, almost doubling the chapter size. Zeta Iota has also been very successful in intramurals, winning the Greek flag football championship with a 6-0 record. –Kyle Scheffel, I

a valuable faculty advisor, Gamma will continue to grow stronger at the University of Georgia. –Fredrick Harbin, I Georgia College Epsilon Nu Our noble chapter has grown by 18 new members, and the brothers of Epsilon Nu are also celebrating the final historic restorations to our antebellum house. We are now working on starting a Greek row for our college. –Benjamin Beall, V

High Point Provisional On October 22, 17 men from High Point University were inducted into the Kappa Alpha Order, officially creating one of the newest provisional chapters for KA. Brother Dustin Brann (Alpha Omega, NC State '11), Associate Director for Chapter Development, has been working diligently with this group, creating a strong base and ensuring a smoothsailing journey for the newest inductees. Brother Brann played a key role in the recruitment and training process for this chapter. The newly inducted members were excited about the future to come and are looking forward to the following months leading up to chartering. –Michael Noga, V Houston Gamma Mu This Gamma Mu chapter inducted 12 new members, resulting in a 41 man chapter. We have become one of the fastest growing organizations on campus, improving and bettering ourselves in every aspect. Our grades last semester were the second highest on campus, and this year we plan to have the highest out of any fraternal organization. Our chapter has continued to become more involved on campus, by winning intramurals, participating in three sorority philanthropies, and winning second place in Homecoming. This fall semester's accomplishments, with the previous spring semester grades and chapter growth, helped Gamma Mu (Provisional Chapter) successfully submit our charter application and receive our charter. Houston area alumni and members of the newly chartered Gamma Mu chapter could not be more excited. –Connor Benson, V




Jacksonville State Delta Phi The gentlemen of Delta Phi have enjoyed two successful alumni events since last spring. Our annual Alumni Day was hosted at our house on the last Saturday of July and our second event was hosted on Homecoming. Our Homecoming event was well attended and we were able to provide lunch for alumni, active brothers, and their families, and Jacksonville State honored two of our alumni, Kurt Rauhut as the Military Alumnus of the Year, and Greg Harley as the Alumnus of the Year, at halftime of our Homecoming game. We have successfully recruited 14 new members, giving our chapter a total of 55 active brothers. We also had the highest cumulative GPA of all Greek organizations on campus with a mark of 2.97. –Ryan F. Grammer Kentucky Theta After winning our first Ammen award since the 1980's, Theta chapter has set ambitious goals for the 2013/2014 school year. Academics have become an area of emphasis after earning a chapter best 3.07 grade point average in the spring, and we seek to improve on our personal best by improving to a 3.1. Theta chapter has also begun fundraising for the University of Kentucky¹s biggest philanthropy of the year in Dance Blue. Dance Blue is a 24-hour dance marathon that raises money for the Dance Blue KCH Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Clinic. With upcoming planned restaurant nights, letter drives, fundraisers, and community service projects, Theta chapter has set an ambitious goal of having over 20 participants, whether dancing or volunteering. –Ryan John Khosrofian, I


Georgia Tech Alpha Sigma After a summer that saw our brothers travelling all over the world, ranging from missions work in Africa, studying abroad in Europe, and interning for BMW, the chapter reunited at the summer's end a week before school and fall Rush started, and house manager Will Walker, initiate of fall 2011, led a solid work week. After a highly successful Rush led by Number IV Taylor Withers, our chapter pledged 17 stellar gentlemen, putting our chapter size at a comfortable 61. This newest pledge class includes two legacies, Eric Flint and Joey Riordan. Eric's older brother, Nick, is a 2011 initiate of the Alpha Sigma chapter, and father Doug was highly active at the Epsilon (Emory) chapter in the 1980s. Our other pledge legacy, Joey Riordan, is following in his footsteps of his father (Steve Riordan, Alpha Sigma - Georgia Tech ’84) not only in pledging KA, but also in serving in NROTC at Georgia Tech. The chapter has enjoyed numerous philanthropy events this fall, participating in sorority philanthropy events on campus, outreach volunteering in Atlanta, and focusing on MDA fundraisers. This fall every brother has contributed at least 10 hours of community service, including serving at an MDA black-tie gala fundraiser in Buckhead that included silent auctions and various other money-raising activities with over 600 people in attendance. Our chapter also continues to be grateful to our alumni and parents whose generous donations have made certain additions to the house a reality, such as a pool table, front porch rocking chairs, and a grill/smoker. –David McCandless, V

Millsaps: New fall members are excited for 2014!

On Campus Louisiana-Lafayette Gamma Phi The Gamma Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Louisiana Lafayette is well on its way to returning, in full, to its illustrious standards once held almost a decade ago on campus. The 2014 spring semester will be the first step from the path of recovery onto the path of excellence and preservation for our chapter. We have picked ourselves out of abandonment, debt, and finally the possible dissolution of our organization because of grades. Our alumni support has skyrocketed with the assistance of our newly-structured alumni committee and Facebook page. Along with newfound alumni support and a reconstructed financial system where every member is held accountable by both our chapter and university to remain current with their 8th obligation as a KA, Gamma Phi is doing far more than just "getting by." Academically, to execute our 5th obligation, we have

revamped our scholarship program and created mandatory study hours, and have begun to implement a close examination of individual classroom achievements through interviews with our Number III. In the interviews, the interviewees supply all class syllabi and recorded grades thus far so that our officers can help and direct each member towards academic success. In spring of 2014 we will see the results of all of our hard work and efforts to excel as KA gentlemen and hold true to our ideals we all see as truths. –Timothy S. Gaspard, V Louisiana State Alpha Gamma Alpha Gamma chapter's fall season has been fun with football season, tailgates, and a full social schedule with sororities. Alpha Gamma is pleased to announce that we picked up a great number of 40 new members during fall recruitment. We recently had family weekend during

Louisiana Tech Gamma Alpha This fall Gamma Alpha received 17 new members, four of whom are legacies. This is the largest class we have had in five years. After initiation, we plan to initiate Bill Emery, a Viet Nam veteran and former member of Gamma Alpha who was never initiated due to being drafted. Reid Brasher (former number II) is currently serving as secretary for SGA, and Damon Smith (current number III) is IFC treasurer. Brother Ben Camp recently received a $500 scholarship from the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and Andrew Emery (current number V) is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management group. A group of men is starting a College Republicans group with Reid Brasher as president. The brothers hosted a blood drive for LifeShare Blood Centers and donated 34 units of blood, and we plan to do our annual 72-hour See-Saw-a-Thon for MDA again this spring. We are currently in the process of generating $10,000 for a bathroom remodeling job through our alumni, with over half of the money already donated. Some of the parents in the chapter have recently started a Gamma Alpha parents’ group to help with events, fundraising, and improvements to the house. Alumnus Doyal Hassell recently donated 50 new meeting chairs to the chapter, and former Rose Betty Osborn donated five tables for formal events. –A.T. Emery, V Maryland Beta Kappa On October 17th the brothers of Beta Kappa hosted the Fifth Annual Breastfest of Champions. This event's purpose is the raise awareness of breast cancer by celebrating the champions in our own lives who have been affected by this disease. This year, Beta Kappa teamed up with the sisters of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority to help organize and host the event. The brothers and

Purdue: Epsilon Rho's eleven new members.

the Homecoming celebration, with a semi-formal party followed by a tailgate at our house the next day. The chapter is wrapping up the semester with another semi-formal as well as our big annual fall party the evening before we host Texas A&M. –Jon Mark Shepard, V




On Campus meet the officers that led the chapter. Saturday, we got to tour backstage that with Lucas and meet many of Zac's relatives. We enjoyed the full line-up that evening and finally, that night, we got to meet Zac. Lucas introduced us to Zac and we got to shake his hand. Nothing can fully describe the feeling I had when Zac looked me in the eyes and said "Nice to meet you brother." We got the chance to talk about a few of different things, including Lucas and the festival. To think Zac was, at one time, an undergraduate in college undertaking tasks similar to me, is just incredible to think about. He was a true southern gentleman, just like I hoped he'd be. It was truly an incredible experience. –Chris Davis

Texas-Arlington: Six of Delta Iota's new members proudly hold the supplemental flag.

McNeese State Delta Xi The chapter teamed up with Phi Mu on December 13 to sponsor Big Brothers & Big Sisters Children. The event was for Project Saving Christmas, an idea from both groups with the plan to spend with children who are still waiting on a full-time mentor. Volunteers made gingerbread houses, had a pizza party, and played games. Each organization also donated gifts for the children. Without this time, and without these gifts, the children would have had the opportunity to receive so much joy. Middle Tennessee State Delta Lambda One of our many extraordinary new members in our fall new member class wass Lucas White. Lucas is no ordinary college freshman. At the age of 17, Lucas joined the Zac Brown Band as a guitar player. When Lucas started as a freshman at MTSU, Zac told him that KA is a great choice but to look around at all the fraternities to see where he fit in. After giving everyone a fair look, Lucas made the decision to follow in Zac's footsteps and was inducted as a new member. When Zac learned that Lucas had accepted a bid, he invited Brandon Steadman, our Number I, and Chris Davis, our Number II, to the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival in Nashville, Tenn., so he could




Millsaps Alpha Mu The brothers of Alpha Mu were proud to welcome over 20 new brothers this fall, making us the largest class on campus for the fifth straight year. The chapter again achieved over a 3.0 GPA in the spring and hopes to continue its academic excellence. The brothers will also host their fall golf tournament for MDA to add to the almost $10,000 already donated in the spring. –Chaz Ainsworth, V Mississippi Alpha Upsilon 107 incoming freshman pledged Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Mississippi with well over a 95%


sisters spent the entire month collecting donations to send to Hearts for Cancer, a nonprofit organization that donates all proceeds directly to funding cancer research. Donations are raised through through through the chapter's letter writing campaign, sorority and fraternity sponsorships including the IFC, and business sponsorships including Gill Grilling, Slices Pizza, University Tees, Route One Apparel, HMS Party Supplies, Bobby's Burger Palace, College Park Barber Shop, and Southern Tide. The event included an extensive raffle including items donated by the Baltimore Orioles, and a "Wall of Champions" where guests could write the names of loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer. The final amount raised for the fifth Breastfest of Champions was over $37,300 in donations. Beta Kappa initiated 14 new brothers this past fall semester. Two members of the chapter were elected to IFC. Patrick Kendall is the new VP of recruitment and Kyle Forbes is the new VP of Academic Affairs. The chapter is looking forward to its celebration of it's centennial this coming fall. Look at the chapter's website for further details as every Kappa Alpha brother is encouraged to come celebrate. -Andrew Hennessey, V -Taylor Blum, V

Miami Epsilon Lambda The Epsilon Lambda chapter finished third amongst all fraternities in Miami's Greek Week competition. Junior member Ty Guyot also started an organization on campus called Ambassadors for Students with Disabilities, which has a strong KA representation. The chapter also participated in Walk-A-Mile in Her Shoes, an event put on by MARS (Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault) to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault on campus and to change rape culture here at Miami. Half of the MARS members are KAs, with all executive members of MARS being KAs. The entire chapter participated in the walk. –Tony Hausfeld, V

On Campus bid acceptance. These numbers are far higher than any other chapter at Ole Miss and have secured our role at the top for years to come. We have also been very involved with philanthropy through Mississippi Blood Services this fall semester. We sponsored a full day of donating blood as part of the Transylvania Bowl a competition between Ole Miss and Mississippi State to promote blood donation. As always we have promoted scholarship and have numerous members in various honors societies and the Associated Student Body organizations. This past October marked two years since a tragic car accident led to the deaths of three University of Mississippi freshmen, also new members of Alpha Upsilon: Sam Clayton Kelly, Walker Kelly and Mason Wilbanks. The chapter, with the help of the young men's family and friends, has raised over $150,000 in their names. The Charles Walker Kelly, Samuel Clayton Kelly, and Bryant Mason Wilbanks Memorial Scholarship is annually awarded to a deserving member of KA. Harrison Bryant (Alpha Upsilon – Mississsippi ’11), a senior Accountancy major from Madison, is the 2013 scholarship recipient. Today the scholarship continues to grow, with the chapter donating $70,000 this year. Donors and organizers want to see the fund grow to award three

scholarships annually, one in each boy's name. The endowment is open to gifts from individuals and organizations. To contribute, send checks with the Kelly, Kelly and Wilbanks Scholarship noted in the memo line to the University of Mississippi Foundation, P.O. Box 249, University, Miss. 38655; contact Sandra Guest at 662-915-5208 or; or visit We are looking forward to a very busy spring semester of philanthropy to keep up the strong work from the past two years! –Sean P. Doran, V Midwestern State Provisional to be restored as Gamma Omega Gamma Omega chapter is making promising strides toward chartering, and have acquired 14 promising new members who have really stepped up by taking officer roles. We also recently held a t-shirt fundraiser, selling more than 150 t-shirts to the beautiful sorority ladies on campus. We look forward to chartering in the spring and our chapter becoming a strong, influential organization. –Brian Warren, V Missouri Alpha Kappa The gentlemen of Alpha Kappa Chapter have enjoyed an extremely enriching

Arkansas: New members are pumped to bring KA back to campus in Fayetteville.



fall 2013 semester, inducting 35 new members in the fall '13 pledge class. The chapter was fortunate to be paired with the lovely women of Gamma Phi Beta for Homecoming. In the spring Alpha Kappa will be hosting the KA Rose Bowl, our flag football philanthropy to raise money for MDA. We have also participated in a number of other philanthropies this semester, including the Kappa Klassic, Tri Delt Triple Play, Gamma Phi Beta's Crescent Classic, and Pi Beta Phi's Big Man on Court. –Tim Rodriguez, II Missouri State Gamma Beta KA chapters have been challenged to participate in philanthropy events that revolve around our motto "Dieu et les Dames," and Gamma Beta recently participated in such an event. The event was called "A Walk In Her Shoes" and was hosted by Alpha Chi Omega here at Missouri State. The brothers that participated, alongside other fraternities on campus, walked a quarter mile from the Plaster Student Union in the middle of campus to the Alpha Chi Omega house in a pair of high heels. to raise awareness of domestic violence. The brothers that participated had a great time during this event and were very pleased to "walk in her shoes" for this worthy cause. –John W. Murrell, III Missouri S&T Beta Alpha On Saturday October 19, Beta Alpha chapter celebrated its 110th Annual Homecoming Anniversary at the Comfort Suites in Rolla, MO. Over 180 alumni and actives, including members of the pledge classes of 1963, 1993, and 2003, were in attendance for the celebration and anticipation of our new house renovations. During the banquet, over 30 academic scholarships were awarded to members of the active chapter and a total of $770,000 was raised for the new house renovations. Alumni involved in the new house renovation project are Bob Brinkmann, Jim Hennessey and Adam Siburt. They gave a small presentation on the layout of the new house to help build excitement for the coming months leading to the start of renovation. To wrap up the banquet, members


On Campus of the pledge class of 1963 performed as the KA Singers and sang classic songs from the 1960s –Bryan Schueddig, V Newberry Delta Epsilon Delta Epsilon started the fall semester with by inducting six new members, making KA the largest fraternity on campus. Academically, the chapter achieved its goal of obtaining the highest GPA amongst male organizations on campus. Number I Matt Padgett, was recently elected to serve as the SGA student body treasure, and Number V William Brant was elected to be the IFC president for the upcoming year. The chapter also has 14 brothers active in NCAA athletic teams. Delta Epsilon looks forward to the upcoming spring semester for more opportunities to lead by example in the classroom, on campus, and in the community. Excelsior! –William Brant, V

Nicholls State Epsilon Beta The brothers of Epsilon Beta hosted a barbecue and football mobile sale for MDA at the beginning of the semester, raising over $2,000 for MDA at the two events. In the spring the chapter will put on its annual MDA Bowling Fundraiser Tournament for the third year. Epsilon Beta had a successful fall Rush and initiated eight new brothers. The chapter would like to recognize Rusty Bruce on his induction into Order of Omega and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges, and Abram Billiot on his graduation with a degree in business administration. As a chapter outreach project, the men of Epsilon Beta will be participating in the local MDA Muscle Walk in the spring,

and many of our brothers will also be volunteering as counselors for MDA summer camp. –Rusty P. Bruce, V North Carolina Upsilon During the weekend of October 25th and 26th, Upsilon chapter hosted its annual Parent-Alumni Weekend, drawing approximately 100 parents and alumni. As part of a tailgate before the UNC Boston College football game, Upsilon hosted a silent auction for parents and alumni, which raised over $700 for the North Carolina Children's Hospital. The chapter looks forward to many more philanthropic events throughout this school year to benefit MDA and the Children's Hospital. –Garrett Jacobs, V





Washington: Current actives of Zeta Mu and 11 new pledges proudly display the official flag of Kappa Alpha Order.

On Campus

Mississippi: Family, friends, and KA brothers join the newest Kelly Kelly Wilbanks scholarship recipient, Harrison Bryant (front row, third from left), in honoring the memory of the three young men prior to Ole Miss's opening home football game. Pictured are: (front row) Hayden Horan, Emmett Manning, Harrison Bryant, Rob Pyron, Matt McDonald, (middle row) Christine Kelly, Megan Kelly, Lynn Wilbanks, Elizabeth Bryant, Anna Claire Kelly, Kim Kelly, (back row) Chris Kelly, Ken Wilbanks, Jamison Wilbanks and Sam Kelly.

North Carolina State Alpha Omega Alpha Omega is enjoying our first semester after returning to our former on-campus chapter house. The chapter is sponsoring the second largest annual blood drive at NC State during Homecoming week with hopes of collecting from over 250 donors. Brothers have also been volunteering once a week at Loaves and Fishes Ministry, which is an after-school mentoring program for at risk children. –Richard Bowser, V North Carolina-Charlotte Epsilon Xi As did our football program, the Epsilon Xi chapter at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte kicked off to a great start, extending 25 bids to some fine gentlemen. The brothers raised over $800 for MDA by putting on a cornhole tournament on campus, and the inaugural season gave us the opportunity to host an alumni/parent tailgate, which helped us re-engage with our alumni. We continue to head in a positive direction as we actively search for a chapter house and as we promote chapter growth and excellence. –Adam Boyle, V

Oklahoma Beta Eta We started the semester off getting renovations done to our house, and we won the OU Greek challenge held in early October, winning $1,000! We also wanted to help out the hungry families in Oklahoma so we started a canned food drive, one of our most successful canned food drives to date. With over 300 cans and every brother gladly donating, we are proud to put food on the table for some deserving Oklahoma families. To end our semester we had our Homecoming with the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi and the men of Kappa Sigma. We worked hard and won 1st place on our banner, 2nd place on our board, and 3rd place in the float, giving us an overall 3rd place! We are anticipating Rush and ending a great semester. On October 7th, Beta Eta alumnus Ryne Webster received the Combat Action Badge at Bagram Airfield from the U.S. Army. We are also working hard to replicate the success we had at our last Old South concert with singer and KA alumnus Rich O'Toole and the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma. –Joseph Frazey, I



Oklahoma State Beta Xi The chapter just recently competed in the Homecoming celebration for the first time since 2010. We also had our first annual "Hearts and Halloween" 5K and Fun Run with the women of Kappa Delta to benefit the Lauren Elise Memorial Foundation. We raised just shy of $2,000 for this great foundation which supports research for congenital heart defects. –Chase Martin, I Presbyterian Beta Pi Senior brother, David Sellman, is not only the chapter's treasurer, but he is also president of Presbyterian's Interfraternity Council and chair of the Honor Council. David succeeded alumnus Cameron Lawson as the third consecutive KA to be named chair of Presbyterian's Honor Council. His diligence, both within the fraternity and in the classroom, also led to David being named Greek Scholar of the Year for 2012-2013. David's hard work has no doubt paid off, as he currently has several interviews scheduled for medical school. Brothers like this are great representatives of our chapter and our great Order. –Peter Heitman, V


On Campus Purdue Epsilon Rho The brothers of the Epsilon Rho chapter have been hard at work this semester, initiating 11 new gentlemen into our chapter, the largest pledge class at our chapter in over five years. The brothers have also been busy around campus with participation in Greek Week, intramural soccer, and participation in a philanthropy soccer tournament, as well as organizing an interview skills workshop. Our members have already participated in the first annual "Weiner Wars," a hotdog eating contest in Indianapolis that benefits MDA. We¹re looking forward to hosting a booth on campus to spread awareness about muscular dystrophy, and to cooking a dinner for the local firefighters to show our appreciation for all the work they do around campus. –Shane Rafferty, I Randolph-Macon Zeta Zeta chapter off to a very good start this year with recruitment, philanthropy, community service, and social events. After a successful Rush week, we inducted eight new members, and on September 11th we raised nearly $200 for the Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation through an American flag sale held on campus. The chapter is also continuing to do road cleanups on our adopted highway and we are

taking these skills to their respective organizations. Currently, the IFC president, NSLS vice-president, College Republicans president, Track and Field Team captain, Golf Team captain, Automotive Club president, and Outdoors Club president are all members of our chapter. Not bad for a brotherhood of 28! We are very optimistic about our recruit prospects this coming spring. Beta Rho wishes its fellow KA chapters well and wishes y'all the best. –Andrew J. Bernstein, I

Rhodes Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon chapter is pleased to announce that it currently has six new members going through new member education. We also hosted our Homecoming Weekend Alumni Tailgate on the KA porch on Saturday, October 26th, and we held our annual blood drive, Operation Crimson Gift, as well as a formal in early December. Members of the chapter are having bi-weekly meetings with Rhodes Faculty to discuss changes to improve the chapter. Our chapter GPA last semester was a 3.1, which was the highest in our province. –James Kohnke, V

San Diego State Provisional to be restored as Gamma Iota SDSU KA is glad to announce that we are currently working very hard towards completing all the requirements needed to charter, as well as working towards building a name at our university and within the Greek community. We recently participated in Homecoming activities and won first place for a video competition; the video can be found on our Facebook page. We have also been meeting sororities by baking cookies for their chapters. We are excited for the coming months and are looking forward to chartering in the spring! –Jason Higareda, III

Roanoke Beta Rho As a chapter that places a heavy emphasis on leadership, we are pleased with the way our brothers are

University of the South Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha has had a productive and enjoyable semester thus far. The chapter's efforts in the classroom have been recognized by the university as nine members were inducted into the Order of Gownsmen, Sewanee's academic honor society. Outside of the classroom, Alpha Alpha has distinguished itself athletically as two chapter members were selected by their teammates to serve as captain of the Football team, while two members are also serving as captains of the soccer team. We were pleased to welcome a number of alumni to campus for Homecoming and our annual housing corporation meeting this past October. We look forward to continuing to the Sewanee and Kappa Alpha communities as we move ahead this semester. –Warren Snead, V

Delaware: Beta Epsilon raised $1400 for the Delaware Leukemia Foundation at the Delaware Mud Run




Southern Illinois-Carbondale Zeta Sigma Zeta Sigma chapter has made great strides in building our chapter's


planning more philanthropy events, including volunteering at the Tad DuPriest Foundation's annual Pig and Oyster Roast on the James. Over this past summer, we also had three brothers attend ELA in Lexington, and our Numbers I and II attended the 75th KA Convention in Texas. We continue as a chapter to foster academic success through nightly study halls, and grow closer as a chapter through brotherhood events. –Christopher Leggett, V

On Campus reputation since our chartering in 2011. After becoming an LGBT Safe Zone last spring, we were the only fraternity volunteering at an LGBT Pride Picnic. We increased the number of initiated members almost 50 percent this semester, our biggest growth since chartering in 2011. We also had our first annual Kappa Alpha Trivia Night for MDA, raising almost $400 dollars in total and laying the groundwork for years to come. We continue to build brotherhood through community service events, cleaning up Giant City Park. –Daniel Pineau, IV Southern Methodist Beta Lambda This fall saw the brothers of Beta Lambda continuing their growth both as men and as a chapter. In honor of fallen brother Trevor Loughlin, Beta Lambda hosted an auction for an autographed Larry Brown basketball to raise money for the new Beta Lambda Trevor Loughlin Scholarship and raised over $1,700. Several KAs turned out for SMU's "Reading for a Reason" and read to underprivileged kindergartners in urban Dallas to highlight reading's importance. During Homecoming, Beta Lambda placed second in the parade and hosted its first alumni dinner in five years. As the years go on Beta Lambda continues to grow and show its commitment to both its school and its history. –Timm Wooten, V Stanford Alpha Pi It's been another great quarter at Stanford University for Alpha Pi. We have several Stanford athletes in our chapter, and with water polo and soccer currently in season, we've are proud to report that our soccer team is having one of the best seasons in recent school history, and our water polo team is currently ranked among the top five teams in the country. In other exciting news, we've launched an alumni speaker series, with a focus on bringing in several Silicon Valley leaders who have emerged from our chapter over the years. –Connor Barnett, I

Oklahoma: House renovations continue at the Beta Eta chapter

Tennessee Pi To end the spring semester, the brothers of Pi achieved a 3.11 GPA, which was second best on campus. During the summer we had three brothers attend the annual Emerging Leaders Academy and two brothers attend the KA National Convention in San Antonio, TX. To begin the fall semester, we successfully recruited and initiated 27 new brothers, the most in recent Pi chapter history. Brothers have also continued to take part in philanthropic events including Pi Beta Phi’s Rush for Literacy 5K and Kappa Delta’s War for Wings, and by helping Second Harvest Food Bank collect cans on Labor Day weekend. Also in continuation of our efforts to raise funds for MDA, brothers created a booth on campus and raffled off clothing apparel and game day shirts to students, collecting over $1,000 for MDA. With elections right around the corner, Pi chapter plans on continuing the progress and excellence produced during this past academic year. We look forward to the future under our new head table, and wish our fellow brothers luck with the remaining school year. –Will Hodge, I



Tennessee-Chattanooga Zeta Upsilon The Zeta Upsilon chapter at UT Chattanooga welcomed 19 new members to the chapter this fall. Also this fall, the chapter elected a new Number I, Chris Stiner, and has a new Number IV, V and VIII. The chapter raised over $2,000 for MDA through its annual Old South Week, and is looking forward to a great semester and a great year! This fall, UTC hosted a weekend event at Camp Lookout called The Gentlemens Institute. Our chapter had one facilitator, Jared Wenger, 8 new members, and 1 future new member attend as participants. The weekend was led by Dr. Delaney, our Dean of Students, and Justin Pohl, our head of Greek Life. The majority of the participants were fraternity men, however some were from Student Government, Brother to Brother, and other organizations. The purpose of the weekend was to teach these young men, freshmen and sophmores, how to conduct themselves as a gentleman, prepare them for the future, and teach them the necessary skills to be a leader in their fraternity, school, job, family, etc. -Chris Stiner, I; Charles Marczynski, V; Jared Wenger, VIII


On Campus Tennessee-Martin Delta Upsilon This year began with our first annual cornhole tournament to benefit MDA which raised over $300 hundred dollars in profit. The KA rope pull team did phenomenally this year, pulling in the championship against Alpha Gamma Rho, placing 2nd overall after a solid eighteen minute pull. A personal source of pride for our chapter with meaning near to our hearts was our Brasherpalooza Benefit Concert with proceeds going to MDA, and to a scholarship towards a brother in our chapter in memory of Wesley Brasher, a brother who passed away in 2007 from brain cancer. The concert was headed up by brother Zach Grimes and ended up raising over $3,000. Onward, upward, higher, higher. –Chase Manley, II Texas A&M - Commerce Gamma Upsilon The fall semester has brought much success to the Gamma Upsilon chapter. The first sign of success came from fall recruitment in which nine new men were inducted into the order. We look forward to initiating these great men into our brotherhood. This fall brothers have increased our campus involvement throughout the community by holding various leadership positions in their respective organizations. Our intramural teams have seen great success so far as we hope to bring home the Greek Cup. To finish off the semester the chapter will be hosting a dinner and raffle benefiting MDA. We wish all the brothers around The Order a blessed Christmas and happy new year. –Stephen Ford, I

Tennessee Tech Zeta Epsilon The fall of 2013 has been an eventful semester for Zeta Epsilon that has seen the chapter make significant strides. After a summer that saw a group of committed and passionate alumni begin renovations on the house, the men of Zeta Epsilon began the semester with considerable momentum. The chapter inducted the largest new member class it has seen in nearly a decade, and advanced to the semifinals in Greek intramural football, placed third in the first Sorority philanthropy of the year. –Ryan Poff, V, VIII Texas-Arlington Provisional to be restored as Delta Iota The Delta Iota Provisional Chapter has gained 10 new members as a result of fall recruitment efforts, bringing the total count to 24 members awaiting initiation. With spring Rush still to come, all members of the chapter are looking forward to receiving our charter and becoming an active chapter. In sports, the intramural softball team has made it into the championship bracket, and is confidently looking to claim the championship title. –Braden Walters, V Texas A&M Epsilon Delta The Epsilon Delta chapter recruited 50 of Texas A&M's finest young men in the largest pledge class in Epsilon Delta history, as well as the biggest pledge class at the university. We are also proud to announce that four KAs were elected to the Student Government Association as student senators for the 2013-2014 school year. Recent alumni Ben Masters and Thomas Glover will ride wild mustangs




from the Mexico border in Arizona all the way to the Canadian border in Montana in the film Unbranded. It's 3,000 miles, 12 horses, five states, four men, and one goal: to complete a sixmonth journey that was once a reality for the western frontiersman and still stirs in the human spirit. The men are currently trying to raise awareness for the thousands of wild horses that are ready for adoption as well as money for the project. If you¹d like more information about Unbranded as well as a preview of the film, go to: Texas Tech Gamma Chi This fall, the Gamma Chi chapter had a successful Rush stemming from Summer River Trip and chapter-wide efforts to bring in top-notch Rushees. In September we held a record breaking KAlf Fry, raising public awareness and more than $7,000 for MDA. As of late October, the chapter officially initiated 41 new members, our largest pledge class in several years. Active member Reid Zambardino was recently elected as the scholarship chair for IFC at Texas Tech, and under our own new scholarship program, we look forward to finishing the fall 2013 semester with a strong GPA. Recruitment for the winter has already started and the Gamma Chi chapter looks to improve our numbers and induct another strong pledge class for Winter 2014. –Jimmy Sias, V Transylvania Alpha Theta Alpha Theta recently had a successful recruitment, giving out 21 bids with 18 of them picked by new members. Alpha Theta also is currently doing several ongoing philanthropy projects, such as watching young children at the library during PTA meetings and monitoring study hall for a local middle school. During the spring semester we will host our annual alumni golf scramble that also raises scholarship funds, and host a campus-wide poker night. Alpha Theta chapter sent two members to ELA this summer and will be sending several members to a campus leadership retreat. –Jordan Perkins, I


Tulsa Mu Mu Chapter has had a successful fall semester, signing 23 men, the largest pledge class in many years. The chapter hosted a successful Old South week and raised over $1,600 for MDA. With Homecoming and initiation still to come, Mu hopes to finish the semester as well as we started it. Sophomore Thomas Schorr received the 2013 Tulsa Energy Management Student Association's President Leadership Award. This award is selected by the president of TEMSA and awarded at the annual awards

banquet to the Energy Management student that exhibits the highest level of leadership amongst the Energy Management students. Thomas was also awarded over $8,000 in scholarships from various energy companies including Newfield Exploration where he interned this summer. Additionally, two of the four executive officers of TEMSA are gentlemen from Mu Chapter. Those offices are held by Bryce Cason and Parker Malone. –Brady Pierce, V

On Campus

Mississippi State: New members gather for a photo at Beta Tau's induction.

Wake Forest Tau This fall, Tau chapter proudly initiated four new members from around the country. The men of Tau continue to be models of service on campus, running 90 cumulative miles as a chapter around the quad in the span of eight hours during “Hit the Bricks,” a fundraising event benefiting cancer research. Tau chapter also aims to remain highest fundraising chapter in the nation for MDA, and will attempt to match our total of $20,000 from last year. In the spring, we also aim to reach 100% participation in the Crimson Gift Blood Drive for the fourth straight year. Tau chapter has cemented a position of leadership off campus, with over a third of the fraternity holding leadership positions in organizations outside of KA, including the Chief of Staff of Student Government. Tau also continued, as a chapter, to succeed in the classroom, earning a cumulative 3.14 GPA. –Reid Nickle, V Washington Zeta Mu Flying the Crimson and Gold in the Pacific Northwest, Zeta Mu has hit the ground running with an amazing 11-person pledge class, the largest in our young chapter’s history. We’re striving to fulfill the admonishment of Excelsior! as we expand our presence in our Greek system and show what an order of gentlemen can achieve with the ideals of KA behind them. We’ve been growing our connections with MDA, and our first bi-annual Operation Crimson Gift drive

drew even more donors than we had capacity for. Look forward to more great things from our chapter in the coming year and years to come. –Ian Engelback, V Washington College Beta Omega During this academic semester, the men of Beta Omega have been active on campus and in the community, starting with helping the Lion's Club cook and serve chicken to the Chestertown community. Earlier this month, the men assisted the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi in their annual 5K run to fund a scholarship within the sorority. The men also cleaned a portion of MD213 in accordance with the Adopt-aHighway organization, and attended a casino night event hosted by the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega to support their philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness. Later this semester, the men plan to volunteer at a local outreach event to read Christmas stories to children in the community, and have grown out their charming mustaches for Movember in support of prostate cancer awareness. The men are looking forward to a great end of the semester, and a strong start to the new year. –Michael Bullock, V Washington & Lee Alpha The brothers of Alpha have had a great start to the new school year. After the fundraising efforts on the part of our alumni base, Alpha has finally welcomed a cannon to our front yard. Many young alumni visited the house



for their 10-year reunion over our recent Homecoming weekend, during which many Alpha members on the football team lead the Generals to a 42-13 win over Bridgewater. We are finalizing our MDA philanthropic plans for the rest of the year, and we will be throwing our major Rush events over the coming weeks. –John Straton, V West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi The brothers of the Beta Chi proudly took 1st place in the first annual Hamilton Province Golf Outing held at Stonewall Jackson Resort. The busy brothers have found themselves continuing the renovations on the house, and the chapter has also been very involved in community service, partnering with local community action group "Create Buckhannon" to work with local alumni and community leaders. Some activities the chapter have completed involve collecting food for the local Parish House, helping the community winterize local baseball fields, and organizing an old furniture donation to the local Goodwill. Currently in the works is a philanthropic flag football game for Jeremiah, a local child who suffers from muscular dystrophy. The chapter also has been very active in the Wesleyan Greek community by organizing various service events among the other fraternities to create a group effort, and looks forward to continuing our community outreach even more next semester with the help of newly appointed Alumni Advisor


On Campus Robbie Skinner. With Brother Skinner's help the chapter will continue to raise expectations and keep meeting goals and helping the community along the way. –Andrew Spate, I Western Kentucky Epsilon Theta The Epsilon Theta chapter has had a great year so far. We continue to show success through events such as Rush, Homecoming, and Intramurals. Currently, we have 16 members awaiting initiation, going through the educational process. Brothers have been participating in many philanthropic events in order to give back and support the Greek community. The chapter continues to excel and push forward towards success. The Epsilon Theta chapter looks to improve their housing scenario, grades, and alumni relations in the upcoming months. –Jordan Nushart, V William & Mary Alpha Zeta The fall semester has been a busy and successful one for the men of Alpha Zeta. The chapter has been awarded the Intramural Fraternity Cup by accumulating more points across all intramural competitions than other fraternities. The brothers held two Red Cross blood drives, generating over 100 units of blood for the year, and also sold t-shirts raising over $500 for MDA with plans to hold a golf tournament in the early spring. For the fall Rush, Alpha Zeta brought in seven new members who are currently awaiting initiation. The sophomore class is going through the Council of Honor, learning about the laws and customs of Kappa Alpha. As a whole, the chapter increased its overall GPA to a 3.2, which is above the all male average at the college. We are also currently seeking donations to help furnish our new house. –Tyler Pearson, II

Wingate Zeta Zeta The Zeta Zeta chapter has grown dramatically over the last two years, increasing last year from seven to 22 brothers. This past fall we gained six additional members awaiting initiation. We held our annual KA Grilled Cheese to support MDA, and are looking forward to our annual pig roast for Homecoming weekend, while also celebrating the chapter's 20th year on campus. The chapter continues to live by the motto "Excelsior!" in everything we do. –Jacob Smiley, V





William Jewell Alpha Delta The fall semester at William Jewell College has been a very busy and successful semester for the men of Alpha Delta. Fall marks football season and currently Alpha Delta has 29 active members competing on the William

Jewell football team. While keeping busy with sports and academics, we have also attended many philanthropic events throughout the semester both on and off campus to give back to the community in any way we can. One of the bigger service events that Alpha Delta took part in this past semester was a chapter wide highway cleanup of a section of highway 152 in Liberty, Missouri. This section of highway is part of MoDot Adopt-a-Highway program. Alpha Delta adopted and has been taking care of this section of the highway for many years. Currently Alpha Delta has 18 active members going through Kappa Alpha's Council of Honor. The men of Alpha Delta have enjoyed all of the success they have had this past semester and will continue to strive for excellence. attended many philanthropic events throughout the semester both on and off campus to give back to the community in any way we can. One of the bigger service events that Alpha Delta took part in this past semester was a chapter wide highway cleanup of a section of highway 152 in Liberty, Missouri. This section of highway is part of MoDot Adopt-aHighway program. Alpha Delta adopted and has been taking care of this section of the highway for many years. Currently Alpha Delta has 18 active members going through Kappa Alpha's Council of Honor. The men of Alpha Delta have enjoyed all of the success they have had this past semester and will continue to strive for excellence. –Josh Capron, V

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Penn State Brother Excels at Little-Known Sport by Rick Moore

Brier’s sport of Boardercross requires interesting training. Photos courtesy

Some of the world’s finest athletes have been members of Kappa Alpha Order, including former San Diego Charger David Binn, NBA brothers Jarron and Jason Collins, and several PGA legends. Add to that list, though his sport isn’t exactly a household word, Jeff Brier. Brier (Zeta Eta – Penn State ‘95) recently won Gold at USASA (United States of America Snowboarding Association) Nationals (Legend Men Division) in Boardercross competition at Copper Mountain, Colorado. What, you ask, is Boardercross? In the description from Brier’s own website The Mountain Athlete:


Snowboardcross, also called Boardercross, Boarder/ Snowboard-X, and SBX for short, is a race between four to six competitors along a course comprised of a series of man-made terrain obstacles (banked turns, table-top jumps, doubles, triples and other combinations of rollers and gap jumps). Snowboardcross is heavily inspired by motocross racing (motorcycle/dirt bike). Similar to its motorized counterpart, Boardercross incorporates a mass start with a drop gate and start judge. The top 32 men qualify for the competition and are placed in ‘heats’. At the gate, the starter will announce “Riders ready?... Attention! (or 5 seconds!).” Then 48


sometime in the next 5 seconds drop the gate to start the race. On course the racers must navigate the obstacles while maintaining a line within the marked portion designated by triangular gates (similar to World Cup ski/board racing). Occasionally a rider may drift off course and must hike back up to avoid missing a gate or end up with a disqualification … In each heat the 2 or 3 riders who cross the finish line first continue on to the next round. The heats continue until there are only four to six competitors left for the final round. First one across the finish line in the Finals Round is the event champion. Boardercross seems to be a natural fit for Brier, who has

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“When I started working in business and started working on my own training to get in shape for mountain biking or snowboarding, I started to recognize I was actually using the tenets I had learned in KA.” only in later years. “Maybe I wasn’t really at that age to understand it or know how to apply it then,” he said. “But when I started working in business and started working on my own training to get in shape for mountain biking or snowboarding, I started to recognize I was actually using the tenets I had learned in KA, the codes of conduct I had learned. I just didn’t really know how to apply it to life at the time.” There obviously isn’t a lot of opportunity to be active in the mountain sports arena in Pennsylvania, which explains how Brier ended up in Colorado once he decided on what he wanted to pursue. “Actually I think I started the trend for a lot of guys in our house when I moved to Colorado,” he said. “There are several guys here from the chapter; I actually ran into one last week at the gym. I can think of four guys from THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL

the chapter who live out here in the mountains, who are big snowboarders and mountain bikers and skiers.” “One thing that I think is a direct influence that followed me from KA is being a leader and leading by example,” he continued. “That’s one of the reasons I continue to race. If I can show my athletes how to get there rather than telling them what to do, the message is much stronger and has depth and weight behind it. Experience plus expertise and knowledge is extremely valuable to me as a coach. And if I see someone doing something where I know they can improve, I always offer assistance if they’re open to it, which to me is the more gentlemanly tendency that comes from KA. That’s actually the type of environment that USASA tries to foster.”



Brier continues to excel through tough conditions and even tougher competitions, recently winning the gold medal at the 2014 USASA Nationals. Photos courtesy


a degree in Recreation and Parks Management with a specialization in Professional Golf Management. “I’ve skied since I was a little kid,” said the Pennsylvania native, explaining how he ended up in mountain sports. “I started with cross country skiing and then I learned to Alpine ski, then in college I picked up snowboarding. 1990 was the first time I snowboarded, but I’d been skiing for a long time by that point.” But perhaps surprisingly, Brier wasn’t an athlete in college despite his area of study and his obvious love of sports. “The only thing I did sports-wise in college was intramurals,” he said. “Our chapter did all sorts of stuff because we had a lot of really athletic guys in the house.” Today Brier makes his home in Denver, and in addition to being an active competitive snowboarder, he also helps train others who aspire to excel at the sport, hence his nickname “Coach JB.” “My profession is a personal trainer, and I specialize in coaching mountain athletes,” he said. “Anything we (snowboarders) do in the off season is to prepare for competition. The time we spend practicing in the winter and doing regional races is to get ourselves in the best possible condition in preparation for nationals. So the people I coach, and I myself, follow the same schedule, if you will, in training. The goal isn’t just to be in shape or to qualify or make it through time trials, the goal is to win. We want to go there and get first place. So I coach all sorts of mountain sports, but snowboarding is part of my specialty.” Brier said that being a KA brother had a definite impact on his life and his athletic career, but it was an impact that he would realize

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Sports Review CROSS COUNTRY WOFFORD – DELTA SOUTHERN CONFERENCE MEET Ben Boyles ’11 Kyle Hoffman ’12 Parker Johnson ’11 NEWBERRY – DELTA EPSILON Alex Holshaw ’13 Charlie Cook

FOOTBALL: Players in Major Bowls ALABAMA – ALPHA BETA (SUGAR BOWL) Zach Houston, defensive back DELTA OMICRON (ORANGE BOWL) Donny McElveen ’10, quarterback DUKE – ALPHA PHI (CHICK-FIL-A BOWL) Will Boeckman ’12, defensive end Lucas Fisher ’13, linebacker MISSISSIPPI – ALPHA UPSILON (MUSIC CITY BOWL)

by Jay Langhammer

John Hardy ’12, offensive lineman NORTHWESTERN STATE – GAMMA PSI Pace Murhpy ’12, offensive tackle Will Anglin ’12, defensive back PRINCETON – ZETA BETA John Ed McGee ’11, defensive back Dylan Jeffay ’12, receiver TEXAS A&M-COMMERCE – GAMMA UPSILON Stephen Ford ’12, linebacker 2nd in tackles (71) All-Lone Star Conference honorable mention DELTA STATE – DELTA BETA Tyler Jordan ’12, offensive lineman Lucas Shipman, defensive lineman

Austin Cook ’13, deep snapper

Nathan Noble ’13, kicker

Tyler Stasky ’13, offensive tackle


Jared Homesley ’11, defensive back

12 Michael Reichenstein ’10, kick holder/punter Academic All-Big 1st team


FOOTBALL: Players FURMAN - IOTA Cal Ryder, linebacker FCS Playoffs All-Southern Conference Led squad with 136 tackles STEPHEN F. AUSTIN – DELTA KAPPA Andrew Ratliff ’11, offensive guard All-Southland Conference honorable mention PRESBYTERIAN – BETA PI Kaleb Griffin, quarterback 71% passing completion 25 of 35 for 221 versus UNC-C Rob Dennis ’12, offensive lineman



Casey Sanders ’12, offensive lineman

Eric Martin ’12, linebacker 42 tackles Garrett Coble ’11, linebacker 32 tackles Russell Burton ‘13, defensive back

Chris Thearle ’13, offensive lineman


Dawson Shreiner ’13, defensive back Ben Baird ’12, defensive tackle Chris Barret ’13, quarterback

Sammy Vermilya ’11, receiver/returner 27 receptions, 513 yards, 6 touchdowns Michael Ferguson ‘11


Mitchell Thomas, defensive back Co-captain All-ODAC 3rd team DIII Senior Classic Game player Peter Partee ’11, linebacker Co-captain All-ODAC third team 56 tackles Mike Unholz ’11, lineman All-ODAC 3rd team 35 tackles Mike Palicz ’11, linebacker 2nd on team in tackles (62)


16 KAs on the roster Beau Brady ’11, kicker Southern Athletic Association Special Teams Player of the Year 66 points, 10 field goals, 36 extra points Beau Wells, wide receiver All-SAA honorable mention 20 receptions, 226 yards


Semmes White ’11, defensive back 29 tackles

19 KAs on the roster Nick Lombardo ’11, quarterback Co-captain 164 carries, 866 yards 5 TDs Luke Terna ’11, running back Co-captain All-Old Dominion Athletic Conference 2nd team 104 carries, 705 yards, 6 TDs



GEORGETOWN – BETA DELTA Dan Everett ’13, defensive end UNIV. OF THE SOUTH – ALPHA ALPHA 8 KAs on the roster

Sports Page

Alex Kops ’13, defensive back All-SAA 2nd team 80 tackles

2nd with 82 tackles, 3 interceptions Jimmy DeStefano ’13, linebacker 95 tackles Nick Messer ’13, defensive back 4 interceptions, 103 yards, 66 stops

Dan McKeithen ’11, linebacker All-SAA 2nd team 62 tackles Taylor Graham ’13, back Nick Rassieur ’12, linebacker

Austin Doss ’13, lineman 43 tackles

John Paul McDonnell ’13, linebacker

Jason Carmichael ’11 41 stops

Grayson Middlebrooks ’11, linebacker


Robert Scott ’12, linebacker Chris Wasden ’13, receiver WESTMINSTER – ALPHA ETA Brett Carrigan ‘12, linebacker  6.5 sacks, 42 tackles Alvin Stewart ’11, receiver WILLIAM JEWELL – ALPHA DELTA 28 KAs on roster, most in the country Jack Bissontette ’11, defensive back All-Great Lakes Valley Conference mention Reichenstein

Sean Shelton ’10, quarterback 120 of 200 passes for 1,160 yds, 10 TDs D.J. Balasz ’11, quarterback 274 rushing yards, 4 TDs 402 passing yards Jake Hartley ’11, offensive guards Started every game Logan Winter ’11, offensive guards Started every game Warren Frevert ’11, kicker 47 points, 7 field goals, 26 extra points.

FOOTBALL: Coaches Paul Johnson (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’77) Led Ga. Tech Yellow Jackets 7-5 regular season & Music City Bowl 11th consecutive post-season appearance Will Muschamp (Gamma – Georgia ’92) Led Florida Gators to wins in 4 of the first 5

GOLF: Professional Brandt Snedeker (Chi – Vanderbilt ’00) Brandt had his best career year on the PGA Tour, in 2012 winning two championships and posting over 5 million dollars in earnings.





PRESBYTERIAN Carter Davis ’11 Tied for 9th (214) at the Coca-Cola invitational Tied for 28th at the Big South meet Big South Golfer of the Week, shooting 206 (67-71-68) to win the Springhill Suites meet MILLSAPS Ryan Henry ’12 Led in scoring (77.50) Tied for 14th at the SAA meet SAA All-Sportsmanship Team

LACROSSE DUKE The 16-5 NCAA champions, featured Reid Maxim, midfielder Rowland Pettit, defenseman WASHINGTON & LEE Mac Means ’10 56 points, including 40 goals Luke Heinsohn ’10 25 points Jack Switala ’10 23 points, including 14 goals TRANSYLVANIA Ben Erwin ’12 Led 9-6 team with 68 points, including 44 goals Clay Douthit ’12 Scored 52 points, including 41 goals Evan Wright ’12 19 goals Ben Rogers ’12 Alex Wesserman ’12 BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERN Will Slinkard ’11, defensiveman All-SAA 2nd team honors


Photo: Bruce Waterfield

Dick Biddle (Alpha Phi – Duke ’69) Announced retirement in his 18th season at Colgate Winningest coach in Colgate history, 137-73

Wes Roach (Alpha Pi – Duke ’09) Wes is competing on the Web. Com Tour, has received his PGA Tour card, is tied for second at the Mexico Championship, and has posted nearly $170,000 at press time.

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Sports Review (continued) Hal Smith ’12, midfielder Led team with 99 ground balls


Mitch Stewart ‘12, midfielder 16 starts, 7 points

Dillon Flynn ’11


Muhle Diamini ’12, midfielder 12 games

Simon Sherman ’12 33 points


Chris Haberstroh

Matt Crooker ’12 18 starts, 8 points


Kirk Clark ’10

James Klugh ‘10 18 starts

Mike Geiselhart ’12, defenseman Started 11 games


Christopher Lawrence ’11



Conor Hagan

Davy Arnaud (Gamma Sigma – West Texas A&M ’00) Traded from Montreal Impact to DC United (MLS) 12 Season Veteran 297 matches and scored 48 goals

Ryan McKay ’10 30 points

Zach Batteer ’12, forward All-Far West Region 2nd team 9 goals, 21 points Drew Hutchins ’11, goalie Started every game, 1983 minutes Gave up only 25 goals (1.13 avg) Jimmy Callinan ’12, defenseman FURMAN – IOTA Eric Steber ’12, defenseman Started every match National Soccer Coaches Association All-South Regional 2nd team WEST TEXAS A&M – GAMMA SIGMA

Gregory Hurley Connor Bancroft SOUTHWESTERN – XI 8 KAs on the roster Steven Resnick ‘11 All-Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference 1st team 19 points, 9 goals Daniel Poole ’11, goalie All-SCAC 2nd team 1894 minutes, 100 saves, 20 allowed goals (.95 avg) Timothy Eamma ’11 All-SCAC honorable mention

Charlie Berndt ’13

Garrett Cooper ’11, goalie Started every match, 1400 minutes Gave up 9 goals, 46 saves

Alec Vaughn ’13

Reese Barden


PRESBYTERIAN – BETA PI Jordan Archer ’11, midfielder Started every match, 1276 minutes

Ryan Jones ’13

Evan Sizemore ’11, defenseman All-Heartland Athletic Conference 1st team

Matthew Palma ’11, defenseman


Ty Cook ’10, forward 17 starts, 8 points

Alex Bowen ’12 All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation 1st team (3rd straight) Career high 71 points Brett Bonanni ’13 Led the MPSF with 97 points All-MPSF 2nd team Forrest Watkins ’10 35 points. All-MPSF 2nd team B.J. Chumside ’13 45 points All-MPSF honorable mention Scott Platson ’10, goalie 56 saves in 8 games Adam Abdulhamid ’13 21 points Griffin Bolan ’13 17 points

Adam Warmoth ’13

Dan Poole ’11, javelin All-SCAC selection with a throw of 156’7”

Jay Barajas ’13

Steven Resnick

3rd in the NCAA championship tournament

Dylan Mills ’10, javelin 2nd at the ODAC meet

Joseph Santos ’13 Started every game, 1,574 minutes


9 KAs on the roster

Nick Hoversten ’11 11 points

Daryl Doran ’13, defenseman 21 games



Michael Murray ’10 Brett Bass ’12

4 KAs on the roster

Adam Jahn (Alpha Pi – Stanford ’10) San Jose Earthquake (MLS) 16 games, 4 goals Hunter Gorskie (Alpha Pi – Stanford ’10) New York Cosmos (North American Soccer League)


Tyler Vaughn ’13


Bobby Warshaw (Alpha Pi – Stanford ’08) Loaned by FC Dallas (MLS) to Angelholms FF (Sweden)


Evan Javors ’11

Ben Boyle ‘11


Weston Stitt

Chaz Ainsworth ’10,




Our Legacy

From Gamma Beta to Alpha Kappa A collection of Missouri State Dads, all from the same general time in the chapter, has lead to a delegation of Mizzou sons. Quoted one Dad, “they couldn’t wait to get out of town, but they all ended up going KA!”

Craig Warren (Gamma Beta – Missouri State ‘74) and his son Travis Warren (Alpha Kappa – Missouri ‘10)

Bill Rabourn (Gamma Beta – Missouri State ‘77) and his son Chase Rabourn (Alpha Kappa – Missouri ‘13)

Ron Looney (Gamma Beta – Missouri State ‘73) and his son Tim Looney (Alpha Kappa – Missouri ‘13)

The Hon. William Francis (Gamma Beta – Missouri State ‘71) and his sons (left) Matthew Francis (Alpha Kappa – Missouri ‘02) and (right) Eric Francis (Alpha Kappa – Missouri ‘03)


Not pictured: Wes Dunn (Gamma Beta – Missouri State ‘79) and his son Brad Dunn (Alpha Kappa – Missouri ‘06)




Chapter Eternal

Brothers listed herein were reported and recorded as of Jan. 31, 2014.

The Official Badge of the Order is shown as worn on a “hatchment” (a crepe of piece of black ribbon 1/2" wide and 3/4" long). Brothers are to wear this arrangement during a period of mourning as set forth in the Kappa Alpha Laws (App. 103).” Alabama Alpha Beta

Dr. Jack Martin, 1945, 9/7/13 Oakley W. Melton Jr., 1946, 11/10/13 Dr. Willard A. Snyder, 1945, 9/21/12 The Hon. Robert V. Wooldridge Jr., 1943, 2/25/13

Arizona Gamma Epsilon

James H. McJunkin, 1949, 1/2/12 Harvey W. Trittipo, Jr., 1951, 4/8/13

Arkansas Alpha Omicron

Gerald W. Flocks, 1947, 11/14/08 Donald D. Harington, 1953, 11/7/09

Auburn Nu

David Allen, 1911, 1/1/89 Jack Edward Anderson, 1961, 1/24/11 John E. Blue Sr., 1950, 1/14/14 J. Thomas Bradley Jr., 1958, 10/21/13 Nicholas S. Hare, 1931, 1/6/14 Claude L. Huey Jr., 1954, 11/25/07 Robert Clark King, 1954, 1/18/14 Dr. Walter N. Mcgaughey Jr., 1980, 11/11/13 Cornelius C. McKelvey, 1946, 5/14/00

Baylor Delta Omega

Ruben M. Santos, 1976, 3/5/08

Bethany Beta Beta

James A. Capstaff, 1965, 5/20/97

Birmingham-Southern Phi

C. Richard Causey, Jr., 1945, 8/30/13

California Alpha Xi

John U. Clowdsley, Jr., 1949, 9/28/13 Robert L. Thomas, 1942, 12/27/08 Robert W. White, 1947, 1/1/10

Centenary Alpha Iota

Paul N. Gregory, Jr., 1984, 2/15/11 James E. Kurzweg, 1966, 9/26/13 Major Edwin W. Moore, 1939, 11/5/02

Citadel Theta Commission

Joseph C. Antwine, 2012, 11/29/13 CPT David P. Easterling, 2010, 11/9/13

College of Charleston Beta Gamma

William H. Cox II, 1975, 9/21/10 William S. Crook, 1980, 10/13/12 Eugene D. Foxworth III, 1975, 12/15/13

Davidson Sigma

Roderick V. Reid, 1951, 12/25/11

Delaware Beta Epsilon

Randall C. Aldrich, 1973, 1/1/14

Drury Beta Iota

Bert M. Wommack, 1943, 12/18/08

Duke Alpha Phi

Dr. Charles L. Brock, 1943, 7/12/13 Alexander L. Cann Sr., 1953, 12/27/13 Edward N. Claughton Jr., 1948, 9/7/13 Willis C. Lindsey, Jr., 1945, 1/22/12

East Tennessee State Delta Delta

Ted A. Johnson, 1966, 10/14/13

Elon Epsilon Mu

Louisville Beta Omicron

Northern Arizona Epsilon Tau

Transylvania Alpha Theta

Emory Epsilon

Memphis Gamma Gamma

Northwestern State Gamma Psi

Tulane Psi

Lee H. Vaughn, 1983, 1/30/14

Richard D. Whitty, 1946, 3/17/13

Frank L. Asbury III, 1944, 12/18/13 Dr. J. Lon King Jr., 1940, 9/3/13

Florida Beta Zeta

Justin M. Goode, 1994, 6/10/09 A. Dane Sawyer, Jr., 1955, 8/21/13 Doyal E. Timmons, 1944, 10/22/13 Thomas H. Wallis, Jr., 1951, 6/26/12 Harry C. Wannamaker III, 1943, 10/27/09

Florida State Gamma Eta

Fredrick N. Bowers, 1960, 11/11/13 Hume F. Coleman, 1957, 11/10/10 James M. Crews, 1952, 10/14/13 Larry E. Tuten, 1954, 8/11/12

Furman Iota

Samuel J. Deery III, 1957, 2/19/07 Francis B. Jennings, 1955, 8/19/07 Rufus S. Merritt, 1959, 9/20/09 Carlie O. Smith Jr., 1956, 3/31/03

Larry G. Bell, 1973, 10/26/12 William A. Yarbrough, 1963, 10/3/13

Mercer Kappa

Freddie W. Evans Jr., 1947, 12/19/13 William S. Gavin, Jr., 1974, 1/12/14 Dr. David S. Mann, 1939, 12/28/13 Nathaniel W. Massey Jr., 1961, 5/14/98 James M. Reid, 1948, 9/14/13 Charles A. Rice Jr., 1948, 10/10/13 Harris D. Williams, 1945, 9/2/13

Miami Gamma Theta

Rene J. Callobre, 1957, 2/7/08

Middle Tennessee State Delta Lambda

Dr. Jerry E. Gilliland, 1969, 1/11/14 John N. Wood, Jr., 1975, 11/18/12

Midwestern State Gamma Omega

Keith A. Muterspaugh, 1967, 6/29/05

George Mason Epsilon Phi

James R. Weed, 1994, 11/7/05

Millsaps Alpha Mu

George Washington Alpha Nu

F. Elwood Davis, 1938, 1/17/12 James C. Van Story Jr., 1942, 3/15/05

Georgetown Beta Delta

Howard S. Alexander, 1955, 6/11/01 James R. Jenkins, 1955, 5/19/11 Frank E. Lescanec, 1939, 8/8/82 Stephen D. McWilliams, 1966, 5/13/04 Thomas B. Nichols, 1949, 1/11/12 Donald W. Webb, Sr., 1958, 7/19/13

Brett C. Adams, 1968, 3/24/08 William W. Aycock, Jr., 1969, 6/6/12 William A. Barksdale, 1961, 2/10/08 F. Mitchell Beaird, Jr., 1948, 3/24/13 Charles H. Moore, 1962, 7/11/10 Thomas R. Mullins, 1959, 2/17/12 Gordon B. Smith, 1988, 8/30/13 Bruce D. Stafford, 1966, 8/31/13 J. Joshua Stevens, Jr., 1959, 3/14/11

Mississippi Alpha Upsilon

Ryan J. Lancaster, 1994, 4/23/07

Thomas D. Bourgeois, 1977, 1/6/14

Oklahoma Beta Eta

G. Wendell Cathey, 1959, 10/15/13 Bernard G Ille CLU, 1948, 11/12/13 Gilbert R. Miller, 1949, 5/16/13 Wayne B. Miller, Jr., 1950, 9/10/97 William M. Tonkin, 1942, 12/26/13 Fay H. Troutt, Jr., 1948, 5/26/13

Old Dominion Delta Gamma

Rhodes Alpha Epsilon

VMI Beta Commission

George T. Fesperman Jr., 1949, 9/14/12

James E. Edens III, 1954, 12/1/09

Dick H. Pewthers, 1966, 11/16/12

San Diego State Gamma Iota

Wake Forest Tau

Dr. John Madison Bloxom III, 1938, 8/5/08

Rollins Alpha Psi

Kennedy H. Clark, Jr., 1962, 9/20/13

Sam Houston State Gamma Tau

Donald F. Bardot, 1951, 11/23/12

South Carolina Rho

John G. Beasley, 1955, 10/1/13 David P. Hewitt, 1978, 1/14/08 Joseph E. Hines Jr., 1954, 2/8/08

Southern Methodist Beta Lambda

Missouri Alpha Kappa

Houston Gamma Mu

Robert K. Fowler, 1982, 6/3/10

James Harvey Drake, 1969, 11/15/13 COL Harold J. Salfen (Ret), 1942, 8/24/13

Houston Baptist Delta Sigma

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha

Alexander D. Almeyda, 1973, 8/28/00

Dewey Allgood, Jr., 1961, 4/23/13 Larry R. Burke, 1968, 7/20/13 Daniel M. Sobral, 1938

Jacksonville State Delta Phi

Missouri State Gamma Beta

Jerry N. Cole, 1979, 12/7/09

George R. Dillard, 1948, 9/8/13 Donald A. Estell, 1964, 2/21/10

Johns Hopkins Alpha Lambda

James E. France, Jr., 1940, 9/13/13

Kentucky Theta

Richard O. Dorton, 1973, 10/22/13

Louisiana Tech Gamma Alpha

John M. Barber, 1955, 1/30/09

Louisiana-Lafayette Gamma Phi

David L. Benoit, 1981, 1/16/14 John L. Leinhardt, 1960, 10/9/13 Barry J. Prudhomme, 1973, 8/23/13

Darryl E. Ellingson, 1955, 1/7/13 William B. Seixas, 1940, 7/1/13 Mortimer C. Smith, 1943, 1/4/14

George W. Bookhout Jr., 1940, 1/20/11 Sidney L. Carroll, 1958, 4/22/12 George C. Nilan, Jr., 1952, 12/12/13

Southern Mississippi Gamma Zeta

Joseph H. Clements, 1964, 9/2/12 Sydnor Hall, 1951, 1/23/14 George F. Touart, 1968, 1/24/14

Southwestern Xi

Clarence R. Downing, 1961, 2/7/14 John H. Liedtke III, 1973, 5/13/04 Donald A. Schuhmann, 1952, 11/13/12 James H. Stark, 1980, 4/1/06

Stanford Alpha Pi

Daniel K. Bacon, 1957, 5/31/06

Stephen F. Austin State Delta Kappa

John E. Powers, 1982, 10/16/07

Tennessee Pi

Newberry Delta Epsilon

Barclay R. Cone, 1973, 10/5/06 Darwin L. Crawford, 1966, 8/29/09 Michael P. Gardner, 1982, 1/16/11 L. Randall Gleaton, Jr., 1970, 1/4/13

Thomas M. Sanders, 1962, 9/24/13

North Carolina State Alpha Omega

Texas Omicron


Louie T. Lassiter, 1951, 4/9/13 Jeffrey B. Tubaugh, 1981, 6/3/11



Bobby L. Cook Jr., 1968, 1/19/95 Allan R. Plumley Jr., 1953, 12/26/13

Richard B. Baker, 1984, 4/2/13 James G. Browder Jr., 1966, 10/2/13 F. E. Deacon III, 1977, 1/27/14 John S. Gray, 1952, 3/15/13 Peter M. Meredith Sr., 1978, 3/27/13 Robert A. Moncure, 1949, 8/18/13 Charles W. Parker Jr., 1948, 1/23/12 Dr. Robert D. Smith Jr., 1969, 6/20/13 BG Leo E. Soucek (Ret), 1950, 4/2/13 Erskine Williams Jr., 1950, 2/3/13

Richmond Eta

Mississippi State Beta Tau

Frank Buck, 1955, 10/30/13 William H. Daughtrey Jr., 1952, 2/1/14

Vanderbilt Chi Virginia Lambda

Georgia Tech Alpha Sigma

Hampden-Sydney Alpha Tau

Jeff L. Walden, 1954, 10/25/13

Presbyterian Beta Pi

Southern California Beta Sigma

L. Allen Carter, 1955, 7/3/13 P. Douglas Ford, 1984, 10/12/12 Charles P. Moreton, 1947, 2/20/11 Dan L. Neighbors, 1942, 1/11/14 Clarence A. Sweets, 1947, 8/13/13

Tulsa Mu

William L. Harris, 1948, 5/3/12 Ronald W. Hartley, 1956, 9/19/13

Georgia Gamma

John H. Francis, Jr., Ph.D, 1946, 9/18/13 Milton J. Harper, Jr., 1936, 11/27/02 MAJ Leon C. McWilliams Jr., 1947, 4/14/13 Robert A. Rhett, 1982, 11/4/08 C. Lanier Robison, Jr., 1949, 3/21/06

Robert Flemon Higgins Jr., 1945, 7/14/07 Lamar C. Mixson, 2007, 9/23/13 Albert R. Tebo, Jr., 1937, 7/25/03 Stuart W. Wooddy, 1947, 4/6/13

Henry Del Toro Jr., 1980, 6/28/02

Richard M. Bevis, Jr., 1941, 2/22/11 David C. Gleason, Jr., 1936, 9/24/13 Leroy L. Hidinger Jr., 1938, 10/19/13 William M. Martin, 1962, 12/19/03

Upshaw C. Bentley Jr., 1942, 8/15/13

Dr. David M. Pedley, 1958, 8/3/09

Texas A&M Commerce Gamma Upsilon

Klyne R. Martin, 1963, 9/19/13

Charles W. Kinslow, Jr., 1938, 8/25/13

Andrew Pillow, 2013, 11/20/13 William S. Riley, 1925, 4/1/81 Frank M. Roebuck, Jr., 1962, 12/30/13

Washington College Beta Omega

Walter C. Brandt, 1941, 9/28/13 James N. Juliana, 1941, 11/18/13 Norman William Shorb, 1937, 10/9/00 Raymond G. Sinclair, Jr., 1942, 1/14/13

West Georgia Zeta Kappa

William J. Rieder, , 1/20/14

West Texas A&M Gamma Sigma

Stanley R. Pritchard, 1965, 12/21/13

West Virginia Alpha Rho

K. Glenn Cole, 1975, 9/4/13

West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi

David A. Couch, 1964, 12/16/01 Richard K Wolford PhD, 1950, 11/23/12

Western Kentucky Epsilon Theta

Matt C. Dillingham, 2000, 1/23/14 Jason R. Hale, 1997, 9/9/13

William Jewell Alpha Delta

William S. Brandom, 1945, 7/4/01 Charles P. Johnson, 1947, 10/9/13 Elmer G. Kuhn, 1947, 7/17/13 James R. Lee, 1948, 1/26/08 Harry R. Pearson III, 1948, 9/29/13 Carroll G. Tompson, 1949, 4/1/08

From the Archives Left: "LSU blanketed in white" in 1934.

THE GENERAL SECRETARY’S FIRST TRIP The following is an account from then Editor of The Journal and General Secretary, Verner M. Jones. While he was Editor for many years, he was only General Secretary for about one year—owing to the lapsing of the office by then Knight Commander Samford C. Fullilove. The role was only created at the 27th Convention in 1913. It would not be until 1934 that an Executive Secretary was permanently established, existing now as the office of the Executive Director. The Journal, April 1914





Between the February and April issues of THE JOURNAL, the General Secretary took occasion to make his initial official call upon various points visiting alumni and actives in … Baton Rouge and New Orleans, La. Baton Rouge was reached just after the snowstorm, which played some funny tricks as evidenced by the accompanying cut showing the palms banked in white. As a downpour of the fleecy had not been witnessed before the present generations, the cause of education in Louisiana suffered

during the festivities, young America refusing to go to school as long as snowballing was possible. The capital city of Louisiana is a substantial old burg, with a good touch of progress and the ancient setting of things both in the town and upon the L.S.U. campus is then balanced with the evidence of modern development. Alpha Gamma was the first fraternity to enter L.S.U. and few chapters have maintained as high a general standing. It will be recalled that Alpha Gamma is the only chapter in the fraternity and probably in any other fraternity that enjoys the luxury of a couple of chapter houses,

with a growing building fund in addition. As a matter of sentiment the chapter very properly continues to occupy for meeting purposes its ancient, historical and mysterious domicile on the campus, while a number of men live in a neat and adequate house near the campus, which provides for its occupants and other members who take their meals there, and the membership generally, genuine home comforts and home atmosphere. Psi is indicating more pep and general activity than for many years past and is peculiarly fortunate in having two experienced leaders in Lyons and Irwin, formerly of Alpha Gamma, and who have manifested the same degree of enthusiastic interest in the affairs of Psi as of their original chapter. Their experience in chapter house matters makes their presence of peculiar value just now when it is generally conceded by both actives and alumni that the Tulane chapter must have a home. The latest report along this line is that the three chapter house funds that have been accumulated by individual alumni at different times are being assembled, a charter is being taken out for a corporate organization and an active canvass for stock selling commenced. Everything points to a chapter house, either owned or rented, by next fall. The alumni and actives in New Orleans are in closer touch than for some time past. This is evidenced by the fact that the two elements have been getting together often at informal spreads and in formulating and discussing plans for a chapter house. Psi has a warm and very active friend in former Grand Historian, W.C. McLeod, whose interest in the chapter has been reinforced by the fact that his oldest son is now in the ranks. By intelligent cultivation of fraters McLeod and other alumni now in touch and others possible of being enlisted with a little concerted energy, Psi ought to increase in effectiveness and eventually get back to the good old days of preeminence at Tulane.

Foundation Today

You Can Impact Today’s Kappa Alpha Experience The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation’s (KAOEF) mission is a simple one — “To raise funds for the benefit of Kappa Alpha Order”. There are many ways that one can support the undergraduates of Kappa Alpha and the need has never been greater. The Order has grown to over 7,000 undergraduates in 122 Active Chapters across the country. These young men are looking for leadership opportunities, values-based educational experiences, assistance with their costs of education, and opportunities which give them an advantage over their peers as they look to secure jobs in the market place upon graduation. Kappa Alpha has answered that call by creating some of the very best leadership education and training offered in the Greek world. The opportunities for members to strengthen their leadership skills, learn valuable ethical behavior, and experience challenging situations has never been better for a KA undergraduate. And the KAOEF has been a committed partner in seeing that these programs are funded. A grant from the KAOEF is provided annually to KA to support numerous programs that are offered free to our members and the KAOEF continues to provide scholarship assistance to those deserving undergraduates who apply annually. Additionally, the KAOEF supports the E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship each summer in Washington DC.

SO HOW CAN AN ALUMNUS HELP OUR YOUNG MEN? In addition to the obvious choices like

Donation In Memory of: Randall C. Aldrich by William J. Rapp III Andrew Joseph Applegate by T imothy A. Gallo Daniel G. Richardson A. Bruce Arceneaux by N. LaRon Phillips Frank L. Asbury III by T imothy K. Adams Thomas A. Barrow Jr. Barbara P. Cox William E. Dreyer Peggy Kuniansky Ben W. Satcher Jr. Larry S. Wiese Dr. Douglas Daniels Ashley by Larry S. Wiese Clayton D. Baird by Larry S. Wiese

a check or through online giving with a credit card, there are some other great options. Stock: Appreciated stock being transferred to the KAOEF is an easy way to make a gift. You get a charitable deduction for the donation, plus avoiding tax on the appreciation in value of the donated property. IRA: Anyone over 70 ½ can also take advantage of the Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) allowed from an IRA. The owner of the IRA can have the QCD satisfy any minimum distributions for the year as long as the donation is made directly to KAOEF. Therefore the payout from the IRA does not count as taxable income to the owner. Donor–Advised Funds: Donor-advised funds are charitable giving accounts offered by a sponsoring organization that are designed as an accessible, simple, and less expensive alternative to private foundations. Put your money in, let the sponsoring institutions manage it and then make a donation to the cause of your choice. Matching Gifts: Many businesses and corporations match employee’s donations. This “match” allows your gift to go as much as twice as far and you receive credit from KAOEF for the total donation. Thanks to all of our alumni who support these outstanding young men in our chapters. They continue to carry on the wonderful legacy that many of you helped to create. Your support for their success brings KA full circle.



F. Mitchell Beaird Jr. by Dr. William H. Murdock Jr. John B. Bennett by B. Terry W. Bennett A. Steven Bond by Graves Court of Honor Stewart E. Jones Dr. John E. Ross III Ben W. Satcher Jr.

W. Julian Foy by John Michael Moore Joseph N. Traigle James W. Fulton by F. David Burgess William S. Gavin Jr. by Timothy K. Adams Dr. Jerry E. Gilliland by H. Lynn Greer Jr. Justin M. Goode by Michael G. Geoffroy James W. Gosney by LT James M. Tallman, MD Keith A. Gragson by Joseph A. Haley III Murray T. Greer by John R. Rowe Jr. W. Benjamin Grimes Jr. by COL W. Benjamin Grimes III David T. Hagood by Walter W. Walker Jr. Nicholas S. Hare by John B. & Rebecca L. Barnett III John M. Coxwell Jr. KA Alumni Chapter Larry S. Wiese Ronald W. Hartley by Dr. Lewis D. Lipscomb

J. Thomas Bradley Jr. by William T. Morgan III

David P. Hewitt by Baston L. Hewitt

Walter C. Brandt by Larry S. Wiese

Leroy L Hidinger Jr. by Eddie S. Wilson

Frank Buck by Robert S. Copeland

James E. Hooks by Rosann F. Hooks

Dr. Benjamin D. Buster by Dr. John M. Wells

Gretchen Lee Baker Horlbeck by CPT Ronald C. Plunkett

Alexander L. Cann Sr. by James T. Turner Jr. C. Richard Causey Jr. by The Hon. William M. Acker Jr.

Douglas L. Hunter by L. Blake Bailey James D. Hunter by Burton A. Richards III

Camillus Christian Jr. by James M. Henry III

Bernard G. Ille by Larry S. Wiese

Michael W. Clayton by David O. Beal

Francis B. Jackson III by James M. Hancock Jr.

James M. Crews by Graves Court of Honor Ben W. Satcher Jr. Robert L. Thompson Jr. Larry S. Wiese

Dr. Stewart M. Johnson by Charles P. Haymore

William S. Crook by Dr. William P. Buchanan

James N. Juliana by Larry S. Wiese

John W. Cox Sr. by Barbara P. Cox

Kerry W. Keach by Michael L. Parish

Lionel T. Davis by LTC Thomas R. Murray (Ret.)

Dr. J. Lon King Jr. by Timothy K. Adams

Robert A. Dehond by Dr. J. Patrick Fuller James Marshall Donathan Sr. by David M. Warren

Charles A. Jordan Jr. by Walter J. Dowdle

Charles W. Kinslow Jr. by Charles W. Kinslow III James E. Kurzweg by William T. Green Reid Ledbetter by Thomas C. Moxley

Richard O. Dorton by Ralph L. Willis

Robert E. Lee by Bensley H. L. Field

James Harvey Drake by James C. Carr by Larry S. Wiese

Dr. E. Carwile LeRoy by Dr. Robert F. Mann

LTC David P. Easterling Jr. by LTC John W. Powell Jr. by C OL Jmes A. W. Rembert Freddie W. Evans Jr. by Timothy K. Adams

John W. Leuthold by William D. Hayes Edna Lockledge by Jack E. Lockledge Dr. David S. Mann by Timothy K. Adams

G. Darrell Fennell by Phillip R. Taylor

E. Fleming Mason by Lee S. Dixon Dr. Carey A. Washington

Eugene D. Foxworth III by Graves Court of Honor CPT Ronald C. Plunkett

Richard A. McClure by CMDR James R. McClure


Foundation Today Loren D. Melton by C. Alan Melton

Norman A. Treigle Jr. by COL Frank B. Arnemann jr.

Oakley W. Melton Jr. by The Hon. William M. Acker Jr.

Thomas L. Tune Jr. by C. Wayne Edwards

COL John R. Millar by LTC William H. Millar, DPH, MHA, FACHE Lee Moorman by Daniel W. Bridges Jr. Dr. Thomas H. Moseley by Dr. Thomas H. Moseley Jr.

Irby Turner III by Jon Crosby Turner Stanley J. Viner Nell Varnedoe by Charles Ellis III All Veterans by Raymond J. Burchett

William J. Mottern by H. Mark Purdy

Gary D. Widmer by CPT Henry L. Van Brederode

Dan L. Neighbors by Timothy K. Adams

Veterans of Wood Province by KA Beta Omega Alumni

Thomas B. Nichols by Betty J. H. Nichols

Gary B. Vickers by N. G. Butch Houston III

Julian A. Pardini by Russell D. Summer

Matthew L. Vyborny by Wayne E. Dawson

Dr. Ovid W. Pierce Jr. by Robert W. Boxley Samuel R. Kennington Joseph W. Pelgram

Lucius H. Weeks Jr. by William T. Rogers

Andrew John Pillow by William E. Dreyer Larry S. Wiese Joel A. Pinzon by Adam David Musolino John D. Rather IV by Lewis M. Little Jr. Dr. Edwin P. Rather James M. Reid by Timothy K. Adams B. Nolting Rhodes by Hubel Robins Jr. Donald J. & Peggy Rhodes by Christopher D. Rhodes Charles A. Rice Jr. by Timothy K. Adams Alfred E. Rickli by Kenneth Rickli Larry F. Robb by G. Patterson Apperson III Don M. Canada Earl A. Denney Steven E. Russell by Dr. Mark E. Gannaway LTC Thomas M. Sanders by Andrew G. Schockley Ruben M. Santos by Robert D. Fletcher James Douglas Seigler by David A. Chase Lane E. Shockley by Robert W. Lukens Dr. Martin L. Shotzberger by LTC Richard Clark Tutwiler Jr. USAR (Ret) Dr. Bernell E. Simmons by Dr. William B. Simmons George F. Simons Jr. by Terry S. Robbins Raymond G. Sinclair Jr. by Edwin C. Weber Jr. Donnie L. Spauling Sr. by William M. Bone William A. Stoud by Howard M. Stroud

Thomas R. Tedcastle by Edward G. Sullivan Emory C. Thompson by E. Powell Thompson George F. Touart by James H. Heidelberg H. Mark Purdy

Donation In Honor of: William P. Acker III by Paul H. Kuhn Jr. Gareth S. Aden by Stuart F. Whetsell Dan H. Akin by Stuart F. Whetsell Alpha Alpha Chapter Sewanee: The University of the South by Martin Robert Tilson Jr. Alpha Kappa Chapter University of Missouri by Charles J. Hoffman Jr. Alpha Phi chapter - Duke University by Kevin M. Fleischman Daniel R. Amato Jr. by Jesse S. Lyons Daniel Richard Amato Sr. by Daniel R. Amato Jr. David F. Ambrosio by Joseph F. Ambrosio James A. Ambrosio by Joseph F. Ambrosio William A. Armbruster by Dr. Cleveland H. Porter Jr. William L. Arthur Jr. by Jay M. Blalock Jeffrey H. Atwater by Donny Thompson III David W. Baker by Stuart F. Whetsell Richard A. Barnes by H. Lynn Greer Jr. James C. Baughman Jr. by Stuart F. Whetsell

Dr. James L. Bowers by Andrew P. Carr David K. Dere Erik T. Showalter

Gamma Chi Alumni - Texas Tech University by Charles C. Chesser

Malcolm H. Liles by Andrew P. Carr Stuart F. Whetsell

Dr. James Michael Schmuck by Jesse S. Lyons Thaddeus A. Stubbs

Gamma Iota Provisional Chapter - San Diego State University by David K. Dere

Bryan J. Lubic by Nicholas S. Palmer

Eugenio E. Seda II by Stuart F. Whetsell

Jesse S. Lyons by L arry A. Ricketson Todd S. Shelton Willis North America, Inc.

Christopher P. Sellers by Daniel R. Amato Jr.

Gamma Kappa - Oklahoma State University by Dr. George William Wells Jr.

Paul D. Broughton by Stuart F. Whetsell Milton S. Brown III by Stuart F. Whetsell

Gamma Psi Chapter Northwestern State University of Louisiana by Gregory L. Waterworth

Thomas H. Campbell by Stuart F. Whetsell F. Michael Carr by Andrew P. Carr

Gamma Theta Chapter University of Miami by Robert T. Laborde

R. Craig Cass by Stuart F. Whetsell Don R. Castleman by Dan H. Akin Russell H. Chesley by Nicholas S. Palmer T. Michael Cobb by Franklin T. Brackman Dr. Scott C. Cole by George W. McCall III Matthew A. R. Converse by Stuart F. Whetsell Terri Cugliari by Dustin G. Brann Richard Carlton Day Jr. by Stuart F. Whetsell Christopher G. Darden by Kimberly W. Darden

Joseph Alexander DeGruy by Alpha Mu Chapter Donald M. Derham by Larry S. Wiese

G. Bruce McPherson Jr. by J. Alex McPherson III

David A. Goheen by Thaddeus M. Fine

Daniel H. Miller by Stuart F. Whetsell

Brad R. Greer by H. Lynn Greer Jr.

COL Philip K. Miller by Stuart F. Whetsell

H. Lynn Greer Jr. by Paul H. Kuhn Jr.

Carter L. Mize by Stuart F. Whetsell

Beverly I. Grimes by COL W. Benjamin Grimes III

Carter L. Mize Jr. by Carter L. Mize

Paul F. Haddock III by Stuart F. Whetsell

Lisa & Mondy Moncrif by Clay M. Leveritt

David B. Hagan by Blake A. Glover

Mu Chapter -University of Tulsa by M AJ R. J. MacDowell USAF (Ret)

Loren Q. Hanson by Andrew P. Carr David R. Hargrove by Robert L. Stewart Jr.

Douglas and Nancy Harris by Larry and Dawn Wiese

Thad M. Doyle by Larry S. Wiese William E. Dreyer by David P. Barksdale Russell L. Creason Joseph Ray Gill Stuart F. Whetsell Willis North America, Inc. Benjamin G. Duff by Stuart F. Whetsell

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Kappa Alpha Order Volunteers by David K. Dere

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John Sulton Jr. by Jani Glenn

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Beta Xi Chapter Oklahoma State University by John L. Dillingham

Housing After


Fight on! KA returns to “the Row” at USC It is well-known that Beta Sigma Chapter at University of Southern California has a storied history. In their former houses for almost 90 years, this chapter fostered all-American athletes, NFL coaches, State Department officials, Olympic champions and Hollywood bigwigs. Since Kappa Alpha Order’s recent return to USC the national fraternity has partnered with alumni to provide a new facility to foster a new set of future leaders on and off campus. On November 16, 2013 Knight Commander William E. Dreyer and the members of the 37th Executive Council joined undergraduate and alumni members to dedicate the new chapter house. Also in attendance were Former Knight Commander Ben W. Satcher, Daniel R. Neal Province Commander Douglas W. Hanisch and Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese. Beta Sigma alumni in attendance included alumnus advisor Russ Chesley (Beta Sigma - Southern California ’79), housing corporation president Norm Mitchell (Beta Sigma - Southern California ’61), KAOEF Trustee Mike Paulin (Beta Sigma - Southern California

By Michael P. Wilson (Alpha Theta – Transylvania ’00)

’60), and University Trustee Bob Padgett (Beta Sigma - Southern California ’66) and many more. The property address is 2715 Portland Street. Immediate Greek neighbors include Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Delta Theta. The Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) purchased the house from Theta Chi. FHC is Kappa Alpha Order’s national housing entity. FHC was compelled to purchase this property for two reasons. One, Knight Commander Dreyer’s primary objectives include success in housing. Two, having a property at USC is very important in order to be competitive. FHC has future plans to convert ownership to the local housing corporation. Constructed in 1957 the chapter house is 6,420 square feet including thirteen bedrooms and eighteen parking spots. Members also have access to a library, dining, chapter room, fully functioning kitchen, living room and outdoor space. The property was renovated over the summer to allow members to move in for the start of the academic year. Future improvements include the recreation



of the “chapter room” displaying Beta Sigma athletes, the renovation of the patio thanks to a gift from Ed Shea (Beta Sigma - Southern California ’80) and a Hall of Fame to highlight alumni who have brought distinction to themselves, campus and/or their community. Attendees of the dedication were treated to a tour of the facility followed by comments by Knight Commander Dreyer and the official ribbon cutting. All alumni are encouraged to visit the house and meet the men of the chapter. To get involved and support the longterm housing effort, please email Michael P. Wilson, Director of Operations, at


Remembering the Reason

Stratford Hall: A Hidden Gem Mason interns visit birthplace of Lee By Josh Holdenried (Alpha Upsilon – Mississippi ‘10)

Kennedy showed us a unique feature in the room—a small





As brothers of Kappa Alpha Order, we hold a deep reverence for our spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee. It is a reverence that is close to us, as Mulberry Hill is situated in the same town that Lee spent the last five years of his life as the President of Washington College. In this respect, Lexington is rich with a history that cements the significance of Lee for the many KAs who visit each year. Nevertheless, if we truly want to deepen our appreciation for Lee, it is necessary that we understand not only where his life ended, but also where it began. In this respect, Bill Skipper (Delta Tau – Francis Marion ‘XX) a KAOEF Trustee, and the 2013 E. Fleming Mason Memorial Interns got the unique opportunity to visit Stratford Hall, the ancestral home of the Lee family. Upon arrival at the plantation Paul Reber, Stratford Hall’s Executive Director, greeted us at the welcome center. Historical fireplace with an iron cast image on top of depicting two winged interpreters at Stratford Hall usually conduct the group tours angels. Mrs. Kennedy told us a story of how, when Robert but, knowing our fraternity’s connection to Robert E. Lee, E. Lee and his family were moving out of Stratford Hall and Mr. Reber was happy to give us a personal tour of the grounds to Alexandria, there was a moment of panic when the family and offer some historical perspectives on the legacy of the could not find young Lee as they began their departure. After a Lee Family. frantic search, Lee’s mother found the young The legacy of the Lee family dates back all the way to the early 18th century, when Lee’s periodic references boy kneeling by the fireplace, saying his last goodbyes to his angels. The story is widely politician and entrepreneur Thomas Lee of his guardian angels attributed to Lee’s periodic references of purchased the 1,443 acres of land and his guardian angels in his letters during the completed construction of Stratford Hall in his letters during the war, and many believe this affinity for them between 1730 and 1738. Situated just off began when he saw their likeness on the war, and many believe the cliffs of the south shore of the Potomac fireplace of his nursery room during those River, Stratford Hall became a fixture of this affinity for them formative years. the land and benefited greatly from the It was a surreal experience, to finally come began when he saw burgeoning trade and commerce culture full circle and see where Robert E. Lee was that soon defined the Chesapeake Bay. their likeness on the born following our visit to his resting place in After a restful night on the property, we Lexington only weeks before. Stratford Hall got the privilege of entering the “Great fireplace of his nursery is truly a hidden gem regarding the historical Hall,” which features the interior of the room during those significance of northern Virginia. As KAs, we plantation home. Mrs. Betty Kennedy, a are committed to a lifetime experience, and Historical Interpreter who spoke with a formative years. though our college years may be well behind genteel North Virginian accent, gave us some of us, we should always look forward intimate details about each room in the to new experiences as brothers of the Order. Great Hall as she took us on our guided tour. In our humble opinion, the best place to The room that commanded our attention most was the start with this is a visit to Stratford Hall, ancestral home of nursery, where we got to see the very spot where Robert E. the storied Lee family. Lee was born on a cold January 19th morning in 1807. Mrs.

150 Years of History

Liberty Hall Academy The first manifestation of Washington and Lee University. When the Kappa Alpha Order opened its National Headquarters in the old Mulberry Hill Plantation, it brought together a happy confluence of events, traditions and personalities from a history of over two centuries. The genesis of Washington and Lee University and the Kappa Alpha Order found a common hearth and a kindred background with the past of the two institutions being inextricably linked. In 1773, the Hanover Presbytery established a public school in Augusta County which first appeared as a log cabin located on Timber Ridge and appointed the Reverend William Graham, a recent graduate of Princeton College, as its rector. Although the school prospered at first, the exigencies of the Revolution caused a reversal of fortunes. In 1777, Graham abandoned Timber Ridge and purchased 290 acres near Lexington, including the present site of Mulberry Hill, and the library and apparatus of the school were transferred there. After the war many of Graham’s former pupils wished to resume their studies. Hounded by old students, their parents and assorted admirers, Graham agreed to reopen the school in 1782, but under a new and more patriotic name—Liberty Hall Academy. In December 1782, after the defeat of Cornwallis, a charter, the first of its type, was granted by the General Assembly of Virginia to Liberty Hall Academy; the charter supplied funds and conferred the right to grant degrees changing Liberty Hall Academy’s status from that of a grammar school to a collegiate institution. Under Graham’s leadership, Liberty Hall Academy grew both in reputation and the number of students


By Dr. Martin Clagett

and staff. By 1785, the size and purpose of the school outgrew the capacity of Graham’s home and nearby several wooden buildings were constructed to accommodate the expansion. However, the main building burnt down in 1790 and was replaced by a handsome and imposing limestone structure of three stories by 1793. Following the Revolution, the grateful legislature of Virginia awarded George Washington valuable stock in the Potomac Canal Company. Washington reluctantly accepted the premium upon the condition that he would be able to give the proceeds of the stock to “a seminary of learning with an enlarged plan, but not yet coming up to the full idea of a university.” After extensive lobbying by many such institutions in Virginia, the trustees of Liberty Hall Academy persuaded the General to select their school as the most worthy. Three months after Washington’s decision, the General Assembly resolved “an act for erecting Liberty Hall Academy into a college.” The Academy was soon renamed Washington College in honor of its benefactor, and thus became the first manifestation of Washington and Lee University. Fifty years later the nascent university became the alma mater to a new cadre of Liberty Hall Boys the Kappa Alpha Fraternity. And so the fates and histories of the two became and remain intertwined. This is the first in a series of excerpts and vignettes from the forthcoming updated history of Kappa Alpha Order, which will be published by the Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2015.



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