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PLUS: Professional Development in Dental

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Workforce Education and Personal Enrichment


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CULINARIUM Culinarium is a fun, interactive team building experience where the office meets the kitchen. Learn how to create new dishes while creating lasting memories with your colleagues!

The Office of Continuing Education and Training offers different apprenticeship opportunities and provides a diverse range of programs in culinary, health education, professional development, and kupuna education. This fall, we have new professional development offerings in dental, along with new apprenticeship programs in health and culinary. We are also offering a new course, Culinarium which is a team building experience. This course puts executive teams in the Culinary Institute of the Pacific to compete in a cooking competition and to build unity with their colleagues in a fun-filled day at our Diamond Head facility. We are very excited about the new fall courses. These offerings are geared towards the self-development and professional success of our students and clients. OCET is dedicated to guiding our community to the best workforce training that the island has to offer. If you are interested in any of our programs, please visit our website to get more information at or contact our office at (808)734-9211. We look forward to seeing you this fall!

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m u i r a n i l u C

Why Team Building in the Kitchen? Every successful kitchen has one thing in common: a highly effective team. Each course is made with the highest standards for every dish, every day. We believe this translates to all industries, and the kitchen can help any team bring their strengths to the surface. With Culinarium, you can achieve that next level of performance and have a great time doing it. The Culinary Institute of the Pacific’s team of chefs will guide your group through a cooking competition that will promote effective teamwork and build camaraderie equipping your team with new tools to take back to the office. This is not your company picnic...this is Culinarium. Have a look at our website today:

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The following programs can help students through personal enrichment or professional development. These programs enhance your lifelong learning experience.

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La Dolce Vita

Plates of Persia

We are happy to have Chef Salvo Coppola, a native son of Italy, and a classically trained chef who has worked in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Monaco. He has lived in Naples, Milan, and Trieste, so he has an excellent knowledge of Italy’s regional cuisines. Furthermore, Chef Salvo worked for 24 years as the personal chef of H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Monaco. Chef Salvo will show you how to create authentic Italian, French and other European dishes that you can translate into your own home cooking.

Amin Yousefpour is a native of Iran, but moved to Los Angeles and then to Hawaii to be with his family. A computer guy by trade, he’s decided to follow his heart and become a professional chef in training with the American Culinary Federation apprenticeship program here at KCC. Amin is a natural born cook, learning from his grandmother and mother’s kitchens how to prepare wonderful Persian dishes. The history of Persian cuisine is the history of the Silk Road: its saffron, and warm, fragrant spice blends, and fresh herb mixes; its large platters of magnificent rice dishes with rich stews and creative vegetable dishes.

Cooking with Chef Grant Sato Chef Grant continues with his popular cooking fundamentals series. Every class begins with a lecture, followed by a cooking demonstration and then hands-on cooking! Chef Sato enjoys preparing simple, flavorful food utilizing locally grown products with an emphasis on Asian/Pacific flavor, local tastes and classic techniques.

Master Chef Cooking Series These series of classes are designed for those of you who are interested in learning proper cooking or baking techniques and skills. Classes are held in the culinary arts laboratories and lecture rooms. In most cases, you have the opportunity to prepare and produce certain foods, sample, and discuss methods and techniques with the chef instructor. The culinary series are modular. This means you may pick and choose classes that fit your personal interests. To ensure individual attention and safety, class enrollment is limited. Unless otherwise noted, all participants must be at least 18 years of age. Classes will be listed on our website at:

Page 5 • Featured Programs: Culinary

Cooking with Mr. Chau

Baking Basics with Heatherly

Aaron Chau was born and raised in the great food city, Hong Kong, and the love of cooking was forged in his early years, where he spent hours cooking alongside his mother and chefs at their family-owned restaurants. His experience also taught him about restaurant operations and the art of making customers happy. Aaron moved to Hawai’i to earn his degree in economics at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. During this time, Aaron worked at famous restaurants such as Chez Michel at Eaton Square, the Maile Room at the Kahala Hilton, and Ship’s Tavern at the Moana Surfrider. Although he was in charge of the front of the house operations, he shared his Chinese cooking knowledge and exchanged cooking skills/secrets with the chefs with whom he

Heatherly Bucher is a veteran bread baker and recipe developer whose journey began with the gift of an electric bread machine 28 years ago. Now, she explores all things yeast, wild and cultured; hand shaped; wood fired, gas, or electric. She currently oversees the bread program and training at a non-profit social enterprise culinary program, YangonBakehouse (www. in Yangon (formerly Rangoon), Myanmar (formerly Burma). Heatherly connects with bakers and chefs around the world on topics of pursuing high nutrition foods for everyone, reducing food wastage, and social enterprise as a change agent. Heatherly has seen food’s power to bridge gaps and bring connections and she loves to explore food’s ever changing adaptions to what is local.

Cooking for Health and Wellness Interested in preparing great tasting healthy food and learning a little about nutrition at the same time? We’ve prepared a series of great classes with chefs that will expand your culinary repertoire and give insight into eating for wellness. As a personal chef for with over 25 years experience, Alyssa Moreau has made a reputation among her clientele for creating delicious vegetarian meals. As a food lover with a strong interest in healthy diets, Alyssa combines good flavor with good nutrition and practical tips for the home cook.

Cooking with Fortuna Fortuna Cooley is a local personal chef with over 20 years experience, who specializes in good cooking for clients who want to eat good, hearty, and healthy comfort food. She spent years working at spas and restaurants in Arizona, Mexico, and California. Chef Fortuna’s love of cooking comes from her Italian grandmother, who taught her to serve food that makes people smile.

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Health Education Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) Professional development program for working dental hygienists. CDHCs are dental hygienists trained in advanced skills in case management and patient advocacy, oral health education and promotion, and community outreach. Their expertise links patients to available, but often underutilized, dental care.

PUA (Professional Update and Advancement) for Dental Assistants This 145 hour course is designed for dental assistants who want to upgrade their professional skills and pass the Certified Dental Assistant exam by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). The course content includes infection control, dental sciences foundations, dental instruments, imaging techniques, medical emergencies in the dental office, dental materials, dental radiography, ending with a comprehensive CDA exam review and prep!

For more information about our classes, please visit the OCET website at:

Page 7 • Featured Programs: Health Education

Massage Therapy

Optometry Assistant

Surgical Technology

In its 16 year, the Kapi`olani Community College’s Massage Therapy program is a 600hour evening program comprised of coursework with theory, hands-on practice, and competency testing with clinical experience. The length of this program is approximately 11 months. Students who successfully complete the program earn a certificate of competence and are eligible to take the Hawai`i State Board of Massage License Examination, as well as qualify for the Massage and Bodywork License Examination (MBLEx), required for most U.S. mainland states. Attend an information session to learn whether this program will fit your needs and learn about what to expect while in the program. These sessions are free and no appointment is necessary. FREE parking on-campus.

The Optometry Assistant program is one of KapCC’s newest health education programs. It is a one-year apprenticeship employment program including a 145–hour campus course that prepares students for the national Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) Examination offered through the American Optometric Association. Optometry Assistants assist optometrists in running his/her optometry practice through well-developed on-the-job learning and related classroom instruction. The student apprentices may be employed in private practices or clinics. The campus course is open to those already working in an optometry office and those considering employment in an optometry office.

Surgical Technology is a five phase accredited program incorporating prerequisite content from anatomy and physiology, microbiology and medical terminology with program content to prepare the student for the industry. Classroom instruction and on-site operating room exposure introduce the student to the working environment and role of this important member of the surgical team. Surgical technologists master knowledge in aseptic techniques and skills required when setting up the operating room and working during surgical procedures. Applications for this best qualified, first accepted program are accepted between May 1st and June 1st. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the National Certification Exam for Surgical Technology via the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).


Phlebotomy The nationally approved Phlebotomy program prepares the student to collect specimens from patients for laboratory testing. There is a focus on collecting and processing blood samples and other body fluids in a safe and accurate manner. A certificate of competence is awarded upon successful completion of the program. Graduates are eligible to take the national certification exam provided by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. This program includes apprenticeship or internship options. Both programs start with a 110-hour classroom course taught on campus in evenings from 5pm–9pm.

Pharmacy Technician The Pharmacy Technician program is a 256– hour program that prepares students for the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination offered through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists by receiving, processing, and filling prescriptions and medication orders; determining charges and obtaining reimbursements, including insurance and Medicare payments, maintaining medication and inventory control systems, and participating in the administration and management of the pharmacy practice. Graduates may work in retail or hospital pharmacies.

It is important you attend an information session to assist you in registering for the program of your choice. Information session dates are listed at each program web page. Course dates and hours can also be found at each program web page.

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GLOBAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Interpret Hawai‘i Hawaiian values such as aloha, kuleana, laulima, lōkahi and mālama describe some of the basic guidelines for behavior that were very much a part of everyday living in early Hawai‘i. Today, these values are practiced and reinforced because they work for the benefit of our communities. Many of the Hawaiian values which sustained life in the ahupua‘a are shared by all cultures because they represent the basic building blocks for successful communities. We believe that genuine customer service is composed of taking care of external customers (Ho’okipa Me Ke Aloha) and internal customers-your own employees, (Konohiki Me Ke Aloha). Successful organizations know that if you care for your employees, your employees will, in turn, care for your customers. Therefore, the responsibility to mālama team members and to convey aloha in the workplace belongs to leaders at all levels.

Ho‘okipa Me Ke Aloha (Customer Service with Aloha)

Certification for Hawai‘i’s Professional Tour Guides

It was part of Hawaiian custom to convey “ho`okipa” or “hospitality” when welcoming community and family members, as well as visitors to the islands. Ho`okipa Me Ke Aloha, a culture-rich learning experience based on Hawaiian language and culture, is designed to cultivate your fundamental knowledge of our host culture and traditions while servicing local customers or those visiting from around the globe. From learning about the ahupua`a land management concept, to the roles and responsibilities within an `ohana, you will learn to exemplify “hospitality with aloha.”

This certification recognizes that a professional tour guide has met the required knowledge, skills, and competencies that align with the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s “Professional Standards for Ambassadors of Aloha”. The suggested training pathway is the Certificate for Customer Service in Hawai‘i. The certification process involves candidates taking and passing a two-part exam. Both exams are administered at Kapi`olani Community College (KCC) on the same day. Candidates who successfully pass their exams receive a certificate and pin.

Dates: (Tues/Thurs) Sept 13th–Sept 25th Times: 6pm–8pm Costs: $205/person

Dates: (Sat) November 17th Times: 8am–12pm Costs: $395 /person

Konohiki Me Ke Aloha (Leading with Aloha)

Certificate for Customer Service in Hawaii

Today’s leaders fulfill many roles and their teams have more complex relationships than ever before. To complement the Ho‘okipa Me Ke Aloha training program, this course draws on 16 waiwai Hawai’i (Hawaiian values) to explain and demonstrate important leadership functions such as planning, organizing, building, coaching, and motivating teams, solving problems, and resolving conflicts. Using wisdom from these waiwai Hawai’i, learn to lead your teams with aloha. Recommended training program: Ho‘okipa Me Ke Aloha

Whether you are a guest service agent, an account clerk at a tour company, restaurant wait help, sales associate, housekeeping attendant at a hospital, front-line clerk in a government agency, ticket agent at the airport, you are an “Ambassador of Aloha”. As we strive to provide Hawaiian hospitality, we are challenged to exceed the ever-changing expectations of our customers. Designed for employees in service-related industries, this skill-building program assists with providing memorable customer service experiences for our community and global customers.

Dates: (Wed) Oct 3rd– Oct 24th Times: 6pm–8pm Costs: $339/person

Dates: (Tues/Thurs) Sept 11th–Nov 13th Times: 6pm–8pm Costs: $1139/person

Foundations of Communications What is your communication style and how effectively do you communicate? Improve your personal interactions with others by building a strong communication foundation. During this program, you will discover tools and techniques to enhance your personal communication style when communicating within a global work environment. Dates: (Thurs) Sept 13th—Oct 18th Times: 2pm–4pm Costs: $330/person

Communicating and Collaborating with Others In the work environment, you may have to inform, persuade, negotiate, critique, inspire and motivate others. Building upon your personal communication style learned in Foundations of Communication, you will explore group dynamics and influential factors that impact group communication. Engaged teams can lead to productive work environments—goal alignment, collaboration, effective decision-making and handling conflicts in a professional manner. Learn to create engaged teams by effectively communicating and collaborating with others. Recommended training program: Foundations of Communication. Dates: (Thurs) Oct 25th–Dec 6th Times: 2pm–4pm Costs: $319/person

Ask our GLAD team about customizable training for your employees’ professional development. Page 9 • Featured Programs: Global Learning and Development

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Elements of Art

Disco Line Dance

In Elements of Art you will learn about some of the elements of art such as color, shape, and texture, and the principles of art such as balance and unity. Projects will involve drawing, painting, and multimedia.

Come join the fun of a disco line dance exercise class! The class includes a warm-up, basic strengthening, balance exercises, disco line dancing, and a cool down.

Note: This class will be located at the Waikiki Mindful Learning Center.

Senior Fitness

Kupuna Education The Kupuna Education Center provides training and education for the older adult population in active aging and training and resources for family caregivers.

Ukulele (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) We have multiple options for the Ukulele player from beginning classes to the advanced. The beginning class will teach you basic information about your instrument and the chords. Once you are comfortable with the chords and strumming you are ready for the intermediate class. The advanced class is for students who are comfortable with the chords, strumming, and are familiar with several songs. Note: Bring your own ukulele. Located at the Waikiki Mindful Learning Center.

Page 11 • Featured Programs: Kupuna Education

sign up at

In this class participants will engage in exercise for overall fitness. Each class includes cardiovascular exercise, strengthening, flexibility and may include balance exercises. Techniques such as the MELT method and active isolated stretching are often used in class.

Basic MS Office Suite Basic MS Office Suite will introduce you to the entire MS office suite including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Note: Required prerequisite intro to Windows 10 or prior knowledge of Windows operating systems.

MELT Introduction Workshop This workshop teaches you how to use specialized soft rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Balls to simulate the results of manual therapy. Participants will learn the MELT method, a simple self-care solution to help reduce or avoid chronic pain symptoms, improve balance and alignment, and feel better overall. This workshop is appropriate for people of varying ages, however, the ability to get up and down from the floor is necessary. This class is a prerequisite for other MELT classes. Once completed, you may enroll in any other MELT class.

MELT Practice Sessions Participants will practice techniques learned in the MELT Introduction Workshop. Classes will vary per session and are dictated by the needs of the class.

MELT Multi-Session Series A continuation of your MELT journey, you will learn new, advanced MELT moves. This series is a total of four sessions covering MELT for neck health, MELT for shoulder health, MELT for back health, and MELT for overall well-being.

Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention (TCAFP) Basic and Part 2 (Sun 41) As part of a commitment to the DOH, KCC offers tai chi to prepare students with no background in tai chi the ability to practice and become familiar with the warm-up, first six movements and the Cool Down segments of TCAFP. KapCC also offers advanced classes with a longer form, fun challenges and more spiraling energy. Postures and movements are modified for students’ abilities.

Sun Style Tai Chi 73 Form Sun style of tai chi is characterized by its powerful Qigong elements, agile steps and flowing movements. This form of tai chi is ideal for developing inner strength, enhancing healing, and relaxation.

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Kapiolani Community College is leading the way in bringing new apprenticeship programs to healthcare and culinary professions in Hawaii. Healthcare professionals at all levels have historically completed a “real world learning experience” under the names of internship, externship, clinical practicum, residency, field work, and other titles. The great majority of these experiences are provided to students in the form of unpaid hours. An apprenticeship has the same two basic components at the “internship” model – real world learning and classroom education. The CRITICAL difference is the apprentice is an employee of the clinical site – and thus the clinical site SELECTS the apprentice. The apprentice is paid during his/her apprenticeship hours. The employer has the opportunity to assign its best and most knowledgeable employees as a mentor for the apprentice. This is a great strategy to ensure the employee understands the employer’s values, institutional knowledge, and the systems and processes from day one of the apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are available as part of the Optometry Assistant, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician, and Community Health Worker programs. Details for the Community Health Worker (CHW) program can be found at Page 13 • Apprenticeships

Kapi’olani Community College Kikaha o Lae’ahi, Illiahi 231 (808) 734-9341


What is HINET?

The Hawaii Cook Apprentice Program is a 30-week comprehensive culinary training program that offers current back-of-the-house food service workers the opportunity to take several classes at the KapCC Culinary School absolutely FREE. Participants attend one 6-hour hands-on class per week and upon completion earn the Hawaii State Cook Certification as well as the opportunity to apply to have the classes they took count for credit at KCC if they choose to continue their education. Participants will also work through a list of on-the-job competencies at their workplace. Participation is limited and the next session begins March 2019. Contact Program Coordinator Marcus Fikse at to learn more.

For more information about our classes, please visit the OCET website at:

Kapi’olani Community College in partnership with the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services has created a new program to deliver assistance and support for college and workforce training. The SNAP Employment and Training program is a federally funded program that is designed to help remove barriers and provide students with access to education and skills training opportunities so they can earn a living wage and achieve financial independence. Visit our website for more information at:


• You are currently enrolled at KapCC at a minimum of 6 credit hours (part-time) or in an approved noncredit workforce program. • You are currently receiving or qulaify for SNAP assistance.

BENEFITS • Food Assistance • Book Reimbursement • Transportation Reimbursement • and much more


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KapCC OCET Fall Catalog 2018  

Kapi‘olani Community College OCET Fall Catalog (Health, Culinary, Professional Development)

KapCC OCET Fall Catalog 2018  

Kapi‘olani Community College OCET Fall Catalog (Health, Culinary, Professional Development)