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Instruments for investigating current school planning practices

Field trips to establish current planning practices in remote schools

Questions to direct investigations at POE level

District ……………… Interviewee ………………… Date ………/05. Interviewer ……………….. 1. Current situation about SIP/PAP plans 1.1 Is the POE generally happy with the quality of existing SIPs ? 1.2 If there is room for improvement, what are the main issues ?

1.3 Does the POE feel that teachers are involved enough in the planning process ?

1.4 Does the POE feel that community is involved enough in the planning process ? 1.5 Do POE staff ever look at SIPs or is this done at DOE ? 1.6 Do POE staff know of any very good planning at particular schools ? 1.7 Have their been any cases of schools not following plans in spending PAP money or any complaints from teachers or community about problems with planning and using PAP funds ? 2. Variations within the province 2.1 Which District in the province is the strongest in planning ? 2.2 What are the reasons for this strength ?

2.3 Which District is the weakest ? 2.4 What are the reasons it is weak ?

2.5 How are you assisting them improve ?


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