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The Daily Viking A collection of sketches by Peter Bangs

This collection of sketches was created for Harry’s first birthday. One sketch was made each day (although I missed a couple of days in the end) during the thirty days prior to his birthday on 16 October 2009. Each day from 16 September until 16 October I attempted to post a Daily Viking on line on my website with the intention of gathering them together in this little book for him (to have when he's older). Why Vikings? Well firstly because the family name, Bangs, is believed to have Norse origins and may even be related to the famous Bang and Olufsen and secondly because they've been a part of my life, in a smallish way, seemingly forever. From the saga of Noggin the Nog to the Mighty Thor with Kevin Crossley Hollands Norse Myths, a visit to Jorvik and a fancy dress appearance as a Viking in between. Vikings have always been there on the periphery. So now I'm bringing them front and centre.

The first daily Viking, inspired partly by my dad and partly by watching Noggin the Nog. My Dad, Harry’s Grandad, was a fan of Smallfilms output since the days of The Pogles. I think he would have approved. Drawn in black and sepia Kuretake Zig sketching pens on the back of an envelope while on the school run.

This one's based on a photo of my dad trying on a genuine reproduction Viking helmet in the excellent Jorvik Museum in York. With his longish silver hair and full moustache I always thought my old man would make a great elder Viking statesman, or an aging gunslinger in the Wild West.

Not too sure about this one. Although the helmet and cloak clasp are based on authentic Viking designs, the axe makes him look more like a Tolkien dwarf. I liked the quality of the drawing more than the quality of the subject.

Day 4 and we have my interpretation of Woden, one eyed King of the Norse Gods. He's usually shown as a massive and imposing figure but I always imagined him being more slender and a little sly based on the stories told about him, hence my skinny version. The brown smudge is baby food and demonstrates the foolishness of drawing at the dinner table while feeding an eleven month old.

A man and his hoe. A simple remembrance that not all Vikings were marauding berserkers, many were farmers and tradesmen.

Viking 6, Pentel Sepia Brush pen, Zig Sepia sketching pen and Windsor and Newton watercolours

A woman, apparently there were women, women Vikings. Who knew huh? Amazing what you can come up with after a little research. Thank God for Dorling Kindersley Eye Witness books. They are the best. I found out why Viking 3 looked wrong thanks to Eye Witness. It was the axe. A proper Viking axe looks completely different. As will be seen with the next Viking.

following three days of family illness I got to upload 3 days worth of Vikings. Unfortunately on Wednesday I was busy upchucking while trying top look after Harry, so I was in no condition to put up this scrawl.

This one done while recovering from the horrible 24 hour virus that wrecked me on Wednesday. Thursday my wife came down with a completely separate virus that she did not catch from me, so she and Harry took every spare moment that I wasn't spending feeling pathetic and sorry for myself.

This one was for Friday. Molly was off ill with yet another anonymous virus that had nothing to do with me, and wanted someone to play Zoo Tycoon with her most of the day and make her Maltesers Hot Chocolate. A father’s work is never done. She loves Lego so this one was my initial design for a Lego Viking.

This was done on my new tablet and based on a photo found on line. The subject of the photo was a Viking re-enactment group and this guy was meant to be the cook. I dropped the photo into a layer on Photoshop and reduced the opacity to 50%. I then loosely sketched the rough outlines and turned off the layer and completed the sketch.

Drawn and coloured on Photoshop and then filters applied to try and give a linocut look to it. Not at all successful but not a bad picture all the same.

This one was very loosely based on a photo from a Viking Festival somewhere. Sketched hard in an HB pencil with the paper whitened in places in Photoshop.

I called this one "bring me something nice back from your pillaging."It was worked up from an unfinished sketch of a couple I saw in the street somewhere a couple of years ago. They weren’t dressed quite like this of course

This one's called "new chainmail" and was based on a very stiff looking guy I saw waiting for his wife outside a shop while on holiday.

This one's a favourite, "Olaf builds a sandcastle"

Karen's favourite of the recent batch. "The long walk home"

This one didn't really work. It was meant to be a youngster, scared on his first time in battle.

Never really cared for Hagar but he's probably the world's most famous Viking I felt he ought to make an appearance.

I think this guy is a Bard, he has that haughty "I've played Shakespeare at Stratford" sort of look about him that I imagine bards would have.

This guy it was the padded leather overshirt, a common piece of protective clothing, that I was interested in. I’d seen it in several photos and historical illustrations.

I think this one was just deadline-itis.

Old Viking woman, scribbled hastily and inspired by Baba Yaga while checking out Russian Vikings. The sketch on the left was the original and the one on the right was an attempt to make it look like a woodcut but I think looks more like a linoprint.

A sketch on my non-wacom tablet, just trying to see what it could do.

Inspired after reading about finding animal skeletons at burial sites.

A short love story

Russian Viking version one

Russian Viking Version 2. This version was much better than the previous, also inspired by a photo in the Dorling Kindersley Viking Book.

The boy in question, Harry, on his first birthday, looking brooding and Scandanavian

The Viking Book  

A daily viking drawing for one month for my son on his first birthday

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