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KAPAWI ECOLODGE & RESERVE GENERAL INFORMATION The Kapawi Project began in 1993. The goal was to commence a new trend in eco-tourism, in partnership with the Nationalidad Achuar de Ecuador (NAE) and Conodros, by providing a monthly means of economic support and jobs to the Achuar located in Kapawi as well as in other communities. Since January 1st 2008, all installations belong entirely to the Achuar Nation. The lodge accommodates up to 30 visitors and was built in accordance to the Achuar concept of architecture (not a single nail was used!). Kapawi is a place of multiple choices and is characterized by its flexibility. We do not offer fixed programs, but you can design with your guide and your group, the most suitable itinerary to meet your interests and physical condition. In Kapawi you can do many or as few of the activities available as you choose. The majority of the itineraries will include visits to the Achuar communities, you can share time with a local Achuar family, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing in rivers and lakes, swimming, watching pink river dolphins, see crocidiles and other animals native to the area, Kapawi is famous for its bird watching where there are more than 530 species in the immediate area. Awards and International recognitions received by Kapawi: 1998 - Tourism for tomorrow, British Airways 2000 - Ecotourism Excellence Award, Conservation International 2002 - Ecotourism Award, Skal International 2004 - Conservation Category - Sustainable Tourism Award for Conservation (STAC) (Third place). 2009 - Product Awarded Top 50 Eco-Lodges 2009 by the Editors of National Geographic ADVENTURE Magazine 2009 - National Geographic – The adventure Travel- One of the TOP 50 Ecolodges in the World 2010 - Perla del Pacifico Sur Guayaquil Turismo y Comercio 2010 - Winner Equator Prize 2010 - Tierra de Luz Universidad de Especialidades Turísticas 2010 - Smart Voyager 2011 – Euroal


Groups are always lead by one Naturalist Guide and one Native guide. The following is a list of activities available at Kapawi:

Hiking. - Easy, moderate or difficult, in tropical rain forest visiting Achuar Communities.

Bird watching.- approximately 2 hours long, generally this activity starts early in the morning, at 6.

Kayaking & Canoe Trips. - Kayaking can be done long short rivers like the Capahuari (shown above) or some lagoons near the lodge. The canoe trips can be taken along larger rivers as the Pastaza.

Fishing.- is available at the Lodge.

Camping. - This activity depends on the guests decision. Our staff carries the food and equipment to the camping area; we will try to give our guests the same services as they were staying at the lodge. Please notify us in advance if you wish to participate this activity.

Achuar Community visits. - This is one of our most popular activities offered in Kapawi, because of the significant cultural contribution to the Achuar people. We give our guests a b riefing about the Achuar Culture, their ethics codes and some suggestions about how to behave during the visit. You will have the opportunity to see a community and its members and purchase some traditional handicrafts.

Self-guided path. - is about 45 min and takes you on a path in the immediate vicinity of the lodge.

Caiman (crocodile) watching.- This activity is done at night because these reptiles are nocturnal animals.

Night Hikes. - This offers the opportunity to see a different perspective of the Rain Forest and different nocturnal animals and insects.

Note: Families traveling with young children we highly recommended to hire a private guide for the group.

TRAVEL TO AND FROM KAPAWI ECOLODGE & RESERVE THE BEST EXPIRIENCE!! HOW TO GET THERE One of the most unique and attractive things about the Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is its remoteness. For this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity experience there is both complexity and challenges to the travel arrangements necessary to reach Kapawi. The small private aircraft necessary to transport you to Kapawi will fly you over an awe inspiring expanse of the rainforest. We assure you that we are doing all we can to make your journey to Kapawi as easy and rewarding as possible and to embrace you in Achuar hospitality from the moment your journey begins in Quito.

From Quito to Kapawi

SHELL – KAPAWI Once in Shell, you will be met by a Kapawi representative who will assist you boarding an airplanes able to operate on the shorter dirt airstrips in Achuar territory. In Shell, the waiting time is approximately an hour, depending on the number of guests flying into, and returning from, Kapawi. Our representative will arrange a variety of activities for you and snacks or lunch depending on the anticipated waiting time. The flight from Shell is a 50 mi nute flight over miles and miles of unbroken pristine rainforest, arriving at the Achuar community of Wachirpas, located on the banks of the Pastaza River. There you will be welcomed by your Kapawi guides who will escort you on the final leg of your journey, a b eautiful 30 mi nute canoe ride into the majesty and tranquility of this remote part of the world. You will travel up the broad expanse of the Pastaza River, then into the smaller Capahuari River, and moments later arrive at your destination, Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve.

RETURNING TO QUITO The travel process is reversed and you will normally leave the lodge mid-morning by canoe, then fly by small plane from Achuar territory to Shell and there transfer to your private overland transportation in order to start your comfortable trip back to Quito accompanied by one of our tour guides. The Overland transport to Quito is planned to arrive by mid or late afternoon depending on weather conditions. Your entire return journey will provide one final opportunity to experience the beauty of this unique part of the world. Please note: Our scheduled travel days to and from Kapawi are each Monday and Friday. If you are unable to travel on these days, we may be able to arrange special charter flights to accommodate you. Please check with us at However, weather conditions in the Amazon are unpredictable and can change quickly so please bear with us as at times we will need to change itineraries on the day of travel or even in-route.

Note 1: In the event that weather conditions prevent us from getting all guests into Kapawi on the scheduled day, we will provide accommodations at a comfortable hotel in Puyo (a 10 minute drive from Shell) and reschedule the flights to Kapawi as early as possible the next morning.

Note 2: No later than the day before your journey to Kapawi begins, we will deliver a packet of information to you at your hotel, or wherever you

are staying in Quito, telling you exactly where to be at when in Quito and at what time, on the morning of your travel. If you have any questions about the travel itinerary, you can call our operations staff (593 9) 8344 032 (from within Ecuador dial 098 344 032 ).

THE PLANES Whichever route we take, we always use small aircrafts to land on the airstrips in the jungle either at Kapawi or Wachirpas communities. We use a combination of smaller planes for example, Islander (9 seater), or Cessna 206 (5 seater). For your information about the aircrafts that we use please check the information bellow:

New “Achuar” Islander Aircraft (9 passengers – 1600 pounds max capacity)

Cessna 172 3 Passengers capacity

Cessna 206 5 passengers capacity

IMPORTANT: Due to the type of weather of the tropical rain forest some delays can be expected, our recommendation is for you to please consider adding an extra day to your itinerary after visiting Kapawi to make sure you meet your connecting flights to your next destination (Galapagos Islands, etc.) We appreciate that as part of the confirmation of your reservation and in order to provide you the best service, you must provide us of the following passenger´s information: -

Complete names of the passengers coming Passport numbers Arrival date to Ecuador Address Telephone number Land Operator in Quito, if applicable Hotel in which the passenger will stay in Quito Diet or medical requirements

We highly appreciate that you will provide us the approximate weight of each passenger in order to coordinate our logistics that is specifically based by weights. HOTEL SERVICES Energy The lodge is powered by solar energy. Sixty four solar panels of 75 w atts each cover 60% of all the lodge’s energy needs. Every room has 3 lamps: 1 in the bathroom and 2 in the bedroom.

Water The tap water is filtered through charcoal filters and purified with ozone. Bottled drinking water is available in your room. Solar showers provide 5 gallons of hot water each day, remember this system work only with the sun light, if you observe a cloudy day we will not be able to provide you hot water. For your convenience we recommend that you take showers at the end of the day.

Rain An umbrella is provided in each room that you can use to go to different areas of the lodge when it is raining. Night No artificial illumination exists along the boardwalks since it could modify the behaviour of nocturnal animals. You should carry a flashlight or headlamp with you at all times. Swimming Swimming can be safely done in lakes and calm rivers. Nevertheless, as the water level goes down in the dry season, this activity is not always available. Bar A very well supplied bar is opened until 10:00 p.m. Meals A variety of international and traditional cuisine is offered to our guests. Breakfast: Starting at 5:00 a.m., a light breakfast is provided to birdwatchers (available upon request). A full breakfast is available from 6:30 a.m. Lunch: Is provided in the dining room about 1:00 p.m. Boxed lunches are provided to visitors taking full-day trips. Dinner: Is served about 7:30 p.m. Library Our library is open all day long. Paperbacks, magazines and books are available. Boutique A small boutique that stocks essential items you may have forgotten (film, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, hats etc.), as well as handicrafts and souvenirs. Soap All soaps used in the lodge are biodegradable. Please do not use non-biodegradable soaps.

Trash Trash is sorted into four classes: biodegradable, paper, non-biodegradable (metal, plastics, glass, etc.) and batteries in the central area of the lodge. Satellite Communication We have available the satellite phone that can be use 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week, this service is available for use of all guests who visit lodge for international calls, the cost is $2.30 + 12% IVA per minute. WHAT TO BRING: Because of the size of the aircraft it is imperative to limit your luggage to a basic minimum weight; the maximum allowed is 25 pounds (11 kilograms) per passenger including hand luggage. We strongly suggest traveling with backpacks instead of suitcases. In case of extra weight it will be charge you $1.40 for each extra pound.


LUGGAGE: • One large backpack or one duffel bag. • One sm all daypack. CLOTHING: • 3 lightw eight -cotton or other fast drying m aterial- long pants. Avoid blue jeans. • 4 or 5 long-sleeved cotton shirts. • 1 pair of knee-high cotton socks for each day in the rainforest. • Underw ear (avoid synthetics). • Shorts. • 1 light w ind-breaker. • 1 light sw eater or jacket. Brim hat. • 1 w ater-proof poncho (available in the lodge) or a w ater-proof parka. • Bathing suit. • Sunglasses w ith a strap. FOOTGEAR : • • •

1 pair of com fortable w alking shoes. 1 pair of thongs or Tevas. 1 pair of rubber boots (available in the lodge).


• • • • • •

Ex tra eye glasses/ contact lenses. Sunblock lotion (at least protection 8). Insect repellent. Toilet kit. Personal first aid kit. Tam pons or sanitary napkins.

EQUIPM ENT: • • • • • • • • • •

Plastic w ater bottle. Flashlight (headlam ps m odels are better). Alkaline batteries. Self sealing plastic bags. Dry bags (available in the lodge). Sw iss Arm y knife. R eading m aterial (available in the lodge). Sm all note-book and pencil. Personal sew ing kit. Snacks: chocolates, candies, etc.

CAM ER AS AND BINOCULAR S: • Cam era gear. High speed film s or fine-grain, high resolution and relatively slow color transparency (this last one to be used w ith electronic flash. • Binoculars. This is an essential item , even if you are not a birdw atcher. The best ones are the w aterproof m odels w ith high light transm ission. An ex cellent size: 10 X 40. • Film s.

SOM E SUGGESTIONS: R em em ber that w e are guests of a very different culture. Som e of their traditions m ay appear quite odd to us, but it does not m ean that w e are in a position to criticize them . Please, follow the rules im posed by the Achuar com m unities and respectfully try to learn about this ex traordinary culture. Be careful with photographs or video recordings. Ask your Achuar guide first if it is possible to take photographs or to make video recordings in Achuar communities. Avoid close up shots, and never remunerate people with money for a photograph. The Achuar are very pleased when you buy their handicrafts. They have a fixed price which is similar in each community. You can also exchange some of your personal items (flashlights, batteries, etc.) for handicrafts if the Achuar are interested in doing so. THE ACHUAR and KAPAWI VISITORS BEHAVIOR REQUEST In Order to reduce social impact and the reserve where Kapawi is located, we encourage our passengers to respect the following requests made by the Achuar natives: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

No photography is permitted in any of the communities. Neither of Achuar people nor of their houses. Achuars are very pleased when you buy their handicrafts. They have a fixed price which is similar in each community. Please do not buy handicrafts made of feathers, animal skins or insects. Avoid any physical contact with members of the communities. Please do not give money, presents, or sweets to the local kids. If you have educational material (pens, note books, colored pencils, etc.) that you would like to donate, please hand them to the resident manager. Please do not enter to an Achuar house without an invitation. Achuars are very jealous. If you are a man, you should never look directly at a woman’s face. Remember that Achuar house has a sexual division. Please, do not go to the ekent or female area. Nijiamanch, the manioc beer, is always offered. If you do not like it, you should at least pretend to drink it. Refusing could be considered as an insult. Do not go out alone. The chances of getting lost are very high. The only exception is the self guided trail. It is highly recommended to wear rubber boots during the hikes. Keep at least one set of dry clothes in the lodge. Fishing is allowed. Please, do not take any animals or plants out of the area. Do not leave any trash in the forest.

• • • • •

Please do not use audio gears without personal earphones. The harvesting of species animals and vegetables is prohibited in the area of Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve; this is part of the territory of the Achuar Nationality who jealously defends the intellectual property on the resources of their forest. It is prohibited to feed the wild animals. It is prohibited the introduction of foreign animals or foreign plant species to the humid tropical forest, for the protection of the native species. Under no circumstance it is not allowed the consumption, sale or traffic of products or species in danger of extraction or proceeding of not sustainable practices.

OVERLAND TRANSPORTATION QUITO – SHELL & SHELL- QUITO In order to continue providing the best service to all of our guests we have designed the new overland transportation option to cover the route to & from Quito, which we detail in the present communication: Type of Transportation: • Fully Equipped vehicles with air conditioning, reclining seats and drivers with basic English language knowledge. •

Every group will be accompanied by one of our well prepared-bilingual Tour guides from and to Quito.

Services Provided: • Blankets in the case you need them will be available as well. •

Environmental Music (low volume)

Box lunch

Itinerary: • PICK UP - Quito: You will be picked up from your hotel at the time our Operations department will inform prior your trip. Pickups will start at 6:10 am.  6:30/7:00: Depart from Quito, then you will take the new “Oriental” highway passing by Tambillo, Latacunga, Ambato, Baños, before arriving to Shell.  9:00: Lunch box will be served provided to every passenger. Some short stops will be made during your trip in order to use toilets and to take pictures of the landscape (this aspect will depend on weather conditions).  11:00: Arrival in Shell. You will be welcomed by our representatives and will be assisted on your small planes boarding to take your flight over the rainforest in order to arrive to Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve.

Main Natural Attractions to be seen: Your Kapawi Ecolodge Adventure starts the moment you depart from Quito. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing landscape while you pass by different towns, mountains and volcanoes, such as the following:  Cotopax i volcano: with an altitude of 5897 meters above the sea level, rises one of the highest active volcanoes in South America above our Andean region. With an absolutely symmetric cone, Cotopaxi offers an amazing view and represents one of the main attractions of our Ecuadorian mountain region.  The Ilinizas volcanoes: this majestic snowcapped volcano with two peaks is the link between Pichincha and Cotopaxi provinces. It has difficult access but in reward offers a great natural richness to its guests, with a high flora and fauna diversity, such as “chuquiragua”, variety of liquen, moss, swallows, blackbirds, rabbits among other species from our Andean region.  Tungurahua volcano: is one of the top five highest volcanoes in Ecuador with an altitude of 5016 meters located at 87 miles south from Quito. The small and beautiful city of Baños known for its thermal spring waters is located on Tungurahua volcano’s hillside, 5 k m north direction. This volcano is part of the Sangay National Park. Other representative mountains and volcanoes around this area are the Chimborazo (6310 m. the highest in Ecuador) and the Altar (5319 m.)  M achachi: this is a small city located in “Canton Mejia”. It is famous and recognized for its traditional-folk fests such as “el paseo el chagra” which shows the costumes and traditions of the people in the mountain region of Ecuador.  Latacunga: is the capital of Cotopaxi province, located near the Cotopaxi volcano at the Ecuadorian Andes mountain chain foothills. The main traditional fest in this city is the “Mama Negra” a religious syncretism celebrated with lots of happiness and color, attracting thousands of tourists every year with its music and colorful costumes used on the parades.  Salcedo: located in the heart of Ecuador in the southeastern direction from Cotopaxi province, with big agricultural and cattle activities. It is well known for its delicious fruit ice cream and the traditional “pinol”.  Am bato: is the capital of Tungurahua province, known as “Ciudad de las Flores y las Frutas”, “Cuna de los tres Juanes”, “Jardin del Ecuador”, represents one of the most important cities in Ecuador.  Baños: the complete name of this beautiful city is “Baños de Agua Santa” located in the Tungurahua province only 180 km from Quito inside a valley surrounded by waterfalls and hot spring waters at the Tungurahua volcano hillsides. Baños has a population of 18,000 inhabitants, an

altitude of 1806 m above sea level and an average temperature of 20°C, offering plenty of activities for tourists such as hiking, horse riding, rafting, climbing, motorbike tours, bungee jumping among others. Trip back To Quito: When you land at Shell’s airport after enjoying your flight over the rain forest one more time, our representatives will be assisting you taking your private land transportation for your trip back to Quito. We will also offer a box lunch for our passengers. After this, while your journey back to Quito you will have the chance to make specific stops to admire other beautiful sites that our country offers, such as the waterfalls of:  “Pailon del Diablo”  “Manto de la Novia” The route you will take is basically the same as the one on the day you enter Kapawi. However the time you depart from Shell will depend on the amount of passengers and weather conditions for every excursion.

Arrival time in Quito: 20:00 hrs (approximate)

SUGGESTED ITEMS TO PACK IMPORTANT: Because of the size of the aircraft it is imperative to limit your luggage to a b asic minimum weight; the maximum allowed is 25 pounds (11,3 Kilograms) per passenger including hand luggage, in case of excess baggage the airline will charge you USD $ 1,40 per each extra pound Luggage • 1 backpack or 1 duffle bag • 1 small daypack Clothing • 3 • 2 • 2 • 1

pairs of lightweight long pants; quick drying material preferred. Avoid Jeans long-sleeved t-shirts. Quick-drying material preferred or 3 short sleeved t-shirts pair of hiking socks for each day in the rainforest

• • • •

1 light windbreaker, sweater or fleece jacket. 1 brimmed hat (suitable for both sun and rain) 1 light waterproof poncho (these are also available at the lodge) Bathing Suit

Footwear • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes • 1 pairs of sandals. Teva or other rugged brand preferred • 1 pair of rubber boots. Needed for hiking in the jungle (the lodge will provide you with these, except for very small sizes (less than a women´s size 5 US or European size 35) or very large sizes (greater than a men´s size 12 US or European size 46). We recommend that you buy extra large or small sizes in your home country as there are very difficult to find anywhere in Ecuador. Equipment • Sun block lotion. SPF 45 or higher is recommended. Note; pressurized cans may not be permitted on the plane. • Insect repellent • Small Flashlight. Headlamp models recommended. • Water bottle • Lightweight binoculars are extremely useful. If you have any questions, please contact us at 09-834-4032

ADDITONAL EXCURSIONS 2012 Private Canoe River Cruise by Candlelight - $150 per couple Embark by canoe upriver accompanied by a bottle of wine, candlelight, snacks and comfortable cushions to experience an entertaining and cozy time. We will turn off the motor and allow the canoe to follow the river´s current, allowing you to listen to the sounds of the jungle, observing the starfilled sky, creating a magical and unique experience. Romantic Ceremony at Kapawi $250.00 We invite you to share in a unique experience of a promise of love with your partner at the Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve led by the Lodge Director, followed by a romantic candlelit dinner with a glass of wine. Your room will be waiting for you with special decorations for the occasion. Achuar Wedding in the Community $500.00 Visit a home in one of the Achuar communities which will open its doors to you in with a warm welcome so you can enjoy an extraordinary Wedding. The Achuar people will take care of creating the wedding of your dreams led by the community´s Shaman (Medicine Man), who will perform a cleansing of the couple so that their married life begins or continues in the best way possible. You may stay the night camping with special decorations and then participate in the Wayusa Ceremony at daybreak, drinking this traditional beverage while the wise Achuar people interpret your dreams. Natem Ceremony $160.00 per person During a visit to an Achuar Community where each one of the visitors will introduce themselves, the Shaman (Medicine Man) will prepare Natem (a drink that comes from an infusion of the root of the Ayahuasca plant) which will allow him to discover both the physical and spiritual issues of the visitors. The Shaman will invite you to enjoy the drink and later perform a cleansing of each of the integrated visitors.

KAPAWI ECOLODGE & RESERVE RATES 2012 Rates per person – USD Foreign Rate

Double Occupancy

3 nights/4days Friday to Monday

4nights/ 5days Monday to Friday

7nights/8days Monday to Monday Friday to Friday




National Rate Double Occupancy






Jr. Suite




Master Suite




Andean Treat Double Occupancy


Suites Rates

Single Occupancy Supplement Extra bed

Add 40% to the listed price Deduct 40% from the listed price

*Price includes all meals, filtered drinkable water, jungle excursions, guides, canoe transportation and village visit. *Price does NOT include bottled water, alcoholic beverages and boutique purchases. These rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Transportation The following rates are applicable, subject to change without notice. Land Transportation Air Transportation

Quito – Shell – Quito Shell – Kapawi – Shell

$60 $274 + 12%

*Add 12% VAT to Air transportation published prices. *Rates subject to change without notice. *Land Transportation is optional should the guest prefer to make their own travel arrangements to Shell. Please contact sales agents for required arrival time in Shell. Kapawi cannot be held responsible if client misses the air transportation. * Weather conditions are unpredictable in the tropical rain forest and occasional delays can be expected. We recommend you to consider adding an extra day on the end of your visit to Kapawi to make sure you meet your connecting flights to your next destination. Not Included: • Contribution to the Achuar Community (per passenger): US$ 35.00 • Additional excursions or private itineraries. Please review Additional Excursion Price List for prices and descriptions. Notes: • Children under 12 years of age pay half price when accompanied by an adult in the same cabin, discount applied on double occupancy rate only • For reservations with young children it is necessary to hire a private guide so the family can enjoy the jungle at the pace of their children. Air Transport Rates for Agencies The following rates are round trip, subject to change without notice. • The following rates are designed especially for our agencies to have the power to give discounts to their clients. Kapawi offers private air transport to the lodge thus the cost is higher than if we were able to offer commercial air transportation. The two types of airplanes capable of reaching Kapawi and landing safely on our airstrips are the 9 passenger BN-2 Islander or the 5 passenger Cessna. We fly only Mondays and Fridays however, charter flights are available please contact our sales agents for details. T he following rates are roundtrip rates and good for all of 2010 these rates are for passengers traveling without a guide. The following page includes the price per Pax for a group that will accompanied by a private guide.

Air Transport (Shell - Kapawi – Shell) per Pax

# of Pax 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 •

+ 12% IVA

$ per Pax $ 274,00 $ 274,00 $ 274,00 $ 260,00 $ 210,00 $ 270,00 $ 235,00 $ 210,00 $ 185,00 $ 270,00 $ 245,00 $ 225,00 $ 210,00 $ 190,00 $ 220,00

# of Pax 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

$ per Pax $ 195,00 $ 185,00 $ 230,00 $ 220,00 $ 210,00 $ 195,00 $ 190,00 $ 210,00 $ 195,00 $ 190,00 $ 185,00 $ 210,00 $ 205,00 $ 195,00 $ 190,00

A ir t r a n s p o r t a t io n Q u it o - S h e ll S h e ll - Q u it o T h e f o llo w in g r a t e s a r e o n e w a y ,

s u b je c t t o c h a n g e w it h o u t n o t ic e

O n e -w a y fa re . P ric e s p e r p e rso n R a t e s s u b je c t t o c h a n g e w it h o u t n o tic e : Num ber of pax

P r ic e p e r p a x

Num ber of pax

P r ic e p e r p a x



8 4 5,0 0



1 7 1,0 0



4 2 2,5 0



1 6 1 ,0 0



2 8 2,0 0



1 5 2 ,0 0



2 1 1,2 5



1 4 4 ,0 0



4 4 3,6 0



1 7 4 ,0 0



3 7 0,0 0



1 6 6 ,0 0



3 1 7,0 0



1 5 8 ,0 0



2 7 7,2 5



1 5 2 ,0 0



3 0 4,0 0



1 4 5 ,0 0



2 7 3,6 0



1 4 0 ,0 0



2 4 9,0 0



1 3 4 ,0 0



2 2 8,0 0



1 2 9 ,0 0



2 1 1,0 0



1 2 5 ,0 0



1 9 6,0 0



1 2 0 ,0 0



1 8 3,0 0



1 1 6 ,0 0

N O TE: 12%



KAPAWI ECOLODGE AND RESERVE CANCELLATIONS POLICIES IMPORTANT: Please read this information carefully before checking-in to Kapawi. After the check-in process, the passenger understands that all terms and conditions are accepted. Our port of embarkation is Quito. If the passenger made arrangements with CEKSA to depart from a different city, then these terms and conditions will be deemed accepted in the new city of departure. CEKSA will not be responsible for any expenses incurred other than those specified in these policies. Because of the size of the aircraft it is imperative to limit your luggage to a basic minimum weight; the maximum allowed is 25 pounds (11,3 Kilograms) per passenger including hand luggage, in case of excess baggage the airline will charge you USD $ 1,40 per each extra pound Luggage PASSENGERS UNABLE TO LEAVE KAPAWI DUE O WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS 1. If the passenger is unable to leave the lodge due to weather-related cancelations, CEKSA will fully cover lodging and meals as well as guided programs during the extra day (s) the guest remains in Kapawi Lodge. CEKSA will not be responsible for the expenses of other hotels, tourism programs, sea cruises, lodges or similar Facilities, and events, air or bus tickets, no penalties due to full or partial cancellations. PASSENGERS UNABLE TO DEPART TO KAPAWI DUE O WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS 2. If the passenger cannot travel to Kapawi, due to weather or availability of aircraft and therefore stays one night in Quito, a one night refund will be made. This refund will be done though the travel agency that booked the reservation. Direct refunds to the passengers are not possible unless the passenger has purchased the excursion directly from CEKSA. If the passenger accepts the refund he/she automatically agrees to make his/her own arrangements while in Quito, including lodging, food or transfer. CEKSA will provide free assistance for reservations if needed. Or alternatively: 3. CEKSA will book the passenger in a fo ur-star hotel and provide meals. In this case, the passenger agrees to resign the refund offered in paragraph (2). CEKSA will not cover drinks (unless included in the set menu), not telephone calls, tipping or any expenses other than those offered in this paragraph.

PASSENGERS WHO DEPART FROM QUITO TO KAPAWI OR FROM KAPAWI TO QUITO, BUTDUE TO WEATHER-RELATED REASON HAVE TO LAND IN AN ALTERNATIVE AIRPORT. 4. If the passenger flying out of Kapawi has to land in an alternative airport, CEKSA will fully cover lodging and meals as described in paragraph (1) of the policy. At its own discretion CEKSA will choose whether travel back to Quito shall be by plane or overland. CEKSA will not transport passenger to other cities. 5. If the passenger, on their way from Quito to Kapawi, has to land at an alternative airport, CEKSA will offer the best available lodging, snacks or meals (excluding alcoholic drinks), depending upon the length of the delay. 6. If the passenger, on his way to Kapawi, has to land at alternative airport and stay overnight in a local hotel, CEKSA will cover lodging and meals in the best available hotel (the quality of which varies depending on the town), 50% of one night refund will be covered and paid to the agency which booked the passengers, based on the paid rate charged in the tour package. Direct refunds to passenger are not possible unless the passenger has purchased the excursion directly from CEKSA. In that case, one of our representatives will assist you with arrangements for your refund. IF THE PASSENGER, DUE TO WEATHER-RELATED REASONS, IS UNABLE TO TRAVEL TO KAPAWI AFTER ONE OVERNIGHT IN QUITO OR IN AN ALTERNATIVE AIRPORT AS DESCRIBE ABOVE. 7. If the passenger cannot depart by 14H00 to Kapawi after having spent one night in Quito or in an alternative town, then the following options will be offered: 7.1

A 100% refund of the excursion, less the amount already refunded according to paragraph (2) or less one night if expenses according to paragraph (3) or (6) have been incurred.


Alternatively, the passenger could switch his reservation to the next excursion available. By accepting this option the passenger agrees to be responsible for his/her own lodging, food, transportation etc. CEKSA will provide free assistance on reservations if needed.

RESPONSABILITIES 1. The liability of CEKSA. (the owner and operator of the Kapawi Ecological Reserve) and its sales agents is limited to the terms and conditions of the transportation and accommodations contract as set forth in the boarding documents given to all passengers. A sample is available on request. Passengers are urged to read these conditions and to note that acceptance of the transportation contract represents acceptance of the conditions therein. 2. CEKSA expressly disclaims any responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising out of the act of negligence of any person or company, other than itself, rendering any service. 3. CEKSA. shall not be responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by late air, car, train, or motor coach arrivals, shortage of fuel supply, cancellations or delays in departure or in return, nor for any loss or damage to baggage or any other article belonging to the passenger, occurring other than by reason of negligence on the part of CEKSA. In the event of loss, damage or delay to the passenger’s baggage, personal effects, or property arising from or caused by reason of any act of God or public enemies, arrest, restraints of princes, rulers of people, piracy, war, revolution, extortion, terrorist actions, or threats, hijacking, bombing, threatened or actual rebellion, insurrection, civil strife, fire, explosion, stranding, grounding, slides, volcanic eruptions, perils of the rivers, canals, theft, accident to or from machinery, boilers, or latent defects even though existing at departure or commencement of journeys, barratry, desertion or revolt of staff, strike, lockout, stoppage of labor from whatever cause, or for any reason, or labor disturbance, whether or not such strike, lockout, stoppage of labor, or labor disturbance results from a dispute between the Carrier and its employees or between other parties, whether or not the fault of the carrier, or from losses of any kind beyond the Carrier’s control, whether or not like or similar character to the foregoing, CEKSA is not obligated to substitute another jungle lodge for any excursion and reserves the right to alter the advertised itinerary of the excursions, to delay any excursion or substitute or cancel scheduled days of arrival or departure. 4. CEKSA is responsible for providing air transfer to and from KE&R. However, if forces beyond our control forbid us to deliver on our promises, be it by an act of God, public enemies, detainment, curtailment of principles, lack of fuel, unavailability of airplanes, public laws, piracy, war, revolution, extortion, terrorist acts or threats, kidnapping, bombs, rebellion or threat of rebellion, insurrection, civil feuds, fire, explosion, entrapment, immobilization, threats by landslides, volcanic eruptions, rivers, canals, theft, accidents caused by machines, furnaces or latent preexisting defects from before the start of the trip; legal suits, desertion or personnel upheaval, strike, owner closure, stop of labor due to any reason including union labor issues between the travel agent and its employees or amongst other parties, whether it be the travel agents´ fault or not, whether they resemble the above mentioned circumstances or not; CEKSA commits to provide land transportation for the

air trip that was not taken for any of the above mentioned reasons, by being responsible for the costs of this trip as well as food and assistance during each portion of the trip.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PAYMENTS RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS PROCEDURES KAPAWI ECOLODGE & RESERVE All reservations require a minimum deposit of US$200 to confirm. The following is a description of our payment and cancellation policy: Reservations and payments for individuals / groups and FITS Reservations made 90 days or more prior to the excursion departure date: • The deposit must be received within 10 days after date of request. • The total payment must be received 60 days prior to the excursion departure date. Reservations made between 65 and 89 days prior to the excursion departure date: • The deposit must be received within 5 days after date of request. • The total payment must be received 60 days prior to the excursion departure date. Reservations made between 64 days or less, prior to the excursion departure date: • The total payment is due to confirm the reservation. Cancellations and penalties: • Cancellations made 90 days or more prior to the excursion departure date receive a refund of the entire amount. • Cancellations made between 89 and 60 days prior to the excursion departure date will be subject to a USD $200 per passenger service charge. • Cancellations made between 59 and 30 days prior to the excursion departure date will have 50% of the total excursion rate refunded. • Cancellations made less than 29 days prior to the excursion departure date, no refund is available, of the trip neither transportation.

Notes for individuals and groups • Cancellations for medical reasons or due to death of an immediate family member, which are received between 29 - 0 days prior to the excursion departure date, are subject to a 50% forfeiture of the excursion rate and 100% of the total transportation rate. • CEKSA accepts changes on the excursion’s departure date or passenger’s names 30 days before the excursion starts, only if the reservation has been fully paid. In order to reconfirm the new excursion departure; this confirmation must be done 90 days after the original excursion’s date. For changes of excursions dates between 29 to 0 days the passenger has to pay the update transportation rate again

If the travel agent does not send the total payment to our office or to our bank account on the date specified by these policies, CEKSA is entitled to cancel the reservation, and will not be held responsible for the passenger’s cancelled tour. IMPORTANT: Kapawi holds the right to require payment in full for any excursion that is requested when the lodge is already at a high occupancy.

TOUR LEADER DISCOUNT The discount for Tour Leader will be applied to the double occupancy rack rate as follows • Groups of 0-8 passengers, the Tour Leader will be granted a 25% discount off the rack rate of the excursion. • Groups of 9-14 passengers, the Tour Leader will be granted a 50% discount off the rack rate of the excursion. • Groups of 15 or more passengers, the Tour Leader will be granted a 100% discount. Tour leader occupancy in passengers cabin is subject to the excursion availability, otherwise the Tour Leader will be accommodated in Tour leader cabins. Note: This discount does not apply to transportation rate.

SPECIAL LANGUAGE JUNGLE & BIRDING GUIDES The following conditions are to confirm a Tour Guide in a specific language or a naturalist bilingual guide specialist in birding programs: Language Guide • •

At the lodge our naturalist guides are Spanish and English speaking, if you required a different language, you must specify this when you confirm your reservation. We can provide a translator for groups with less than 10 passengers at an additional cost of US$ 200.00 per day per reservation (not per passenger), this extra charge is required to be paid in full with the price schedule of the excursion. Groups of 10 or more passengers, we will guarantee a bilingual guide.

Birding Specialist Guides At the lodge we have Achuar guides that are birding specialists. These guides are not always available so we need to know in advance if you would like a birding guide for your excursion at Kapawi. This information is required at the time of the confirmation of your program. Our bird specialists are Spanish; if you require an English bird specialist same rates and conditions apply as listed above. For groups less than 10 passengers could confirm a birding specialists guide per US$ 200.00 per day (not per passenger).


This alternative is not available once the passenger has arrived at Kapawi, you must request this special service to our reservation department, and the additional cost will be billed with your excursion package.

MONEY TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS Dear Client, Thank you for buying an unforgettable journey to Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve, please find below the information that you will need in order to make the international money transfer to our account Instructions for Wired Transfer Bank Name: Banco del Pacífico P. Ycaza 200 y Pedro Carbo GUAYAQUIL - ECUADOR Phone: (593 4) 2566010 Fax: (593 4) 2566-010 Ext: 2285 Account Name: Complejo Ecoturístico Kapawi S.A Edificio Reina Victoria Oficina 1 Foch E7-38 y Reina Victoria QUITO - ECUADOR Phone: (593 2) 6009333 Fax: (593 2) 6009334 Account # 503474 4 Swift Code: pacieceg100 As soon as the payment is confirmed, please e-mail us at and the following information: •

The amount that you paid converted in US Dollars

Group name, number of persons traveling in your party, date of the excursion and booking code.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that all money transferred and bank charges are covered by you and we receive full credit of the total amount requested in US Dollars. Please consider an extra amount of USD$20,00 when you make your payment, since it is a cost that is being charged to our bank for international bank transferences. It is important that you let us know when you send us the payment in order to track it at our end. Let us know your daytime phone number for contacting purpose. Credit card Visa - Master Card – American Express

Contact us E-mail Address Edificio Reina Victoria, Oficina 1 Mariscal Foch E7-38 y Reina Victoria Quito - Ecuador South America PBX:(593 2) 600 9333 ext.2020 Fax:(593 2) 600 9334

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