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Samuel Kapasa Architecture and Design

Massing Model , Sheffield Registry Office Great Howard Street - Architecture BA Degree , University of Sheffield

Education: 2013-2015 2012-2013 2009-2012 2009 2007

Awards: 2012- 2013


Masters in Architecture (MArch) Degree from the University of Sheffield, UK (current) Architectural Assistant at Jefferson Sheard Architects Bachelor of Architecture Degree (BA) from the University of Sheffield, UK A Levels: Art (A), Maths (A), and Physics (A) 10 GCSES at grades A*- A including Maths, English, Physics and Art

Sheffield Graduate Award for valuable skills and experience gained at university outside the degree course

2012- 2013 JSA Architects

- Had responsability for 2 main design projects during this period of work - Projects were carried through from concept designs right through to planning applications and construction on site

11/2011 World Euro Ltd.

- Gained the experience of working with larger scale briefs whilst creating a draft of the initial master plan for a multiple terraced development. - Used local parking regulations to formulate a proposed car parking strategy

Projects: University Building Refurbishments (Geography and Psychology Department)

Project: Development of Terraced Apartments, Cayman Islands 07/2011 LRW Architects

Project: Hilton Hotel, Manchester

08/2008 Trafford Council:

Built Environment Department Projects: Various projects within the Trafford Borough, Manchester

- Created 3D model and visualisations for the Hilton Hotel design project - Researched design precedents for client meetings. - Prepared day lighting diagrams for Building Research Establishment assessments - Site visits to costruction site at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool - Drew initial elevations for a primary school extension based on initial plan drawings - Researched building regulations for disabled access within the primary school - Selected light fittings with electrical engineers for flood lighting of a local sports arena

Completed Project - Psychology Building Refurbishment Northumberland Road, Sheffield - JSA Architects

Key Skills: Presentation + Computer Aided Design

- Ability to extensively model projects both physically and virtually to clearly communicate ideas in combination with verbal and written descriptions - I can artistically and competently use software packages such as Vectorworks, SketchUp Pro, Autodesk Ecotect, Autocad, Artlantis Studio and the Adobe Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop) - Some of my best work was selected as part of the University of Sheffield annual architecture exhibition. I also use my skills to teach CAD programs to other students.

Design Ability + Creativity

- A strong appreciation for contextual analysis and research and how this leads to a comprehensive design strategy through academic project - Understanding the constraints of building regulations and a given brief, and that my creativity and innovation can coexist with a practical design - Keeping updated with new projects and sustainable technologies by extended reading - Regularly exploring ideas outside of the studio through architectural competitions


Communication + Organisation

- Experience of daily operation within architectural practices - Ability to work independently and collectively with a variety of expertise on a project - Awareness of sustainable technologies from attending CPD (Continuing Professional Development) meetings - Self-motivated to work independently and have excellent time management - My character enables me to work with a diversity of people with ease so I can adapt to lead and work as part of a team - Through peer reviews and group projects I have learned how to constructively critique whilst still encouraging others

Design Project: Democracy Centre Campo Lane - Architecture BA Degree , University of Sheffield

Work: Project: Client: Date:

Do not scale from this drawing The contractor is to check all dimensions on site and report any discrepancies to the architect All rights described in chapter IV of the copyright, designs and patents act 1988 have been generally asserted

1201B10 48.41sq.m.

1201B10b 4.74sq.m.

1201B10c 12sq.m. 1201B09 7.22sq.m.

1201B08 65.03sq.m.

1201B15 4.30sq.m.

1201B07 6.6978sq.m.

1201B14 1.23sq.m.

GROSS AREA 890.90sq.m.

1201B08c 6.87sq.m. 1201B11a 40.99sq.m.

1201B08b 11.93sq.m.

1201B11c 13.16sq.m.

1201B11e 8.10sq.m.

1201B08a 3.45sq.m. 1201B20 14.07sq.m.

1201B02 42.82sq.m.

1201B11d 9.72sq.m.

1201B11b 4.82sq.m.

1201B06 135.51sq.m. 1201B21 3.76sq.m.

1201B19 99.71sq.m.

1201B12 5.06sq.m.

1201B11f 2.28sq.m.

1201B11 28.62sq.m.


1201B11j 30.03sq.m. 1201B03 14.53sq.m.

1201B05 6.08sq.m.

1201B04 98.17sq.m.

1201B01 3.68sq.m.


1201B11h 33.78sq.m.

Check: PP

1201B11g 9.33sq.m.

Fulcrum 2 Sidney Street Sheffield S1 4RH

1201B11k 13.64sq.m.

1201B17 1.24sq.m.

Drawn: SK

Initial Issue

1201B11l 4.43sq.m.

Telephone +44(0)1142761651 Facsimile +44(0)1142799191 Website

1201B18 1.24sq.m.

Drawn SK

1201B16 23.33sq.m.

Check PP


Geography and Planning Building Refurbishment


Geography Building 1201 First Floor Plan (Floor B)


1:200 @ A3






25/01/2013 Rev.


Completed Project: Geography Building Refurbishment Northumberland Road, Sheffield - JSA Architects




Tobacco Warehouse Post-Industrial Revolution Liverpool Docklands Level 3 Project


Village Construction Project Chingola, Zambia , ‘Cost-Ruction’ Research Project

Project: Date: Client: Description:

“We have to learn to manipulate our sources in order to do more than survive economical consequence�






Jefferson Sheard Architects Ltd Design Studio- Sheffield , Year in Practice

Project: Date: Client: Description:




Project: Date: Client: Description:






Portfolio final test  
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