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All our products are designed and hand made in Mexico. Our inputs consist of natural stones like quartz, geodes, agates, crystals and other more, as well as materials with 18K gold plating. There are three basic sizes to necklaces with pendants: Short 40 cm Medium 50 cm Length 60 cm The tone of the gems is different from the sample photos as they are natural and change their color and shape. We like to mention the healing powers of each stone and highlight the benefits of wearing a natural stone.

Crystal with Tumbaga Pearls and Hematite -Medium

D830 $290.00 22,194 USD

There are not only physical properties associated with clear quartz crystal, but also healing and energy properties. -Large D930 - $330 25,30 USD

The Druze or druzy stone, is the common name given to crystals formed inside a cavity mineral and can be found inside a geode agate amethyst or covering. -Large D823 - $380 29,103 USD

About the yellow quartz, Because its golden color It is associated with the spiritual nobility of the enlightened and the abundance it brings the development of their talents. -Medium A933- $320 24,507 USD

This pendant is available in all letters of the alphabet. Gold plate.

-Short D401 - $190 14,541 USD

Beautiful combination of a resin pendant with tumbaga, with an arrangement of silk thread -Long D344 - $360 27,551 USD


Beautiful necklace with agate stone butterfly and gold-plated chain. *Available in other colors. -Short

A300 - $340 26,021 USD

Chain with a gold plated charm (Live, laugh, love) and a crystal. * Crystal available in other colors. -Medium

A988 - $220 16,837 USD

Crystal bright gray with a pendant in the form of plant material: Tombac and Gold Plated -Medium

A655- $330 25,273 USD

Original Design Pendant Necklace, transparent crystal stone gray. Gold Sheet -Large

A144- $190 14,541 USD

The purple quartz unblocks energy centers and helps the body to heal itself. -Medium

A934- $320 24,507 USD

Natural stone agate pink color. -Large

D540- $370 28,317 USD

White Drusy: crystals formed inside a cavity mineral -Large

D822- $380 29,103 USD

F390- $260

19,912 USD

F350- $260 19,912 USD

D542- $370 28,317 USD

Agata Green and Blue Stone -Blue *Large -Green *Medium

D547- $370 28,317 USD

Beautiful combination of a stone pendant with tumboc, with an arrangement of silk thread

-Long D346 - $380 29,103 USD

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