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Table Of Contents 1. Table Of Contents 2. News Editor's Message 3. Meet the Officers 4. Meet the Officers 5. Past November Events 6. LTG Day 7. Kiwanis Car Wash 8. Santa’s Workshop 9. Salvation Army Bell Ringing 10. Upcoming Events 11. December Calendar 12. Officer Contacts

‘Tis the Season Key Clubbers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Now that it is December, let us end our year off with a bang. For this month, we have so much events planned for everyone to participate in, especially within our seasonal events such as the Salvation Army, our Festival of Lights and much much more. I encourage all of you to get out there and spread your Key Club spirit within our homes, school, and community Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Mycah Ganir, News Editor

November Events

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November 9th, Kapa’a and Kauai High School Key Club came together to celebrate our LTG, Kainalu Yoshida! It was my first time to meet our D22M LTG and can I just say we all had a wonderful time. During this event, we all participated in various activities such as scavenger hunts, skits on core values of being a Key Club member and service projects. I always enjoy having these interclubs because we get to interact with new and familiar faces. I cannot wait to have these kinds of event in the future! Kiana Dembicki-Lorita, Member

On November 3rd, our Annual Kiwanis Car Wash event was held at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center. We worked together with Kauai High Key Club to do various jobs like split into groups to either scrub cars, dry them off, or help out at the tent to check in customers as they arrive. For me, my friends and I were in charge of scrubbing the left sides of the cars while others were doing their assigned parts. My favorite part of this event was getting the chance to meet new faces and bonding with everyone, especially our Kiwanis. Mycah Ganir, News Editor

On November 16th we went to Pi’ikoi building in Lihue to do ur Santa’s Workshop event. Every year in December Kapaa Key Club and other clubs from the high schools around the island come together to upcycle materials and make them into Christmas ornaments that wi be displayed at the Festival of Lights event at the end of the month. When we arrived at the building we were debriefed about the materials we could use and the job we had to. There are 4 tables and each had different projects each member of the could work on . I helped with creating plastic bottle bees for one of the new trees that will be setup at a later time. I had a lot of fun bonding with the other members and other students from Kauai High, we were able to get along well as we worked on our own separate projects. I’ve been coming to this event every year so far and it’s one of my favorite events to attend. I was glad to see our new members also enjoy the event and I hope that we continue doing it every year. Jaime Kasahara, Secretary

When you think of “Salvation Army,� it is likely the image of a person standing outside of a grocery store ringing a bell with bright red bucket in front of her. Thaw was exactly what I was doing in my lovely Saturday afternoon. The holidays spirit was in the air. People were walking by and every single one of them was dropping in the bucket at least one dollar which did not seem like alot but when more than 100 people walked in and out of Safeway- shopping for Thanksgiving and the holidays, it added up! It was like they understood what Salvation Army was trying to do- raise funds for basics, such as food and clothing, or for youth camps, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Due to my busy life (senior year), it can be hard sometimes to find time to volunteer; however, it is nevertheless rewarding knowing that whenever I volunteer, I am helping my community, even with my small acot of ringing the bell. Tu Nguyen, VP of Service

Upcoming Events ★


2 Mahelona Christmas Tree Event



11 Salvation Army Soup Kitchen








21 Festival Of Lights













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Kapaa Key Club- December  

Kapaa Key Club- December