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Excellence Through Inclusion + Diversity Progress Report 2016

Creating a culture of inclusiveness for employees, patients, members and the communities we serve.

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Richard C. Breon, President & CEO

Tina Freese Decker, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Spectrum Health Susan Sparta, Lead Employee Relations Specialist Emmarene Smith, Senior Training and Development Specialist Julie Lepzinski, SVP, Chief Operating Officer, Spectrum Health Medical Group

02 Commitment Pam Ries, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer David Leonard, SVP, Chief Legal Officer

09 Looking Ahead Seth Wolk, MD, MHSA, Chief Medical Officer, Spectrum Health Acknowledgments Inclusion + Diversity Team





04 Career Patrick O’Hare, SVP, Facilities, Chief Information Officer Gary Vetitoe, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Pam Ries, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer Daniel Parker, Director, Information Services

Tracy DeWent, Manager, Supply Chain Talawnda Bragg, MD, Hospitalist, Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital Candace Smith-King, MD, Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Joan Budden, President & CEO, Priority Health LeMark Payne, Director, Operations

07 Community Steve Heacock, SVP, Public Affairs & Research Kenneth Fawcett, MD, VP, Healthier Communities Terri Price, Community Health Worker Joe Jones, President & CEO, Grand Rapids Urban League, Spectrum Health Hospital Board Member

Spectrum Health is an organization that deeply values the diversity of our employees, physicians, advanced practice providers, patients, members, and volunteers. We believe in cultivating a diverse workforce and creating an environment of mutual respect for all. These are not just words, but a vital and inherent part of the fabric of our organization.

“These are not just words, but a vital and inherent part of the fabric of our organization.�

Our increasingly diverse workforce should be celebrated as we more directly reflect the diverse communities we serve. Thank you for living our values and promoting tolerance and acceptance. Richard C. Breon President & CEO Spectrum Health


Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity Pam Ries Our mission at Spectrum Health is to improve the health of the communities we serve. Our success is tied to our ability to attract and retain culturally intelligent individuals who treat patients, members and co-workers with dignity and respect. It is not enough to have a diverse workforce; we have to be culturally intelligent to understand enough about each other and appreciate the differences that people bring to Spectrum Health. We will know we are successful in accomplishing this when people of diverse backgrounds seek us out as a top employer who puts people first with inclusion being one of our core competencies. Once they join Spectrum Health, they will be included and feel valued for the unique talents they bring to our organization. Spectrum Health’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity helps us to sustain excellence in service, hold one another accountable, and foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork that sparks innovative ideas.

Our Perspective David Leonard Inclusion and diversity isn’t just the right thing to do from a social and societal perspective, it is the right thing to do from a business perspective and is a strategic imperative for our future success. Engaging and including a more diverse workforce in our decision making allows us to bring a unique set of diverse perspectives to each situation, ultimately bringing better, more innovative and more effective health care solutions to the patients, members and communities we serve.

“Because of our size, Spectrum Health has a real ability to move the needle on both the social and economic health of our communities.”

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

The purpose of Inclusion + Diversity at Spectrum Health is to improve the health of the communities we serve.

To infuse inclusiveness, diversity and cultural intelligence into the DNA of Spectrum Health so that we can achieve our vision to be a national leader for health.

Diversity is who we are. Inclusion is how we work together.

Our Intentional Inclusion Strategy To build a healthy, thriving organization, we will work together to achieve and maintain a positive, inclusive and respectful culture. As a result, we will foster a sense of belonging, inspire innovation and provide equitable care. To function effectively across cultures, we must work as one body, intentionally treating each other and our customers with dignity and respect. Our strategy involves 4Cs: Career, Culture, Commerce, Community.* How do we measure success?

Cultural Intelligence Sustainability Engagement Alignment Impact *4C model adapted with permission. Robert Rodriquez, LLC.


Excellence Accountability Compassion Integrity Respect Teamwork

Inclusion and diversity requires commitment, and intentional engagement and is an ongoing journey. This timeline gives a quick look at where we started, how far we’ve come and how committed we are to moving forward.

I+D Journey Timeline 1998-2003







Employee Awareness

Talent Pipeline Programs

Employee Engagement

Business Integration

Leveraging Diversity

Development of Lunch & Learn Program and the employee stories campaign

Creation of Project SEARCH, Project COOL, Workplace ESL* and the K-16 Outreach program Achievements Inclusion + Diversity Center of Expertise and Inclusion + Diversity Leadership Summit

Focus on engagement of system leadership, increasing systemwide supplier diversity and integration of a deeper talent pipeline

Focus on Inclusion Champion Networks, investment in I+D learning and development, integration of systemwide cultural intelligence and further development of Inclusion Resource Groups.

Achievements Healthier Communities collaboration with Strong Beginnings and the GVSU Diversity Scholarship

Creation of Inclusion Resource Groups including Young Professionals and TOD@S; System Inclusion Council and the Legal Services I+D Task Force

Creation of the Diversity Advisory Team, and implementation of new policies and practices Achievements Healthier Communities and Programa Puente

Achievements Veterans Explorers Program

Achievements Supplier Diversity Program

Achievements Three new Inclusion Resource Groups and a $7M scholarship partnership with GRCC Awards AHA Nova Award for Healthier Communities | Strong Beginnings and the first Inclusion ACE Award presented


Our 4Cs Career Culture Commerce Community

We will continue to focus internally on building a positive, inclusive and collaborative culture, and fostering career growth, through our Inclusion Networks and systemwide integration of cultural intelligence. We will also focus externally on commerce to advance our business objectives and community to further strengthen Spectrum Health’s brand reputation in the communities we serve.

A Change for the Better Daniel Parker

The demographics of West Michigan are changing, and with that the demographics of our patients are changing. People want to see people like themselves, which means the more diverse workforce we can attract, the more likely we are to succeed.

Patrick O’Hare

“First and foremost, we pursue diversity because it’s simply the right thing to do.” Also, in sheer terms of competitiveness, our environment has to be welcoming to individuals of all orientations, backgrounds and beliefs. This focus on approachability is key to our ability to communicate and relate to our customers, regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation or beliefs.


Veteran Explorers Program


Gary Vetitoe In 2013 Spectrum Health created the Veteran Explorers Program to help America’s veterans find careers in health care. Gary Vetitoe is one of many veterans who successfully completed the program, and today Gary works full-time as a recruiter to help recruit other veterans to Spectrum Health.

Pam Ries Continually infusing inclusion into the culture of Spectrum Health allows us to attract and retain diverse and culturally intelligent talent.

“In the military you have no choice but to be inclusive because you’re going to end up serving with people from all over the country and all around the world. You’re in situations where you have to rely on people from very different backgrounds than you, in very difficult situations. But you have a camaraderie that comes from a shared sense of purpose and mission. This shared sense of mission plays perfectly into helping Spectrum Health recruit individuals perfectly suited for advancing its cause of inclusion and diversity.”

Talent Mobility The more culturally intelligent we are, the more readily available we are to adapt to different people, different situations and different environments throughout our system. Attraction Retention Engagement Creating an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion ensures a diverse pipeline of highly talented newcomers and highly engaged employees who aren’t just willing to stay, but want to grow, collaborate and contribute.

Working Toward Our Common Goal Tina Freese Decker By providing a workplace where everyone feels welcome and valued, we foster an environment where people respect and trust one another and each of us has the opportunity to grow and perform to our greatest potential. This directly impacts how our employees, physicians and advanced practice providers interact with and care for our patients and families. Our Inclusion Resource Groups (IRGs) bring these values to life and provide a forum for employees to connect and advance our culture of acceptance and understanding.

Inclusion Resource Groups FUSION Healthy Pride Veterans SHAARE SHYP IRGs like FUSION (Hispanic/Latino), Healthy Pride (LGBTQ+), Veterans (Veteran Employee Teams), SHAARE (Spectrum Health African Americans for Resources and Engagement) and SHYP (Spectrum Health Young Professionals) bring people together, improve engagement, enhance performance and positively impact our business outcomes.

Julie Lepzinski

Creating a Culturally Intelligent Network Starts at the Top

Driving cultural intelligence into our way of thinking, doing, and being through leadership teams, formal education, social learning and systemwide communications strategies is a critical step toward achieving our mission of improving the health of the communities we serve.

Susan Sparta By championing inclusion and diversity throughout the entire organization, senior leadership is committed to creating a workforce with a more developed sense of cultural intelligence.

Leading the Way

“Cultural intelligence is contagious.� Emmarene Smith


2016 Supplier Diversity Breakdown 60% People of Color 26% Women 13% Veteran 1% (Dis)ability

Dr. Talawnda Bragg + Dr. Candace Smith-King The Residency Diversity Program gives Spectrum Health an opportunity to create a pipeline for recruiting more diverse physicians. Because a large majority of residents end up practicing where they train, by actively recruiting more diverse students into our residency programs, we’re essentially recruiting more residents to become physicians at Spectrum Health. This has a direct impact on increasing the diversity among practicing providers at Spectrum Health. It also has a direct impact on our ability to better serve our diverse patient population by having a more diverse panel of providers with whom the community can connect.

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Continued Commitment

Tracy DeWent

LeMark Payne

“We’re committed to being inclusive and making sure our supplier base is diverse and representative of the faces of our community.” Through our supplier diversity program, Spectrum Health seeks companies that support our commitment to equal access to opportunities for companies with diverse ownership, as well as companies that can provide solutions and products that are environmentally sustainable.


Creating a Pipeline of Care Providers

“Our continued commitment to being more inclusive and becoming more diverse is what will separate us from competitors.”

Customer Connection is Key Joan Budden

“If we are going to attract new patients and take care of the clients we have, we need to reflect their individual thoughts, interact with them, and communicate with them in order to offer products they value based on who they actually are.”

Dr. Ken Fawcett

“Creating, developing and improving programming that supports the medically underserved and economically disadvantaged populations in our community is critical to our success.”

Empowering Underserved Communities to Overcome Terri Price As a certified community health worker with the Spectrum Health Healthier Communities team, Terri Price works among women and children in medically underserved populations in Kent County to reduce infant mortality and get babies off to a good start. She spends her days encouraging expectant mothers in their struggles, cuddling precious newborns and cheering for new moms as they work to ensure the health and well-being of their babies—and she loves every minute of it. Healthier Communities also employs certified community health workers in programs that serve medically underserved children, support schoolkids with chronic diseases, and help at-risk adults prevent and manage chronic diseases. In Price’s words, “the secret to successful community health work is to look beyond a client’s crisis and empower them to overcome those barriers.”

Steve Heacock

“The reality is that we are a community asset, owned by the entire community. This is why we are working to more accurately mirror our community, so that anyone in the community who needs us for health care, insurance or advice feels completely comfortable that this is their place— regardless of their background.”

The Power of Community Inclusion to Move the Needle from Good to Great Joe Jones Spectrum Health Hospital Board Member and President, Grand Rapids Urban League Everybody in the community has a role and a responsibility in creating a more equitable and just system. At right is a list of the community partners Spectrum Health is working with to do everything they can to affect positive change within the community.

A Few of Our Community Partners accessKent Access of West Michigan Dégagé Ministries Family Promise Grand Rapids Community College Grand Rapids Urban League Grand Valley State University Kids Food Basket Senior Neighbors Talent 2025 United Way of West Michigan


Breaking Through Language Barriers Communication is essential for breaking down divisions and working towards achieving understanding and inclusion. Spectrum Health does everything it can to make sure language never presents a communication barrier between health care provider and patient. Here are just some of the languages that we interpret:

Albanian Arabic Assyrian Croatian Greek Hmong Italian Mandarin Mandinka Punjab Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Swahili Turkish Thai Vietnamese

A Reflection of the Communities We Serve Our goal is to make Spectrum Health a reflection of the communities around us; to foster a culture that is inclusive of race and ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, abilities, gender and sexual orientation, and that embraces service and commitment to country and community.

Every year our new hires are more diverse than our current employees, and although we are not there yet, we are working toward more closely mirroring the communities and the clients we serve.

All Employees


Information based on voluntary disclosure


25,000+ Total 80% Female 12.9% People of Color 2.5% Veteran 0.5% (Dis)ability 62.1% Female 6.8% People of Color

Our Focus is On the Future Dr. Seth Wolk

“We are a work in progress ... and that is a good thing.” Without a diverse workforce, without individuals who think differently, and without people bringing different backgrounds and different viewpoints into the discussions we have and the decisions we make, we cannot create a vibrant culture—and we cannot grow. So it is essential, as the largest employer in West Michigan, an organization of 25,000plus unique individuals, that we continue to evolve until we mirror the rich diversity of the people and the marketplace we serve. It is also important that we walk the talk as a leader in inclusion and diversity in the communities we serve.

Inclusion, diversity and equity are integral to who we are as a company and who we will become as we move forward. So we ask that you join us in our commitment to build an inclusive environment and embrace the diversity, talent and ideas each individual brings to our organization. To get involved, visit Inclusion + Diversity on InSite.

Thank You The Inclusion + Diversity Center of Expertise would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all those who provided content and assisted us in the completion of this progress report. We also would like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of those individuals who are champions for inclusion and diversity throughout the system. Spectrum Health Inclusion + Diversity Team Valissa Armstead Mary Brown Kristin Ekkens Juan Carlos Hernandez Jennifer Jackson Huyen T (Sara) Tran-Du


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Spectrum Health Diversity Annual Report  

Spectrum Health Diversity Annual Report