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We got the scoop from Alycia Choroszucha, Cannonsburg's resident ski bunny and PR whiz, on the perfect Fall and Winter days at Cannonsburg.

P E R F E C T F A L L D AY “Kick the day off with a locally brewed beer and some fantastic food from the new menu at our grill. As a pseudo-vegetarian, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m obsessed with the chicken and pulled pork. Once you’re settled in and ready for adventure, the fun begins. Hop on the full adventure tour, which is over a mile of zip lines, and soak up the gorgeous experience of flying high above the changing leaves and amazing fall colors. In the evening, head into Cannonsburg village and grab some dinner. Honey Creek Inn is a particular favorite.”

P E R F E C T W I N T E R D AY Alycia continues, “I work all the time, so when I come out here to play, I want to get as much snowboarding time as possible. Start by grabbing something warm from Starbucks on your way in. Once you get here, strap your boots on, bundle up, head outside and ride for about two hours. When you are good and chilly, head back inside and warm up with some great coffee. If you’re here on a Saturday or Sunday, you MUST (I repeat, MUST) indulge in one of our to-die-for cinnamon rolls. With that beautiful postpastry glow, ride for a few more hours. When you’re spent, head up to the Cedar Lounge for warm food (did someone say chicken and waffles?) and incredible drinks.”


SOLACE Fall / Winter 2016 - 2017