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Bring on BISSELL. Bring on LIFE.

Ice cream in the family room. “Welcome home” instead of “Take off your shoes.” Life is messy. Woof! Love where you live. Bring on BISSELL. Meow. No worries. Bring on LIFE. Yes. We got your back. Innovation is in. Fun is number one.“No” is no fun. Work hard– play harder. There’s always a better way.

Bring on life. The things that make life better are often the things that make our lives messy. Family. Friends. Pets. Parties. Pitter-pattering little feet. Red wine on white carpet. Root beer floats in the family room. We’ll clean up later.

Every one of the products we sell is inspired, in one way or another, by the company we keep. We make products we’d be proud to give to our own friends and families. Understand that these are not glossy models from magazines or random people from far-away focus groups; these are real people with real lives, real jobs, real homes, real friends, real kids and real pets – and a real zest for life. With all the real mess that comes with it. That’s what inspires us – and what inspires everything we make.

We’d like to thank some of the real people who inspire us the most. Namely: Estelle Henry Rodney Elaine Mitzi Jimmy Senior Jan Jimmy Junior TJ Jimmy III Biscuit Bubba Storm Francis Rafferty Oh, and Zippy the Wonder Cat


Stomp ‘n Go Stain Lifting Pad ®

Cleaning a carpet stain shouldn’t bring you to your knees. That’s why we created the Stomp ‘n Go stain lifting pad. Simply toss a pad on the spill, stomp on it to release the solution and voilà! Sayonara, stain.

bissell lift-off


Floors & More From North America to China, families are choosing hard surface floors nearly 95% of the time. Which means the demand for a better way to clean hard surfaces is on the rise too. By adapting our Lift-Off line, we met the demand and, more importantly, exceeded our customers expectations. Again.

bissell lift-off


Deep Cleaning System “It can’t be done.” With those words as their inspiration, our engineers set out to create an upright cleaner with unparalleled suction, unbeatable scrubbing capabilities and an unheard-of detachable spot cleaner – all in one. Next?


SpotBot Cleaner ®

As a company of animal lovers, we’re especially proud of the SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner. Just set it over the spot, click the button and walk away. When you return, no more spot. It’s the perfect pet accessory for pet owners stuck cleaning up Spot’s spots.

Innovation, collaboration, and passion aren’t just buzzwords here, they’re founding principles. Our growth and category-leading innovations are not the result of some sterile, top-secret, highly guarded think tank. Quite the opposite, actually. Almost every innovation or improvement is the direct result of people putting their heads together, making messes, making mistakes, listening, learning, laughing, sketching, scribbling, spilling, MacGyvering*, fighting, making up, making more mistakes, high-fiving and, yes, sometimes even hugging. All because we’re always looking for a better way to clean – and new ways to make sure the good people who buy our products are delighted they did so. We work together on every aspect of our business to make every aspect of our business better – so if you don’t like to work as part of a team you won’t like working at BISSELL. But if you do...

Earth. Yet another surface we’re committed to keeping clean by eliminating waste, saving energy, conserving water and doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Jonathan Stanley Industrial Design Specialist “All of our products are built using the unprocessed process of cross-departmental collaboration. It’s what I enjoy so much about every project: that collaborative dance of ideas, commitments, conflicts and agreements that cycle into the products we can all, always, be so proud of.”

*This reference is made without explicit permission, but with the utmost respect, sincerest admiration and warm nostalgia for Richard Dean Anderson and his character’s impeccable ability to use his immediate resources to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

Our convictions and core values do more than affect how we do business, they define how we live our lives. Whether you’re a coworker, partner, retailer or customer you’re treated like you’re family: with respect, dignity and the assumption that we’re all in this together. This sentiment doesn’t just exist during normal business hours; it lives in our homes, it fuels our friendships and it creates our communities. And after 136 years of growth – from humble beginnings to our quest to become a household name around the world – we’re pretty sure we’re onto something here. And we’re confident the next 136 years are going to be just as exciting.

Top 10 things overheard in the Company cafeteria on a Friday afternoon: How old does a dog have to be to babysit? 2 I’m glad it’s not skinny jeans Friday; I think I just ate my weight in Chef Andrew’s BBQ ribs. 3 80’s night proved to be more like early 90’s night. 4 Best customer suggestion ever: Lift-Off Vacuum with a wine glass holder. 5 It took me about 37 minutes to get to Lake Michigan and 26 to turn lobster red. 6 Is it just me, or does it seem real fishy that the chili cook-off winner was the chili cook-off host? 7 My family provides unending inspiration for this job. They live like pigs. 8 He went antiquing? Then yeah, he’s totally in love with you. 9 Our products are getting so advanced I fear one day we’ll work for the vacuums. 10 This must be the only corporate cafeteria ever mentioned in Frommer’s. 1

We don’t just take pride in where we live; we take an active role in making it a better place to live; by playing a major role as an employer and source of financial strength to our community, and by encouraging all our Associates to get involved in the community. Either through the United Way, The BISSELL Pet Foundation, Kids’ Food Basket or any other organization that helps make the community we live in a better community to live in.

All work and no play has never been a problem at BISSELL. We work hard. We play hard. Real hard.

“Ruff ruff woof ruff woof arf.” Loosely translated, that’s canine for, “BISSELL’s Pet Spot lets my owner bring me to work with her.”

Our hiring philosophy: we want to hire the rest of the smart, talented, hardworking, fun-loving people in the world. If you ask someone why they work here, their number one response is “because of the people.” Not to brag, but that’s because we hire people who are passionate about what they do, where they do it and the people they work with. So to work here, all you have to be is nice, smart, talented, driven by what you do, willing to work hard and willing to work together with everyone else who works here. Oh, and fun loving too. It’s simple, really.

Mark Bissell Chief Executive Officer “We understand that people are the only true competitive advantage. People represent our brand, design our products, and deliver to our retailers and our consumers around the world. So our environment has to be highly collaborative and consist of people with a passion for complex business challenges, because we operate in a very competitive, global marketplace where our products require deep functional experts across a multitude of disciplines to deliver on the brand promise of the good feeling of a deeper clean.”

Maureen Bundy Brand Manager “Community involvement is big here at BISSELL. It means a great deal to me to be part of an organization that contributes to, and values, both local and national charities.”

Jeannine Sepanik Associate Sales Director

Jennifer Lowe Customer Care Consultant

“In my 25 years with BISSELL, “When we’re able to create a I’ve learned strong customer relationship with someone on relationships are the result the other side of the globe of anticipating customers’ on the same level as a friend needs and being prepared or neighbor, then we’ve met to react quickly.” our ultimate goal.”

Manoj Chadha VP International “BISSELL is transforming to be a more global organization. Our goal is to continue to expand into new markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America with relevant products to delight consumers in those markets. The challenge, as the business becomes more global, is to “GLOCALIZE”– to deliver products and brand experiences that are locally relevant, yet true to BISSELL. We are opening new offices in key regional markets and hiring local talent to represent the BISSELL brand in these locations.”

Do you live to work or work to live? If you answered “both,” then you’re gonna love it here. If you’ve never heard of Grand Rapids, you will. Forbes named it the best city in the U.S. to raise a family. And with good reason: it is the ultimate outdoor amusement park, with Lake Michigan mere miles away, has affordable housing (which means big houses and big yards without laying down the big bucks), a nationally renowned education system, and a tradition of philanthropy that’s responsible for some of the most incredible parks, stadiums, hospitals and universities in the world. In addition to its lakefront and livability factors, it boasts a city scene second to none; with world-class museums, ballet, symphony, theatre, sports, restaurants and a seriously rockin’ music vibe. The bottom line: for a company that focuses on celebrating the good feeling of a deeper clean, there’s plenty of places to celebrate.

Even though we’re based in Grand Rapids, with so many retailers, vendors, suppliers and manufacturers around the world who dig what we do, we have offices, affiliates and customers all across the globe. Good thing Grand Rapids is home to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Our Shenzhen location puts BISSELL in one of China’s top trade, finance and R&D cities. And smack-dab in the middle of the world’s fastest-growing consumer market.

Years of global growth have us perfectly positioned to deliver a deeper clean to homes around the world.

With 14 locations around the world, we speak Chinese, Spanish, English, Dutch, Arabic, Aussie and a few others. Let’s talk.

Guangdong Province China 011 86 755 2981 8000

Berkshire United Kingdom 011 44 1753 519918

Tai Po Hong Kong 011 852 2680 2288

Sheung Shui Hong Kong 011 852 2956 0088

Suzhou China 011 86 512 8588 8588

Gwangju South Korea 011 82 62 973 4901

Shenzhen China 011 86 755 3302 3000

Amsterdam Netherlands 011 31 20 305 1340

Victoria Australia 011 61 3 9237 2500

Tamaulipas Mexico 011 52 899 921 8550

Grand Rapids, MI USA 616 791 7713

McAllen, TX USA 956 631 5077

Mississauga, ON Canada 905 363 1501

Dubai United Arab Emirates 011 971 4 881 8597

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