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the k nvara group i Founded in 1999, The Kinvara Group is an IT solutions provider with a perfect blend of business and technological expertise and a strong commitment to providing full customer satisfaction. Using Technology, Talent and Teamwork we address business challenges and help our clients work more efficiently and competitively.

Our clients range from small entrepreneurial endeavors to national not-for-profit organizations to large multi-national corporations. Each project for each client has a unique set of requirements. We work closely with all levels of client personnel to understand their wants and needs. Then we do what we do best. We apply superior design and state-of-the-art technology to address those requirements.

Our Approach At The Kinvara Group we take a logical and intuitive approach to addressing business needs. The important first step is to understand the requirements. We sit with our clients to learn the details of their business processes from all perspectives. With our knowledge of the best and most appropriate technologies available, we architect a solution to meet those needs. Our clients gain increased confidence in our abilities as they review the Project Proposal, which documents a general outline of the project and includes a recommendation for hardware and a network infrastructure if none exists already. The Project Proposal also identifies time and cost estimates for completion.

Once a project is approved by the client we undertake detailed requirements gathering and finalize the design of all databases and programs. When this phase is completed we once again look to the client to confirm both our understanding and their commitment.

During the next stage the project proceeds with concerted efforts on many fronts. Lead technicians resolve any compatibility issues before they become problems. Developers build application programs as graphic designers create the user interface. Business analysts construct Use Cases which reflect all requirements and will be used to test the effectiveness of the application.

Active participation by client representatives becomes critical during the iterative process of application testing and refinement. A Quality Assurance expert coordinates the testing efforts and creates a Production Signoff Sheet in which the process flow of the application is detailed. As the production date approaches, training is conducted as required for users of the new application.

Client acceptance signoff is accompanied by the delivery of formal product documentation and indicates completion of the project.


the k nvara group i Our Methodology At The Kinvara Group the methodology we employ for each project recognizes distinct phases in the application development lifecycle. Formal project documentation reflects the associated functions.

Project Initiation Phase Business Requirements Document This document records the functionality required for the application.

Project Design Phase Project Proposal This document provides more detailed functional requirements and also addresses the hardware environment and time and cost estimates. Use Cases These documents describe how the application works from the perspective of each user. They also serve as the basis for software design documents and for test cases. Software Design Documents These documents describe the organization of the application programs and the design of the databases.

Development and Testing Test Cases These documents are created by the software designers to insure complete validation of the application processing. Production Acceptance Form This document is created by the QA Specialist to facilitate a thorough review of the application by the client.

Implementation User Training Manual This document is prepared by technical writers to serve as clear instructions for users of the application.


the k nvara group i Services


Web Solutions

At The Kinvara Group our teams of IT professionals

Web-based applications Web-based portals Web-enabling existing applications

implement the highest quality solutions using various blends of technology products. The specific combination


selected for any project reflects the client’s needs, the

Content Development

application scope, and the client’s existing IT infrastruc-

Graphic Design

Enterprise-wide Solutions

ture. Some components include:

Microsoft Windows, MS-SQL, ASP, .NET, IIS, VB, VC++

Business process automation Enterprise application integration

Open Source

Intranet / Extranet

PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Tomcat

Groupware applications Groupware product support


Workflow automation Desktop Solutions

Data Management

Websphere, DB2, Lotus Notes / Domino

Others Oracle, J2EE, C / C++, Delphi, Kylix, XML

Database design Performance tuning Database administration


Handheld Computing PDA application development Desktop synchronization

Technology Consulting

At The Kinvara Group we provide quality IT solutions for our clients in:

Architect design

Accounting and Financial Services

Environmental evaluations

Sports and Entertainment

Project management Full scale project development

Developer Support Services

Healthcare Small Business Technology

Application review

We look forward to working with you to address your

Performance evaluation

specific requirements and needs.

Application Debugging


the k nvara group i Resources At The Kinvara Group we pride ourselves on a set of unique resources which insure the success of every project. These resources include a tool for project management, and a rapid response development facility.

Project Management VsApps is The Kinvara Group’s proprietary software for project management. Authorized project members can access data related to their particular application using an Internet browser. Rich functionality allows this tool to serve as: a repository for project documentation a method of communication between application developers and testers, as well as all other project team members a full-fledged environment for testing the application Certain features of VsApps are used to house fairly static project information. This includes a Project Card, which lists all team members and their associated roles; a Technical Configuration section where platform-specific information relating to the application is maintained, and; a Milestones feature to aid in project management. VsApps can also be used as a File Repository and a central location for storing Meeting Minutes.

VsApps also serves as a working tool where analysts document both User Specifications and Use Cases, and developers and testers post Test Cases and their associated Test Results. For more dynamic information, VsApps maintains a project-based Discussion Forum. During ongoing application testing, the Change Tracking facility allows testers to identify problems and developers to post information about resolutions. Developers also use the Release Notes functionality to document those features that have been incorporated into the current version of the application. Finally, VsApps serves as the entry point to the application itself. Clients use this environment to test that all documented functionality has been incorporated into the application.

Offshore Resource Given the accelerated pace of today’s business environment, rapid response is quite often a major concern of our clients. For projects that have such requirements, The Kinvara Group maintains an offshore development facility in Chennai, India which is run on the principle of Collaborative Virtual Office. Our clients in the eastern US share up to 5 hours of the workday with our offshore development teams. During this time the lines of communication are fully open to establish application requirements, document test results, resolve technical issues, participate in project status meetings, and to use however necessary. Application development proceeds during the client’s off hours. At the beginning of the workday our clients can often review changes implemented to their application based on design specifications identified just the previous evening.

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