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February 6, 2012

C.H.I.P.: Complejo Hospitalario Integral Privado (“Private Hospital Full Complex”), Avenida Carlos Haya 123, Málaga (Spain) 1st installation: September 2008 Systems installed (replacing GE): •PACS •KDS •HIS •RIS •KRC In its two buildings, Clínica de la Encarnación (founded 35 years ago) and Centro Dr. Burgos (new), CHIP offers: 8 operating rooms, 105 beds, day care, and the largest care area of any private hospital in Málaga, in an area of 10.000 m2, and connected to the Andalusian public health system (SAS).




C. H.I .P. e xp lai n s t h e adva n t ag e s In choosing Kanteron Systems we have found several advantages over other systems: Freedom, Security, and Savings.

FREEDOM Freedom by not having restrictions on which modality to choose or making us pay expensive integration modules.

SECU RI TY If we wanted to change the solution in the future, we are free to do so. Since it is free/open software, we can migrate to whatever system we wish at any time, just like if we wanted to change tech support suppliers. No restrictions, no additional costs. Latest technology From KRC (in-room touch-screen patient entertainment and clinical info access system) to the most advanced operating rooms (with ARSOR augmented reality), C.H.I.P. enjoys the latest technology.

“Kanteron Systems allows me to expand to peripheral centers, to create polyclinics in other cities… and keep it all under the same software or even equipment. My institution can grow with Kanteron Systems as much as I want or the market allows.” MR. JESÚS BURGOS (Owner & CEO, C.H.I.P.)


“With Kanteron the savings is huge, and their service impeccable from day one (we have been their customers for 4 years now)” •


February 6th, 2012

Optimizing the workflow Since the solution is highly configurable, the integration into our own workflow has been very simple. In our case, the optimization was a radical one.


(C.H.I.P. IT Director) in charge of C.H.I.P.’s 22 servers (50TB storage) and other equipment.

Here are some numbers: - XRay technician: 3 minutes to take the study to the ER, by 30 Xray studies per shift, means 90 minutes per day spent just moving physically studies around.

Kanteron’s solution allows us time savings of nearly 20%. - Radiologists: savings of an hour a day in study organization which now is automatic.

W ith the new [Kanteron] system, we changed the way we work in ER, there is no more film or CDs to be delivered to referring institutions because we have reached an agreement with them, and now they can remotely access the studies. Simple ankle XRay sample (two planes):

We have achieved a Film printing: 0.80€ (x 2 = 1.60€) higher throughput per CD with the study: 0.30€ so 2 planes + study CD: 1.90€/study, shift and in a more times 56 studies = 106.40€ per day relaxed way. In the case (38,690€ or over $50,000 of savings of radiologist they are per year). now much more efficient, Just with those savings, we reading 20% studies more than cover the system’s than before. - Radiology receptionist: 3 8-hour shifts to cover the patient data-input and study delivery needs.

We have reduced the workload of receptionist by 33% by optimizing the whole process with [Kanteron’s] system. Cost optimization The hospital’s operating cost reduction with Kanteron’s Systems is radical. The hospital delivers care for 70 emergencies per day on average, of which (since we are specialized in Traumatology) about 80% need XRays, which is an average of 56 studies per day (just in ER).

yearly support. But the savings are much more significant if we add MRI, Eco, CT and mamo.

Mamo example: we make 800 mamos per month, with two printings each. W ith the new system, we changed printing with CD burning. Mamo printing: 0.60€ CD printing: 0.30€ 800 x 0.60 = 480€ - (800 x 0.30)= 240€ (2,880€ or over $3,800 annual savings).

Perhaps the biggest savings have been the remote radiology reporting capability. That way we have saved around 81,900€ (over $108,000) per year. But we have also improved our image towards referring institutions.

Open-Source healthcare technology solutions With distribution in over 15 countries, Kanteron Systems is a world leader in opensource healthcare technology solutions (PACS, multimodal diagnostic workstations, HIS, RIS, HDI, EMR, Augmented Reality for surgery, etc).

Until now there were dozens of calls every day asking us to send data relating to studies performed here for referring institutions, which implied a considerable expense in the form of human resources dedicated to the satisfaction of our main customers. W ith Kanteron Systems’ open source solution, we developed a system by which they can access their referred studies securely online, avoiding delays, errors, misplacement,while giving them access from anywhere at any time to reports signed by our radiologists. Additionally, tenders for public health system integration award points for having this kind of technology, so we are now better positioned than our competitors. In these cases, the advantages are even larger, since in the latest public tenders, they demand that reports and studies be sent online to the referring hospital’s PACS. W ith other suppliers, you run into a series of problems: - PACS incompatibility. - Expensive and/or difficult to use and integrate solutions. - PACS in private hospitals with incomplete DICOMs (from an unnamed company that does not develop their products for MRI or CT). - PACS that can not accept different bandwidths between remote institutions.

All this is not a problem with Kanteron Systems’ open solutions.

CHIP Hospital (Malaga - Spain)  
CHIP Hospital (Malaga - Spain)  

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