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Do you like stories that involve music? If you do, you'd better read this story!!!!

By Kanta K.

Kanta K.



Kanta K.


Prologue Once upon a time, there were three very poor musicians. They were Kangaroo, Monkey and Horse. They were not in bands you must understand, they were solo musicians. Kangaroo played bass, Monkey played guitar, and Horse played the drums. The bass was the EB-O model, the guitar was Les Paul Standard model, and the drum was Pearl Red Rock Kit. The problem with them was that they didn’t have a lot of fans. So they’re poor. One day, they all met in KK Lands church. They talked about their music life. And they realized that they needed better music for many aficionados. So they decided they would form up a magnificent band altogether. Now, day after day, they began to do a lot of live gig. First, they were only allowed to do some gigs in a small café. But soon many fans began to burst. There was pandemonium in the café and it was catastrophe! Now they were grade up so they were allowed to play in the Big KK Land Music Theatre. They were getting rich little by little. They decided to money in the bank.


Kanta K.


Chapter I Well, they started to become quite famous and rich that they could make their own Credit Card which at that time was very special and only royalty normally owned. Because they were famous and rich, trouble faced the as well. The King, Queen and Servant in RR Land heard about the band from people. They heard rumor. Now the King and Queen was furious and jealous! They said things like… “Who ‘ought to have a Credit Card without their blood in royalty?” “We’ll STEAL that stupid Credit Card from them!” But any band members didn’t know such a thing was happening. Meanwhile, Kangaroo, Monkey and Horse were overjoyed that they got a Credit Card. Now, back in the RR Land there were all sorts of argument as well. “We got to go to KK Land and steal that deadly Credit Card with all the money!” cried the King. “No, Your Highness. It’s going to be dangerous. Don’t want you to get killed. There…” the servant said in a quavering voice with a lot of anxiety, but the King interrupted, “That’s NOT going to be dangerous! Hello!? Anybody home?” knocking the servants head. He continued without letting the servant speak, “SHUT UP and LISTEN CARELULLY!! I’m making a plan. The plan is…tomorrow, I am going with all you guys TO STEAL! To steal what!? Of course that’s what I’m furious about. IT’S MY DREADFUL ANGER!!!!!” The servant had no choice, he begged so many times but if he did too much, that dreadful angered king will poison him!!


Kanta K.


Chapter II So the next day, they set off to Kangaroo, Monkey and Horses official studio which they were proud of. And when they came, they thought they were absolunetly lucky because the band members were on their way to shopping. But there was one single thing the royalty didn’t notice. Close by, there was the band members’ friend, Wise Dog. The “Wise Dog” you must understand, is Wise as its name. Not a single bit of him is galoot. He was adroit, clever and skillful. He was a dog filled with brilliant ideas. So let’s go back to the trembling situation, the royalty went on inside the studio. When they went inside they began to search up and down, left and right for the Credit Card. As soon as the left by instruments in the studio saw them, instruments were panicking and furious, “HEY! YOU! WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING HERE! GET OUT! GET OUT…GO…..!!!!! BEFORE WE CALL THE POLICE! DON’T THINK FOOL OF US!” The instruments were unable to control themselves. They just couldn’t handle strangers coming. The King tried his best to mollify the instruments. “…W…We jjj...just ah…came to visit…” But the talking instruments were still furious. They thought the strangers were going to do something horrible. They were suspicious because the strangers were smiling in an oily, unctuous way. Also, they swaggered. The instruments thought their clothes were too gorgeous to be hoi polloi’s. “We are aficionado of you guys… You guys look extremely amazing!!” said the King in a fake cheerful voice. But in his mind, he was actually interested in stealing those


Kanta K.


instruments. And now he couldn’t help it! He was gluttonous so he had a hankering to thieve them!! On the other hand, the Queen was quite annoyed about the way the instruments talked. She thought the talking instruments were incredible and it must be too bizarre. But she didn’t show a wee bit of here feat to the instruments. The servant couldn’t help all of this. He began to say sotto voce, “You MUST NOT steal them!” He thought of the King stole something, he will be untrustworthy and would never be able to wear his magnificent scintillant diadem which would mean he had to get off throne and end his reign. But it was the same thing, the servant never had a choice. Just about when King told Queen, “Can I thieve these instruments?” The Queen began to tremble all over. “Why not?” said the King in a whisper quite shocked. After the Queen told him that she was scared and that she had a hankering to get money more than these instruments, they made a deal that he would peddle the talking instruments after the day after tomorrow. The Wise Dog was pondering what was happening. Hut he DIDN’T go in the studio. As I said, he is WISE so he hid in the bushes. A few minutes later, the Wise Dog saw the King, Queen and Servant going out. They were carrying a huge extremely huge portmanteau. The Wise Dog has never seen such a size before. And they were carrying many of them. They started to put them into the carriage. The Wise Dog heard the Servant saying, “If you want something, first you’ve got to earn for it!” The Wise Dog was puzzled. Then he heard the instruments shouting in stridency, “HELP!!!” but it had some tremble in their voices. Immediately,


Kanta K.


the Wise Dog noticed what was going on. He decided to keep silent and hide still in the bush though. “Ah… I’m very sorry, but I am begging I have a beef with you. I don’t want to be querulous but…” the Servant got interrupted with the King again, “NO BUT’S!! If you dare to argue you get beheaded!! UNDERSTAND!?” After that, they took off in their carriage with the King saying, “NEVER SPEAK!! Or you will DIE!!” to the instruments. The instruments were frightened and dared not to speak. But whatever way, they were all thinking about managing themselves to elude from their portmanteaus. After the band members were all in their studio. The Wise Dog explained all about it. The Kangaroo began cry in a strident way. The Monkey just started thinking, but silent. The Horse became extremely furious that he headed for the castle bit the Wise Dog stopped him. The Wise Dog said, “We’ve got to think of a THINK OF A PLOY before we ACT!!” They started to think about the way to save the poor instruments!


Kanta K.


Chapter III Meanwhile, at RR Land they were overjoyed of peddling the bizarre instruments. The instruments, of course, were having a harsh and hard time. The King sent to many Kings an E-mail. It said… I have bizarre talking instruments! Want to buy? I bought them for a great deal of money!! “RP 9X1015 (NINE QUADRILLION)” You’ve got to pay that much to buy them!!! Signed RR KING


Kanta K.


Chapter IV Today the Wise Dog was watching TV hoping to get news about RR King and Queen. Yes! Now he found out that the royalty’s were going to have a party. As soon as the Wise Dog heard the news, he had an idea! Idea of how to get back the instruments! So all he needed to do was to tell the Kangaroo, Monkey and Horse. He needed everyone’s help in order to succeed this plan. He said, “Attention everybody,” everyone turned and looked at him. “To recoup the instruments, which endure a long captivity,” the Wise Dog began, “We must go to the castle tomorrow because they’re doing a party.” Everyone nodded, “And we’ll disguise into a servant.” said the Wise Dog becoming more and more grim. Finally the monkey spoke, “I can maybe make the servants’ costume if you draw me a picture of what servants looked like!” “Okay, I’ll draw” said the Wise Dog.



Kanta K.

Chapter V While they were making this entire plan, the royalties were jumping for joy. Except the servant. Anyway, the King got an answer mail that said…

Hi! RR King, here’s a deal. You’ll hand me the instruments tomorrow. Then, I’ll pay for it. Signed GG KING

So, RR King sent an E-mail to vouch for the accuracy of the dealing. He said… The day after tomorrow, my loyal charioteer will bring you the instruments. That’s because tomorrow I have a party at the palace. Signed RR KING

So now the RR Kings business was over. He just had to hand


Kanta K.


the instruments to his loyal charioteer. The King and Queen always had a hankering to GET MONEY!! Now they could. They could get so much money by PEDDLING! They thought the good thing about it is that GG King believes they DIDN’T PEDDLE but BOUGHT the instruments. OMG!! They were in seventh heaven. They were extremely excited!!


Kanta K.


Chapter VI The King, Queen and High-Class Servants went to the party in the Palace. They were having a splendid time like a dream!! In the Palace, there were multitudinous sapphires and golds including talismans. Everyone there was affluent. Most of them were also throwing their weight around. All the rooms were filled up with all delicious foods like Genoise au Chocolate which was the Kings favorite and there were innumerable amounts of brews, such as Cider, Beer, Ginger Ale and Mind-Blowing-Wines! The King maundered about the wine poking his toffee nose! The Queen was bloviating about how to make money. Most of the people were getting turned off by them but they pretended to be interested in their talkings. Some had sycophantic smiles. The King and Queen had satisfaction with seraphic smiles though… Now the Monkey had finished making servants costume and it was just fine. Before they left for the Castle, the Wise Dog gave some warnings, or I should say reminders, “We are significantly anthropomorphic animals. Think before you act and ACT WISELY!” What he said tightened their team spirit! That was also what the Wise Dog wanted to do!! They were all set and ready to go. So they all went to the Castle. Luckily, the fake servants could break out the gigantic bulwark, even though there were some guardians staring here there and everywhere. They went in the open gigantic door. “Now we have to find them! WHERE?” said the Wise Dog in a whisper. “Hey I’m getting scared...” Kangaroo’s voice quavered with emotion. “GOOD LUCK! You’re going to be OKAY!! FENG SHUI SAYS SO!!” teased the Horse with American Accent. “Shush….Be quiet…” said the Wise Dog. They kept their fingers crossed and went searching for their


Kanta K.


instruments in the basement. It was pitch black. There was nothing in perfection! After a moment, they decided to look another place. “Get your morale high everyone! Trust me, we’ll probably find them in the King and Queen’s chamber!” said the Wise Dog. “But where in the universe is the chamber???” wondered the Horse with some struggling. “I think it’s behind that door with a lot of precious and gorgeous sapphires!” said the Wise Dog feeling confident! When they expunged the door, it opened. Yes!! INDEED!! IT WAS THEIR INSTRUMENTS!! Their eyes welled with tears… They had finally come across with their lovely instruments. The instruments were on Cloud Nine but they couldn’t utter any words with such huge fear. Just then…PING!! The Wise Dog remembered something very important! “Hey guys! Did you bring THEM?? DID YOU??” he interrogated sotto voce. “Yes” answered the Monkey with panache. “Great! Put THEM! They left THEM there and went off with THEIR instruments.


Kanta K.


Chapter VII The King and Queen came back to their Castle the day after the party. The time has come! They went right away to the chamber to get their instruments. They unlocked the huge metallic lock of their bedroom chamber and went in. They saw their instruments. Just there! It was in the very same spot. “I’m surprised the band members didn’t take the instruments. They must be very foolish and didn’t even notice that the instruments had been stolen…” the King said. Now, the Servant came in. He was trembling. He knew something would go wrong with this. “So are you going to order your loyal charioteer? Are you? This is your last chance… Because I don’t know and you never know if this is going to work just fine…” he said. “Oh, of course it will. I realized the band members are very foolish. They didn’t even notice that the instruments have been stolen. If they did notice they would come here and take the instruments…” the King said. With that, the Servant went away with a sigh. So now the King reached the phone and called his loyal charioteer. “I need your help” he began. “Yes. Your Highness!! What is it this time? Your talking instruments?” “Yes! I need those instruments to be carried to GG King’s Castle. RIGHT NOW!! IMMEDIATELY!” the King said. “Oh…Okay… I’ll do it…” said the charioteer. He was not very sure of the roads to take. But he kept his fingers crossed and built up his courage. Finally he set off…


Kanta K.


Chapter VIII When the instruments arrived to GG King, he said, “Hey! Come On!!! Tell me your name!” he was very excited to hear the reply. “Hey… No need to worry. I’m a good King! Come on! You are my lovely instruments!” he said. NO REPLY “Okay… come on…I’m a nice person.” He said with a soft voice. NO REPLY “Oh… You are too frightened. Say your name” NO REPLY “OH, HURRY UP!! I’M BUSY QUICK!!” NO REPLY “LAST CHANCE! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!!!” he became more and more angry. But still… NO REPLY Now he was not angry at the instruments… “RR King said you could talk…” “Nobody can hear you!” “And I’m sure!” “I’m NOT DEAF!!.......” “AH HA! THIS MUST ONLY MEAN THAT RR KING IS BIG MOUTH LIAR!! AND THAT’S FOR SURE!!” Fire rose up from his head until his entire face was black! It was burned!! “HOW DARE!! HOW DARE I pay that much for a regular instruments. For such a stupid and ordinary instruments!!” He began flinging, kicking, and punching the instruments. When Servant’s heard him, they came in and they were shocked. “What’s wrong Your Highness…?” they said nervously. “I’M INCANDESCENT at the way a LIAR KING has gotten me TRICKED. Expunge him out of this entire universe to wherever!” He was shouting and screeching stridently!! He continued without letting the Servants speak, “I’ve never seen such a


Kanta K.


gluttonous King. He has too much hankering for money. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! That’s only what he wants. Only…Only what he thinks about! HE SHOULD BE SHAME OF HIMSELF!! He ANNIHILATED MY TRUSTWORTHINESS!!” cried GG King. “Ah… Co… Could… you…p…please be…mollified?!...” the servant said. He seemed difficult to find the right words for this terrible, horrible situation. It’s difficult to find the words especially when you don’t know exactly what is going on isn’t it? He was in the same situation. “I know… you are…ah…mmm…angry but…ah…you better…calm down your anger…a bit…” the Servant had tremble in his voice now. Finally after he quietened and calmed down, he reached the phone and called “666-2077-888” Then, he began bellowing to RR King. “The instruments you sent to me never have a voice!! I believe you’re too gluttonous in money! I’m dropping a bombshell now! You killed my trustworthiness with you! You liar should be off throne! Sorry for your Cavaliers but they should not be your Cavaliers! You’re going to suffer from social ostracism!!” RR King was perfectly speechless! He didn’t know what was going on! But GG King carried on, “You INFRINGE!! Great! Just Great! After you get extremely down from Hoi Polloi, you can never regain the status which you have now!! That’s for sure! Don’t think you can make it you lucrative business!! So I am giving you a very good surprise which you would really like!! I’M BOMBING YOUR CASTLE!!!!!” RR King has lost his words, just holding the phone he was like a statue!! It was and abstruse situation indeed. BOMB

The beautiful castle ended up in just a whack of smithereens!!


Kanta K.


It was nothing now!! They couldn’t save their castle but everyone luckily survived. They managed not to lose their lives…


Kanta K.


Chapter IX

GG King sent E-mail to all Kings that RR King is a liar. After he sent a letter to RR King. He couldn’t send it to his computer because it burned in a whack of smithereens. The letter was written in codes. Here it is written with codes that Kings use. 


    Here it is in regular letters.

 

HATED RR KING YOU LIAR I AM SORRY I BOMBED YOUR CASTLE BUT I HOPE YOU LEARNED SOMETHING YOU WILL NOW HAVE TO WORK HARD TO EARN. INSCINSERLY GG KING RR King and Queen felt sorry and they wished they had listened to their Servants event though they didn’t understand why the instruments didn’t talk.


Kanta K.


Chapter X

When all the band members including the Wise Dog learned what had happened to RR King and Queen from KKC World News, they felt a little sorry, but they were delighted that they could bring back their talking instruments. The band members said, “Thank you very much for saving our wonderful instruments.” to the Wise Dog. The instruments also said so. All the band members invited Wise Dog to be a member of the band as keyboard. He did very well! They were extremely vivacious. So they’ve got uncountable aficionados. They traveled all around the world to have big concerts! They played in NEW rock style!

WONDERFULLY HISTRIONIC “I am sure that their music changed the history of rock. Just like Elvis Presley, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones did! They made a new genre of rock. They are jolly cohesive as a band” -Wankochan K. (One of the aficionado) Reported by The KKC reporters


Kanta K.


Epilogue The King and Queen were still greedy but they realized they had to work hard so they were doing Herculean work with the Servants. Nobody will recognize they were erstwhile King and Queen, that’s because they used to wear sophisticated style but now their appearance had completely changed the other way around… Now they were wearing in ragamuffin style!! The problem was that they had no qualms about peddling which was of course considered ILLEGAL. Finally they were in vitriolic foray. But after years the King and Queen said like this:

“Our jobs are now coming up like a flower. I think we were actually lucky to have a servant like this even though we thought he was too frightened of anything. So we must not peddle anymore and we must listen carefully to what he says. We don’t know why, but Kings and Queens are most of the times a bit evil and selfish… There but for the grace of gods go you and I…” -RR King and Queen (1962~1993) Reported by KKC Reporters Overall, they became adroit at working and they were enjoying themselves happily ever after.


Kanta K.


Comments of this story

“It was good that the band members and the King and Queen could live happily ever after” From Wanko-chan and His Friends.

“I wonder what the next King and Queen of RR Land is like.” From AON NEWS Web Page. Kanta K. reply:

“I’m glad you liked my story. I’ll write a story about the next King and Queen of RR Land and the King and Queen of KK Land. Thank you” On His Blog.


Kanta K.


MORAL Guess the moral before seeing the bottom.

I think the moral of this story is…

have. Like the Servant said. Never steal or peddle and don’t be too greedy. You always have to earn to 21

Kanta K.


Glossary PROLOGUE aficionados

Another word for fans (n)


Very wild and noisy (n)


Hard and harsh (n)

Chapter I Extremely happy

overjoyed (adj.) quavering

Trembling (adj.)


Worry or fear (n)

Chapter II galoot

Stupid person (n)


skillful (adj.)


Calm down (v)


Think someone is acting or looking strange Act in a self-important wa y

(adj.) swaggered (v)

Do you know all these words?


Kanta K.


Chapter II hoi polloi

Common people (n)


Extremely greedy (adj.)


Strong desire (n)


Very unusual or strange (adj.)


Shiny and flashing (adj.)


Crown (n)


To sell something that is stolen Large travelling bag

(v) portmanteau (n) stridency

very harsh in sound (n)


escape (v)


Plot or a plan (n)



Kanta K.


Chapter IV recoup

To Regain (v)


suffer (v)


To be imprisoned (n)


Very serious (adj.)

Chapter V vouch

Confirm (v)


Chariot driver (n)

seventh heaven

happy (adj.)


Kanta K.


Chapter VI multitudinous

Many (adj.)


Blue gorgeous stone (n)


Good luck piece

(n) Genoise au Chocolate (n) innumerable (adj.) brews (n) Toffee nose (adj.) bloviating (v) sycophantic (adj.)

Sponge cake with chocolate Many Viberage Arrogant Maundering Fake or oily


Real (adj.)


Extremely (adj.)


Man-like (adj.)


Giant (adj.)

feng shui

Chinese predicting thought (n)


King and Queens room (n)


Remove something unpleasant Overjoyed

(v) cloud nine


Kanta K.


(adj.) interrogated

Ask question (v)


Showy confidence (adj.)

Chapter VII NO WORDS Chapter VIII flinging

Throw forcefully (v)


Extremely angry (adj.)


Self-important (adj.)


Break the law (v)


Destroy (v)


Shouting (v)


A sudden surprise of something unpleasant Supporters of King

(n) Cavaliers (n) ostracism

Isolation (n)


Great deal (adj.)


Confused (adj.)




Kanta K.


(adj.) smithereens

Small pieces (n)

Chapter IX NO WORDS Chapter X vivacious

attractive (adj.)


performance (n)


great (adj.)


Kanta K.


Epilogue Herculean

Effort (adj.)


Former (adj.)


Gorgeous (adj.)


Old-muffin (adj.)


Bitter (adj.)


Attack (adj.)


Angel-like (adj.)


Lesson of the book Especially in a fairy tale.




Kanta K.

LEARN CODES OF THE KING  Here is a table that shows the letters of the symbol A




















































Try to write your name with these codes. Guess what is written here:   


Kanta K.


About The Author Kanta K. loves to write. He also loves computer. He likes to decorate the Title of his books. But Kanta K. really loves music too and wants to be a musician in the future. He especially likes The Beatles. He can play the guitar, piano, harmonica and drums. He has a family band as well. So that’s probably why he writes a lot of stories that contain some kind of music. So this story is about a band. He writes story about his dog, Wankochan and his grandparents’ dogs. He wrote imaginary story that Wankochan, his dog plays the drum. In his mind, Wankochan is the drummer of his family band. In this book, Wankochan wrote the comment as well. (You can find it on page 20. The first one.) He also writes non-fiction books as well, such as Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Deep Sea and Deep Sea Creatures. This book is the first book he wrote which is a very basic kind of Fairy Tale with moral. Read more Kanta K. stories!!


Kanta K.


Summary Once there were three very poor musicians. They formed up a band and they started to become quite famous and rich, that they could own a Credit Card. After they become a band some trouble faced them as well… They have nothing to play with now!! Will they be able to be a successful band again? Well, you’ve got to read inside to find out!


Instruments and Greedy King  
Instruments and Greedy King  

Once there were three very poor musicians. They formed up a band and they started to become quite famous and rich, that they could own a Cre...