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ABOUT US BOLTON MARINE was founded with one mission: to build recreational boats in the R.I.B. Cruiser category, combining traditional methods and values with state-of-the art technology and the latest in boatbuilding techniques. The Michael Family forms the cornerstone of the company. Kostas Michael brings 30 years of experience in the field of yachting. Yiannis and Prodromos Michael have studied as Naval Architects domestically and abroad. Together they bring to the BOLTON MARINE family a powerful combination of theoretical and technical knowledge with practical experience gained over years working in the industry. Adding to this winning combination are two new additions to the board of directors – Jan-Erik and Jon-Pal Mouzakis Gagnum, with backgrounds in Computer Science from Boston University and Business Administration from Harvard Business School. The new board composition will help introduce new prospects for the company with a view to establishing BOLTON MARINE as an important player in the R.I.B. Cruiser category internationally. To become the leader in hand-crafted R.I.B. Cruisers for the international market, by combining traditional methods and values with state-of-the art technology, and pioneering new boatbuilding techniques. Bolton Marine presents you with its line of luxury express cruisers, which combine comfort and safety in a ideal way. Whether you are a fan of adrenaline filled adventure, or you prefer to enjoy a casual cruise, Bolton express cruiser boats will satisfy you completely. Our vision, values and the zest for superb craftsmanship, all contribute in the construction of handcrafted express cruisers boats, which are reliable, seaworthy and with unique style. In addition Bolton Marine provides quality used boats so you can always be assured of a good choice.

Bolton Marine S.A.

1st km. of Lavriou-Souniou Avenue, 19500, Lavrio Attica, GREECE Tel.: +30 22920 22355, Fax: +30 22920 22356