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1ST ROAD INDUSTRIAL AREA OF THESSALONIKI-SINDOS, GR 570 22 P.O. BOX 1238 T: +30 2310 723440, F: +30 2310 795351 “Exports Director” Athanasios Ignatidis,, T: +30 2310 723440



Arabatzis – Hellenic Dough is the largest frozen-dough company in Greece and among the largest in Europe. Producing more than 700 different frozen-pastry-products, such as Bougatsa, Croissant, Country pies, Filo dough products, Koulouri, Pizza and Puff Pastry products, with a variety of different fillings and shapes the company serves the food service market, as well as the retail market. All frozen-pastry-products are made in 3 state-of-the-art facilities at Sindos - Industrial Area of Thessaloniki using fully automated, cutting edge machinery. Since its establishment, the company has operated with a philosophy of producing goods synonymous with high quality. It has ensured that at all stages of production, its quality meets the highest international food standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC and IFS. Goods are produced via a wholly or partially automated process, but without cutting corners when it comes to quality or taste. Arabatzis – Hellenic Dough specialises in frozen-pastry-products inspired by the Mediterranean and Greek diet, with raw materials from the rich Greek land, such as Greek extra-virgin olive oil, Feta PDO cheese, spinach, yogurt and many others, turning the Mediterranean diet into an international trend. Thanks to its over 40 years of knowledge on dough business, its professional approach and technological infrastructure, each year Arabatzis – Hellenic Dough continues to develop products focused on what the consumers are looking for. Having the flexibility, the company ensures serving and satisfying every target group worldwide, adapting traditional recipes to its production. At the moment, Arabatzis – Hellenic Dough distribute its products in more than 40 countries, sharing delicious tastes and high quality products to millions of families. The company’s strategy and vision is to continue its already long term growth all over the world by creating new innovative products and establishing new collaborations worldwide. It has been "baking" history since 1974!