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Each one has an expertise and… for Loumidis that is Coffee




LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS Greek coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage of Greeks and the most loved brand in Roast and Ground coffees in Greece. It has become synonymous to the authentic Greek Coffee due to its consistently excellent quality and taste since 1920, when the first LOUMIDIS coffee shop opened in Piraeus. The Greek Coffee LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS quickly became famous for its carefully selected beans, the exceptional blend and the rich coffee aroma and taste. LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS is produced at Inofyta in a contemporary/high tech factory specialized in coffee production, which perfectly meets the needs of the Greek market and the req uirements of consumers. In 1987 LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS joined the Nestlé family, setting a new era of innovation and growth, utilizing the latest technology and ensuring product quality at every production stage. Annually, more than 8,000 tons of Greek coffee are produced in the factory, while only in the last decade the production volume was doubled.

NESTLE HELLAS SINGLE MEMBER S.A. 4 Patroklou Str., 15125, Marousi, Athens Tel.: +30 210 6884111, Fax: +30 210 6846540


LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS is established as the "expert" in coffee category, having the same motto across all these years: “Each one has an expertise and… for Loumidis that is Coffee”. For more than a century now, LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS is building a deep and strong relationship with consumers, being present in all the key-moments of Greeks… always with a warm, caring and positive spirit!