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Strong Families Today Create Bright Futures for Kids Tomorrow.

Annual Report Fiscal Year July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Devoted to the Strength of Family

Letter from the CEO As we ended our Kansas case management contract year on June 30, 2013, we would like to reflect upon our successful bench marks and our future projects which truly echo our devotion to the strength of families. We served 4,833 kids in these contracts. Of those children TFI achieved an impressive 99.7% safety rating. Ninety-six point two percent of all those children were placed in family-like settings as opposed to residential, psychiatric or juvenile facilities – well above the 90% State standard. We also achieved reunification for children with their families more timely than the State and National standards. Our Foster Care program sponsorships grew to 710 licensed foster homes, allowing us to serve 2,338 children closer to their homes and families. Our early intervention programs, which included FamilyBase, Strengthening Families and in-home Behavioral Health services, served a total of 461 families. TFI provided 1,825 supervised family visits and 394 supervised family exchanges at our Visitation and Exchange Centers (VEC) located in Wichita and Lawrence. These are safe neutral sites for visits and custody exchanges for parents who do not live together. In Kansas, because TFI is recognized as a State leader for our VEC services, the Attorney General’s office inquired about our interest in taking over the Topeka Safe Visit program whose doors were closing. Our third VEC site will be providing services in the summer of 2013. In Oklahoma, we now have our child placing license and a provider agreement and have been recruiting foster care homes in Northeast Oklahoma. TFI was awarded 4 out 5 Bridge Family Service contracts. We will be lending our expertise in the recruitment, training and providing support for foster families by opening new service locations throughout the state in 2013. In Nebraska, we have signed a new agreement for Family Preservation and Home Visitation services,

which will start up in the fall of 2013 and join our current foster care program. In Texas, we will be securing our Child Placing License, and TFI will be opening an office in the Dallas area by the end of December 2013 while partnering with others to be a part of the child welfare Single Source Continuum of Care effort in Texas. Nationally, we have been working on the continuation of our Hague accreditation for International Adoption with a goal to expand our service locations to provide and increase the number of home studies. We have been working with the Bioscience and Technology Business Center at the University of Kansas in the development of a new TFI venture to commercialize our Every Child A Priority (ECAP) electronic matching system by the end of 2013. Our web-based software system will be available to public and private entities throughout the United States. As we reflect upon our past accomplishments and our innovative future plans, we will continue to serve the children in the safest and least restrictive settings with our enduring mission to the devotion to the strength of families.


Michael “Mike” Patrick, MSW CEO of TFI Family Services, Inc.

FYE 2013 Financials

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FYE 2013 Expenses

59.85% 30.65% 4.18% 1.53% 3.78%

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Child/Family Expenses Personnel Offices, Supplies & Equipment Capital Expenditures Overhead, Interest & Misc.

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FYE 2013 Revenue

76.40% Family Reintegration/ Adoption Services Re so urc Tra inin e Fa mi g, ly S Int ere erv st & M ices isc ella ne ou s

21.73% Resource Family Services

1.35% Grant Revenues & Donations

0.51% Training, Interest & Misc.

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Program Statistics 181 Kansas children served with Behavioral Health services

99 FamilyBase participants

36 Strengthening Families participants 128 VEC program participant families

165 KIPP program participants

Here at TFI, we are Devoted to the Strength of Family. FamilyBase

KIPP program

Sometimes families need certain tools and resources in order to maintain their family unit. Such is the case with single father Lee Brown, who was referred to TFI’s FamilyBase program because he was in danger of losing custody of his 2-year-old son Sam.* FamilyBase is a short-term program which helps families stay together by providing access to learning opportunities, educational classes, counseling, food, furniture and transportation. As a participant, Lee was asked to learn new parenting skills and digest new information on childhood development, safety and basic hygiene issues. Lee is now a graduate of the FamilyBase program and has honed the skills and experience necessary to provide a safe, loving environment for his son Sam. FamilyBase served 99 families and their children in fiscal year 2013.

TFI constantly works to help strengthen the family unit. The Kansas Intensive Permanency Project (KIPP) is a grant funded program that allows TFI clinicians to provide inhome therapy and resources to families of children with serious emotional disabilities and behavioral problems. Jake’s* parents fought so often that their conflict got in the way of effective parenting, which placed Jake in out-of-home care and resulted in behavioral issues for him. A TFI clinical specialist was able to work directly with Jake’s parents to help them better engage as parents, manage their conflicts, sharpen their listening skills and improve their overall communication with one another. Since the program, Jake’s parents are enjoying a renewed marriage, Jake’s behavioral issues are decreasing and the family is back together again. TFI served 165 families through KIPP in fiscal year 2013.

Strengthening Families

Visitation & Exchange Centers

Kyle’s* parents struggled with alcohol abuse, which led Kyle to be placed in out-of-home foster care. That is when he and his parents began to attend weekly meetings through TFI’s Strengthening Families Program (SFP), a parenting program designed specifically for families where the parents struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. At the meetings, Kyle and his parents shared a familystyle meal with other families and then participated in group sessions led by trained staff on parenting skills, children’s life skills and family skills. Through the family’s participation in SFP, Kyle’s family as a whole is cooperating and communicating with one another and Kyle has been allowed to return home. Families like Kyle’s that participate in this 14-week program show an improved sense of togetherness and better family planning and organization. TFI served 36 families and children in SFP in fiscal year 2013.

TFI’s Visitation & Exchange Centers (VEC), located in Lawrence and Wichita, provided 128 families a safe place to meet, play and interact in fiscal year 2013. The VEC serves as a neutral site for custody exchanges between parents and supervised visits for families dealing with child abuse, domestic violence, parental conflict or working towards family reintegration. Non-custodial parent Marie Lewin* was referred to the VEC and completed nine supervised visits for a total of 19 hours with her 9-year-old son. The VEC provided a safe place for the two of them to play games and interact while slowly rebuilding their relationship. Marie strongly suggests other parents use the VEC as she did. “TFI is a good place for families who are looking for support in trying to get back with their kids and trying to work out differences with the other parent,” Marie said. “It puts it in perspective, it’s not really about the parents, it’s about the child.” *names changed to protect privacy

We focus on helping children and families succeed. Family Highlights in FY2013 TFI Youth Begins New Chapter Strengthening Foster Families Tina Woods wants to become a lawyer someday – and thanks to TFI’s staff and donors alike, she’s one step closer to achieving her dream. As a youth in foster care, Tina has encountered some unique personal challenges in her life. Luckily her journey the last few years has included the love of a foster family and participation as a member of the Kansas Youth Advisory Council (KYAC), where she has learned independent living skills for herself while lending her voice to the improvement of out-of-home care for others. She’s garnered a can-do attitude and believes that “You can succeed no matter what anyone tells you.” Tina says she is ready to embrace the next new chapter in her life – being a college student! Tina has won the Hixson Opportunity Award scholarship for $20,000 to attend the University of Kansas in the fall. This scholarship and honors program was established to help youth with limited financial means or unique personal challenges to have an opportunity at a college education. Stories like Tina’s shed light on the great need for caring foster families to provide homes and guidance to children in our communities. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, visit today.

TFI sponsored 710 resource foster parents in fiscal year 2013. Part of that sponsorship is offering support services to foster parents, including a caseworker assigned to the family and 24/7 oncall support, monthly support meetings, newsletters, donations by request and training opportunities. In August 2012, TFI offered its annual resource foster family retreats for more than 149 families and their 328 children (foster, adoptive and biological) at the Wichita Marriot in Wichita and the Double Tree in Overland Park. While parents attended presentations on “Happiness, Resiliency and SelfCare for Foster Parents,” “Recruitment and Retention,” and “Making Your Foster Child Mind Without Losing Yours,” kids spent the day with volunteers and TFI staff enjoying activities like the bouncy house, watching the bird show, creating art or visiting the local family fun center. “The Foster Parent Retreats gave me a chance to be truly inspired,” said Gaven Ludlow, Director of Resource Family Services. “Inspired by the commitment, devotion and passion shown by so many families in providing their hearts and homes to Kansas kids. I thank each of them for that gift of inspiration!”

The Promise of Adoption When foster parents Jan and Gary Meyer took in 7-month-old Leon, they knew he was deaf and blind, could never walk and would have to be fed through a G-tube. They also knew it was instant love. The Meyers felt so strongly about their connection with Leon that they decided to adopt him into their large family. Jessica Martin, case manager for TFI, said it is sometimes difficult to find homes for children without special needs, let alone those who need in-home nursing. “The fact that we were able to find a permanent home for him just makes it even better,” Martin said. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute recognized Jan and Gary as Angels in Adoption at the Angels in Adoption Gala in Washington, D.C.

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In FY2013...

TFI foster families were a vehicle for change in 5,241 children’s lives. Together Again

Forever Families

TFI Family Services, Inc. seeks to strengthen families through the timely and safe reintegration of children with their families whenever possible. The Tyler* family is one among hundreds of Kansas families that TFI impacted in fiscal year 2013 as a state reintegration contractor. Sam is an inquisitive boy that liked to ask “why,” “what” and “how,” and his mother Barbara mistook him for being defiant and began punishing him for his unruly behavior, compelling the court to remove her son from her home in concern for Sam’s safety. A TFI case worker connected Barbara to learning opportunities that helped her better understand childhood development and how she could set appropriate boundaries in raising her young son. Barbara completed her case requirements, was successfully reunited with her son and works hard each day to apply her skills and provide a nurturing and safe home.

Every child deserves a family that can provide them with love, protection, and support. Hundreds of Kansas children of all ages, including teens, sibling groups and children with special needs are waiting for permanent homes and a forever family. Adoption celebrations were held in November 2012 in Topeka, McCune, Augusta, Salina, and Manhattan, and a finalization event was held at Shawnee County District Courthouse, in honor of National Adoption Month. During fiscal year 2013, 194 Kansas children from state regions 1 and 3 were officially united with a forever family. Adopting a child is a life-changing experience and the first step is having an open heart and home. Make the next step and visit www. today. *names changed to protect privacy

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Volunteers & Sponsors Donations Participating in normal childhood activities is vital to the personal development in any youth’s life. Many children coming into the foster care system have not had the opportunity to experience activities like summer camp, playing on a sports team or playing an instrument in the school band. Please consider partnering with TFI in making a financial contribution to support our youth’s ability to have the same learning and life milestone opportunities their peers enjoy. Visit to contribute and make a positive impact in the life of a child today.

Camps Sporting equipment Driver’s education classes Music lessons Class rings, prom dresses & senior photos Graduation expenses College prep activities

Having an open heart and some time is all that it takes to volunteer. Volunteers are needed to help with transportation, mailings, serve on planning committees, babysit and assist with foster care activities (holiday parties, foster care appreciation month activities, foster parent training retreats and support meetings). Civic and church groups can organize projects such as clothing drives, holiday presents, cooking meals and assisting with activities for our foster families. Volunteers who have teachable skills are needed to help share those skills with children and foster parent groups. Corporate sponsors can also help with foster care activities not only as volunteers, but by funding foster care events, meals, keynote speakers, buses, meeting space and refreshments. If you are interested in learning how you can help our children and foster families, call 877-942-2239 to be connected with an opportunity.

Clothing & holiday gift drives Transportation Fundraising activities Assist with foster care activities Trainers

We work to make more childhood memories possible. Fundraising in FY2013 Golf Tournament Blue skies and sunshine greeted more than 120 golfers on Pittsburg’s Crestwood Country Club golf course to raise money for Kansas foster care children. This year’s 17th annual TFI Tee Off Fore Children Charity Golf Tournament presented by WATCO was structured as a four-person team scramble with an 8 a.m. shotgun start. In addition to the 18 holes played, golfers had the opportunity to raise additional money for kids with raffles, Prize on Every Hole contests and a Dice Game on Lucky Hole 13. Many golfers also participated in a Hole-In-One contest in which golfer Austin Butcher putted his way to the final round and made the 50 ft. Grand Championship Putt, thereby winning a $3,000 cash prize! Altogether, the golf tournament raised $30,293 for strengthening families programs and purchasing extra items for children in foster care - such as bunk beds, soccer cleats or a class ring - so that kids can have the opportunity to experience the normal childhood they deserve.

Hole-In-One winner Austin Butcher

Holiday Benefit Auction With the continued support of the Emporia community and the backdrop of the historic Emporia Granada Theatre, our 22nd annual TFI Holiday Benefit Auction sponsored by Thomas Transfer and Storage raised $26,890 for Kansas children! Guests enjoyed appetizers and desserts while bidding on donated items like a weekend getaway to the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, KU/K-State sunflower showdown packages, MLB All-Star baseball game memorabilia and a returning favorite - ten yards of 4000 PSI concrete. This year’s theme was “Giving Kids a Chance,” taking after the name of the South African penguin TFI named Chance at the temporary polar exhibit at the Topeka Zoo. This year’s honorary co-chairs were Pete and Courtney Krsnich, who both served on the planning committee and invited friends to participate in the auction event. Foulston Siefkin LLP was honored as the TFI Corporate Friend and Fred Willich received recognition as the TFI Individual Friend.

TFI Corporate Friend Award Recepient Foulston Siefkin LLP

Auction Honorary Co-chairs Pete and Courtney Krsnich

TFI will continue to strengthen families

Midwest expansion Army Seargant

As a leading child welfare organization, TFI relies upon the strong, diverse leadership of our volunteer Board of Directors to guide us in the years to come. The 2013 Board was pleased to welcome its newest board member, Rae Anderson, and elect its newest name its new Vice Chair, current board member Bud Cowan. Rae Anderson is a current fellow and technical director at ICF International and has previously served for the last 30 years as a technical assistant and child care administrator for the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (now DCF), earning her Al Gore’s Hammer Award from the Administration for Children and Families. Bud Cowan is a partner at Foulston Siefkin LLP and has almost four decades of law experience with extensive knowledge in employment related litigation and consultation, earning him a spot on the Best Lawyers of America list. As an active supporter of TFI and Vice Chair, Cowan said “It’s a privilege to serve on such an energetic and effective governing body, along with seeing firsthand the progressive impact our professionals are achieving in strengthening families.”


Advanced Leadership Team

TFI began serving children and families in Oklahoma and Nebraska in fiscal year 2013. TFI obtained child placing agency licenses from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (License #CPA038) and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (License #K860000352) and soon after began placing children in need of care with loving foster families. “We are actively recruiting foster homes for the increased number of kids needing out of home placement that have suffered abuse or neglect,” said Jason Cecil, TFI Recruitment Manager. “It’s vital that we get an increased base of foster parents to place the kids in their communities, to keep those kids in their home communities as opposed to placing them outside their home community.” If you are interested in becoming a licensed foster parent in one of these two states, visit or See CEO’s letter for more about our growing services.

Technology Advancements Composer

TFI Family Services, Inc. relies upon the faithful partnership of many donors, local businesses and faithbased communities to support Kansas foster care children. Hundreds of community members, high school students and local businesses statewide donated holiday gifts to children in foster care, ensuring each child received at least two presents to open. More than 190 faith-based organizations throughout Kansas interact with TFI through a donation of funds or donation of space for foster family support meetings and events. One of these partnerships is with Project Belong in Stafford, Kansas which helps TFI recruit prospective foster families and fulfill family certification requirements through local training programs. In May, local businesses statewide provide donations and appreciation gifts to foster families during National Foster Care Month. If you are interested in learning how you can help strengthen families, visit


Community Engagement

As an innovative non-profit child welfare organization, TFI Family Services, Inc. continually works to create software and programs to meet the needs of the children and families we care for. One such program is Every Child a Priority (ECAP), a computer software system developed in partnership between TFI and Kansas University School of Social Welfare (KU) that assists child welfare staff in matching the type of care each child needs to the capabilities of each foster family. A team from TFI and KU traveled to Florida in November to present ECAP to eight local agencies. The team also held its demonstration via webinar for child welfare affiliates in Washington State, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas and Oklahoma. Lien Bragg, senior director of strategic consulting for Casey Family Programs, said “TFI’s and KU’s efforts to develop a validated tool to improve placement stability to expedite permanency outcomes have people around the country taking a closer look at the expertise and sophistication sitting squarely in the Midwest.”

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TFI Family Services, Inc. Board Board Committees

Finance/Audit Committee Ila Sloan, Wayne Symmonds, Dan Sabatini, Linda Couch, Peter Krsnich, Todd Wright Program/Quality Improvement Committee Jim Kaup, Matthew Z. Hudson, Steve Christenberry, Cathy Flinchbaugh, Phil Ritchey, Shirley Dwyer Business Development Committee Fred Willich, Bud Cowan, Dale Bell

(Clockwise from back left) Rae Anderson, Phil Ritchey, Teresa L. Clounch, Bud Cowan, Jim Kaup, (not pictured) Dan Sabatini

Compensation Committee Teresa L. Clounch, Phil Ritchey, Jim Kaup, Brenden Long, Todd Wright


TFI Family Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization accredited in adoption, foster care and kinship care services, case management and outpatient mental health services through the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc. (COA) Hague Accredited through the Council on Accreditation


Alliance for Children and Families (Alliance) • Children’s Alliance of Kansas • Missouri Coalition of Children’s Agencies • United Way of the Flint Hills • Combined Federal Campaigns • Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations

Offices & Service Locations

[Kansas] Atchison, Burrton, Chanute, Concordia, El Dorado, Emporia, Fort Scott, Garden City, Hiawatha, Independence, Iola, Junction City, Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Overland Park, Parsons, Phillipsburg, Pittsburg, Salina, Topeka, Wakeeny, Wichita, and Winfield; [Missouri] Joplin; and [Nebraska] Kearney

Child Placement Agency Licenses

State of Kansas Department of Health and Environment, CPA License 0000766 State of Missouri Department of Social Services, CPA License 001469772 State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, License CPA038

To learn more, visit

FY2013 TFI Family Services Annual Report  
FY2013 TFI Family Services Annual Report