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2012 Annual Review June 30, 2011 - July 1, 2012


Devoted to the Strength of Family

Milestones for FY2012

The TRAIL program served 102 Youth The Topeka and Wichita TRAIL programs celebrated their 5 year anniversaries Pathway’s Family Foster Care Program served 13 Children in 5 foster care homes The PRTF served 133 children and youth The PRTF celebrated its two year anniversary

Director, Pathway Family Services Operations Dear Friends, Change seemed to be the theme for Pathway Family Services in fiscal year 2012. I was hired in December 2011 to fill a new position as the Director of Operations, overseeing the agency’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF), Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living program (TRAIL) and the CPA license. In addition, three new managers with diverse experience and backgrounds were hired. We then, as a team, went “back to the basics”. We took inventory of our processes and procedures, our handbooks, our forms - our entire program model.We met with stakeholders and referral sources to introduce ourselves, gather input and begin our enhancements. We encountered several challenges along the way. Differences in philosophy often led to changes in staff and questions pertaining to rules, structure and internal methodologies. Through improved communication and further training, we identified clear expectations and additional therapeutic groups and activities. We enhanced PRTF treatment planning, TRAIL service planning and discharge processes for all programs. In the spring, the PRTF began to see an increase in the number of youth who were able to successfully achieve their treatment goals and transition back into the community. Referrals for non-custody youth increased for the PRTF as did outcomes for shorter lengths of stay. TRAIL had fewer disruptions from placement and all programs experienced improved performance in audits and compliance with documentation. We also began work on the development of our new database, Pathway’s Adolescent Web-based Software (PAWS). We identified environmental changes that were vital to enrich the physical atmosphere and enhance the safety of the children, with an addition of a wall on the boys wing to provide more physical separation of the younger boys and adolescent boys. We are looking forward to the tasks we face ahead: cultivating outcomes which truly measure our progress, increasing our visibility throughout Kansas to serve additional families, and broadening our donor base and available resources. We hope you will join us in developing these plans, provide us with your feedback and participate in our progression! Sincerely, Kameron Labahn Patrick Director, Pathway Family Services Operations

Laying the path for children and families to thrive through independent living and transitional services Summary Review Fiscal Year 2012 FYE 2012 Expense by Percent

FYE 2012 Expense by Percent 3.79% 6.31% 13.45% 5.84% 3.79% 6.31% 13.45% 5.84%

Child Expenses Personnel Child Expenses

70.62% 70.62%

Offices, Supplies & Personnel Equipment Capital Offices, Supplies & Expenditures Equipmentand Misc. Overhead Capital Expenditures Overhead and Misc.

FYE 2012 Revenue by Percent 0.56% 1.37%

17.06% Foster Care Independent Living


Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Miscellaneous Income

History of family-centered services to youth and children

About Us Since 2003, Pathway Family Services, Inc. (Pathway) has been providing services for youth and families through its TRAIL program, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, and specialized foster care services. In 2007 Pathway secured its child placing agency license through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to provide family foster care. Also in 2007, Pathway implemented its independent living program, Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living (TRAIL), in Wichita and Topeka. Pathway opened a permanent location for its third TRAIL program site in Kansas City, Kansas in 2008. The Kansas City program is a 9,500 square foot three story residence complex with a capacity for 16 youth. In April of 2010, the TRAIL Topeka site moved to a permanent location with 9,000 square feet which has a capacity for 14 youth. It is located alongside our 30,000 square foot Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF), which opened in May of 2010. This site also houses the Pathway administrative office. In May of 2011, the Wichita TRAIL site moved to its permanent location which contains 24 units that allow for a capacity of 20 youth. Pathway Family Services, Inc. is licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as a Child Placing Agency (License No. 0062505). The Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabitation Facilities (CARF) and licensed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (License No. 66668). Pathway is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a voluntary Board of Directors that provides effective leadership, support, and guidance.

Providing the tools to make tomorrow a better day

TRAIL Program We all want our youth to successfully transition into adulthood and become autonomous, productive members of their communities. For youth who don’t have the support of a safe family finding their way in the world can be a difficult challenge, especially for those aging out of foster care. The TRAIL (Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living) program of Pathway provides youth aged 17-22 the opportunity to learn essential life skills and practice living independently while still having the support and guidance of caring staff. Those young adults placed into the TRAIL program are provided the opportunity to learn skills such as job seeking and retention skills, budgeting and financial responsibility, public transportation usage, social skills, maintain housing, nutrition and cooking. Youth are assisted in obtaining their high school diploma or GED certificate while at TRAIL and encouraged to further their education through vocational or college courses. Youth are also required to have a job while in the program thus learning how to balance home, work and school demands. Each site has 14-16 fully furnished residences and Independent Living Specialists available 24/7. Staff help to provide transitional living and community integration program components while managing each youth’s individualized client-centered service plan. The TRAIL residences in Kansas City serve up to 16 youth adjudicated as Juvenile Offenders, while the two other sites, Wichita and Topeka, serve youth adjudicated as Children in Need of Care (CINCs). “When I entered TRAIL I was desperate to get on my own and leave everything behind me, but the support I received at TRAIL taught me that I could learn to be independent, taking care of myself, but that it is good to have people guiding you along the way. I know it isn’t going to be easy, but I will take one day at a time.” - Jason, age 19, a TRAIL graduate

Providing a secure state of mind for children and youth

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Everyone needs peace of mind and body – children most of all. Pathway’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) in Topeka, KS provides intensive and active residential treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week for children ages 6 and over who are in need of psychiatric care for mental or emotional trauma. The PRTF aims to promote a successful return to the child’s family or a less restrictive community living situation so they can get back on track with life. While living in the highly structured environment of the PRTF and attending the on-sight educational program administered in conjunction with USD 437, children and youth are engaged in onsite group and individual therapy, medication monitoring, medical services and recreational activities. Therapeutic strategies are explored, including cognitive behavioral therapy, Thinking for a Change (T4C), individual and group therapy, psychosocial groups, play therapy, health and medication education, substance abuse treatment, tai chi, relaxation techniques, and optional spiritual services. Each child’s treatment team consisting of a Psychiatrist, Nurse, Therapist, Case Coordinator and Youth Care Worker actively works with families, hospitals and other social service agencies while developing and managing each child’s individual therapeutic case plan. Pathway’s PRTF continually strives to engage with the local psychiatric residential treatment community and share knowledge on best care practices for children and youth. On April 12, 2012, eight PRTF employees teamed up to present information on Experiential and Adventure Programming for Youth and Positive Behavior Supports at the 2nd Annual Spring PRTF Conference in Kansas City. Pathway also participated with an informational booth at the Kansas Alliance for Drug Endangered Children Conference from April 25-27, where staff were able to provide information about Pathway services to Juvenile Justice Authority employees.

“My family were all drug users. And it hurt me. When I came to the PRTF I had to learn to trust again. With the support of the staff I was able to build strong relationships and process some losses through therapy that have helped me to lead a more normal life. For that I am thankful.” - Cindy, age 14

Donations help hundreds of Kansas children and youth thrive

Thanks to our Donors Associated Youth Services • Brown County Sheriff’s Office • Dale and Linda Bell • John Bozich • Kansas Hospital Association • Kevin Cox and Family • Koechner Pharmacies, LLC • Maranatha Baptist Church of Topeka, KS • Marge Cook • Spirit of Prophecy Church of Topeka, KS • Tom Schmidtlein and Sportszone • Town and Country Christian Church • Topeka Wal-Mart • Washburn Rural Middle School

There are many ways to give in order to make a difference in the lives of children and families! To learn more about giving, visit: Pathway Family Services, Inc. is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Board of Directors

Teresa L. Clounch, Ed.D.

Bud Cowan, JD


Chief Executive Officer Dale Bell

Chief Operations Officer Shirley Dwyer

Treasurer Richard Wright

Vision: To be Nationally Recognized for Excellence in Service, Education and Advocacy to Strengthen Families. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility 4101-B SW Martin Drive Topeka, KS 66609 Phone 785-783-8438 Fax 785-861-7147

Foster Care Services 4101-C SW Martin Drive Topeka, KS 66609 Phone 785-861-7220 Fax 785-861-7223

TRAIL programs

Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita, Kansas Phone 877-921-4114 Fax 785-235-1306

Pathway Family Services' FY2012 Annual Report  

FY2012 Annual Report for Pathway Family Services, Inc.

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