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Just how affordable is Kansas City Life coverage? The table below shows sample premiums for $250,000 of Select Term Level 20 Advantage coverage. The monthly PAC premiums shown are for a Preferred Elite Non-tobacco. Your representative can furnish you with quotes for your age, coverage amount and tobacco user status.

At a competitive cost, you can enhance your coverage by adding one or more of the following riders to your term life insurance coverage.

Income Assured Option

$250,000 Term Life Insurance for a Preferred Elite Non-tobacco

Proposed Insured Female, Age 25

Rider choices to fit your needs and lifestyle

This enhancement allows the owner to choose how the death benefit is paid out. The owner can select the amount, duration and frequency of income payments and still maintain a lump sum benefit as well.

Level 20 Advantage Monthly PAC Premium $18.79 $19.64 $29.41 $20.49 $21.55 $37.28

Female, Age 35 Female, Age 45 Male, Age 25 Male, Age 35 Male, Age 45

Terminal Illness Rider Allows clients access to part of the death benefit if they become terminally ill.

Waiver of Premium If a sudden disability strikes, bills can pile up. This rider waives the premium during a period of total disability. For premiums to be waived, the disability must have existed for six consecutive months and must have occurred before the insured’s age 60 and while the rider is in force.

The right protection from the right company If you value stability, you can take comfort in knowing that Kansas City Life has a proud tradition of assuring security since 1895. Our reputation is built on integrity, sound investment strategies and honest business practices. We stand behind every promise we make – and we have for more than a century.

Accidental Death Benefit Provides an additional death benefit in the event of death due to a covered accident. With accidents among the top causes of death, this offers added security for your loved ones.

Our financial strength and commitment to our policyholders are reflected in our strong ratings from one of the insurance industry’s most respected analysts, A.M. Best. You can count on us to be here when you need us – now and in the years to come.

Spouse's or Children’s Term Insurance You can add decreasing term life insurance coverage for your spouse, or level term life insurance for a child (or children) at a very affordable premium. This allows you to protect your loved ones’ future insurability.

Act now to help ensure your family’s future There’s no better time than right now to take action. Contact your Kansas City Life representative today and ask how we can help assure your future financial security.

The coverage described is for the Select Term Series from Kansas City Life Insurance Company (Home Office: Kansas City, Mo.). Policy form J160; rider forms M652, R100, R102, R195, R207 and R210. Form numbers may differ by state.



Level 20 Advantage Term Consumer Sheet  

Level 20 Advantage Term Consumer Sheet

Level 20 Advantage Term Consumer Sheet  

Level 20 Advantage Term Consumer Sheet