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Who We Are For more than 115 years, Kansas City Life Insurance Company has been dedicated to our field force, our policyholders and our associates. Throughout the years, our Company has expanded, technology has changed the way business is processed, and changing economic conditions have allowed our products to evolve and meet the different needs of consumers and businesses. Through it all, Kansas City Life has held true to the tradition of honesty, integrity and sound business practices upon which our Company was founded in 1895. Kansas City

Life is proud of the heritage that has been passed down for four generations. Like our well-known Home Office building, our Company is built on a foundation of strength and stability. So, who are we? We are the men and women dedicated to offering clients and producers superior service, quality products and the opportunity to be part of a family with a rich tradition of honoring our commitments and keeping our promises.




On May 1, 1895, Kansas City Life was founded by Major William Warner, the Company’s first President; J.H. North, Vice President; and S.E. Rumble, Secretary. It was originally chartered as Bankers Life Association, a name it held until 1900. The Company’s first headquarters were located in the heart of downtown Kansas City at Ninth and Main. The first policies were issued in amounts from $1,000 to $5,000, and the first death claim was paid during the first year of business. In 1896, operations were expanded to include Colorado and Minnesota, and in 1897 headquarters were moved to a larger office in the local Navajo building. In 1900, after the unexpected death of Warner, Kansas City Life went outside the Company to find a new President. J.B. Reynolds was a consulting actuary and state examiner for the Insurance Department in Jefferson City. Reynolds was elected president of Kansas City Life on July 19, 1904. Under his leadership the Company experienced a substantial increase in business and a favorable financial statement. Reynolds served as President for 33 years. During that time, the Company moved the Home Office to the midtown area of Kansas City at Broadway and Armour. The Company is still housed in that building, although it has grown since that time. In 1957, a new wing was added to the Home Office. An additional adjoining building was added in the 1980s.

Major William Warner

J.B. Reynolds

Walter Edwin “Ed” Bixby

W.E. “Walt” Bixby, Jr. (center) with sons R. Philip Bixby (left) and Walter E. “Web” Bixby (right)




In 1937, J.B. Reynolds died suddenly of pneumonia. At that time, the Company had more than $424 million of insurance in force and assets of more than $73 million. Former Supervisor of Investments D.T. Torrens became the next Kansas City Life President, followed two years later by Reynolds’ son-in-law, Walter Edwin “Ed” Bixby. Ed Bixby proved that he was the right man for the job. Under his strong leadership for the next 27 years, the Company enjoyed a steady rate of growth. During Bixby’s time as President, the Company prospered through World War II and celebrated 50 years of continuous business. Ed Bixby established the President’s Club, a production club designed to reward the field force for their hard work and dedication. He also established a family tradition: Ed was the first of four generations of Bixby’s to lead the Kansas City Life Group of Companies. In April 1964, Ed Bixby’s oldest son, Joseph Reynolds “J.R.” Bixby, succeeded him as President; Ed Bixby became Chairman of the Board. In 1990, W.E. “Walt” Bixby, Jr. succeeded his older brother, J.R. Bixby, as Kansas City Life President. J.R. Bixby maintained his position as Chairman of the Board until his death in November 2004. Walt Bixby served as President until 1998. At that time his oldest son, R. Philip Bixby, became the eighth Company President and the fourth Bixby to lead the Company. He is also Chairman of the Board. His brother, Walter E. “Web” Bixby currently serves as Executive Vice President. He is also Vice Chairman of the Board and President of Old American Insurance Company, a member of the Kansas City Life Group of Companies. Both are the great-grandsons of J.B. Reynolds.

Joseph Reynolds “J.R.” Bixby

W.E. “Walt” Bixby, Jr.

R. Philip Bixby

Making Life Better In this day and age, strong, family-owned companies are few and far between. Under the Bixby family leadership, the Kansas City Life Group of Companies is known for long-term relationships, quality work, and high agent and associate loyalty. In fact, Kansas City Life is one of the few active national financial services companies to be led by the same family for four generations. Through the years, the leadership of the Company has learned to marry uncompromising integrity with a desire to use technology to its advantage. As technology has become more advanced, Kansas City Life has embraced these updates but hasn’t taken away the human side of our Company. With our full-service agent website,, we’ve made information available around the clock and helped strengthen the link to our producers. It’s just another way we solidify relationships and anticipate needs. Of course, that hasn’t replaced the dedicated associates who are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our field force.

The field force and

Kansas City Life are inter-dependent

– we work together to grow.

“We practice the highest order of integrity in each transaction and expect our field force to do the same.” – R. Philip Bixby President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Subsidiaries Through the years, the Kansas City Life Group of Companies has grown. Today it is made up of five different companies, all of which enjoy quality leadership and a strong financial outlook.

Kansas City Life Insurance Company Since 1895, Kansas City Life has been dedicated to the present and future financial security of its customers. With more than 2,500 general agents and agents serving 48 states and the District of Columbia, Kansas City Life serves individuals, families, small business and corporations with universal life, term life, whole life, variable life insurance*, variable annuities*, fixed annuities and a diverse range of group products. The Company and its subsidiaries provide financial services including insurance, annuities and investments.*

Old American Insurance Company Since 1939, the mission of Old American Insurance Company has been to provide peace of mind to the senior market and, in turn, enhance the quality of life for policyholders and their beneficiaries. Agents assist individuals age 50 to 85 through final arrangement planning and charitable-giving programs. The Company, led by Old American President and Kansas City Life Vice Chairman of the Board Web Bixby, operates in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Sunset Financial Services, Inc.* Sunset Financial Services is a full-service brokerage firm and Registered Investment Advisor, with registered representatives largely affiliated with Kansas City Life and Sunset Life. Investment options include variable products, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, trusts, money market funds, CDs and asset-management products. *Securities are distributed through Sunset Financial Services, Inc., 3520 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111; 816-753-7000; Member FINRA and SIPC.

Strengthening the Community Continuing its strong support of the community, Kansas City Life is an inaugural corporate sponsor for Cristo Rey Kansas City High School’s work-study program. Participating students from low-income families share a job in Kansas City Life’s New Business Department, giving them experience in the real working world they will later seek to enter. Kansas City Life provides a sponsorship fee that helps fund a significant portion of each student’s tuition at the school, which focuses on helping them prepare for college. In return, the students work five days per month at Kansas City Life.

Helping local students prepare

for work and school

Strong Financial Outlook Kansas City Life is proud to maintain a strong rating from one of the most respected rating agencies. While this rating agency makes no recommendations, the definition of the rating shows a stable forecast for Kansas City Life.

A.M. Best Company – A (Excellent) The rating represents A.M. Best’s opinion of Kansas City Life’s financial strength and its ability to meet ongoing obligations to policyholders. As of June 2011. There are 15 ratings from A.M. Best, ranging from A++ (Superior) to F (Liquidation). A.M. Best is recognized as a leading firm for analyzing the financial strength of financial industries and life insurance companies since 1899. Ratings are based on quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company’s balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile.

Focusing on

our Strengths During more than 115 years in business, Kansas City Life has strived to focus on our strengths and meet the needs of our agents and policyholders. How? By building strong, lasting relationships with our field force. Some of our agencies have been with us for more than 100 years and are still going strong. These relationships afford us the opportunity to hear from and listen to our producers and deliver the products and services they want. These vital relationships build the foundation that separates us from all others in the industry. Additionally, we offer competitive products and a comprehensive compensation structure. We are proud of our superior customer service, sales and marketing support, and our financial strength. When you look at Kansas City Life, you are truly discovering a family. And when you feel a part of a family, your efforts and hard work tend to become an investment, as opposed to a job. Our Home Office associates are committed to putting in the extra effort. After all, our agents and their customers are the most important part of our family. And that’s who we are in business to support.

Striving for a true partnership

“Life insurance is unequalled as a means of providing

guaranteed financial protection, and Kansas City Life

is dedicated to promoting the sale of life insurance at a

reasonable cost to meet people’s real needs.

– R. Philip Bixby President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

and enduring relationships

Security Assured.


3520 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64111 816-753-7299



The Kansas City Life Tradition  
The Kansas City Life Tradition  

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