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From the President “Study to shew thyself approved unto God…” – 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV) Study. At what point in life do we discard that painful word? Hopefully never. God has invested in each of us a unique set of interests, abilities and skills that He intends for us to stretch, expand and master. Our learning and inquisitive nature should never stop because He made us to keep seeking and finding. He wants us to grow, to mature and ultimately to reflect His love and nature as we discover our purpose and live out our lives. At KCC, we are here to assist you in the process of being “approved unto God.” Want to learn how to share God’s Word in a more effective way? Learn how to develop your musical talent? Know how to teach children? This is the place to make that happen! And the best part is that you’ll do so in the presence of fellow believers who can help you grow closer to Christ both in and out of the classroom. It’s true that we study so that we can show ourselves approved to God, but we also have fun as we make the journey. At KCC, meeting new friends, playing basketball, performing in theater, walking across the street for donuts and volunteering at ministry events are just some of the ways you can grow outside of the books. And because we are a small school, the potential for leadership among the student body is tremendous! Who knows what kind of tradition you could start on campus or lasting legacy you could leave? It’s all up to you. So, we return again to the word study. It’s a part of the process in finding God’s will for your life, and we cordially invite you to do it through Kansas Christian College. Whether as a full-time dorm student, a commuter student or an online scholar, you can become more the man or woman God made you to be and begin to look more like His Son by enrolling in a program that fits your needs. Enroll now and get ready to can crank that study process into high gear! Just don’t be surprised when you have fun along the way. In Christ,

Dr. Delbert Scott President, KCC 4 | KCC

KCC Quick Facts Founded: 1938


Overland Park, Kansas

Mascot: Falcons former names:

Colors: Blue Gold

Kansas City Bible College Kansas City College and Bible School

President: Dr. Delbert Scott mission:

KCC exists to develop servant leaders who know God, who have a passion for holiness of heart, and who are inspired and prepared for a lifetime of learning and Kingdom service. KCC | 5

KCC History In 1938, Howard Hughes set a new around-the-world record, the Germans invaded Austria, and ballpoint pens made their cultural debut. That same year, a little Bible college got its start in the basement of the Church of God (Holiness) at 29th and Askew in Kansas City, Mo. It was the beginning of what would become an enduring fixture in the Midwest’s Christian education landscape. Kansas City Bible College, as it was then called, was the brainchild of Rev. A.C. Watkins, who had, for years, felt a strong desire to establish a Christian college in the Kansas City area. With perfectly good space available in the lower levels of his church, he established classroom areas and rented out nearby homes to use as dorms. That fall, students came from all over the central United States and as far as the West Coast to enroll. By 1941, the school was ready to move out of the church and into a permanent academic location. The 12-acre campus of the Uhls Sanitarium, which had long since been vacated, provided an ideal, easily accessible spot for the college. Located in rural Johnson County, Kansas, it sat along a well-traveled highway (now Metcalf Ave.) and already housed six buildings, many of them with covered walkways. With the campus transition, school officials also changed the college’s name to Kansas City College and Bible School. It was the final step that took place a period of tremendous growth and expanded ministry for the school. 6 | KCC

For the next 50-plus years, the college continued to educate and train Christian leaders for ministry. Hundreds of pastors, teachers, worship leaders, missionaries and musicians passed through the halls along with future political leaders, doctors, executives and more. The college thrived and waned at different times, but it never wavered from teaching and sharing God’s Truth. In 2015, now in a completely different educational landscape, KCCBS recognized a need for a simplified name and voted to change Kansas City College and Bible School to Kansas Christian College. It also voted to begin offering online degrees as a way of making education easier for adult and distance learners and those with daytime responsibilities. Despite the changes to the school and the world around it, KCC has remained focused on the same mission it’s had since day one. More than 75 years after its first classes, it continues to train men and women for Kingdom service and to pursue holiness of heart.

KCC | 7

Biblical Worldview There was a time when God was welcomed in schools— when He was sought after by teachers and students, called upon freely in prayer and considered the Author of Truth. But those days are long gone. Today, students and teachers are asked to check their Christianity at the door and leave God out of the education process. Thankfully, for those who don’t want to eliminate God from their higher learning and would, instead, like Him to be the center of it, there is Christian education—a system in which God is not only welcome, He’s necessary. At KCC, God and His Word provide the foundation. Everything we teach stems from the belief that the Bible offers absolute Truth and that we are to view the world around us through its framework. Our faculty and staff operate under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and teach their students that they are created by God for a purpose and have a “hope and a future” awaiting them (Jeremiah 29:11). For more than 75 years, our mission at KCC has been simple. We exist to develop servant leaders who know God, have a passion for holiness of heart, and are inspired and prepared for a lifetime of learning and Kingdom service. The way we do that is by teaching from a biblical worldview: God created the earth and made man in His image; He sent His Son to earth to be our Lord and Savior; and we can find life and purpose by following Him. If you welcome that perspective and want to invest your college years in an environment that facilitates life according to the Truth, we welcome you to KCC.

8 | KCC

WORLDVIEW: The framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world.

“Everything we teach stems from the belief that the Bible offers absolute Truth…”

“At KCC, God and His Word provide the foundation.”

KCC Student life College is about so much more than just getting a degree. It’s about finding out how to do life on your own—about gaining experiences that will help you transition into adulthood. And, of course, about finding others to share in the experience. For students who want to live for Christ, college can be a pivotal time. Suddenly away from the familiar surroundings of home, they enter a world of new temptations and experiences. That’s why the student life aspect at KCC is so important. Instead of diving headfirst into a university environment that has no formal regard for Christ, students can come to KCC and walk through their critical college years with others who are seeking the Lord and doing their best to live His way. This is one of the most powerful draws of KCC: students, faculty and staff who want to live for and love Jesus and who are willing to band together to help each other do the same.

Fun times



Dorms Students who choose to live on campus will spend their days and nights in KCC’s Shaver Hall with their fellow Falcons and the year’s dorm parents. Located across the street from Cowen Memorial Auditorium and Palmer Library, Shaver Hall is a twominute walk from the college classrooms. It houses the student cafeteria, laundry facilities, the Falcon Fortress student lounge and guest housing.

Spiritual Development To facilitate the spiritual growth of its students, KCC employs a campus chaplain who oversees student discipleship groups, is available for one-on-one meetings, and who coordinates weekly chapel services. These services allow students and faculty members to take a break from their class schedules and hear a faith-filled message from a member of the KCC staff or a guest speaker. Outside of school activities, students also are encouraged to get involved in one of the many local churches, several of which are active partners and supporters of KCC.

KCC | 11

KCC Student life Community Located in the heart of Overland Park, Kansas, KCC offers its students the chance to experience both the charm of suburbia and the opportunity of big-city life. Within the immediate area, students can find restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, parks and a variety of job opportunities. And just by taking a short drive, they can engage in the broader scope of activities provided by the Kansas City metro. Check out a few of our students’ favorite activities in the Overland Park and surrounding areas:

Studying at Homer’s Coffee House.

ouse Homer’s C of fee H

Going to Kansas Cit y Royals and Chiefs games.

Cit y Market

KC Royals

Spending a relaxing Saturday morning at Cit y Market.

Taking in the local museums and arts events. Nelson-At kins

• Afternoons on the Country Club Plaza. • Volunteering with one of the many non-profit organizations around the city. • Sampling KC’s best barbecue joints such as Joe’s KC and Fiorella’s Jack Stack. • Driving out to Shawnee Mission Park to spend a day in nature. • Plugging in at local churches and connecting with other believers. Phot o cour tesy of Visit KC

There’s a reason why Overland Park was ranked number 17 in Livability.com’s Top 100 Best Places to Live (2014). Come to KCC and discover it for yourself! 12 | KCC

KCC Faculty and Staff The men and women who serve on staff at KCC have a passion for Christian education and are dedicated to equipping their students to advance into the world with wisdom and confidence. Students who pass through their classrooms are given a top-tier education conveyed through a biblical worldview.

Teachers From high-level scholars and experienced teachers to former workplace professionals, KCC instructors are intelligent, capable and willing. Each has signed a statement of faith adhering to the convictions of the Christian faith and are committed to sharing what they know and what they believe. They are passionate about bringing out the best in their students and challenging them to unlock and develop their God-given gifts and talents.

“I learned so much from my teachers at KCC. They communicated their lessons with an undercurrent of faith, which helped me learn lessons that went beyond the books. I’m not just smarter for going to KCC; I’m wiser.” – KCC Alumni, Class of 2002

Administrators The men and women who serve as administrators at KCC do so with the intent to make the college experience the best it can be for those enrolled. Deans and advisors make themselves available to students to offer guidance, advice and sometimes just a listening ear or prayer. And as KCC grows, they are committed to making sure it does so with integrity and excellence. “The staff really helped me figure out what was best for me regarding classes, financial aid and housing. It’s easy to see how much they care about each student who comes to KCC.” – KCC Alumni, Class of 2010 | KCC 13

KCC Athletics There’s no better time to be a KCC student-athlete than now. Why? Because anyone who signs on to compete as a KCC Falcon will be part of a pioneering group that ushers in a new era of KCC athletics. Consider this: There will only be one first-ever Kansas Christian College team, and you could be on that roster.

The History To-date, athletics has been only a brief part of KCC’s longstanding history. In 1999, when the college was still Kansas City College and Bible School, it established a men’s basketball team that existed until 2005. The Falcons posted an inaugural season record of 3-5, but improved with time, posting a school-best 14 wins in 2002-03. During the Falcons’ run, they competed against regional Christian and private colleges from the ACCA, NCCAA and NAIA across a five-state area that included Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. In 2005, as the school faced a difficult financial situation, they were forced to conclude the athletics department. Until now.

The Purpose Through KCC Athletics, you as a student-athlete will have a unique opportunity to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not only will you be part of a close-knit Christian college community and pursuing God’s call on your life through a Christ-focused education, you also will have the fellowship of teammates who can encourage and challenge you to use athletic situations to grow in the Lord. And by competing against other Christian college teams, you’ll be able to learn from your opponents and develop friendships outside of the KCC campus. Need more reasons to compete at KCC? Here are a few: • Continue playing the game you love at the next level while pursuing your education. • Develop great relationships with your teammates, competitors and coaches. • Stay in great physical shape throughout college. • Travel to different campuses, cities and states. • Learn irreplaceable lessons in discipline, teamwork, leadership, respect and integrity. • Be a light and a witness for Christ to opponents, fans, friends and family. 14 | KCC

KCC Men’s Basketball KCC will begin competing in men’s basketball in the Fall 2016 semester under the leadership of Head Coach Jay Jenkins. Originally from Baton Rouge, La., “Coach J” played college basketball at Concordia College in Selma, Ala., where he was known for his hustle on the court. After finishing at Concordia, he went on to complete Master of Arts in Theology from Liberty University in 2015. By joining KCC, Coach J will be taking his first college coaching job after helping his hometown’s Bethany Christian Academy transform from an 0-13 team into playoff contenders. To inquire about competing for Coach Jenkins at KCC, email him at jay.jenkins@kansaschristian.edu or visit kansaschristian.edu/kcc-athletics.

Not many high school athletes have the chance to participate in collegiate sports, let alone be part of laying the groundwork for an entire program and having a real chance at significant playing time right away. As a KCC Falcon, you’ll have all of those opportunities and more! KCC Women’s Basketball Unlike the KCC men’s team, this group of KCC Lady Falcons will be the first group of female athletes at KCC ever. Under the direction of Head Coach Rebekah Vann, the Lady Falcons will take the court in the Fall 2016 semester as the first women to ever wear KCC athletic uniforms. With excellent experience already under her belt, Coach Vann is a young, talented basketball coach who knows the game inside and out. She competed for more than a decade at the AAU, high school, collegiate (MidAmerica Nazarene University) and semi-professional levels before beginning her coaching career at Veritas Christian School. From there she served as a graduate assistant coach at Southwest Baptist University and as a volunteer assistant and video coordinator at Avila University, while also working basketball camps for Texas Christian University, Kansas State University and more. To inquire about competing for Coach Vann at KCC, email her at rebekah.vann@kansaschristian.edu or visit kansaschristian.edu/athletics.

KCC Degrees and Programs For more than 75 years, KCC has been graduating passionate, dedicated men and women who are ready to enter fields of fields of ministry, education and more. Our traditional program graduates have set a high bar for excellence in the waiting world, and we continue to marvel at what God does in and through those who have graced our campus. Will you be one of these world-changers? Let’s find out! Take a look at what we have to offer and find out if KCC is right for you!

Religion Degrees Religion degrees enable the student to confidently express God’s calling on his/her life, display a passion for ministry, demonstrate a compassion for people, and exercise effective leadership in the local church. Pastoral ministries students will be able to… • competently interpret and proclaim the Word of God. • responsibly plan various services conducted in the local church. • counsel from a Christian perspective. • apply theoretical information received in the classroom to specific ministry opportunities.

Religion – Ministerial Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Major in Pastoral Ministry Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Major in Youth Ministry Associate of Arts in Religion, Major in Pastoral Ministry Emphasis Associate of Arts in Religion, Major in Youth Ministry Emphasis

Religion – Biblical Studies Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Major in Biblical Studies Associate of Arts in Religion, Major in Biblical Studies Emphasis

Religion – Missions Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Major in Missions Associate of Arts in Religion, Major in Missions Emphasis

16 | KCC

Teacher Education Programs A Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education teaches the student to… • develop and articulate a personal, Christian philosophy of education. • plan instruction effectively. • manage classroom situations. • demonstrate proficiency in the use of educational technology and media. • make an informed decision about certification and develop a plan.

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education KCC offers two options for elementary education majors who would like to achieve state teacher certification:


Student can complete their B.A. in Elementary Education at KCC and then apply for teacher certification through the American Board, which is a non-profit organization established by the U.S. Department of Education that is dedicated to building strong communities through preparing, certifying and supporting teachers.

2. Students can engage in our 2+2 agreement with MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU), taking classes at KCC for two years before transferring to MNU for another two. When four years of full-time study has been completed, students graduate with a B.A. in Elementary Education from MNU prepared for applying for state teacher certification in the state of Kansas. Early Childhood Education Certificate Program

Fact: KCC has a variety of transfer agreements in place with other universities, making it easy for you to transfer credits after two years with us! See page 23.

Performance Music The performance music programs at KCC are designed for students who are musically exceptional. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Performance Music program, the student should… • be prepared for graduate study. • demonstrate a proficiency in chamber music. • have developed a professional repertoire. • exhibit a foundation in music theory, pedagogy, music history, ear training, and sight singing/sight reading. • be able to effectively serve in a church music program or ministry. Bachelor of Arts in Performance Music Artist Diploma

Worship Ministry The goal of the music program is to provide a basic foundation for students that enables them to minister through music. Students who complete the requirements for the Associate of Arts in Worship Leadership should be able to… • serve effectively in a church music program or ministry. • lead or assist in leading the local congregation in worship after responsible and prayerful preparation. • collaborate with pastors and other musicians to provide opportunities for members of the local church to use their musical gifts in Christian ministry. • select music that is meaningful and appropriate for the worship of God, that exhibits a solid biblical philosophy, and that shows good aesthetic judgment. Associate of Arts in Worship Leadership

18 | KCC

General Studies Program The General Studies program prepares the student to make an informed decision and develop a plan regarding further study at a more advanced level. It provides a solid foundation of theology and biblical studies and a base of general education. Students will be able to apply the theoretical information received in the classroom in their chosen fields of ministry and professional employment. Associate of Arts in General Studies

KCC has 20 different scholarships available to current and future students! See page 22.

Don’t see your chosen degree on our list of offerings? Not to worry! KCC wants to help you “Jump Start” your college career by studying with us for your first year (or two) before heading off to pursue your specific path. Through our Jump Start program, we invite students to begin their college journey in a Christ-centered environment that can help them prepare for the next step. Contact us for more information!

Evening and Weekend Programs To accommodate a variety of lifestyles, KCC’s Adult and Online Education division offers evening and weekend programs to fit the schedules of working adults and non-traditional students.

The Year Program At KCC, “The Year” refers to a two-semester intensive designed to help students pursue God’s call with confidence. In two semesters, The Year students complete five 3-credithour classes that can be applied to a degree program at KCC or transferred to another school. Classes include Personal and Bible Study Skills, Principles of the Christian Life, Life of Christ, Discipleship Training 1 and Discipleship Training 2. Both on-campus and online options are available for students who want to take The Year program. Contact us directly for more information or go online to kansaschristian.edu!

Discipleship Training I and II In 2014, KCC launched a new program designed to help students fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus as He prepared to leave Earth: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:19-20). With material compiled and developed by the course instructors, Discipleship Training gives students practical tools that help them learn how to better hear and obey the Holy Spirit and then teach others to do the same. The course is popular among pastors and church workers who are dissatisfied with the small group system and is designed to give students the ability to start discipling movements in their churches, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and spheres of influence. 20 | KCC


Free Classes KCC periodically offers promotional free classes to new students and members of the community that allows them to gain college credit for nothing more than the price of their textbooks. Students and community members who are new to KCC may sign up for a free class and either take it for college credit or audit the course. Once a student has completed one free class, he or she is eligible to take further promotional free classes at a discounted rate. To find out what current free offerings are available, visit kansaschristian.edu.

Photo courtesy of Visit KC

Did you know…? Kansas City was ranked as America’s third-favorite city by Travel + Leisure’s 2014 “America’s Favorite Places” survey. Come to KCC and find out why!

Online degree programs are one of the fastest-growing trends in higher education. They make it possible for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to pursue a degree due to distance or daytime responsibilities able to log in and learn up!

KCC’s Adult and Online Education

programs are designed to facilitate classes and programs in a format that is relevant and convenient for busy adults. Men and women who need to balance higher education with essentials like work, ministry and family can complete courses at any hour and location that best suits their schedules.

To learn more, visit kansaschristian.edu

or call (913) 722-0272.

Did you know…? Less than half of all colleges the size of KCC offer online degree programs. 22 | KCC

KCC Transfer Agreements Because KCC primarily offers ministry degrees, we’ve made it easy for students pursuing non-ministry degrees to start their college careers with us in a small, Christian college environment and then transfer to another school to complete their undergraduate degrees or to begin graduate studies. While our credits have transferred successfully to a long list of universities and colleges across the country, a number of specific schools have established transfer agreements with KCC, ensuring a seamless transition for our students. More schools are continually being added to this list, so check for updates online at kansaschristian.edu!

KCC Transfer Agreement Schools Barclay College – Haviland, KS God’s Bible School – Cincinnati, OH Hobe Sound Bible College – Hobe Sound, FL Johnson County Community College – Overland Park, KS MidAmerica Nazarene University – Olathe, KS Truman State University – Kirksville, MO And more being added!

KCC Transfer Arrangements

Barclay College Master’s Degree Agreement KCC students who have completed undergraduate studies at KCC may enter Barclay College’s M.A. program and receive a full scholarship to three courses in the fields of Bible and Theology, totaling nine credit hours of the 36 needed to graduate.

MidAmerica Nazarene 2+2 Agreement for Elementary Education Majors KCC offers a 2+2 Cooperative Agreement with MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) for elementary education majors, which makes it possible for aspiring elementary teachers to attend KCC for two years and earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies with a major in elementary education and then transfer seamlessly to MNU for two more years to complete the program. At the end of the four total years, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from MNU and be prepared to submit an application for teacher licensure with the State of Kansas.

Got Questions? For more information on any of these agreements or how you can start your college career with KCC, visit kansaschristian.edu or call (913) 722-0272. KCC | 23

KCC Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid Tuition KCC is thrilled to be able to provide an affordable tuition rate to its students. With the average price of a four-year education climbing higher than ever, KCC offers regular tuition prices per credit hour at less than other area Christian colleges and universities. We also offer discounted independent study and audit rates for non-traditional students. For the most updated price information, contact us at admissions@kansaschristian.edu or (913) 722-0272.

Fees In addition to tuition, students may be required to pay one or more additional fees depending on the situation. Students of the music program or The Year program are subject to program fees, while all students who live on campus must pay the residence fee, which includes room and meals. Contact our business office for updated pricing. Performance Music Program Fee (per semester): $800 The Year Program Fee (per year): $550 Residence Fee (includes room and meals): Single occupancy: $2,950/semester Double occupancy: $2,750/semester

Tuition Discounts KCC offers a number of ways for students to reduce the cost of their tuition. Contact us to find out more about our Church Matching Grant, military discounts and Church of God (Holiness) discounts. Information about those and the other KCC discounts and scholarships can be found online at kansaschristian.edu!

24 | KCC

Payment Plans The following three options are available for payment of accounts: 1. Prepayment in full at the beginning of the semester. 2. Payment through the monthly F.A.C.T.S. plan, which involves signing an automatic withdrawal agreement from a bank account. Details are available in the business office. (This option is not available for sponsors of foreign students who have foreign bank accounts.) 3. Payment by credit card through PayPal. Contact the business office or visit kansaschristian.edu for more information.

Federal Aid Federal financial aid is available to qualifying KCC students. To check on eligibility and fill out a FAFSA, log on to our online virtual financial aid office.

Important Note Textbooks, supplies and fees other than the residence fee cannot be charged on the student account and must be paid in full at registration. KCC accepts credit or debit cards with an additional fee.

KCC | 25

Scholarships KCC and its supporters work hard to help students receive the financial assistance they need to get a quality, Christ-centered education. With fundraising events throughout the year, KCC generates the finances necessary to offer a variety of scholarships to qualified students. To find out how you can significantly lower your tuition cost by applying for one of the many scholarships available, contact our business office at (913) 722-0272, email financial.aid@kansaschristian.edu or simply go online and fill out our scholarship application!

• KCC Scholarships • KCC Presidential Gold Merit Scholarship - $1,250 • KCC Presidential Silver Merit Scholarship - $1,000 • Morey Shaver Scholarship - $1,000/semester • KCC Scholarship Grants (Pastors) - $500/semester • KCC Scholarship Grants (Administrators) - $500/semester • Eli Crum Music Scholarship – Music majors • Holland Scholarship – Religion majors • Mable Johnson Scholarship – Music majors • Lowery Family Memorial Scholarship – Elementary Education majors • Dr. E.W. Roy Scholarship – Religion majors • Hertha Roy Scholarship – International or missions students • Vieth Scholarship* – Offered by the CoGH Foundation Board • Ruby Mays Scholarship – Christian Education majors • Payne Scholarship – Students with a CoGH background • Larry Warford Scholarship* – Students of CoGH high schools or colleges • Cordelia Williams Memorial Scholarship – Ministerial or Missions majors • Yocum and Gaunce Missionary Scholarships – Junior or senior missions students • Crooks Family Scholarship – Deserving KCC college students • Palmer Memorial Scholarship – Deserving KCC college students • The Year Scholarship – Students of The Year program

*The Veith Scholarship and the Larry Warford Scholarship are administered by the Church of God (Holiness) Foundation Board. Interested students should contact the KCC academic dean for an application or request one from the Foundation Board secretary: Church of God (Holiness), P.O. Box 4244, Overland Park, KS, 66204. 26 | KCC

Contact us! Don’t let your questions go unanswered or your application for enrollment go unsent. We’re always happy to assist our students—both current and future—so call or email us today! Address:

7401 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66204 Phone: (913) 722-0272 Email: admissions@kansaschristian.edu Other helpful email addresses:

financial.aid@kansaschristian.edu jonk@kansaschristian.edu (student recruiter) Website: kansaschristian.edu Social Media:

Facebook.com/kansaschristian Twitter.com/KCCeducation

KCC | 27

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Kansas Christian College Viewbook  

Get all the information on Kansas Christian College from our official viewbook!

Kansas Christian College Viewbook  

Get all the information on Kansas Christian College from our official viewbook!