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You of all people should know what it’s like YOU’RE TRYING TOO HARD thoughts or knot hard enough. YOU’RE THINKING TOO HARD So tell me, what good has that done you? none absolutely of course not what did you expect This isn’t turning misplaced out as I had planned. That’s what the rewrite is for. (Not) everyone/thing’s a shotgun bullet *** (Not) everyone/thing’s a poison thorn It’s difficult to emphasize the pronoun “I.” Usually emphasis is expressed via caps, bold, italic, or underline. (Not) everything/one’s a chronic heartburn But “I” is so small… So I use the homophone. (Not) everything/one’s an uncontrolled, unstable, exothermic reaction Not enough italics SHUT UP no STOP TRYING SO HARD but it’s easier to think that way Listen to the music. Tell him to leave you alone. {Nothing left out this time.} say it all all all If if it were only that easy. I “hate” the word. Remember it… not as often anymore This isn’t going as planned. TRYING TOO HARD Where are the ideas are no longer there there there there where Wannah Heiner is the inspiration, yes, but NOT the template. [EYE]*** iz the writer This is my work. DON’T THINK YOU KNOW WHAT I’M WRITING, Misses Editors* DON’T ASSUME, YOU FOOL(S) DON’T CALL ME NAMES *thank you, though, for accepting my work DON’T LABEL ME DON’T TELL ME WHO AM i break the mold here fine not fine I (dis)agree with +Look for the multiple meanings E(W/Y)E MAKE KNOW SCENTS isn’t that the point is to hide and confuse aUthorial interpretation-shun-shin-schin-shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why 3 ore 2 tiepo typoah d what else is there to say thoughts SHUT UP you talk TOO MUCH turning tables now this is just turning into a dump dump dumping ground. THERE IS NO LOGIC TO YOUR ILLOGIC. NOR VERSE VISA. YOU FAIL, SIR. {What are you talking about? You (left out) so much.} T Authorial Intent <?> Reader Interpretation E What do(es) you/I/we/they/s/he/it mean(s) N failed p9a0ren09theses (This line has absolutely no significance other than to draw the reader’s attn. to the use of parentheses throughout the poem.) AND OTHER PUNCTUATION W You of all people should know what it’s like. You’ve been there, you’ve been there. E And that’s a whole nother poem. E I thought green was supposed to be a good color… K Pay minimal attention to this line. Anything significant is in the beginning and middle. S think



thoughts And stray thoughts thoughts


Sunday Down  

Written: March 10,2013