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Kanon Digital Orchestration A service to: Composers Digital / Midi Mucisians Vocalists / Instrumentalists Teachers New Website Our website has now been completely redesigned based on feedback from our users. You will now find the catalogues and links much more logical and user friendly.

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Recreating the sound of a symphony orchestra using only sequencers and orchestral sample libraries presents a great challenge to the contemporary composer and digital musician. The latest sample libraries are better than ever but still require a great deal of manipulation to convince listeners that they are listening to the real thing. At Kanon Digital Orchestration we will take your manuscript / Sibelius file / .xml file / midi file etc. and convert it into a high quality sounding orchestral / band / ensemble production. At the heart of our sample libraries is the world leading Vienna Symphonic Library and VSL's MIR - Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation software.

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You can listen to most of Kanon Editions publications online by visiting w w w . k a n o n . c o. u k a n d following the links for each piece of music. The audio files are mp3s and should work on any system.

For further information and to listen to a selection of our recent work visit the Digital Orchestration pages on our website:

Ne w Music from Kanon Editions Frozen Fountain Suite - David Watson Chamber Strings

John Gourlay Composer KM100

A suite of five descriptive pieces inspired by the remarkable rock formations in the Luray Caverns beneath the fabled Shenandoah Valley in the USA.

Wind Quintet KM099

Guitar Duet CMP214

——————————————————————————-A Playford Suite - John Gourlay

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Jenny Stewart Artist

Melodies from "The Dancing Master" originally edited by John Playford (1623-1686) Three versions are available: Chamber Orchestra Wind Quintet Sax Quartet

KM096 KM094 KM095


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Jenny Stewart

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