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“The belief in giving energy and celebrating your school. Supporting the successes of your school and its members.” This is the definition of school spirit from a faculty member of Proctor Academy. What is Proctor Spirit? It’s - the tone of the community that drew you to come to Proctor or the “middle of nowhere” when applying to high schools. It’s not all about sports, though sports play a key role in school spirit, it's about supporting the community. Proctor has witnessed strong school spirit better than this year. School spirit can be found in all the nooks and crannies of our campus, the core of our spirit is the compassion to support and help others. Helping faculty babysit their children, peer to peer tutoring, community service, campus tours, school dances, encouraging others to try something new, while showing them that making mistakes are ok, are good examples of school spirit on Proctor Academy’s campus. School spirit is just as important as academics, sports, and college acceptance. There is school spirit here on campus, despite it being the beginning of year, but it is definitely not near its maximum level. Our school spirit is just sleeping. Who will fully wake up our spirit? Is it up to the upperclassmen to set an example for the new kids, should faculty take charge, or the whole school to rouse our school spirit? Dean of Faculty Drew Donaldson observed, “Teacher’s can help nudge the students in the right way, but we can’t interfere too much.” He continued, “Its up to the returning students to set an example for the new students.” To improve school spirit we need to revive spirit week! Proctor needs it every term. Pitting each class and faculty against each other would help build school spirit. To entice people to participate in spirit week, student leadership should send out a survey on what the student body wants to do for

spirit week and the ideal prize for the winning team that is within reason. Also to amplify fall term we can do more weekend activities, like apple bobbing, eating doughnuts off a string with just your mouth and having a lot of pumpkin and apple treats. Another thing to revive is winter carnival. We could have pond broom ice hockey, a massive snowball fight on Carr field with a bonfire and hot chocolate near Carr field. Also have a snowman contest if there is enough snow on a Saturday night in winter term. In a recent survey, the younger students claim they haven't felt school spirit since the beginning of school, but the teachers claim school spirit is still here on campus. Calling all seniors, and juniors to step and “amp up” the school spirit, because we can’t leave it up to new incoming students just getting used to Proctor to set the tone. Some examples of school spirit from the survey were, “Positive attitude toward all that the school offers,” and “Care for community - celebrating achievements of all...expressing honor to be part of this community.” and my personal favorite “Not caring about screaming ‘Go P’ in public!” There are 63 similar responses like these, this shows that people do care, which I got a majority of “yes” to caring about school spirit. In response to the question, “Do you think Proctor Academy has school spirit?” 88% believed school spirit is “high or medium.” Since not many people thought that our community had a lot of input on “If you could create an event to promote school spirit, what would it be?” Some said “Community based events… in order to highlight the diverse talents…”or a “Pep rally at assembly!” Another question asked in the survey was “Do sports create enough school spirit?” 51.7% said “yes” and 48.3% “no”. -Period inside quotation A lot of the suggestions to improve school spirit were related to sports, like “more night games or pep rallies” or “A day for every sport Proctor has” and “One of our better teams [playing] in a really well organized setting something that is really competitive. Before it was girls’ soccer under lights, which just wasn’t that great because it wasn’t super competitive. If one our better teams ‘maybe hockey’ where to be given the same time type of treatment it may work better to rally spirit around that.”

School spirit is important to any community because it creates a bond and makes the community friendlier and the days pass by quicker. Proctor cares about school spirit and creates opportunities to create school spirit through sports, academics, and the performing arts. Proctor Academy's school spirit has just begun, and I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see how it has grown and changed throughout the year.

Proctor Spirit  

Editorial on school spirit at Proctor Acaedmy.

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