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Moder world wonders 1.taj mahal 2.christ the redeemer 3.mach-picchu 4.the great wall of china 5.colosseum 6.chichin itza 7.ruins of petra

Information & pitures 1.taj mahal-it is in [agra,india] it was built by shan jahan for a memory of his Wife.

2.christ the redeemer-it is in [brazil] it is a symbol gegus is very big stutue.

3.machu-picchu-it is in [peru]it is called a lost is is a moutains on clouds.

4.the great wall of china-it is in[china]it was built for a protectoin to

china 5.colosseum-it is in[rome,italy] it is big ampithethree in italy.

6. chichin itza-it is in [mexico]it is a pyramaid .we say there are hiddeen sadow that protect chichin itza

7. ruins of petra-it is a undergroud is in[jordan] in there are many temples house & sturtures

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