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June 1, 2013

So you want to become a blog aut horit y, huh?? Maybe it’s because you’ve heard someone say that in order to generate quality traffic and leads you need to be an authority in your niche. Or if you want to attract people to your business, you need to be an authority figure. And while those statements are true, I’m about to show you how to become a blog authority with a simple-to-follow 3 step formula. Yes, by applying the blog authority formula you will be able to create traffic, capture leads, and convert sales like an infomercial host on steroids and be considered an authority blogger.

1-2-3 Blog Authority Formula

Blog Authority Step #1 Step # 1 is the most important step to becoming a blog authority in your niche or industry. In fact, overlooking this step will cause all of your efforts to be in vain and will destroy the possibility of you becoming a blog authority. This step is so important, that if you don’t get it right…then I would even tell that you should just quit right now and not even try to become an authority. Are you ready to learn what it is? Here’s step # 1: You must be 100% convinced and declare that you are an authority blogger in your niche. Yes, you have to be fully confident and make the decision that you are a blog authority.

Blog authority begins with self-declaration.

No one will appoint you to be an authority. No one is going to ask you, “Hey, are you ready to be an authority blogger yet?” No one other than you has the ability to do that. The choice is yours. The power is in your hands. Take it…and assume the role of an authority blogger.

Blog Authority Step #2 Create compelling content on a regular basis.

This step can actually be broken down into two different points…but I wanted to keep this formula down to only three steps. So please forgive me. (smile…) When blogging for the purpose of generating traffic and leads for your business, you have to write content that is compelling. You have to write content that people will actually want to read. You can do this by asking your target market what some of their concerns are, what goals do they have, what challenges are they facing…and write content that addresses and solves those issues. When you provide solutions to problems…then you become the go to person when another issue arises or when they want more information on your industry. Why? Because you appear to be the authority.

Blog authority is perceived by the content that you create and share.

Why do people flock to Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman when they’re in the middle of a financial crisis? Simple. Because they have become the authority in the financial planning niche. How? By positioning themselves as such through interviews, book publishing, radio talk shows, tv shows, and more. They have already proven to their audience that they know something about something. And their audience can’t get enough of it. You can do the same through your blogging. And very important key to this point is to be consistent. If you’re blogging is very sporadic…then don’t expect people to flock to your posts.

Blog Authority Step #3 In step # 1 we learned that you need to declare to yourself that you are a blog authority. In step # 3 you need to declare to the world that you are a blog authority through blog syndication and self-promotion. Yes, you have to get your content, your image, and all of your marketing in front of as many eyes as possible. Remember, it’s rare for the shy girl in high school to win prom queen. It’s usually the girl that lets everyone know that she exists and that she deserves it…(even if you might not think so). Each time that you write a blog post you must push and promote it through as many syndication channels that you have at your disposal. Here are some suggested syndication channels: Your RSS feed Your email list. Facebook Profile Facebook Fan Page Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Syndication Groups SocialMonkee Onlywire Hubpages Squidoo Lenses YouTube There are many more places and strategies that you can use to become a blog authority.

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The 1-2-3 Formula for Becoming a Blog Authority  

Learn the simple-to-follow 1-2-3 formula for becoming a blog authority in your niche and command traffic, capture leads, and convert sales a...

The 1-2-3 Formula for Becoming a Blog Authority  

Learn the simple-to-follow 1-2-3 formula for becoming a blog authority in your niche and command traffic, capture leads, and convert sales a...