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Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) In late February, 18 young Indonesians returned home to their towns in Indonesia after a four month experience that they will never forget. Their adventures began with living and working in Australia in November/December 2010. Then in January 2011 they returned to Indonesia to experience life in South-east Sulawesi. They headed to Wangi Wangi, a beachside community of Wakatobi. It was here that the 18 Australian participants of AIYEP joined the program. Then after 4 weeks in Wakatobi they all moved on to the city of Kendari. During their time in Wakatobi and Kendari the 36 AIYEPs gave cross-cultural performances to schools, worked with community groups, played sport with local youth and set up language clubs. Together they built strong people to people relationships with the local people plus even stronger relationships between themselves, AND between Indonesia and Australia. AIYEP is in its 29th year – fantastic! Isabelle Ben

Journalists on Exchange with ACICIS Have you ever thought about becoming a journalist? Journalism is a popular career choice both in Indonesia and in Australia. In early 2011, journalism students from Australia and New Zealand came to Indonesia in a program organised by the Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). Students were placed with a range of local and international media and development organisations including Tempo Weekly magazine, Metro TV, Radio Republik Indonesia, The Jakarta Globe and The Jakarta Post. KGI interviewed two of the students, Isabelle and Ben, in Jakarta. Hear what Isabelle and Ben had to say about journalism as a career, and their experiences working in Indonesia, on KGI radio broadcats in March/April and through KGI podcasts on the KGI website -

S u r y a d i - working for the future! Kang Guru Indonesia first met Suryadi Ningrat in Madura in 2005. As a keen young English teacher at Pondok Pesantren Al Amien he set up an English language club and joined the KGCC network of language clubs across Indonesia. KGI soon visited his club and the relationship really began. Suryadi went on to become actively involved with many other AusAID education activities including ISELP, LAPIS and ELTIS. In December 2010 he went to Australia as a member of a LAPIS supported study tour group visiting the University of the Sunshine Coast and nearby schools in Queensland. Suryadi has been a Kang Guru Champion for 7 years. He has a wonderful command of the English language. Suryadi is now developing a very successful career in education. His dedication and genuine interest in teaching and in helping others to become better teachers and more successful students is very strong. Just like KGI’s other 6 Champions, Suryadi is highly motivated and enthusiastic about his future. Find out more and be sure to check out KGI’s video interview with Suryadi - Adel

Can you see Suryadi amongst this group of teachers in Oz?

Alumni of Australia


In late 2010 KGI met with two young Australian Alumni in Jayapura, Papua. Kevin sat down with Natalis and Adel and did the very first Kang Guru video interview. Natalis and Adel talked about their time in Australia studying at university and their cross-cultural experiences in the land DownUnder. Both women have returned to Indonesia to put their new-found knowledge and experiences to work for Indonesia’s continuing development. Both are Australian Development Scholarship awardees. Who knows, maybe you could also study in Australia with an Australia Indonesia Partnership scholarship. Start enquiring about the wide range of Australian scholarships NOW! For example, GOOGLE Australian Development Scholarships on the Web. Perhaps you would you like to see the KGI video interview of Natalis and Adel for yourself?

especially by sia and easily recognised, He is well-known in Indone Bandung in ewed IRFAN BACHDIM in football fans. Kevin intervi he now wants ut his football car eer, how February. Irfan talked abo learning r and how he feels about to live in Indonesia for eve her is in The Netherlands. His fat languages. Irfan was born ng Dutch and is Dutch. He grew up learni Indonesian and his mother ng bahasa sia he needs to start learni English. Now, her e in Indone an is a little sian students of English, Irf Indonesia. Like many Indone takes. While living sian in case he makes mis shy about speaking Indone is sur e ll he is also studying BI. KGI tba foo for g inin tra and g in Malan onesia. You can fident user of bahasa Ind he will soon be a very con onesia in ew on KGI radio across Ind listen to Irfan’s KGI intervi podcasts on the soon have Irfan’s interview March/April 2011. KGI will person in Irfan was the very first KGI website. By the way, ke’ t-shirt. nd new KGI ‘Sabang to Merau Indonesia to receive a bra Would you like to win a new ‘Sabang to Merauke’ t-shirt from KGI? Be sure to check KGI’s FANS Page on Facebook during March.

Dr. Sudinda visiting a floodaffected house in Brisbane.

Rocky McKenzie - who is this young indigenous Aussie? A clue - ‘Bran Neu Dae’, a movie starring Jessica Mauboy. Check the KGI website for more info and Rocky’s interview podcast.

Thanks Indonesia Indonesian engineers, Dr. Maryono (Ministry of Public Works), Dr Abdi (University of Gadjah Mada) and Dr. Sudinda ( Agency for Disaster Management), recently spent 10 days in Australia working in flood affected communities and at the GA offices in Canberra. GA is the Australian government’s leading agency for understanding natural hazard risks. Indonesia also donated $1 million dollars to help victims of the floods. The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Greg Moriarty said, “Indonesia’s contribution to the appeal and offers of assistance are a reflection of the close support we provide for each other as friends and neighbours during times of natural disaster. Australia values and appreciates that relationship”. The heavy rains and floods, and a major cyclone later in February, caused tragic loss of life, and for thousands of Australians, their houses and businesses were severely affected by the devastating floods in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Pronunciation problems: How do I say this? English spelling can be very confusing. Sometimes teachers and learners are unsure how to pronounce certain words. What can you do? If you know a

T ips for English teachers

native English speaker then you can always ask them. You can also use the phonemic chart and a good dictionary to help you. Once teachers are sure of the pronunciation of certain words then they can use drilling to help their students. Look at the KGI website for some tips on using drilling successfully in the classroom - The British Council has recently produced an online phonemic chart where you can actually hear the sounds by clicking on the phonemic symbols. Follow this link -

Have some fun with your students as they prepare to take exams. Before the exam taking season beg ins, give them some tips so they revise well. Give them this list and ask them to tick the boxes of the things they SHOULD do. Find the correct answers on the KGI web site ww w.k an gg uru .or g/k gre int he cla ssr oom .ht m


Study at the time you fin d you can do the most. Don’t study for more tha n thirty to forty minutes at a time. Watch television for an ho ur a day to make you for get revising. Take regular breaks. Don’t study late at night. SMS or telephone your fri ends every hour with the latest gossip. Relax before you sleep at night. Watch movies till early mo rning to help you sleep. Reward yourself with som ething nice after a day’s revision. Only revise two or three days a week and spend tw o or three days at the mall. Eat healthy meals rathe r than snacks at your desk. Drink lots of coffee to kee p you awake.

r which will get thei Guru for activities ng Ka k as n ents. te ud of st y rs r man Teache n be quite scary fo ca ng ki ea Sp . ng ki pa ral rt of students spea in English as a natu ng ki ea sp e ag ur co en Teachers need to ial to ‘test’ them. not something spec d an es iti tiv ac m a ‘safe’ way the classroo a grammar point in es tic ac pr at th ore? KGI has an activity e. Want to know m ents to be creativ ud st e th es ag ur and enco nduct the activity find out how to co to k lin is th w llo Fo m.htm /kgreintheclassroo

Students in Yapen

You can learn a lot from KGI magazines and the KGI website. For example, you can learn how to improve your English or learn about the people to people links between Australians and Indonesians. Here’s part of an email from Oka Sudiana, a teacher from Nusa Penida. He thanked KGI for all the years of stories in Different Pond Different Fish. ‘I’d love to thank for the chance of correspondence in magazines you’ve regularly sent to me. I do realize it’s really helpful when last October I had my first international journey to the most amazing country, Australia. I feel so lucky to already know about things I read from DPDF. I almost had no such cultural shock . Thanks KGI’ If you would like to read his email and find out more about Kang Guru fan, Muhammad Adam his trip then go to the Different Pond Different Fish (DPDF) from Lhokseumawe, was recently page on the KGI website. chosen to represent Indonesia on the Indonesia English Language Study Program (IELSP) at Ohio An active MGMP University in The United States of America. Please listen to, and Remember the story about Pak Khairul from download, his interesting story Pasuruan and their very active MGMP? (See from the KGI podcast page. KGI’s September 2010 bulletin). Here are a few ideas for you to increase and sustain the membership of your MGMP * Hold regular meetings/workshops. * Have a committee which is elected every six months/one year and encourage all members to accept a role in the committee. * If possible make your schedule well in advance - perhaps make a bookmark with the dates and nature of the activities on it. Teachers can refer to it regularly and be prepared. * Have a card made with each date printed on it. As the members attend each event they put a sticker/stamp on their card. At the end of the year members who have collected all the stickers/stamps can be entered into a grand draw for a prize. For more ideas go to this link on the KGI website -

Do you have an English Club at your school/college/university ? Are you unsure how to get st arted? What are the benefits? Maybe KG I can help? Kang Guru believes a good English club consists of at least te n people who · really want to improve their English · are prepared to me et regularly · belong to the club because they want to, not because they have to · are keen to be activ e and helpful members? Do yo u th ink th at so un ds lik e yo u? Read more informatio n on the Kang Gu ru M ar ch 20 11 bu lle tin we bp ag e.

JOEYS 2011 Resolutions Hi all my friends! Do you know what a resolution is? A resolution is a firm decision to do/not to do something. In early 2011 the JOEYS came up with their own New Year’s Resolutions. The resolutions were about wanting to change/plan to do some special things during 2011. BUT the JOEYS need your help to achieve their resolutions this year. Can you help them? Go to and try to help the JOEYS! Special prizes are waiting for you!

KGI’s Special 2011 Competit ion for SMP/S MA/SMK Topic: How d o YOU use KG I m a g azines/bulletin language class s/materials in room? your EnglishLength: Max imum 250 word s - entries must AND their tea be written/pre cher. Work tog pared by studen et h er ts , okay? Send en by the end of A tries by email p to ri l 2 011. Prize : Mem bers of the KG I Team will vist of fun, games your school in and prizes. May, 2011 for a day Dear SMP students from Sabang to Merauke! The JOEYS have some good news for you. We are going to have a new JOEYS page on the KGI website! If you are a junior high school student and you want to be member on our new JOEYs page, please send an email to Ayu at KGI. Tell us all about yourself. DON’T forget to attach a nice picture of you. Send your email as soon as you can, okay?

Do you b elieve in S UPERSTIT ION? In Nepal, if two peop le are toge one perso the n sneezes as the othe r, and starts to le r person ave something , that means bad luc k— bad will ha ppen. The leaving mu p e st come ba rson ck and sta minutes lo y for 4 or 5 nger to ca ncel the ba then it’s ok d luck, and ay to leave . In Italy, 10 , 25, and 7 are consid numbers, ered lucky and 13, 17 , 90, and 4 considered 8 unlucky. W ed and Friday the 17th a nesday the 13th re unlucky the month days durin . Th g number. B e number 90 is a sc ary ut if someo n e dreams dead pers about a on, talks with th and during the drea m he/she is person, th should pla y the lottery en tomorrow you and choos number 48 e the . Do you ha ve any inte resting/fun superstitio ny ns from yo ur area? S email to jo e nd a ey and win a before M n brand new 2011 KGI arch 31 st Merauke’ ‘Sabang to t-shirt.

Yoga (16 years old) from SMAN 1 Ngunut, East Java is the most loyal member of KGI Facebook. KGI : How did you know about KGI Fans Page? Yoga : From my teacher KGI : How often do you check KGI Fans Page? Yoga : Every time! KGI : How often do you write on the KGI wall in a day? Yoga : At least 6 times a day

'Quick Fix' with Ayu Each of these sentences has a mistake. Can you spot the mistakes? I listen on the radio everyday. Do you believe at ghost? Year? The plan depends in the weather. What is a Leap Look at this confusing verb + preposition below! I am tired from doing meaningless grammar exercises. ‘of’ I’m interested at you. Interested in You remind me about my father. Remind me of Visit for the answer.

The longest word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. It means a lung disease caused by silica dust. Can you say the word?

ar in which A leap year is a ye ys. A leap da February has 29 6 days. 36 year consists of d lle ca e Other years ar ey have th d an common years 365 days. once every Leap years come , 2012, four years - 2008 u know yo d 2016, 2020. Di mes are Ga c pi that the Olym years? held during leap

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